Match Replay system – update and information

Update on Rainbow Six Siege
Match replay system

During Six Invitationals 2020, the Rainbow Six Siege development team announced new features that Ubisoft plans to implement during Year 5.
Those new features for Year 5 are Map ban, Match replay system & Ping 2.0.
The topic of this article will be the Match replay system.
On 19th May 2020 Ubisoft team has shared with R6 community dev blog update on this subject.
Let’s have a look at information released by the R6 development team and the potential implications of a new feature on the game’s scene.

What is the Match replay system?

Match replay feature will be a system within Rainbow Six Siege which saves your last 10 matches. Matches from all types of PvP playlists will be saved, including custom matches, newcomers, unranked, ranked, and quick matches. Whether Terrorist Hunt (aka Training grounds) is saved remains unknown at this moment.
A player can then access each of those matches from the in-game menu (new tab seems to be added to the menu) and re-live the entire match.
Not only can you spectate your own perspective, but you can also perceive the match from the perspective of your teammates, enemies, and Bird’s-eye view (from above, common perspective during Pro League matches).
Basically, you become your own version of Marciu from ESL.
The UI of the spectator allows us to view the equipped weapon and gadgets availability of each player, as well as their current statistics.
Rainbow Six Siege development team plans to add a possibility to:
  • store matches on the cloud server, but initially might allow only local saving of the matches
  • match replay sharing option
  • watching match replays of Pro League games

The above options may not be available initially at the feature’s release time but added over the time.

Match Replay system release date

Unfortunately, we were not provided with an exact date or even an estimated month of feature’s release, yet.
What we know so far is that Ubisoft initially aimed to release Match replay system in the first half of 2020, but had to push it back to the 2nd half of 2020.
Therefore, do not expect Match replay to be released in the Y5S2 patch.
Such major features tend to be released during the new season’s rollout patch, so we should expect it at Y5S3 or Y5S4 patch.

What is the impact of Match replay feature?

If implemented right, Match replay can be a huge step in future skill development within the R6 community!
Match Replay feature will be a great tool for everyone playing Rainbow Six Siege:


Are you a type of player who treats the game casually and isn’t interested in getting better in this game?
Well, you can use Match replays to get gameplay clips of your good plays. No more losing a great clutch or ace because Shadowplay decided it’s a good time to take a break.
Or perhaps you want to check suspicious play from your enemy and confirm your hackusations?
Match replay will help you realize that 99 out of 100 your position was either a common pre-fire or simply known to enemies.


However, this feature is primarily an exciting addition for those of us who are more involved in the R6 Siege.
Whether you’re a casual player who strives towards improving in Rainbow Six Siege, content creator or a member of a professional scene (player, coach, or analyst) adding an ability to re-watch match from any perspective to learn will be a great tool.
Finally, we’ll be able to learn from our teammates and enemies. We will be given the possibility to investigate calmly and objectively where our team is lacking in terms of teamwork, timing, positioning execution.
We can easily learn new spots or strategies that worked well against our team – this way we can counter-strategize or add the same strategy to our repertoire.


For players who enjoy watching official Rainbow Six Siege Pro League matches, the replay system could be an amazing tool.
Besides LAN events like Six Invitational, we are limited to the perspective of 1 spectator.
As good as spectators are, they can’t show every engagement or nuisance of strategy. Especially, as in 2020, we have 20-seconds META in which collapse happens by the end of the round, and action is rapid and tense.
With match replay system available for download we could potentially watch the round from a perspective of a specific player or a team to learn from their strategy or specific play.
To sum up the impact of replay system:
The more serious you are about Rainbow Six Siege, the more you will benefit from this addition!
Awareness of our mistakes and shortcomings is the first crucial step to becoming better in whatever we do. Rainbow Six Siege is not an exception!
Basically: You can’t fix what you can’t see!
As you probably noticed, I am quite hyped about the Match replay system. Adding such a system is a step in the right direction, especially for competitive e-sports game such as Rainbow Six Siege.
Hopefully, Ubisoft implements the replay system well and we won’t have serious bugs and issues, but only time will tell.
What do you think about the Match replay?
How do you plan to use the feature once available?
Let us know in the comment below!

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R6 Siege Y5S2 patch notes: Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S2 Patch Notes:
Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 patch notes were officially released by Ubisoft on the 18th of May.
We now know the details of the new season, which is called Operation Steel Wave.
Steel Wave comes with two new operators – Ace and Melusi – but that’s not all.
We will also tons of other changes:
  • House map rework
  • Tweaks to Amaru’s Garra hook
  • Nerf to Ela’s Grzmot mines
  • New defensive universal gadget
  • Weapon attachments cosmetics
  • and more!
Below is the latest information from Operation Steel Wave full reveal panel and official Y5S2 patch notes.
We will keep updating this news post to keep it as relevant as possible.

Operation Steel Wave Release Date

Release date of Operation Steel Wave has been confirmed by Ubisoft for 16th June 2020.

Year 5 Season Pass holders will have 7 days early access to new Y5S2 operators. From 23rd of June the rest of R6 Siege community will be able to purchase Ace & Melusi.

