Nokk R6 Siege operator art by r6siegecenter


  • Invisible to surveillance devices
  • Effective for aggressive, yet sneaky playstyles
  • Has access to buffed Deagle


  • Lackluster primary weapons
  • Lacks access to any grenades
  • Low utility potential from a team’s perspective


Offensive operator

Nook R6 Siege operator is an answer to a question nobody asked: What would a child of Vigil and Caveira be like?
She specializes in hunting roamers and countering the enemy’s intel gathering devices.
Nook is a good choice for players who like to flank the objective and play more as a lone wolf.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



For reasons of National Security and currently active missions, Nøkk’s records are sealed at NATO Confidential security clearance, but her files have been released to Six. Nøkk enlisted at the Army NCO School in Sønderborg, then enrolled at the Royal Danish Military Academy where she graduated at the rank of First Lieutenant. With four deployments under her belt, Nøkk underwent additional special operations training, earning her Jægerkorpset maroon beret with skills in covert ops, combat search and rescue, direct action, special recon, arctic warfare, and advanced breaching. Nøkk served in Afghanistan and Iraq, often alone in deep undercover behind enemy lines. She received commendations for eliminating hostile insurgents in surgical strikes and was responsible for uncovering Erik “Maverick” Thorn’s location, forwarding that intel to the Unit.


Nøkk keeps her identity hidden from all but her fellow operators. NATO’s O&P division recommended Nøkk for Rainbow as one of its deep cover specialists.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Nokk R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Nokk’s unique ability – HEL – is an active utility. It provides a player with two main benefits: becoming invisible to defensive surveillance gadgets and moving quietly.
Nokk R6 player has to press the utility button, after which HEL becomes active for up to 12 seconds, with a recharge rate of 50% of usage time – up to 6 seconds from zero to full duration capacity.
You can deactivate the ability at any time and re-activate it after a brief pause, as long as you have 20% of the duration charged.
Let’s now discuss the main characteristics of HEL utility:


For the duration of HEL, Nokk becomes invisible to surveillance gadgets such as default or Valkyrie’s cameras – the full list in the Interactions section of the guide.
This aspect of utility is very similar to Vigil’s ERC-7. The difference is that Vigil’s utility creates white interference cues on all impacted gadgets. Nokk, on the other hand, does not give such heads up to defenders. The exception being the Echo Yokai drone & Mozzie’s hacked drones, which show interference just like for Vigil.


There is a catch, though. Nokk R6 operator is entirely invisible to cameras, but only if she is walking or standing still.
Whenever one of the below interactions happen, Nokk will glitch on the camera screen.
Such actions are:
  • While sprinting
  • Always on Echo Yokai drone & Mozzie hacked drones
  • Performing actions like melee, vault, and shooting
  • When moving through Barbed wire
  • When taking damage – i.e., impacted by Lesion Gu mines
Please note that, unlike Caveira’s Silentstep, shooting as a Nokk will not deactivate HEL.


While HEL is active, the Nokk R6 operator is significantly more silent while moving. This is especially apparent when moving on carpets or wooden floors.


Whenever Nokk’s utility is active, it produces noise distorting the player’s ability to hear surroundings. Therefore, just like with Finka’s boost, I find HEL to be annoying due to the obstruction of sounds.
Performing well in Rainbow Six Siege depends heavily on your ability to utilize the sound.

How to use utility?

In this section of the guide, we will focus on two crucial aspects of utilizing HEL effectively.
Those aspects are
  • when to use the gadget
  • what to keep in mind while doing so


    Recharge is fast; thus, HEL should be ready for usage when you need it inside the building. The advantage of using it from the round start is twofold.
    First, you can avoid being spotted on the default camera.
    Not a big deal, you might think. However, remember that the main advantage you can create with Nokk is an element of surprise.
    Once enemies know that attackers have Nokk, they will rely less on camera’s intel. As a result, your potential effectiveness with sneaking up on enemies will be lowered.

    So put that damn thing on for few seconds until you shoot down the default camera.

    Secondly, defenders tend to use cameras for runouts and spawnpeeks. They may place a Valk camera outside that they are watching to catch you with your pants down. Nokk’s ability can help with that. Therefore, if you know that defenders have Valkyrie or that they are planning to spawnpeek (breaking barricades before the round start, etc.), then use HEL to your advantage.
    Setting up an ambush on attackers at the potential entry point to the objective building is quite a common tactic of roamers in Rainbow Six Siege. Hence, I recommend that you turn HEL on when entering the building, especially if the entry point is close to the default camera.
    Please bear in mind that the suggestion to use HEL won’t prevent such an ambush entirely.
    It may merely help with denying intel gathered by defenders in case their ambush involves observing surveillance tools to time their flank correctly.
    Such areas are parts of the map that are frequently occupied by defenders.
    This term can also be applied to areas of the map where you know the roamer was heading.
    If you are about to drone or reload your gun, it is an excellent moment to use your HEL ability.
    Creating such a habit will help you with lowering the chances of your vulnerability being revealed to opponents who are potentially observing cams.
    I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget about such a simple situation.
    When defenders spot you, that means they are actively using surveillance gadgets that can be impacted by HEL.
    Good teams, especially those in high ranks, will use spotting primarily in situations where they have someone on their team who can capitalize on the live ping – runout, flank wallbang, etc.
    Another reason for which you may be pinged is that defenders are trying to force you to shoot the camera — hence increasing odds of defenders who might be about to challenge you.
    Of course, nobody may jump on you. Even if that’s the case, it is better to develop habits effective against good teams, not bad ones.
    There is no reason why you should not use HEL while pushing the objective site.
    Those are potentially the last moments of your round. You either kill the anchors or die tryin’.
    Lower the odds of being heard while moving or spotted – if defenders have surveillance gadgets present on the site.


