List of useful links R6 Siege Center!

On this page, you will find an extensive list of various websites and applications dedicated to R6 Siege.
The list of R6 Siege useful links has been prepared to help all R6 players find resources that enhance their experience with the game.

Whether you are a player who follows E-Sports, an IGL of the team or new to R6 Siege, you should be able to find something for yourself.

R6 Siege:
Ubisoft Links

Official website

Official website dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege.
You can find here news, game info, seasons updates and more.

Official Ubisoft support page for Rainbow Six Siege.
Helos with checking the FAQ, contacting Customer support or visiting the official forum.

Ubisoft’s official Youtube channel.
Official trailers, gameplay tips & tricks, as well as short cinematics for Siege.

R6 Siege:
E-sports links

Official Website

Official ESL website dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege.

Check schedule, results, and standings of R6 Siege ESL.

Official ESL Rainbow Six Siege Youtube channel.

Watch live matches or relive events from the past.

Official Website

Siege.gg provides R6 Siege players with stats, news and analysis for E-sports.

R6 Siege:

Official Rainbow Six Siege Subreddit, which currently has 800k+ users.

Creative work, gameplay highlights, discussion and news.

Subreddit for players who want to improve in the R6 Siege.

You can find here advises, guides & discussions on game mechanics and other topics.

Community created for E-sports fans.

Discussions on matches, clips, and news about Rainbow Six Siege Pro leagues.

R6 Siege:

The official Ubisoft website where players can check their own statistics, as well as other players.

Not as fancy as community-created tools, but does serve its purpose.

A website with players’ stats and leaderboards for PC, Xbox & PlayStation.

A detailed R6 Stats and Leaderboards ranking for Rainbow Six Siege.

R6Stats allows us to view and compare Rainbow Six: Siege stats with thousands of players around the world!

The application allows tracking teammates to see their performance over time.

The free version allows tracking to 5 squad members.

R6 Siege:
Strat roulettes

A website with strats roulette for all game modes.

It provides strats for an attack, defense, or side neutral options.

Similar top previous recommendation, but adds “social” factor. You can thumb up the best strats!

R6: Strat Roulette is an Android application for players who want to randomize the game a bit and to have fun with friends.

R6 Siege:

Overwolf overlay allows players to view quickly MMR and statistics of both teams.

Widget allowing to display your rank and statistics while streaming.

Streamlabs is a great resource for streamers.

Streamlabs allows you to pick pre-made themes for overlays and tons of other widgets.
Both free and paid options available.

NerdorDie.com offers a free overlay maker tool and other resources for streamers.

R6 Siege:
Strat Tools

BattlePlanner.io is a great tool for teams that plan to win.

You can design your strategy and share it with others. Or, you can check public strats!

R6Maps.com allows us to view maps in the browser.

R6 Siege:

FANDOM Wiki with R6 Siege dedicated information.

LIQUIPEDIA Wiki dedicated to R6 Siege. Updated by volunteers contains information about the game and e-sports.

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