Operation Steel Wave Operators:
Ace & Melusi


The newest attacker in Rainbow Six Siege is from Norway and his name is Ace. The Steel Wave R6 attacker will be a 2 speed 2 armor operator.

Ace joins Hard Breachers on the attack, with an ability called Selma.


  • Selma will have a sequential explosion nature, which means that the smallest opening of 1 Selma sequence is similar to that of Hibana’s single charge (6 pellets). The maximum of 3 sequences creates an opening similar to Thermite’s Exothermic charge.

  • No sequential explosions follow when placed on horizontal surfaces

  • When fuzing, Selma shows an indication on the opposite side of the wall and generates sound (gas leaking like). This will help Breach denial defenders with countering Ace’s gadget.
    The detonation of deployed Selma is automatic.

  • The detonation of Selma charge does not deal much damage to operators close to the wall (on either side).
    During the stream developer mentioned approx. 5 hp
  • Selma can be countered by Breach denial defenders (Bandit, Kaid, and Mute)
    The device is also vulnerable to any damage

  • To open a reinforced hatch, Ace will need to deploy 2 Selmas

  • Selma destroys any defensive gadget within its deploying area, so Ace becomes a counter to deployable shields, Black Mirrors, and other defensive utility.



Great Assault Rifle.
AK-12 is currently available only to Fuze from Spetsnaz unit. Unlike Fuze's AK-12, Ace will have access to default ACOG (NATO's)


Pump shotgun available to FBI CTU.
Just like other shotguns available as a primary weapon to attackers, M1014 on Ace won't be a popular choice (to say the least).


Good pistol available to GIGN operators.

Universal gadgets for Ace R6 operator will be Breaching charges and Smoke grenades.

Looking for new roaming main in R6 Siege? Melusi might be what you’re looking for!

Melusi is a 3 speed 1 armor defender, with a unique utility called Banshee.


  • Melusi will have access to 3 Banshee devices

  • Banshee emits a loud sound when an attacker(s) is present within its effective radius.
    On top of that, Melusi’s gadget slows down the movement of an impacted attacker(s) – effect gets stronger the closer attacker is to Banshee
  • Banshee is a deployable device (can’t be thrown) and can be placed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Her gadget does not impact aim sensitivity – unlike “old” Ela’s Grzmot mines

  • Melusi’s unique ability can’t be destroyed by bullets.
    To get rid of Banshee, R6 attackers will have to use explosives (Zofia, Ash, Kali) or melee the gadget.

    Thatcher’s EMP and Twitch’s Shock drones will help attackers with temporary deactivation of Banshee.

  • The newest Steel Wave defender will offer synergy to Smoke and Goyo utility since attackers won’t have much chance to escape Gas canisters



Very good SMG on the defense. T-5 SMG was previously available only to Lesion.


Strong shotgun, which up until now was accessible only when playing Frost. Though, not as powerful as it used to be (Sniper90 times)


One of only few pistols in Rainbow Six Siege with a sight. Previously available only to operators from Poland - Ela and Zofia.

Universal gadgets available to Melusi are Impact grenades and Deployable shield


Rainbow Six Siege House map rework
In this video, Ubisoft presents the changes done with map rework for House, which will come out in Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.
Please note that we will not get a new map with this season!
Below you can find layout plans for reworked House map, which were shown during full reveal of Operation Steel Wave on 18th of May:

Other major changes:


Finally, Amaru might become a viable option in Rainbow Six Siege!
Quite a common opinion on this R6 attacker is that she is basically useless.
The only benefit Amaru brings is an early presence on the top floor during the initial entry to the objective building.
With the way Amaru works now, using Garra hook in a location where defenders are present is a death sentence.

As per Y5S2 patch notes, this may change with the upcoming buff. A closed window that Amaru intends to rappel into will break significantly later than before!
The sound cue will still be there, but defenders have no longer a visual indication of the exact window.

Additionally, Amaru will be able to attach her hook to closed unreinforced hatches.

Very welcome change if you ask me. I might give Amaru a go in Y5S2!


Ela’s Grzmot mine will no longer lower the sensitivity settings of impacted players.
Man, that was a long-awaited change. The sensitivity impact of Ela mine is one of the most annoying mechanics in Rainbow Six Siege.
I am extremely positive about this change in Operation Steel Wave!

Proximity alarm

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 patch notes mention the introduction of yet another universal gadget at defenders disposal – Proximity alarm.
Proximity alarm will serve a similar function to Melusi’s Banshee – gadget emits sound whenever an attacker is present within its line of sight and effective radius.
However, this gadget is throwable unlike Banshee, so let’s see what interesting spots R6 community will come up with!

Differences between both gadgets go even further:

  • Proximity alarm can be shot by attackers but is smaller than Banshee
  • The new gadget does not slow down the attacker(s) movement 

A full list of defenders who can equip proximity alarm has not been released, yet.

So far we know that Caveira, Mira and Oryx will be able to equip it.