    It May sound like a no-brainer to some, but it is relatively easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a ghost with Nokk.
    Remember that only cams don’t see you. Players still can and will!
    Similar to the above tip, keep in mind that just like Caveira in Silentstep, you can be heard!
    You are 2-speed operators with Nokk. Without HEL, you are just as audible as other players.
    A good habit to develop is pausing your progress whenever you run out of HEL.
    If stopping for a recharge is not a viable option, then try to modify your movement speed at least to avoid creating much noise.
    Crouch-walking is a great way to move until HEL is fully recharged.



Nook R6 operator does not have any direct synergies with other attackers.
However, as her playstyle is aggressive and revolves around hunting roamers or pushing quickly objective room, Nook can benefit from the utility of:
    Her boost adds movement speed to already quite mobile Nook

    His scans can help Nook with indicating the roamer’s position

  • EE-ONE-D freezes defenders for a short duration of time, during which Nook can push them aggressively. Though it requires good coordination to be effective.


R6 Siege Nook is a counter to defensive surveillance gadgets present in the game, including:

Countered by:

From purely intel-gathering defensive operators in the game, only PULSE is capable of seeing Nook R6 Siege operator on his gadget.
Defensive operators who partially counter Nook are:
The above gentlemen see white interference on their drones. The interference works just like in the case of VIGIL ERC-7 for attackers’ drones.

How to play -
Nokk R6 Siege


Entry fraggers are a “tip of the spear,” thus being a force to penetrate through the initial line of defense and give attackers an edge.
Such a role assignment means Rainbow Six Siege Nokk will be the leading operator in hunting down roamers.
Hunting roamers minimizes risks of late-round flanks impacting your final objective push negatively.
Check our guide dedicated to roam clear to learn more.


As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to challenge defenders! Furthermore, entry fraggers play a vital role in advancing attackers’ progress during the round in R6 Siege. Progress is achieved by securing strategically essential locations, i.e., taking control of the room above the objective site, if the ceiling is covered with the destructible surface. Or being the first attacker to control areas frequently traversed by defenders to rotate to/from the objective.


Nokk R6 operator, as an entry fragger, is more often than not the first attacker to push defenders. I recommend that during the preparation phase in Rainbow Six Siege, you decide on your entry point depending on personal preferences, defensive setup, your team’s plan of attack.
Leaving your drone at your entry point will provide you with the right amount of initial intel. It is not uncommon for defenders to try to catch attackers off guard by setting up traps on entry points. You can neutralize the element of surprise for such a plan and prefire defenders (or avoid them) by knowing what they intend to do and where they are.
Please check our guide on droning if you wish to learn more about the proper usage of drones in various situations.


You should try to find a balance between aggressive plays and a more cautious approach. Roamers prey on reckless attackers. Don’t become predictable by always rushing without teammates’ support.
Try to time aggressive pushes well, so that your team can re-frag in case you die while challenging defenders.


  • SMG on the attack as the best automatic weapon limits Nokk’s killing potential
  • Knowledge of map and its default cams is needed for essential utilization
  • Requires an advanced game sense
  • Hunting roamers is a hard task to fulfill
  • Balancing between aggressive and sneaky play takes experience

Loadout guide -
Nokk R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six SIege Hard Breach Charge gadget

Hard Breach Charge

A charge that blows a medium-sized hole in reinforced surfaces.


Frag Grenade

A timed explosive device which kills or severely damages people within the explosion radius.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
FMG-9SuppressorN/A1.5x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
D-50Muzzle BrakeN/AN/A
Frag Grenades

Why such loadout?


As a general rule of thumb, I do not recommend bringing a shotgun on the attack. More often than not, you will be fighting defenders on a longer distance than optimal for a shotgun.
I would recommend picking Six12SD only if you are confident with your pistol game on longer distances or when you are intending to be very aggressive, getting close & personal with enemies.
Otherwise, you are way better off bringing FMG-9.
Due to the sneaky nature of Nokk, I tend to use a suppressor. This SMG is a peashooter anyway, with which you should go for headshots regardless of barrel attachment.
FMG-9 has no access to ACOG; However, since the Y5S3 update, it has access to 1.5x scope. This scope fits Nokk very well and we recommend trying it out!


Both available pistol options are viable and depend mainly on your preferences with secondaries.
I usually pick the pistol with more ammo in the magazine. I do that for a simple reason – pistols are the last resort weapons when I ran out of primary’s ammo in a hectic gunfight. For that reason, I prefer not to run out of pistols ammo.
Though, the Deagle (D-50) is quite an exception for me. This pistol is a cannon, and now with Muzzle break added to it, it has manageable recoil.
If you are not comfortable with its recoil or relatively low ammo count, then go for 5.7 USG – it is a viable option.


Hard Breach Charge is a useful tool, don’t get us wrong. However, since Nokk is all about sneaking into the objective site and getting past defenders’ intel-gathering utility, her chances to use this tool and fill her role are rather low.
Frag grenades do not fit fully Nokk’s playstyle either but do help with fragging potential which she seemed to be lacking with her lackluster SMG option versus usual ARs on the attack.

Community Videos -
Nokk R6 Siege

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