• Great guns
  • Useful utility
  • Easy to use
  • Has Smoke grenades


  • Lacks Stun or Frag grenades as an entry fragger
  • Useless if dead


Offensive operator

The ultimate roam hunter Jackal R6 Siege operator comes equipped with a visor that allows him to scan the defenders’ location.
Jackal is one of the best attackers in the game as information about an enemy’s location is crucial to winning rounds consistently.
From the utility perspective, Jackal fills roles of
  • Intel gathering – identifies scanned defender location and operator
  • Disruptor – disrupts enemy’s flanks and forces impacted defender to choose relocation, retreat or risking being exposed





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Pushed from one family to the next, Ryad emerged from the foster care system when his older brother, Faisal Ramírez, turned 18 and became his legal guardian.

Blaming his shortcomings for the loss of his older brother, Ramírez decided to join the Policía Nacional. He passed the mandatory ESO and became a CNP at 19 years old. He is still investigating his brother’s case and to this day, but was unable to find any solid evidence against his brother’s murderer.


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With strong resolve and broad resourcefulness in difficult terrains, Ramírez joined the Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) to track down HVTs and intercept narcotics shipments.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Jackal R6 Siege operator

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What is the utility?

In Rainbow Six Siege, Jackal is equipped with Eyenox – visor that allows him to scan footprints providing an attacking team with the exact enemy’s location at regular intervals.
Eyenox has a range of 8 meters, and the scan lasts 20 seconds. Ping is refreshed every 5th seconds and stops in the event of death before the end of the scan duration of either Jackal or scanned defender.
Footprints of dead defenders disappear and cannot be scanned.
Footprints of defenders are left when walking, sprinting, or crouching. Defenders do not leave footprints while prone.
Additionally,  Jackal’s scan identifies the operator of the impacted defender.
Luckily, for the defenders, the Jackal R6 operator can scan only one defender at a time. Impacted defender is notified about being tracked by Jackal and has UI notification about:
  • remaining pings
  • time till next ping
Footprints remain visible for 90 seconds. They have different colors depending on how recent they are.
Since Year4 Season4 number of pings depends on the age of footprints!
The split looks as follows:
  • Red – 0-15 seconds – 5 pings
  • Yellow 16-30 seconds – 4 pings
  • Green 31-60 seconds – 3 pings
  • Blue 61-90 seconds – 2 pings

Jackal is unable to scan the same footprints twice. Once the scan is completed, the footprints disappear.

Footprints separate into 4 main types. You can find a split in the below graph made by Reddit user “KeyFacts.”

How to use utility?

You have to first equip Eyenox by pressing the ability button, then aim at the footprint you intend to scan and hold the action button.
While scanning, you have to remain aimed at that footprint. Changing your view to another footprint (even of the same defender) will reset scanning timer.
I recommend having Eyenox on only when you plan to scan footprints or see if the defender has passed through a particular location, as well as where the enemy went.
When Eyenox is on, being shot or when affected by Mute jammers may distort your vision.
At the early stage of the round, it is best to go as Jackal R6 operator to frequently utilized routes by defenders. If defenders are in a basement, you will surely find footprints close to reinforced hatches!
Try to find footprints of roamers.
This might be difficult as no footprint type contains operators used purely for roaming, but type “C” from the above chart is your best bet.
Closer to the round end you should scan any footprint you can find.
Footsteps will come by harder – expiring after 90 seconds – and you want to push the site eventually anyway, so pinching anchors will be beneficial, as well.
Do not rush carelessly scanned roamer just because his location has been revealed.
Remember that location is pinged every 5 seconds, so defenders may try to ambush careless attackers. Instead, try to pinch the defender with a teammate.
In such a scenario you are more likely to at least trade kills if the defender gets one of you.
Once the defender is scanned, tell your teammates which operator you are pinging.

It may seem like useless information, but can be very helpful in many cases.

For example:
Your teammate saw Vigil going upstairs and holds an angle waiting for him to rotate. Meanwhile, Vigil went in the opposite direction, and you scanned him. Telling “Vigil is scanned” will help your teammate, and ultimately your team, not to waste time waiting.

Another example where such information can come in handy is when Jackal scans Caveira. In every case but Caveira’s, you would expect constant pings every 5th second. Caveira can counter Jackal’s pings (more on it in the counter section). Hence let your team know that Caveira has been scanned. It will make them more cautious about the reliability of intel they get.



In Rainbow Six Siege Jackal and other disruptors combo can be a death sentence for the scanned defender: 
  • Dokkaebbi
    combining footprints scan with a well-timed logic bomb can help with an exact identification of the defender’s location and disruption
  • Well-timed EE-ONE-D is a death sentence for a defender who is scanned. Not only attackers know the precise position of a scanned defender, but he also has to stay still for the duration of EE-ONE-D to avoid additional pings. Pick your poison.