Ranked matches will be available only from Clearance Level 50  (vs. current 30 Lvl restriction)

Entering Champion’s rank will be available only after playing at least 100 ranked matches in a season.

MMR will be shared across regions and the Champion leaderboard will be unified globally.

The above changes may impact positively issue of smurfing and cheating in Rainbow Six Siege, as well as manipulation of MMR and boosting to Champion.

Weapon Attachments skins:

Ubisoft has confirmed that we will have the ability to change the color of our weapon attachments with Y5S2. Skins will be available on sights, barrels, grips, and laser sight (the mounting, not the laser itself).

From the start of Y5S2 Operation Steel Wave, we will have access to 3 colors – gray, black, and tan.
Initial skins will be available for free. We can expect further skins available in the future – probably purchasable via renown and R6 credits, just like other cosmetics.


Other changes
in Y5S2 patch:



  • Dashing through the wall takes 5 HP instead of 10 HP
  • MP5 can use angled grip
  • Gets Proximity alarm instead of Bulletproof camera


  • Both operators receive alternative pistol options – PRB892 and LFP586 respectively


  • SMG will have reflex sight instead of red dot


  • Camera shake effect removed from Yokai stun effect
  • Fixed length of concussion – 10 seconds
  • Gets impact grenades instead of a deployable shield (a pity)


  • Lance fuse time reduction to 1.5s from 2.5s
  • Reduced weapon climb on CSRX300
  • Gets SPSM9 instead of P22 Mk5


  • Reviving teammates with Nanoboost gives them 30 HP instead of 5 HP.


  • Just like Ela’s Grzmot mine, Concussion mines will no longer impact players’ sensitivity settings


Lastly in Y5S2 patch notes Ubisoft mentions the addition of match cancellation feature. Teams who have an unfortunate situation of starting a Ranked match in a man-count disadvantage will be able to vote for match cancellation. Voting for match cancellation will not result in ranking points changes. so no ELO is lost or won by either team.

The addition of such a feature is great as playing a ranked match 4v5 from the start is no fun. What happens most of the time is that team waits for 2 rounds to finish so that they can surrender the match. It’s an unnecessary waste of time and ELO.

Operation Steel Wave -

Are you excited about the upcoming season?
What’s your opinion on new operators?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2: Operation Steel Wave – leaks and information

R6 Siege Y5S2 Leaks:
Operation Steel Wave

The initial leaks about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season were, at least partially, incorrect. The new season was supposed to be called Operation Hidden Eyes, which as we know now is incorrect.
In 2020, Ubisoft will release Y5S2 which was confirmed by Ubisoft with a teaser to be called Operation Steel Wave.
Let’s have a look at what we know so far about the upcoming R6 Siege DLC!
Please note that Ubisoft released Y5S2 patch notes and revealed the full season since this article was published. Check our post on Operation Steel Wave patch notes.

Operation Steel Wave Release Date

Ubisoft did not provide an exact release date for the Y5S2 season, yet.
Our guess based on available information is the middle of June 2020 – 15th or 16th.
Operation Phantom Sight (Y4S2) was released on June 11th, 2019.
Operation Para Bellum (Y3S2) was launched on June 7th, 2018.
However, developers mentioned an extra week of PTS testing.


I think this teaser did what it was supposed to. Teaser provided us with a minimal amount of information and increased our curiosity.
The morse code in the Tweet translates to:
This could be a typo with the first part of the code since 1 dot is missing to make it “SOS”. Or is it some hidden message we haven’t figured out yet?


Now, this video presents more information about both operators. 
Here are our guesses based on both official teaser and leaked operators’ trailer:


The official teaser shows us two characters.
A character on the left seems to be male and could be holding AK-12, perhaps?
An operator on the right has an athletic feminine silhouette, with potentially short hair.
The leaked trailer seems to confirm the above assumption about the genders of both operators.
Based on it, the attacker will be Norwegian operator called “Ace” and the defender will be South African “Melusi“.


Operation Steel Wave – let’s assume that each operator’s characteristic is associated with 1 word present in the operation’s name.
Such associations are nothing new to Rainbow Six Siege DLCs. This was the case in the past, too.
Phantom Sight” was related to Nokk’s (Phantom) and Warden’s (Sight) unique abilities.
Similarly, “Ember Rise” can be easily connected to Goyo’s (Ember) and Amaru’s (Rise) utility.

So What Could "Steel" and "Wave" mean?

