Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil

Details of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1 content update – Operation Demon Veil patch notes!

Rainbow Six Siege: OPERATION
Demon Veil

Rainbow Six Siege starts its Year 7 content with Season 1 called Operation Demon Veil.

The Y7S1 patch went live on the 15th of March 2022. 

The 2022 starts strong as Demon Veil brings much of new content, despite not offering a new map, nor an extensive rework of an existing one. It does, however, offer very interesting operator addition – Azami – who is bound to become one of the most influential additions to Rainbow Six Siege in a long while!


MARCH 2022


Azami is a very creative defensive operator who brings the element of re-shaping the environment.

She is capable of creating new angles, obscuring existing ones or establishing new cover for defenders.

Gameplay changes: New Features

Attackers' Repicks

The attacking squad can now re-select their operators during preparation phase.

This addition brings more flexibility to players’ selection of operators and increases the impact of droning in that initial phase of the round.

Deathmatch mode

Deathmatch game mode offers a playlist that can be used to practice aim or offer before jumping into more serious game modes, such as ranked.

The first team to get 75 kills, wins.

GOYO's Rework

Goyo has gone through a rework of his explosive unique utility.

Now, the operator brings a Volcan Canister instead of Deployable shield with an attached bomb to it.

As a result we get longer area denial and more flexibility in placement.

Sights distribution

This might be our favorite addition in Y7S1 patch:
Weapons have now access to all sights types from the level of magnification that they can be equipped with.

Example: Weapon with 1x sights can use now all types available in the game of reflex, holo and red dots.


Once activated, Banshee opens faster.
As a result, the weak point is vulnerable earlier.

Removed movement penalty when using Kali’s sniper rifle.

Kona stations will heal only players with less than 100% health.

You can switch to cameras while they are in the air, but won’t see the video feed until gadget lands.

Both operators’ drones can now be used outside for up to 10 seconds (instead of previous 3 seconds)

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