Abbreviations and slang used in a new computer game can be just like starting a job in a new company – some stuff sounds similar, but many abbreviations are new and unique to that environment.
This Lexicon is intended to help you grasp all the basic terms used by us on this website, players in-game or casters in Pro League.

Lexicon of Siege

AceA situation where one operator kills all five operators from the opposing team in a round.
ACOG4x scope available to selected primary weapons and pistol of GIGR (Kaid and Nomad operators)
ADSAiming Down Sight or Active Defense System (Jäger’s unique utility)
AFKAway From Keyboard; player not at his computer/console for a while.
AnchoringDefensive role; It means staying on the objective or in adjacent locations. The requirement is having a line of sight on the objective site.
Ash chargeUnique ability – aka Breaching rounds – of Ash, offensive operator
Bandit trickA method in which Bandit (or Kaid) is using sound to place and repeatedly displace his Shock wires on reinforced walls. The main objective is to waste EMPs and destroy Hard breacher’s utility in the process.
Barbed WireRazor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.
BarricadesDefensive default utility; Defenders can place an unlimited number of barricades in doors and windows; Barricade can be destroyed with either bullet, melee attacks (3) or explosives; hitting barricade with 2 melee attacks allows for vault
BBA common way of calling Blackbeard (operator)
Bomb (game type)Game type available in both Casual and Ranked game modes; The main objective is to plant defuser in an objective area within 3:30 (casual) or 3 minutes (ranked); The most balanced game type, used in ESL Pro League
BoostedPlayer whose rank is artificially higher than actual should be due to playing with a booster.
BoosterA player who provides service of increasing ranks of other players. Usually, highly skilled individuals placed in a significantly lower rank than their skill.
Breach denialAn action to prevent Hard breachers from opening holes in reinforced walls or hatches. Also a name for utility role group in our “Defensive roles” guide.
BreacherAn offensive operator with the capability to breach through walls, hatches, floors, or ceilings.
Bucking (something) upRefers to Buck and his Skeleton Key utility; means creating holes in penetrable surfaces
Bulletproof cameraThe bulletproof camera is deployable on floors and walls to surveil areas. Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.
Burning ADSDedicating attacking utility to use up Jäger’s Active Defense System charges (2 per device). Usually done with Stun grenades or other expandable utility.
CalloutAn action of revealing information about an enemy’s presence in a specific location, as well as actions performed by yourself or opposing team.
CapA common way of calling Capitao (operator)
Casual matchGame mode available to all players; Casual ignores ranks earned in ranked matches, it has its own hidden MMR; In this mode, two teams of 5 players face each other to 3 victorious rounds
CavA common way of calling Caveira (operator)
CheaterA player who creates an advantage or disadvantage by breaking rules of the game. Usually achieved with 3rd party software that gives significant benefits to the cheater, such as aimbots, lag switching, and scripting.
ClaymoreAttacking universal utility; Anti-personnel explosive. Explodes when contact with sensor is made, injuring or dealing lethal damage.
ClutchingWinning a round in unfavourable circumstances, such as 1 vs. X
Color-based calloutsCallouts like “Blue,” “Red,” or “White” are usually based on dominating color in specific locations of the map. Such information will be frequently followed by indicating the type of place, i.e., stairs, tunnel, or room.
Examples: 1) Club House – “Blue.” Means basement area between Armory and Garage, called blue due to dominate color. 2) Kafe Dostoyevsky – “Red”/”White stairs.” Means Red and White stairs which are placed on opposite sides of the objective building. Red stairs (from the bakery side) have a red carpet, while White stairs (from freezer side) have no carpet on them.
CommsCommunication; usually used to indicate verbal communication within your team. A vital element to winning in Rainbow Six Siege
Contested (objective)Applicable only to Secure area game mode; means a situation where the attacker(s) enters an objective room, while at least one of defenders is also present on the objective.
Contested objective belongs to neither team. Even after round timer expiration, the round will last until one of the sides leaves the objective or is killed.
Covering plantA term used only in bomb game mode; an action on attackers side for “watching defuser planter’s back,” by preventing defenders from interrupting plant action (see “Planting”).
CTUCounter Terrorist Unit
DBNODown But Not Out is a status when an operator is injured/downed, but not killed.
Default camerasSurveillance cameras placed in fixed locations across the map. Can be used by defenders to see, hear, and ping.