Steel” could relate to the potential ability to breach on the attack, especially vertically.
Descending elevator shaft-ed_compressed
elevator entrance-ed_compressed
Ubisoft already experimented in the arcade event “the Grand Larceny” with a map without metal beams in the floor/ceiling.
Could this potentially mean that a new attacker will have an ability to create traversable openings vertically? Sounds exciting, not for defenders, though!
On the other hand, if we consider previous leaks about Y5S2 operators, then “steel” could be tied to the smart wire on the defense – check our article on previously released leaks for more info.
However, such a scenario is highly unlikely at this point.
Now for “wave” part of the name.
In the leaked trailer Melusi emits some sort of echolocation signal.
echo waves_compressed
Could this be a device that indicates an enemy’s presence nearby?
Or perhaps her gadget is going to release a wave that negatively impacts attackers or lures them to a certain location by using sound?
At this point, it is hard for us to guess what Melusi’s gadget may be.
In her voice line, Melusi mentions being a predator which could indicate roaming playstyle.
She also seems to carry an RG15 pistol. This pistol is a secondary weapon of Ela and Zofia.
This confirms information about potential loadouts from the previous leak. If the remaining loadout options are true, too, then we can expect T-5 SMG and a shotgun ITA12L.
For more information about new Y5S2 operators, we will probably have to wait till May 18th as mentioned at the end of the leaked trailer.



When it comes to Ace, I have to say I am disappointed in the choice of name and how he looks like.
Disappointment is always a result of expectations. Previous leaks teased my imagination and raised my expectations. 
Imagine Norwegian operator called Odin, with a mechanical spider drone acting as his Sleipnir (8-legged horse in Norse mythology). How cool is that?
Instead, we get a mix of Captain America with a notion of Ant-man. Not very epic, unless you have a latex fetish.
However, Ace’s ability could turn out to be very interesting and meta shifting, which is great!
If he could breach through the floor, it would add another layer to attacks. Objective sites would become so much more open!
It honestly feels like Ubisoft went with origin themes where they shouldn’t and skipped any local theme where they should have used it.
South African on a tree in savannah – couldn’t be more stereotypical about African operators – while Norwegian operator lacks any references to Norse rich mythology…
Melusi seems to be inspired heavily by Black Panther – again, not very original.
Her utility could turn out to be very interesting, but to judge that we will have to see what it actually is.
To sum up:
I cannot shake off the impression that whoever designed both Rainbow Six Siege operators is a huge fan of Marvel movies.
Are you excited about the upcoming season?
What’s your opinion on new operators?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Mid season reinforcements for Y5S3 are available now! Rainbow Six Siege got operator balancing, guard brake animation for shields and yellow ping changes! Check here the full Y5S3.3 patch notes.

Read More

New Twitch Prime R6 loot

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime loot skins Zofia, Lesion & Ying 2020

New Rainbow Six Siege
Twitch Prime loot
Info & Guide

We’ve just had a taste of Pizza Cheesy Mozzie Twitch Prime skin, and Twitch already teases us with new loot!
Twitch Amazon Prime page for Rainbow Six Siege has released photos of the upcoming R6 Siege Twitch Prime skins for Lesion, Ying & Zofia.
First, we will dive into the topic of Twitch Prime:
  • What is Twitch Prime?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it worth getting?
  • How to unlock Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime loot?

Lastly, we will list what we know so far about the upcoming skins and showcase available photos.


Information about

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch has partnered with Amazon to create a premium experience for its users. Twitch Prime is included with Amazon’s premium services, namely Amazon Prime & Prime Video subscriptions.
Thanks to Twitch Prime players gain:
  • Exclusive bonus content for their favorite games
    Bonus content varies for each video game, but they are usually such bonuses as packs with items, vehicles (World of Tanks), characters (I’m looking at you Warframe), emotes (Destiny) and skins (Rainbow Six Siege)

  • Free games
    Though, you should not expect any hits or AAA titles. Most games available with Twitch Prime for free are rather old or niche games – examples: Turok, Etherborn, Kathy Rain & Earthlock.
    For that, you’ll need to download free desktop Twitch App 

  • Twitch specific Bonuses
    • Monthly Twitch Channel Subscription – the equivalent of 5$
    • Loot Community Gifting
    • Special Emoticons
    • Chat color options
    • Prime Chat Badge
    • Broadcast Storage extension – 60 days instead of 14 days

How much is Twitch Prime?

Short answer:
It depends on the cost of your local Amazon Prime program.
Since Twitch Prime is linked to your Amazon Prime subscription, the cost of Twitch Prime depends on the cost of the Amazon Prime program in your country.
Additionally, you can get Twitch Prime with either Amazon Prime or Prime Videos subscriptions, but that seems to be related to the country of your origins.
Here is the information on who is eligible for Twitch Prime.
Let’s take an example of the USA players:
If you decide to sign up for Amazon Prime, it will cost you either 12,99$ monthly or 119$ annually.
In case you opt for Prime Video, you will pay 8,99$ monthly.
Where I live, I can sign up for Twitch Prime for 6 EUR with Prime Videos.

Is Twitch Prime worth it?

The value Twitch Prime provides for the cost is at a really good ratio. Therefore, the main question here is: How much do you value Twitch, Amazon services, and games partnered with the program?
For a person who uses regularly Twitch, this is a great opportunity. Where I live, I can sign up for 6 EUR a month to get Prime Video services, Twitch benefits (including 5$ subscription), and perks for games. If I value even 1 of those perks then the service gives a good bang for the buck.
However, if you’re not using Twitch nor Amazon’s Prime services, but really like the content available at the time for your favorite game, then I would suggest signing up for 30 days trial with Amazon Prime.