Jackal R6 operator is the best counter to roamers as he can eliminate the element of surprise, which is an excellent tool in roamers’ arsenal.
Two dedicated roamers, who rely on limiting intel gathered by attackers, are:
  • His utility limits information collected by drones, making it harder for attackers to pinpoint the exact location of Vigil for the duration of his ERC-7. Rainbow Six Siege Jackal negates advantage on Vigil’s side by repeatedly pinging his location.
  • Jackal as much counters Caveira as she counters him. Jackal forces Caveira to time Silent steps well to avoid being pinged. Even when not pinged, Caveira’s attention can be disturbed by focusing on timing silent steps rather than fighting enemies or watching surroundings.

Countered by:

As mentioned, while using Silent Step, Caveira’s footsteps are not visible by Eyenox. Additionally even when scanned, whenever Silent steps are active Jackal’s ping will not reveal her location.
Very situationally Rainbow Six Siege Jackal is disturbed by Mute’s Jammers which impact his Eyenox while in range of the jammer. 
Additionally, Jackal is unable to see footsteps when defenders crawl – very situational counter.

How to play -
Jackal R6 Siege


Entry fraggers are a “tip of the spear,” thus being a force to penetrate through the initial line of defense and give attackers an edge.
Such role assignment means Rainbow Six Siege Jackal will be the leading operator in hunting down roamers. Hunting roamers minimizes risks of late-round flanks impacting negatively your final objective push.
Check our guide dedicated to roam clear to learn more.
As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to challenge defenders!

Furthermore, entry fraggers play a vital role in advancing attackers’ progress during the round in Siege. Progress is achieved by securing strategically essential locations, i.e., taking control of the room above the objective site, if the ceiling is covered with the destructible surface. Or being the first attacker to control areas frequently traversed by defenders to rotate to/from the objective.

Last but not least, entry fragger is more often than not the first attacker to push anchors hunkered down on the objective. I recommend that during the preparation phase in Rainbow Six Siege, you decide on your entry point depending on personal preferences defensive setup your team’s plan of attack. Leaving your drone at your entry point will provide you with the right amount of initial intel. It is not uncommon for defenders to try to catch attackers off guard by setting up traps on entry points. You can neutralize the element of surprise for such a plan and prefire defenders (or avoid them) by knowing what they intend to do and where they are.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Jackal is especially great at entry fragging and roam clearing due to his utility supporting those functions.



  • simple mechanically
  • requires only basic map knowledge to scan
  • advanced map knowledge can help with wall-banging a defender and ambushing them, but is not necessary for Jackal himself
  • non-vital utility

Loadout guide -
Jackal R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Smoke grenade

Grenades releasing cloud of smoke, which is almost impossible to see through.
Gives advantage to players by preventing line of sight.



Anti-personnel explosive. Explodes when contact with sensor is made, injuring or dealing lethal damage.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
C7ECompensatorVertical grip2.0x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
ITAL12SN/AN/A1x Sight
Smoke grenade

Why such loadout?

2 out of 3 primary weapons available to Rainbow Six Siege Jackal are magnificent guns.
PWD9 is an excellent weapon if you enjoy having a bigger clip size over damage per bullet.
At times I choose to go with PWD9 for a more aggressive playstyle, equipping it with:
  • 1.5x sight – Reflex is my preference
  • an Angled grip – for faster ADS time which can be extremely beneficial when pushing the defender
  • compensator – spraying with 50 bullets mag can come handy, compensator helps to remain accurate while doing so  
My standard setup, however, is C7E, which is a beast.
It has excellent damage per bullet (46) with a good rate of fire 800 RPM while having low recoil considering its statistics.
C7E has one of the best time to kill in Rainbow Six Siege!
I generally prefer 2.0x scope when available, unless I am expecting close range encounters to be dominating round. C7E has negligible recoil with a vertical grip on, hence compensator. You cannot go wrong by choosing other barrel options, so I suggest playing with different ones to find the one that fits you best!
For more aggressive players: try to experiment with angle grip, it may come convenient if you can control higher recoil on this gun.
Even after the Y6S1.3 patch nerf to the gun (damage and ammo decrease), C7E remains our favorite gun on Jackal.
The only primary weapon that you should never pick (unless trolling or just messing around) is ITAL12L.
It is one of the worst shotguns, and as an attacker, you should not pick shotguns as primary due to usual encounters being outside of an optimal shotgun range.
Now let’s move on to secondary weapon choice. ITAL12S is not a good gun for killing enemies, but we choose it specifically for environmental destruction. In Rainbow Six Siege, Jackal won’t be able to substitute Buck or Sledge as a soft breacher. He can, however, open new angles both horizontally and vertically using his secondary shotgun.
Opening such holes can be very beneficial for scanning footprints, unavailable otherwise.
I recommend avoiding using the laser sight on ITAL12S for both Mira and Jackal. Tightening spread makes it more difficult for opening holes in surfaces. You will not be using this weapon for killing enemies much anyway.
We suggest picking smoke grenades instead of claymores.
Smoke grenades can always come in handy to:
  • obscure defenders sight
  • plant defuser
  • or help Glaz by providing him an additional pair of smokes to leverage his unique utility

If you want to secure your flanks as an entry then pick Claymore (Jackal used to have Breaching charges prior to Year4 Season4). 

Community Videos -
Jackal R6 Siege

Instructional videos

Gameplay showcases

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