Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard

All you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 3 content – the Operation Crystal Guard patch notes! 

Rainbow Six Siege: OPERATION
Crystal Guard

Operation Crystal Guard is the Year 6 Season 3 content update to Rainbow Six Siege.

Y6S3 patch went live on the 7th of September 2021. This time around, the new season brought us a Croatian attacker – Osa – and mini-reworks of 3 maps, as well as updates to the gameplay and balancing of existing operators.




Rainbow Six Siege Osa operators operation crystal guard

Y6S3 brings us a new attacker who brings more shield utility to Rainbow Six Siege.

Osa has access to two equippable shields which can be deployed on the ground or in doorways/windows. As a result, Osa’s shields are a mix of Fuze’s shield and deployable shields available to defenders.


Instead of the usual big rework of one map, the Rainbow Six Siege development team decided to do mini-reworks for the Year 6 Season 3 update.

Operation Crystal Guard brought us series of smaller changes to Clubhouse, Coastline and Bank.

Below video showcasing all the changes to the maps:


HP replaces Armor

The switch from armor to HP (health pool) is a change to UI rather than the way the game works.

As a result the operators ratings changed as follows:

  • 1 armor -> 100 HP
  • 2 armor -> 110 HP
  • 3 armor -> 125 HP
Flashes reworks

The effect of visually stunning players in Rainbow Six Siege has been reworked. 

Instead of varying strength of the effect, flashed players will now be fully flashed whenever impacted by stunning gadgets. Instead, the difference will come in the length of the effect.

Elite skins customization

Now you can mix & match various headgear with elite uniforms.

This change allows more flexibility in customizing the looks of your favorite operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

OTHER changes
  • The UI notification of scoring by downing enemy has been removed
  • Enemies have rim light by default, which should minimize unfair camouflaging impact on the game.


Twitch has now access only to standard drone during the preparation phase.
She gets to keep this drone and gains access to her Shock drones once the action phase begins.

Cluster charges can be deployed on reinforced walls and hatches.

However, cluster grenades are released short fusing time.


IQ can use now Ping 2.0 while equipped with the Electronics scanner.

Blitz’s shield uses now improved flashing system which should improve his effectiveness.

Ying’s Candelas use now the improved flashing system, hence should be more consistent in their usage.

Signal Jammers area of effect has been changed to spherical from cylindrical.

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