How to unlock Rainbow Six Siege
Twitch Prime loot?

1A. In case you are already an Amazon Prime member, then you have to link both Amazon and Twitch account 

1b. If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime then follow this link to start your 30days trial.

2. Once your Amazon Prime is active, you have to link your Twitch and Uplay accounts

3. Go to https://www.twitch.tv/prime to verify linked accounts and claim your Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime loot!

4. Log in to the Rainbow Six Siege game and check the Alpha Packs menu window. You should receive automatically Alpha Packs in the game, containing the Twitch Prime skin.

Important to note that every Twitch Prime skin has a time window during which it is available. Thus you can claim skins only available at the time.


When will the new R6 Siege Twitch Prime skins be available?

No information has been released on this subject, just yet.
What we know, however, is how the last 3 R6 Twitch Prime skins were available:
  • Twitch’s Prime operator skin – available between January 23rd and February 24th, 2020
  • Maestro’s Prime operator skin – available between February 24th and March 24th, 2020
  • Mozzie’s Prime Pizza guy skin – available between March 24th and April 24th, 2020
So it might be safe to assume that the upcoming 3 skins will be released in succession.

What Twitch Prime skins will R6 get?

Rainbow Six Siege community will get loot skins for Zofia, Ying & Lesion. Here are photos of the skins:
First, we’re very happy about operator selection for the next Twitch Prime drops. Ying and Zofia have a very limited number of skins available to them in Rainbow Six Siege.
Lesion, on the other hand, has a bigger selection of skins, including one of the best elite skins, with admittedly one of the worst MVP animations available in the game. 
Unlike the previous Twitch Prime drops for Rainbow Six Siege, the upcoming skins are all in the same theme, which follows the Jager Byte skin available to Year 5 Season Pass holders.
Previous Twitch Prime skins were not particularly appealing. Only Pizza Mozzie skin was somehow creative, but quite… cheesy. Of course, this is a subjective judgment. I personally do not like colorful “funny” skins in Rainbow Six Siege.
In contrast, the new ones are quite good looking! I like a lot Jager Season Pass’s skin, so I am happy they chose this theme for new skins.
Here is the Jager Byte skin for comparison:
If you plan to subscribe to Amazon Prime, then kindly consider using our link.
We will get a percentage of what you pay, which helps us keep this page running.
Of course, you don’t have any additional costs associated with using our affiliate link.
What do you think about the upcoming skins?
Will you get them?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Tachanka rework & elite set - Rainbow Six Siege

Tachanka Rework & Elite Set

Tachanka has been finally reworked!
Lord and Savior became a formidable area denial defender. On top of that, he received Elite Set!
Let’s have a look at Tachanka changes.

Read More

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S1.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 Patch is out today on the 21st of April 2020. In Designer’s Notes, Ubisoft has shared with R6 Siege community what to expect in the upcoming Y5S1 mid season patch. Since then, the changes were also implemented to TTS (Technical Test Server).
In this article, we will list changes in the Y5S1.2 mid season patch and discuss their potential impact on the game.

List of
Y5S1.2 patch notes

Jager NERF

Jager R6 B&W poster design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster
  • Jager will be 2 speed 2 armor operator
Jager’s presence in R6 Siege has been off the chart (like literally) with his insanely high pick rate for as long as Ubisoft shares statistics with the R6 community.
Ubisoft already tried to lower his pick rate by nerfing damage on his primary gun – 416-C. However, as we can see in Y5S1.2 Designer Notes, Jager has a 90% presence rate, which remained unchanged since Year 4.
In our opinion, Jager’s speed decrease won’t impact his presence rate much.
Speed is not the only reason people pick Jager. He just offers such a good damn package.
His gadget is essential and also passive (place ADS during preparation and go out roam), so we’d argue that changes to ADS are necessary to lower his rate, too.

Buck Nerf & Buff

Buck R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster

In Y5S1.2 Patch Buck will go through the following changes:

  • Buck’s Frag grenades will be replaced with Claymore
  • Skeleton Key magazine capacity increased from 5 to 6
  • Skeleton Key total amount of rounds increased from 21 to 26

This is probably the most controversial change in the upcoming R6 Siege patch.

Are you curious about the point of view of professional Rainbow Six Siege players on this subject?
Pengu G2 has voiced his opinion on this subject in the below Youtube video:
I may not always agree with Pengu’s point of view on some topics, but in this case, Niclas makes a lot of sense.
Buck seems to be too versatile for Ubisoft’s liking.
Buck and Sledge are frequently compared to each other since they fill in a similar role – both R6 operators are masters of creating openings in the destructible surfaces.
When it comes to soft environmental destruction and establishing vertical pressure, Buck is second to none (not even to Sledge).
However, Buck has limited capacity in regards to dealing with defensive utility. In fact, his only tool for dealing with the utility are frag grenades.
Sledge, on the other hand, is superior to Buck in dealing with gadgets, such as Evil Eyes, Deployable shields, and Armored panels. That has always been the case.
It seems though, that Ubisoft would like to create an even further distinction in the specialty of both operators.


