Mute R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter


  • Flexibility of utility
  • Versatility in loadout
  • Access to Nitro Cell
  • Universal in role


  • Doesn’t destroy the jammed utility
  • Doesn’t excel in either playstyle


Defensive operator

Mute is not the flashiest operator available in the Rainbow Six Siege, but when used correctly he can play a significant role in winning rounds on the defensive end.

He serves two main roles:

  • Anti-Intel
    Disables drones caught within the effective radius of his Signal Disruptor
  • Breach denial
    Prevents breaching in reinforced walls by disabling the possibility to activate Hard breach devices





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Chandar graduated from secondary school at the age of twelve.

A science prodigy, he was accepted into the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering at fourteen after completing an internship at a British tech company during his gap year, working on prototypes for a new security system.


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Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Mute R6 Siege


What is the utility?

Mute is equipped with 4 Signal Disruptors that interfere with attackers’ electronic devices within an effective range of 2.25 meters.
Jammers can be placed on flat horizontal surfaces like floors, boxes, or tables. 
Placed disruptors remain active until destroyed or picked up by Mute – no limits on duration.

Signal disruptors allow Mute to fill two roles from the utility perspective: Breach Denial & Anti-Intel.

Breach Denial

Prevents Hard Breacher’s utility from creating an opening in walls or hatches.
Therefore, the disruptors range allows 1 Jammer to impact:

  • Two regular size reinforced walls
  • Three smaller size walls
  • One hatch – only in specific locations


Mute is the best defensive operator in the game when it comes to filling the role of Anti-Intel.
Anti-Intel means preventing attackers from gathering information.
Intel is mainly obtained by drones, which become unusable when within Jammer’s range.

Each Breach Denial/Anti-Intel defender works differently and has better usage in different scenarios. Therefore, as a general rule of the thumb:
  • Breach denial for walls(s) – pick Bandit
  • Breach denial for hatch(es) – pick Kaid
  • drone denial – select Mute
Of course, the above list does not mean that you should not use Mute for jamming reinforced walls.
Instead, it is more a matter of operators’ capability in certain situations due to the nature of their utility.
From 3 Breach denial operators available to defenders, Mute is the least impactful in breach denial scenarios due to the lack of destruction of attackers utility affected by his utility.
Bandit’s and Kaid’s utilities destroy impacted devices (i.e., Exothermic charges), while Mute disables the possibility to detonate utility for as long as Jammer is active.
Additionally, the Rainbow Six Siege Mute prevents the effect of remotely activated electronic gadgets, such as Lion’s EE-ONE-D or Dokkaebbi’s Logic bomb. In both cases, defenders positioned within Jammer’s range will not be impacted by attackers’ utility.

How to use utility?

Signal disruptors are easy to use from the gameplay mechanics perspective: have to be placed on the floor, without a duration limit.
On top of that, Mute R6 can see an effective range while placing a device, which helps to estimate whether the chosen location will get the job done.
On the other hand, the answer to the question “where to place jammer” is a more complex topic.
Place jammer in hard-to-reach place for attacking team.
Surfaces do not obstruct jammers blocking power, hence whenever possible place the device behind the cover.
Below an example of three different ways of positioning Jammer to prevent droning from Yellow stairs on the top floor of the Consulate:
Consider the vertical impact of Jammers radius!
Signal disruptors affect drones vertically, just like horizontally.
As a result, as the Mute R6 operator you can place his Jammers on elevated surfaces, especially on Consulate where space between ceiling and surface is sufficient to impact drones located one floor above.
Below examples of such spots in the basement of the Consulate:

Main lobby to Spiral stairs

Furthermore, optimal usage of Mute’s utility may depend on couple of factors, such as:
  • Defensive team composition
  • Objective site
Team composition may impact your role due to potential picks of Bandit or Kaid.
By default:
  • if a defense has Bandit/Kaid and Mute, then focus on Anti-Intel, and Bandit/Kaid focuses on Breach denial
  • If the defense has only Mute, then prioritize blocking significant reinforced walls or hatches from being breached. Only spare jammers should be used for Anti-Intel purposes
Additionally, in case your teammate picked Mira and placed the mirror in a strategically important location, remember about supporting the mirror by putting jammer, bearing Shock drone in mind! 
Now, let’s discuss the objective site’s impact on how to use Mute’s Jammers.
Some sites in R6 Siege have higher importance of reinforced walls than other objectives.
Taking the role of Anti-Breach, Mute should always prioritize blocking reinforced walls leading to a location outside of the building (example: Chalet-Snowmobile garage).
Blocking such an angle will give your team a massive advantage over attackers.
Other sites without such walls may not need Mute to fill the Anti-Breach role at all. A great example of such an objective is the Dinning room on Chalet. 
For such an objective, Mute should focus on the Anti-Intel role and prevent attackers from gathering intel about defenders’ presence.



  • Mira:
    Jammers are the best counter to Shock drones due to the range of disruption. Shock drones are the most direct counter to Mira
  • Castle:
    Benefits from jammers placed nearby his armored barricades. Disruptor prevents an electric utility from being detonated on the panel (not affecting ranged breaching devices like Ash’s Breaching rounds).
  • Bandit:
    In R6 Siege Mute can prevent Shock drones from taking out Bandit’s utility, which helps Bandit with “Bandit tricking.”
    Such synergy usually occurs when a reinforced wall is next to the drone hole.
  • Mozzie:
    Jamming drones makes Mozzie’s job easier to catch ’em all.
  • Deployable shields:
    Mute’s disruptors benefit from well-placed deployable shields. A shield can block a line of sight on the jammer.


  • Hard-BreachersThermite, and Hibana
    Breacher’s utility is jammed, but not destroyed. Thermite can take back his Exothermic Charge, while Hibana cannot and has to wait for Jammer to be destroyed.
  • Breaching charge
    Operators can place a charge, but unable to detonate it.
  • Fuze Cluster charge
    Fuze can place cluster charge but is unable to detonate unless Jammer is removed or destroyed.
  • Twitch Shock drone
    Disabled when in range of Jammer.
  • Drones
    Disabled when in range of Jammer.
  • Lion EE-ONE-D
    The defender within Jammer’s range can move during EE-ONE-D duration without revealing his position.
  • Dokkaebi Logic Bomb
    Defender situated in Jammer’s range at Logic Bomb detonation time will not have the phone ringing
  • Iana Gemini Replicator
    Similarly to drones, the hologram gets disabled when in range of Mute’s Signal Disruptor
Additionally, Mute is capable of disturbing usage of utility for:
  • Blitz
    Unable to use flash if within range of the jammer
  • Jackal
    Eyenox vision is disturbed similarly to drones
The above scenarios are very situational, and their impact on the round is rather insignificant.

Countered by:

Signal Disruptors are countered by:
  • Thatcher 
    Best counter. Can use EMP without a line of sight, as long as Jammer is within EMP’s range
  • Twitch 
    Shock Drone can destroy disruptor as long as it has a line of sight on Jammer without being in its range
  • IQ
    Detects jammers with the electronic detector and can shoot them through penetrable surfaces
  • Ash
    The jammer does not impact breaching rounds. Breaching round destroys disruptors on impact
  • Zofia
    Lifeline is not affected by disruptor and shatters jammers on impact
  • Frag Grenades
    Buck, Finka, or Sledge can use grenades to destroy jammers.

How to play -
Mute R6 Siege


Mute is a 2speed & 2armor operator, with a passive gadget and flexible loadout options.
As a result, the Mute is a universal operator who can be played as either anchor or roamer.

Roaming is leaving the objective site to disturb and flank attackers.
Anchoring, on the other hand, means staying on the objective or in a location with eyesight to the objective.

