Dokkaebi R6 Siege operator - BW art by r6siegecenter


  • Useful utility providing team-wide benefits
  • Automatic secondary weapon
  • Good DMR


  • Only one reasonable choice for primary weapon
  • No access to AR weapon
  • Not new player friendly


Offensive operator

Dokkaebi R6 operator is an attacker specializing in:
  • disrupting defenders
  • providing intel thanks to audio cues from her Logic bomb utility and ability to hack defensive surveillance utility
She is a difficult operator to play due to available unusual loadout setup and advanced unique utility.


707th SMB



Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Grace Nam gained notice in the ROK Army for her exemplary tech skills and for being highly adaptable to situations.
During joint exercises with Detachment K Green Berets, her American instructors encouraged her to try out for the 707th Special Mission Battalion. She passed, but her entry into Rainbow was far more unorthodox.
During operations, she can hack enemy phones, causing them to vibrate and give up enemy positions.


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What is the utility?

Dokkaebi R6 operator’s unique utility is a special laptop which grants her access to two special abilities: 
  • deploying Logic bomb
  • hacking defenders’ phones
Logic bomb allows her to deploy a virus that hacks defenders’ phones twice during the round, making phones buzz continuously until:
  • 12 seconds duration passes, after which buzzing stops
  • defenders turn off phones – forces player in animation
The main impact of the Logic bomb are:
  • revealing defenders’ position by the creation of loud audio cues
  • hindering defenders’ ability to hear well due to the disturbing buzzing of the phone
  • forcing defenders to risk either being defenseless while turning a phone or giving away their position by keeping the phone ringing
  • forcing defenders who were on cameras while the Logic bomb was deployed off their device
  • disabling possibility to use a phone for cameras until the virus is disabled
The second part of Dokkaebi’s utility is to hack the defender’s phone. When Dokkaebi R6 operator is present on the attacking team, defenders who are killed drop their phones, which can be hacked by Dokkaebi to grant access to the surveillance utility of defenders.
Once the phone is dropped, Dokkaebi sees UI indication highlighting the phone’s location.
Hacking requires her to be in a very close range of the phone and stay still for approximately 5 seconds.
After hacking defender’s phone, the entire attacking team gains access to surveillance utility on the defensive side, such as:
  • Default CCTV cameras
  • Valkyrie’s Black Eyes
  • Bulletproof cameras
  • Maestro’s Evil eyes
Defenders are notified by a message on the screen that their cameras have been hacked. As a result, many defensive teams will shoot their cameras that reveal their location to minimize the negative impact of their utility.

How to use utility?

Mechanically Logic bomb is very simple to use. 
Dokkaebi R6 operator has only to hold a unique ability button until hacking animation is completed.
Hacking defender’s phone works on a similar basis, but instead of the ability button, you will be prompted to use the action button.
The main benefits of using Logic bomb are:
  • Forcing the defender to stay still and disable phone buzz
  • giving away the defender’s position
  • disrupting the ability to hear environmental sounds
Due to the above benefits, the best way to utilize logic bombs are when:
  • pushing defenders’ position
    This can apply to either pushing a roamer once their location is revealed or when attacking the objective site to keep anchors distracted.
  • completing objective
    Especially applicable for defuser plant as a logic bomb will likely distract defenders and prevent plant denial
Common practice for timing Logic bombs:
  • use the first bomb when entering the building or clearing out roamers.
    Such usage can be beneficial to avoid early man count losses and to raise a team’s odds in gaining an early advantage.
  • The second bomb is used usually at the final push or defuser plant.
    Maximizes chances of a successful outcome of the action in such a crucial time of the round.
Don’t be afraid to use the Logic bomb.
Keeping both Logic bombs for the late-round stage can, of course, be beneficial, and you should not use both immediately. However, frequently dying with both logic bombs unused is a good sign that players may be hoarding utility a bit too much.
Tell your teammates to notify you when they need a Logic bomb.
Remember that Logic bomb can benefit anybody, so do not use it only for your benefits!
Utilizing Logic bombs fully requires planning and coordination within the team. You should not expect everyone to remember that they have Dokkaebi on the team, especially when playing with the random squad. Nor should your teammates expect you to guess when could they benefit from your utility.
Communication is key!
Solo queue and playing bomb?
It might be a good idea to fill a planter role as Dokkaebi.
It requires minimal teamwork to be effective at the Logic bomb and plant timing. You may get lucky with matchmaking and have good teammates. Good teammates may play Rainbow Six Siege like it is meant to be played – as a team-oriented objective-based shooter – and not COD. 
However, there will be matches where your teammates will have a different plan and agenda than you would expect. Counting on teamwork in the environment with a lot of variables, especially when it comes to the human aspect of it, is risky.
Therefore, we recommend asking for a defuser when playing Dokkaebi R6 operator and taking the role of the planter by yourself. All you need to do to time logic bomb and plant is to activate your utility right before you go for plant and voilà!



  • Whenever a logic bomb is active, IQ can see defenders’ location on her electronic detector.
  • Combination of phone buzzing and Jackal tracing defender can be extremely frustrating for roamers
  • EE-one-D can be used in a similar time as a Logic bomb to extend the duration of disruption during the objective push. However, both utilities should not be used simultaneously as defenders will answer the phone while forced to stay still anyway.