Considering current defensive meta of heavy delay, no I don’t think so.
Below meme portraits very well moods of many people within R6 community:
Additionally, just have a look at the presence rate and win delta of both Sledge and Buck in our Y5S1 vs Y4S4 Designer’s notes comparison.
Buck is not much more picked than Sledge and, in fact, has even a slightly lower win delta!
So why changing and why now? 
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Ying Buff

Ying R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster

Y5S1.2 mid season patch brings the following buffs to Ying:

  • Claymores will be replaced by Smoke grenades
  • LMG – T-95 LSW damage increased to 46 (from 43)
  • The number of Candela increased to 4 (from 3)
Rainbow Six Siege development team is surely unhappy with where Ying stands.
Basically, the Y5S1.2 patch is Ying’s second buff in a row!
As of now, Ying is a very niche operator. She is on the bottom end of the presence rate in both ranked and competitive scene of R6 Siege.


It’s certainly a possibility!
Her projectile count just doubled. This could be huge!
In other words, with the upcoming buff, defenders will need 3 ADS to stop Ying completely from flashing an area she wants to push.
Quite a lot of potential push power from one operator, wouldn’t you agree?

Mozzie Nerf

Mozzie R6 B&W design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster

In Y5S1.2 update Mozzie is a subject to the following nerf:

  • Super Shorty removed from the operator
Mozzie is just too damn versatile defender from the developer’s perspective.
Personally, I like playing Mozzie but can fully understand such reasoning from the Ubisoft team. Right now, Mozzie is capable of intel-gathering, intel-denial, and reconstructing the site.
Such a combination is a very good package thrown in 1 operator who also has decent guns and is 2 speed 2 armor operator, with a Nitro cell.
Honestly, I don’t anticipate Mozzie’s presence rate and win delta to be hit hard by Y5S1.2 patch change. Rather, specific compositions which relied on Mozzie to restructure the site will see an adjustment.

Goyo Nerf(s)

Goyo R6 Siege operator portrait B&W design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster

The latest mid season R6 patch hits Goyo hard:

  • The number of Volcan shields decreased to 2 (from 3)
First, Y5S1.2 Goyo nerf is absolutely targeted towards the ESL Pro League meta. As we could see in Y5S1.2 Designer notes, Goyo is under-picked and under-powered from a non-competitive perspective. In fact, Goyo is one of the less picked defenders and has negative win delta.
However, in the Pro League, the addition of Goyo together with Wamai is the main reason for the abundance of utility on the defense. Thus, I can understand the reasoning behind taking away one of his Volcan shields.
On the other hand, such a harsh nerf of a 33% reduction in utility may deem Goyo absolutely redundant. Especially, since Goyo is part of another nerf, which is…

TCSG12 Nerf

This powerful DMR disguised as shotgun sees the following change:

  • Damage decreased to 57 (from 84)
Damn, now this is quite harsh nerf for a gun!
Currently, TCSG12 is available to Kaid and Goyo. Most people agree that this gun is powerful in the hands of skilled players.
TCSG certainly requires skill – it is a semi-automatic weapon, so no spray and pray here. As it stands now, TCSG12 is capable of killing anybody with just 2 body shots.


I personally do not like TCSG12 changes proposed in Y5S1.2 R6 patch notes. I think they are too harsh.
TCSG has a high entry skill level to use the gun effectively and a high skill ceiling, as well.
With TCSG12, if you can control the recoil and make your shots count, then you will win a lot of gunfights – players should be rewarded for their skill.
Just to be clear – I don’t use this gun too often.
In fact, I probably die to TCSG more often than kill someone with it.
But when I die to TCSG12 I am not mad – I just got outplayed/out skilled.


Caveira R6 Siege operator B&W poster design by r6siegecenter
Click the image to get this poster
  • M12 will have access to Razor Holographic sight
Last and definitely least important change in Y5S1.2 patch notes is an addition of Holo sight to M12, which is a primary weapon of Caveira.
Razor Holographic sight is an alternative version of Holo. It applies to such weapons as FMG, C1 and P10 RONI.
There’s actually no reason for certain primaries not to have access to Holo, so it is good to see such a change. Though, it’s a convenience change that will impact only a small portion of the player base, similarly to Frost’s change in patch Y5S1 where Ubisoft added Holo to C1.
What do you think about the Y5S1.2 changes?
Do you like nerfs?
Are you worried about Ying buff?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 leak – Operation Hidden Eyes

Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S2 leak:
Operation Hidden Eyes

As per first leaks, we expected the new Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 season to be called Operation Hidden Eyes.
As it turned out in May, initial leaks based on which we’ve made below the article were inaccurate!
The actual name of Y5S2 will be Operation Steel Wave. For more info check our article on this subject!
The below article contains info about the initially released leaks about operators, kept on our portal for the community’s information.
Leaks about the event were correct (though the event occurred in Y5S1, not Y5S2) and house map rework should come out in the upcoming season, too!