To learn more about each defensive role, please visit the below sections.


Easy to pick up, but hard to master.
Mechanically Mute is simple to use as his utility requires only to be placed on the floor to be effective.
However, placing utility most optimally requires advanced map knowledge, as well as extensive experience.
He is usually not the most flashy operator available on the defensive side. Although, when played correctly, Mute can be extremely useful.

Preparation phase


Prioritize placing promptly jammer or two at either:
  • entrance(s) to the objective
  • top of the staircase (objective on an upper floor)
Disruptors placed in such a manner prevent intel-gathering during the preparation phase for attacking drones.
Additionally, allowing defenders to destroy attackers’ drones limits opponents’ intel options during later stages of the round.
Ideally, Mute should:
  • use two reinforcements on either walls or hatches
  • place four jammers
  • help re-modeling the site (with a shotgun)
  • position bulletproof camera (if equipped)
Just reinforcing and placing jammers will be enough to keep you busy during 45 seconds of the preparation phase, not to mention any optional activities.
Lastly, but importantly remember to communicate with the team before the round begins.
Let them know what you intend to jam as Mute or ask if they would like you to use your utility in a specific way.
This pre-round step is essential whether you play with friends or alone. A proactive communication style will frequently initiate small discussions on preferred tactics, which is a great way to ensure everybody is on the same page.
Do not expect others to read your mind, nor to have the same idea about defensive tactics as you have!

Loadout guide -
Mute R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Nitro Cell

Throwable explosive, detonated remotely by user.
Can be pre-placed or used similarily to grenades.

Best counter to Shield operators and preventing defuser plant.


Bulletproof Camera

Camera deployable on walls to surveil areas.
Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
SMG-11Flash hiderVertical gripReflex
Nitro cell

Why such loadout?

The above loadout provides a lot of flexibility to a Mute player. However, such a choice relies heavily on the player’s effectiveness with SMG-11.
SMG has been nerfed in the Grim Sky update due to recoil changes. Some players may not feel comfortable taking a fight with this weapon on medium-range distances. 
If that’s the case, then you are probably better off with picking MP5K as a primary weapon.
For players who can still control SMG-11 recoil, we recommend using the shotgun as a primary weapon.
In higher ranks, as well as the pro league, teams frequently favor the “remodeling” objective site.
You almost always want to create lines of sight between bomb sites. Mute’s loadout option for SMG secondary and primary shotgun weapons comes extremely handy for that purpose.
Additionally, the M590A1 is one of the most consistent shotguns when it comes to killing enemies from a short-range.
The laser can be a useful attachment on most shotguns, but as we pick M590A1 mainly for destruction purposes, we do not recommend using it. 
The laser makes spread tighter, thus increasing the time needed for “remodeling” the site, as well as ammo count required to achieve the same effect as without laser.
SMG-11 is one of only a few secondary automatic weapons. Its recoil is difficult to control, you should be tap firing or short burst to get the most out of this weapon. 
Since Grim Sky update Flash hider is the best barrel for “pocket sniper.”
The vertical grip is a no-brainer choice, especially with the high recoil of this gun.
Currently, SMG-11 has only 1x sight options (RIP Pocket Sniper). There’s no right or wrong choice here, pick the one you feel the most comfortable with – our preference is always Reflex.
For those of you who prefer picking MP5K as a primary weapon, we suggest using a compensator as a barrel attachment.
The compensator helps with controlling the weapon after the initial first three shots.
Similarly to SMG-11, we recommend using Vertical Grip for lowering recoil and 1x sight of your choice.
When it comes to universal gadget selection, we recommend going with Nitro Cell, unless your team has the plan to use a Bulletproof camera. 
Bear in mind that a camera can be a handy tool, but it requires proper usage to bring benefit to defenders. 
Nitro cell has much less dependency on team coordination and tactic, hence being our recommendation.
It is also the best counter to shield operators and serves as plant denial.

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Mute R6 Siege

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