Denying plantOnly available in bomb game mode; defensive action of preventing defuser plant. Usually achieved by either shooting the planter or using defensive utility to interrupt planting action (example: Smoke’s gas or Echo Yokai drone blast).
Deployable ShieldHip-high shield deployable by defenders on flat surfaces. Can be used to protect from gunfire & explosives, as well as an obstacle for attackers to cross locations.
It is often used to create pixel angle between obstacle-shield.
DLCAdditional content downloadable within a video game. In Rainbow Six Siege DLCs are available to everybody. DLC operators can be bought with in-game currency while maps come free for everyone.
Drone holeSmall spaces in walls that allow drones passing through them.
EDDEntry Denial Device; Kapkan’s unique utility
EMPElectroMagnetic Pulse; Thatcher’s unique utility
Entry denialDefensive tactic; An aggressive playstyle at the beginning of the round that has the objective of denying the ability to enter the objective building for attacking players. The primary purposes of entry denial are: to kill the attacker(s), deny map control in a particular location, and waste attackers’ time.
ESLElectronic Sports League
Faking plantRelates to “Planting”; An advanced technique of starting a planting animation and interrupting it (by releasing plant button). Used to bait defender into pushing planter due to sound clues.
Finka boostingThe unique ability of Finka (operator); Provides entire attacking squad with buff
FlankAn action of attempting to attack an opponent from either side or back, rather than in head-on engagement. Usually performed by Roamers on the defensive side or fast operators on the attacking side.
Flank watchingDedicating either utility (drones) or an operator to watch for potential flank from opponents. Usually performed by attackers to watch their back while pushing the objective site.
FlashAn action of stunning or flashing a defender with a utility such as Stun grenades, Blitz’s Flash Charge, or Ying’s Candelas.
Frag grenadeAttacking universal utility; Timed explosive grenade which kills or severely damages people within the explosion radius.
Frost trap or BeartrapThe unique utility of Frost, defensive operator
Game modeModes split to casual, ranked and custom matches for PvP experience. PvE is limited in Rainbow Six Siege to Situations (glorified tutorial) & Terrorist Hunt.
Game typeIndicates the main objective impacting both teams, besides the Team Death Match win condition. Types split to Bomb, Secure area & Hostage.
GlitcherA player who exploits errors or bugs in the game’s system.
Hammer timeRefers to Sledge and his hammer; means creating opening above objective or using Sledgehammer to kill defender(s)
Hard BreacherAn offensive operator with the capability to create an opening in both reinforced, as well as unreinforced walls and hatches. Usually crucial role and task in the attacking squad.
HatchTrapdoors in a ceiling/floor that can be reinforced or otherwise destructible with explosives or Soft breaching utility
Heartbeat sensorPulse’s Cardiac sensor (unique utility)
Holding angleStatic positioning of an operator that allows having a line of sight on certain location.
HoloHolographic sight equipable on the majority of primary weapons and some secondaries (SMGs).
Hostage (game type)Game type available for Casual matches; The main objective is to grab the hostage within 3:30 minutes; To accomplish the round as attackers, a player needs to escort hostage to extraction points located outside
Hot breachAn attacking method of rappeling in by using Breaching charges to precede entry; high-risk technique
Impact grenadeA grenade exploding on impact. Used primarily for opening holes in surfaces.
InterrogationThe unique ability of Caveira to finish off downed attacker, which reveals remaining attackers location for a limited time.
KDKill Death; usually refers to a player’s Kill Death ratio as an indication of a person’s fragging capabilities
KillcamA brief video of a few seconds preceding the player’s death. Great tool for learning from the enemies and your own mistakes
Lord/Saviour or ChankaCommonly used ways of calling Tachanka, defensive operator
LoSLine of Sight; means the unobstructed line between two points
MetaIn games means strongest strategies and practices known publicly at the current stage of the game. Tend to evolve as game changes with DLCs and patches, as well as players develop with their skills and strategies.
Mira’s MirrorBlack Mirror; unique utility of Mira, defensive operator
MontyA common way of calling Montagne (operator)
Murder hole / Kill holeA small hole in a surface created by the player to give unconventional angle allowing line of sight and therefore shooting the unsuspecting opponent
Nitro Cell / C4The throwable explosive detonated remotely by the user. Can be pre-placed or used similarily to grenades. The best counter to Shield operators and preventing defuser plant.
Opening Mira/MirrorThe action of creating a hole in Mira’s Black Mirror (Hard Breachers) or ejecting its glass by shooting the eject mechanism.