House Map rework

Ubisoft has released video footage of House rework during Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020.
If you’re interested in the rework of House, then check out the below video:
To summarize our observations to showed footage about map rework:
House seems to be significantly bigger and the construction company has finally finished their work – yes, no more construction room across the kids’ room.
We like how Ubisoft continues to focus on creating a color-based theme of important locations on the map. Such a map design can immensely simplify callouts. Calling out “Blue” and “Red” is just easy to say, as well as understand and very intuitive.
Will the new House map be part of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League rotation or even Ranked?
We do not know that, yet!

New R6 Siege operators:
Philisiwe & Odin


According to the latest Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 leak, the newest defender will be called Philisiwe and she is coming from South Africa.
Supposedly, Philisiwe is a female name with African origins that means “empowered” and “strength”.
She will be an anchor type of defender, with 3 armor and 1 speed characteristics.


Philisiwe R6 operator’s unique gadget is expected to be Smart Barbed wire.
What’s Smart about her Wire?
Smart Barbed Wire will slow down defenders more than the universal version of the gadget. Additionally, the new gadget is supposed to deal damage-over-time when attackers are moving over it. Sounds a lot like a Lesion alternative, doesn’t it?
Another unique perk of this gadget will be to highlight gadgets that are passing through the wire. Such characteristics will allow countering drones more effectively by providing intel about their location.
Unlike the default version of Barbed Wire, it will not be countered by melee attacks. However, Smart Barbed Wire should be countered by explosives.


Philisiwe does not bring new weapons to Rainbow Six Siege.
She will have an option of SMG and Shotgun primary weapons, namely:

Currently available to Lesion (another similarity). Though, Philisiwe will be able to equip ACOG on SMG


Shotgun available to Mira and Jackal. Let's be honest, though. Nobody plays this weapon unless messing around in casual.

The secondary weapon of Philisiwe R6 operator choice will be:

So far, this pistol has been available only to Polish operators - Ela & Zofia - with a unique iron sight. Will it retain unique iron sight on South African operator? We do not know that, yet!

But you know what’s the best part? We’re already looking forward to hearing the struggle of ESL commentators when trying to pronounce her name. Thanks, Ubi, I guess.

What role do we expect Philisiwe to fill?

Defender from Y5S2 leak seems to be intended as an alternative to Lesion. She will be most likely an anchor with a passive gadget. We expect her to become potentially another cheeky spawnpeeker, too. Unless her gadget is actively generated like in the case of Wamai or Lesion, then Philisiwe can place Smart wire during the preparation phase and take advantage of her ACOG on T5SMG, which has very little recoil.
The worrying part about the new defender is her impact on already utility burning meta, also called 20-second meta in Rainbow Six Siege.
However, let’s see what other changes will come by Y5S2 release and how new meta will shape by then!


Odin picture_compressed
With Y5S2 we will also get an attacker from Norway called Odin – how fitting.
Odin will have standard characteristics of 2 armor and 2 speed. Such statistics are the most common among DLC attackers, for quite a few Rainbow Six Siege seasons now.


Odin Rainbow Six Siege operator will come equipped with a unique Spider drone that specializes in stealth and healing fellow attackers.
Spidey should be able to climb surfaces like furniture, walls and even ceilings.
The healing aspect of the drone will be stim charges that allow Odin to heal teammates who are present within the effective radius. We do not know yet whether healing will operate more like Rainbow Six Siege Smoke grenades, just healing team members within its range with each tick. Or perhaps it will function more like a Healing Hive from Division 2 – based more on charges used rather than fixed duration.
Regardless of nuances, we are excited to see Spidey in action. The intel-based utility is very effective and interesting in R6 Siege. So if that was not enough, Odin is supposed to come with pretty amazing weapons, too…


Just like his defensive counterpart from the recent Y5S2 leak, Odin does not bring new weapons to the table.
However, options that he is likely to be offered are… well awesome!
Odin will have access to 2 ARs that are among the best weapons in the game:

Powerful AR which is currently available only to Jackal. One of the best guns in the game!


Fuze's strongest weapon with very good TTK (time to kill). Will it come with Russian sight options? We don't think so. They are supposed to be removed from the game soon.

In secondary weapons department, Odin can choose between two very good pistols:

Pistol available to Spetsnaz operators and Finka. PMM is considered to be one of the best pistols by a significant portion of the R6 community


Pistol accessible via Gridlock and Mozzie. SDP is a very good pistol with higher ammo count per mag and good damage per bullet!

What role do we expect Odin to fill?

Odin has the potential of becoming a fragging god.
His loadout and ability to gain intel in new ways, on top of being capable of healing himself – enough said!
We hope that he will not have access to Frag grenades. That would be just too much power in one operator, which is something that Ubisoft seems to try to avoid with recent balancing changes.
We’re also excited to see how Ubisoft will portrait Norwegian operator with a name after the one-eyed God of wisdom.
The name seems fitting from utility perspective – intel gives wisdom to players. On top of that, Odin rides Sleipnir – an 8-legged horse, similar to a spider in this regard.


