Flores Rainbow Six Siege guide 2021 - Black & White Vector Art by r6siegecenter.com


  • Counters almost all gadgets
  • Versatile toolkit


  • Unreliable Hard Breach Support
  • Easy to spot drones


Offensive operator

Flores is a support-oriented attacker who provides his team with explosive drones.
He is primarily used for dealing with defensive utility and supporting Hard Breachers in opening walls.
However, RCE drones can also get you a very satisfying kill.
Flores can also stand his own ground with decent weapons.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Providing for his mother as her health slowly declined, Lucero was unfulfilled with work in the public sector and unimpressed with military school. This drew him to burglary as an occupation, and he found purpose in robbing powerful criminals to give back to the poor. Operating in the Flores district of Buenos Aires, Lucero’s notoriety grew and he came to be known as ‘the Man from Flores.’



When his identity was exposed and he had to flee, Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen offered him asylum in the United States. In exchange, he provided evidence against Buenos Aires’ most ruthless crime lords. With a new life in Los Angeles, Lucero opened his own food truck from which he operated heists for five years. When Cohen became aware of his activities, she offered him a seat at her table, and a stable future in which he could build a family

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Flores R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Flores brings to Rainbow Six Siege the unique utility of 4 explosive drones, called RCE-RATERO. His drones are remotely controlled devices just like the usual drones but can be detonated to either get rid of the utility or damage the defenders.


  • 4 explosive drones available per round, on top of 2 default drones
  • Each drone has 10 seconds usage timer
  • After the timer expires, the drone will detonate itself, just like when the player detonates it manually
  • When the explosion of the drone is initiated, it has 3 seconds arming timer during which the drone is impervious to damage (besides explosives)
  • Outside of the explosion arming sequence, drones can be destroyed with any source of damage
  • The drone can jump just like regular drones but is unable to stop or go backward
  • The explosion of the drone has 3 meters radius
  • Damage dealt by the explosion could be compared to that of Nitro Cell
  • The drone makes a loud distinguishable noise that gives enemies a heads up
  • RCE drones easily spotted due to their stylistics


Flores drones fill in primarily the support role of utility disposal. They can destroy almost any defensive gadgets, which can be used for either dealing with:
  • Fortifications, i.e. deployable shields
  • Disruptive utility, such as Grzmot mines or ADS
  • Breach denial devices, namely Shock Wires, Electro Claw & Signal Disruptors
Due to the ability to deal with the last category of gadgets, breach denial, Flores is often brought as a Hard Breach Support operator to help with breaching reinforced walls, and to lesser extend hatches.
On top of the above-mentioned usage, Flores also shines in area denial.
RCE drones are great at forcing enemies to move away from their fortified location, thus exposing those enemies to potential kills from your teammates.

How to use utility?


What many players seem to be unaware of is the ability to leave the Flores drones while they are still active.
With the RCE drone deployed, you can press your default button that is normally used to jump on surveillance tools (drones and cameras) to exit the drone.
If you do that, the drone will continue to go forward in a straight line and will detonate once the 10 seconds timer of usage expires.
“Why would you do that?” you may ask. Well, it’s a rather rare usage type, indeed.
There are two primary reasons you would use your RCE this way:
  • Baiting enemy to push you
    First, you can try to bait your enemy by making them believe that you are on your drone, thus being vulnerable to being pushed by them.
  • Following the drone
    The other type of usage is to let the drone go ahead of you when clearing a corner or room. Since the RCE drone is easy to spot, it is likely to create a distraction that you can capitalize on. Admittedly, this method is less efficient than having a teammate follow your drone.


RCE is not only capable of being detonated while on the floor, but the explosion can be also achieved while jumping with the drone.
To do this, you need to press the left mouse button (or the equivalent of firing the gun on Console) while your drone is in midair. The drone will then attach to the flat surface in front of it and initiate the detonation sequence.
This technique is very useful for dealing with:
  • utility placed on the walls, such as Evil Eyes or Bulletproof cameras
  • Mira’s Black Mirrors placed on soft walls
    The explosion will destroy the Mirror and leave a hole similar to an impact grenade
On top of that, placing the drone on a soft (unreinforced and breachable) wall will create a new opening, as well.