PeekMovement technique that allows quickly viewing and shooting behind an obstacle
Peeker’s advantageA term indicating advantage given to the aggressive player due to reaction time reduced by players latency.
Ping (red)Red marker created by players. Created by pressing “scanning” button with cameras, drones, and other surveillance utility.
Ping (yellow)Yellow marker created by players. Created by pressing “ping” button on a surface where the player is aiming.
PlantingOnly available in bomb game mode; Attacking action of planting a defuser to disarm the bomb. Can be performed only within the objective site area, either at A or B. Puts defuser holding player in an animation.
PushingAn action meaning moving physically towards an opponent(s) or the objective
Ranked matchGame mode available to players above 50th clearance rank; In this mode two teams of 5 (supposedly) similarly skilled players face each other to 4 victorious rounds (or overtime for 3:3 round count scenario); First 10 ranked matches in a season are placement matches that will indicate player’s starting rank
ReinforcementsDefensive default utility; allows strengthening surfaces, such as walls and hatches. Each defender comes with 2 reinforcements; Once reinforced, surface can be breached only by Hard breachers
RetakeRefers to defensive action of re-capturing the objective once attackers established a presence on the site.
Roam clearAttacking action that indicates clearing defensive roamers present outside of the objective room
RoamingLeaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt and flank the attacking team.
RotationCreating unconventional vaultable opening between locations to enable maneuvering between areas freely. Usually created between bombsites (A and B).
RunoutDefensive tactic; running out of the objective building as a defender to either kill attackers or rotate externally
RushAn offensive tactic of pushing defenders immediately as a team after the action phase begins; Usually utilizes the fastest route to the objective site and 3-speed operators
SeasonMajor game update that introduces new content such as new operators and map. Every Year had so far 4 seasons, every 3rd month.
Secure Area (game type)Game type available for Casual matches; The main objective is to secure the objective area within 3:30 minutes; Securing happens by attackers maintaining a physical presence on the site for 10 consecutive seconds, without defenders located in the room.
ShieldOperators with a ballistic shield that protect them from frontal gunfire. Attacking shield operators: Montagne, Blitz, Fuze (optional). Clash is the only defensive operator with ballistic shield (not deployable shield)
SituationsTraining like mode which asks players to fulfill simple objectives to familiarize players with Rainbow Six Siege mechanics; Only useful for some basics as it has not been updated since the release
Smoke grenadeAttacking universal utility; Grenades releasing a cloud of smoke, which is almost impossible to see through. Gives the advantage to players by preventing line of sight.
SmokingUsing Smoke grenades (on the offensive side) or activating Smoke’s (operator) gas canisters.
Soft BreacherAn offensive operator with the capability to create an opening in unreinforced walls and hatches, or a line of sight in penetrable walls, floors, and ceilings.
Spawn killingAs a defender killing enemies immediately after they have spawned, without giving them a chance to move away or react to your attempt.
SpawnpeekAs a defender attempting to kill attackers when they already spawned and moved out of cover or was rushed at spawn location (having chance to react to defender’s action).
SpawnrushAt the start of the action phase, running out to spawn location as a defender with an intent to kill unsuspecting attackers.
Stun grenadeAttacking universal utility; Temporarily blinds enemies facing grenade in radius during detonation.
TDMTeam Death Match
TH / THuntTerrorist Hunt; the game mode in Siege for Player(s) vs. AI
TKTeam Kill; the act of killing a teammate
TS / PTSPublic Test Server; Allows players to test upcoming changes, as well as to play with forthcoming new operators & maps. The primary reason for PTS of a patch is to test potential bugs and report them to developers
TTKTime To Kill; describes the time needed to kill the enemy, usually in terms of gun’s effectiveness.
Twitch droneTwitch’s Shock Drone (unique utility)
Unique Utility / Unique AbilityEvery operator in Rainbow Six Siege has special, unique to him or herself ability. Examples: Blackbeard has a face shield equipable on his primary weapon, Thermite has Exothermic breaching charges that allow creating openings in reinforced surfaces.
Universal UtilityUtility available to various operators on each side. The universal defensive utility contains Nitro Cells, Barbed Wires, Deployable Shields, Impact Grenades & Bulletproof camera. Attacking universal utility involves Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades, Claymores and Breaching Charges.
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol; usually refers to voice chat software such as Discord or Teamspeak
VTK / V2KVote To Kick
Wall bangshooting player through a surface without visual contact.



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