What is known so far based on Y5S2 leak about the upcoming arcade event is that it will be called Stolen Goods and the event will take place on the old Hereford base map, with a twist – using assets from a reworked version of Hereford base.
The event seems to be stylized on the Mafia theme with early 20th century cosmetics.
There’s more uniqueness of this mode, though. Based on the leaks from @RolyNoly1 we can see that at least some floors will be fully destructible. Normally, you have beams allowing to create an angle but not traverse through the floor, like in case of hatches.
To sum up:
All in all, we are quite excited about those leaks!
The concept of both operators seems intriguing, while House is one of the most signature maps of Rainbow Six Siege – despite its lack of balance and irrelevance to the competitive side of the game.
On top of that, the event in Mafia-style could be fun and stylish – we dig the idea of cosmetics in this theme!
What do you think about the Y5S2 leak?
How do you feel about the potential concept of new operators?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Designer Notes stats comparison – Y5S1 vs. Y4S4

R6 Siege Designer notes:
statistics comparison - Y5S1.2 vs. Y4S4

Ubisoft has recently released Rainbow Six Siege designer notes for Y5S1.2 midseason, which can be found here.
In R6 Siege designer notes, Ubisoft developers shared with us:
  • WIN DELTA VS. PRESENCE for both attackers and defenders
We decided to have a look at the changes to data between Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.2 and Y4S4.3




    Twitch has been modified since Y4S4 in significant ways, so such a change is understandable.
    F2 recoil has been increased and the way drone operates has been altered, as well.
    However, Jackal hasn’t been changed for a few updates. As we will see in the following comparisons, Jackal’s ban rate has actually dropped by 7% – so he is available more and picked less.


    Nokk has been buffed with increased damage on FMG9 (34 instead of 30), plus she was given Frag grenades.
    Blitz, on the other hand, hasn’t been modified for quite a while now in R6 Siege.

    Important to note that both operators are rather a niche pick and their presence hasn’t really increased since Y4S4.
    The lower the presence rate the higher the potential changes in win delta, so it is hard to be conclusive on such an increase without more information.


    Changes to other Rainbow Six Siege attackers had no significant impact on their statistics.
    Those changes were:
    Finka – Increased damage on Spear from 38 to 43
    Ying – functional improvements to Candelas

    Blackbeard – improvements to ADS times




    Lesion has been the 2nd most picked defender in Y4S4. Ubisoft wanted to alter the way Lesion is played since he was just too good.
    Recent changes to GU mines had probably desired effect on his statistics as his popularity by approx. 20%.
    Maestro lost his ACOG and his presence took a hit, too!
    It may not have been the nerf that community considered as adequate, but at least from a data perspective, nerf impacted Maestro’s presence.

    Echo hasn’t been affected by any major nerfs. Although, Ubisoft made a couple of rather insignificant changes that should not impact the presence that much.


    Mozzie hasn’t seen any changes to his kit in recent R6 Siege updates. We guess that his increased pick rate is a result of Mozzie taking some % of picks going normally to Lesion.
    Mozzie seems to be getting nerf in an upcoming patch as he offers a bit too good overall package, according to Ubisoft. Though we do not predict a major drop in his pick rate in Y5S2 since he will lose a secondary shotgun, but we may be wrong!


    Despite the change to Castle’s loadout (an addition of shotgun as a secondary weapon), he remains a rather situational pick by high-ranked players.


    Despite decreased damage on 416-C, Jager’s presence % has not changed, at all. No wonder, Jager still offers such a good overall package.
    Ubisoft intends to nerf him further by changing his ratings to 2 speed 2 armor.
    Will upcoming nerf have a significant impact on his pick rate?
    We don’t think so. However, we didn’t think so about the removal of ACOG from Maestro, and we were wrong.




    Is the decline in Jackal’s recent popularity just a lagging effect of player base realizing that he is not as powerful anymore after nerfs?
    Jackal is still a very useful Rainbow Six Siege operator but tends to lose his value as the round time goes.


    Thatcher continues to be a popular ban choice in Year 5, with a significant increase of 15% bans!


    It appears that the initial ban wave against Kali has worn off.
    Hard to say how hard since we do not have access to ban % beyond the top 10.
    Our guess? The percentage is probably very small now since Kali’s presence rate is below 10%, and how often do you actually see her banned?




    Echo has seen a 6% drop in his ban rate in Y5S1
    Despite minor nerfs to Echo (Dokkaebi hack, lights on the Yokai) we assume that high % of his bans went to Clash.


    Clash became a quite common ban with her, yet another, reintroduction to the active roster. Clash has seen a 13% increase in the ban rate.
    Considering how annoying she can be to deal with, especially against an organized defense, her extremely low win delta is a bit of a surprise to us.
    The interesting part is a high ban rate but a very low win delta.


    Lesion is banned significantly less frequently than he used to. Such a drop in ban rate makes sense considering nerfs to GU mines.

What do you think about the statistics released by Ubisoft?
Do you think that changes implemented by Ubisoft to Rainbow Six Siege have the desired effect?
Let us know in the comments!

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