Dokkaebi is not a counter to any specific defender. 
Instead, she can aid the attacking team by providing audio cues about the enemy’s presence, as well as prevent defenders from denying the plant by keeping them occupied.
Since Y4S4.3 Patch, Dokkaebi is able to counter Echo:
  • He receives calls from Dokkaebi Logic Bomb
  • Dokkaebi can hack his phone, just like the ones carried by other operators
  • Echo’s Yokai drones are available to the attackers after successful Dokkaebi hack of the phone

Countered by:

  • Defenders who are in an area affected by Mute’s Signal disruptor will not be affected by the Logic bomb.
    Before Year 4 defenders had to be within Jammer’s range at the time of bomb’s activation, which limited its counter ability.
    For Year4 Ubisoft changed Jammer’s effect to turn off buzzing whenever defender gets in range of the jammer.

How to play -
Dokkaebi R6 Siege


Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi is an excellent choice for players who want to focus on disturbing defenders’ actions and giving advantage to the attacking team in gunfights.
She plays more of a role of supporting the operator as due to the importance of her utility during the final push, Dokkaebi is rarely used as an aggressive operator who would perform entry fragging role.
I recommend for support operators to aid entry fragging teammates by droning for them to feed with invaluable intel about defenders’ position.
Droning for others is not flashy and won’t show on the scoreboard. However, it is one of the essential aspects differentiating consistently victorious squad and a random group of people where everyone plays for themselves.
Dokkaebi R6 operator is not recommended for entry fragger. 

Weapons available at her disposal are not the optimal choices for heavy fragging.
On top of that, Dokkaebi’s utility is useful at the last stage of the round – objective push – thus you should try to stay alive.

Dokkaebi will be more often than not brought for her utility to aid the team with isolating roamers and disrupting anchors located on the objective.
Playstyle on the attack in Rainbow Six Siege is flexible and in fact fluid. Every operator turns eventually into fragger, once necessary tasks are completed, and utility has been used. 
Therefore, you can play more aggressively and go fragging once:
  • entry to the building has been made
  • your team has established sufficient map control
  • you have used your utility


  • Available weaponry requires skill to win gunfights
  • Her utility requires coordination within the team for effective usage
  • Advanced game sense needed by Dokkaebi player to time bombs well
  • Patience and an objective-driven approach necessary for an optimal playstyle

Loadout guide -
Dokkaebi R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Smoke grenade

Grenade releasing a cloud of smoke, which is almost impossible to see through. It gives the advantage to players by preventing line of sight.

Rainbow Six Siege stun grenade

Stun Grenade

Temporarily blinds enemies facing grenade in radius during detonation.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
MK14 EBRMuzzle brakeVertical grip3.0x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Smoke grenade

Why such loadout?


Let us start by saying that BOSG. 12.2 is a meme gun, and unless you are messing around, you should not pick it over other available options.
It has extremely high damage per bullet, but the trade-off is very high – only two bullets available before reload is needed.
However, if you decide to mess around with it, we suggest equipping it with an angled grip. BOSG recoil is not going to matter much when you have basically one shot to hit your enemy. Benefits of angled grip (faster ADS time) can come in handy in case of unexpected encounters.
MK 14 EBR, which is the suggested primary weapon for Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi, is a DMR.
I am not big fans of DMR weapons in a game like Rainbow Six Siege, but given that the only alternative is BOSG, we do not have much choice here.
As on every DMR Muzzle brake is the best barrel option. Improved recentering crosshair after a shot and recoil on the first bullet (every shot you take with DMR is the first bullet, so to speak) fit so well with this barrel.
MK14 can attach an Angled grip, but as a Dokkaebi you will not be having close range encounters with DMR equipped frequently. For that purpose, you should use a secondary weapon when engaging an enemy in a short-range, not a DMR.
Therefore, the vertical grip will be significantly more beneficial to Dokkaebi players. This grip lowers recoil on the gun, making it easier to hit shots, especially on a long-range.
3.0x scope is the most logical choice for DMR since you will be using it mainly in long-range encounters.


Now let’s talk secondaries, which are significantly more debatable topics than primary weapons choices.
Dokkaebi has access to two secondary weapons: SMG-12 and GONNE-6.
GONNE-6 is a Year 6 addition to Rainbow Six Siege weaponry. This gun is not designed for killing enemies. Instead, it is useful to destroy bulletproof defensive gadgets.
Normally, we recommend bringing GONNE-6. Dokkaebi, however, is an exception here. 
Her primary weapon options do not provide us with an automatic weapon, thus we suggest bringing SMG-12.


Finally, let’s conclude this chapter by discussing when picking Smoke grenades can be beneficial over Stun grenades.
Both types of grenades have their uses. Thus its a matter of your plan and role in the round.
Having access to Smoke grenades is rather rare for commonly used operators. When choosing a Disruptor attacker, you are most likely doing so for their utility over raw killing power. 
Smoke grenades are a great tool to expand your disruption utility as when appropriately utilized, they obscure defenders’ lines of sight. Additionally, if your team has Glaz in its ranks, equipping more smokes than his default ones can benefit the whole team.
From the objective perspective, Smokes are best for Bomb and Hostage.
On the other hand, Stun grenades are a fantastic tool at pushing defenders and getting easy kills on heavily fortified defenders. 
However, as mentioned above, Rainbow Six Siege Dokkaebi is not the best entry fragger due to her role and loadout. Therefore, we do not find Stun grenades to compliment her the most.

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