Some players may naturally assume a similar playstyle between Flores and Twitch. And it makes sense since both attackers have access to unique drones that destroy gadgets.
However, the way you use drones is very different due to their characteristics.
Flores RCE drones are loud, big, and make things go BOOM. Twitch, on the other hand, prioritizes a stealthy approach to dealing with enemies’ gadgets.
As a result, the way you use Flores drones should prioritize speed and using the distraction to your advantage.


As Flores, your drones are easily destroyed when defenders have a lot of mental space and time to deal with them.
Therefore, the best time to use your unique utility is when enemies start being preoccupied with what is happening around them.
Such scenarios include your teammates pushing defenders, using throwables on the objective, creating environmental destruction, and so on.
Basically, the more is happening the less likely enemies are to spot and deal with your gadget.


Bear in mind that when on your drone, you are very vulnerable to enemies flanking your position or running out on you. Therefore, try to jump on your drone in a safe location as possible. Understanding when and where it’s safe to do so will come with increased situational awareness that you will develop with time and experience.
Here are few key tips on this topic:
  • Secure your flank or runouts with Claymore
  • Avoid using RCE drones with enemies nearby while being alone
  • Be aware of the environment (i.e. sound of enemies breaking barricades)
  • Destroy nearby cameras


Even though you have 4 drones at your disposal, you should choose rather carefully what you want to deal with.
What is your priority may differ depending on multiple factors, such as:
  • objective
  • your team composition
  • strategy
  • round situation
However, in most cases, your team’s priority will likely be opening the reinforced surfaces, especially the ones leading directly to the objective.
Thus, if you can, do assist your teammates in clearing the breach denial utility.
In other scenarios, you may want to prioritize dealing with other gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eyes or deployable shields that are specifically detrimental to your team’s approach.
Unfortunately, there is no one rule to using RCE drones effectively, but there are good questions you should ask yourself before deciding on your targets.
Those questions are:
  • What utility is crucial for defenders?
  • Which piece of utility will hinder us the most?
  • Which gadgets can my teammates deal with?”


As if it wasn’t already extremely difficult to pull off successful Bandit Tricking, Flores adds yet another tool at attackers’ disposal to deal with Bandit juggling his batteries.
You can use Flores’ drones to force Bandit to move away from the wall your team is breaching for at least 3 seconds. This time should be enough for Hard Breacher
Doing so is mechanically simple but can be tricky from a timing perspective. It works best with reinforced walls that have drone holes nearby, such as Snowmobile Garage in Chalet or Cash/CC TV objective on Clubhouse.



From roles synergy, RCE supports particularly well Hard Breachers. This is because Flores can support dealing with the Breach denial utility to help open reinforced walls.
There are no other synergies from a role perspective.
A more general synergy worth mentioning is synergy between your entry fraggers and Flores.
As mentioned in the earlier section, Flores can force defenders to move away from their spot, thus exposing defenders to another attacker who holds an angle on them or is actively pushing that location.


The list of gadgets that can be destroyed with Flores’ drones is extensive.
Let’s start with the unique utility of defenders:
  • Castle’s Armor Panels
  • Jager’s ADS
  • Bandit’s Shock Wires
  • Kaid’s Electroclaws
  • Kapkan’s EDD
  • Frost’s Welcome Mats
  • Melusi’s Banshees
  • Wamai’s Mag-nets
  • Goyo’s Volcan Shields
  • Alibi’s Prismas
  • Maestro’s Evil Eyes
  • Ela’s Grzmot Mines
  • Lesion’s Gu Mines
  • Echo’s Yokai Drones
  • Mozzie’s pests (and controlled drones)
  • Rook’s Armor pack
But it does not end there. Flores can deal with universal gadgets, such as:
  • Bulletproof cameras
  • Deployable shields
  • Barbed wires
  • Proximity alarms
  • pre-placed Nitro Cells

Countered by:

Hard counters to RCE drones are:
  • Mute Signal Disruptors
    Flores drone stops when jammed by Mute’s disruptors. The drone remains still and can be picked up by Flores.
    If the jammer is destroyed or removed, then the drone explodes automatically (the usual explosion)
  • Mozzie Pests
    Pests can catch Flores’ drone which results in instant destruction of RCE. However, this destruction of drones happens without an explosion.
Other counters relate to drone’s lack of resistance to damage:
  • Gunfire
    A single bullet destroys the drone
  • Explosions
    Any explosives destroy the drone, both from friendlies and enemies
  • Electrified surfaces
    Flores’ drones are destroyed whenever they touch a wall, Barbed wires, or Deployable shields electrified with Bandit’s Shock wires or Kaid’s Electroclaws

How to play Flores


From a playstyle perspective, Flores fills in a role similar to that of Thatcher and (to some extend) Twitch. As a support player, he is expected to use his utility before jumping into engagements with enemies. Thus, when playing Flores, you should focus first on weakening the defensive setup to give your team an advantage before you can push the objective.
Typically, support operators are played more passively at the start of the round.
This is especially true in cases where you are the sole Hard Breach Supporting operator in your squad.
The best way to utilize the support operator from the beginning of the action phase in Rainbow Six Siege is to avoid getting spawn peeked while approaching the objective building. We highly recommend jumping on a drone for an initial 5-10 seconds and re-check your entry point.
Most of the spawnpeeked deaths can be avoided by this step alone… Seriously!
We highly recommend for support operators to aid their entry fragging teammates by droning for them to feed with invaluable intel about defenders position.
Droning for others is not flashy and won’t show on the scoreboard. However, it is one of the essential aspects differentiating a consistently victorious squad and a random group of people where everyone plays for themselves.
Unlike Twitch, you won’t be able to use your utility while far away from the objective due to 10 seconds timer on your drones. Once your job as support is done, you can switch to a more aggressive playstyle.
Remember: every operator becomes eventually a fragger in Rainbow Six Siege.


  • Mechanically not difficult to use
  • Requires advanced map knowledge
  • Knowing players tendencies and usual spots for defenders is a big plus for Flores players
  • Depending on your team’s setup can be a vital operator to the attack’s success

Loadout guide - Flores

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege stun grenade

Stun Grenade

Temporarily blinds enemies facing grenades in radius. Often used to burn ADS and MAG-nets.



Anti-personnel explosive. Explodes when contact with sensor is made, injuring or dealing lethal damage.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Passive/Long-range Style:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
AR33Flash HiderVertical Grip2.0x

Aggressive/Close-range Style:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
AR33Flash HiderAngled GripReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
GSH-18Muzzle BrakeN/AN/A

Why such loadout?


Since Flores has access to only 1 automatic gun, the choice is rather simple. DMRs are not preferred weapon types without secondary that is automatic due to slow fire rate and headshots mechanics in Rainbow Six Siege.
As a result, we recommend using AR33. It’s a solid gun with middle-of-the-pack statistics but extremely low recoil.
There are two setups that we suggest trying out.
The passive setup will fit players who like to hold angles and are more static in their approach to engagements.
The aggressive setup should benefit players who feel more comfortable engaging their enemies in a close combat scenario.
Each supports a different playstyle so which you find better depends mainly on your preferences.
Flash hider gives us the most comfortable recoil in both setups.


Flores does not have a choice between secondary weapons – we can only equip GSH-18.
As is the case with most pistols, we recommend equipping it with a muzzle brake which lowers the recoil on the gun.


Both universal gadgets are good options for Flores. However, we find Claymore to be particularly well-fitting to his playstyle.
As Flores, you will spend a significant portion of time on your drones which leaves you exposed to potential flanks or runouts from defenders.
Claymore can help with adding a heads up or prevention to such unpleasant surprises.
Usually Stuns are the preferred universal gadget of choice for more entry fragging-focused attackers. However, Stun grenades can also be useful for support operators like Flores if your team is lacking grenades to burn Jager’s ADS and Wamai’s Mag-nets.

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