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  • Manageable recoil of MP5
  • Access to 1.5x scope
  • Able to heal teammates and himself
  • 3 armor


  • 1 speed
  • Active utility
  • No access to ACOG


Defensive operator

Doc, a supporting and anchoring operator, is most likely about to die at the beginning of the action phase while spawn peeking attackers.
He is the only healer available to defenders in R6 Siege.
Doc R6 is one of the easiest operators to utilize efficiently, thus being a recommended option for new players.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Kateb grew up in an affluent family, in Paris’ 16th arrondissement.

At twenty, he abandoned a potentially prominent private medical practice in favor of a career with the French Defense Health Service.


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Detailed information on how to play Doc R6 Siege

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What is the utility?

Doc is a supporting operator who has 3 Stim shots that serve two functions:
  • healing
  • reviving downed operator
Shot from stim pistol is capable of healing:
  • himself
  • teammate
  • or even enemies – can be used for trolling
An operator is healed for 40hp with single stim and can be overheal to up to 140 hp.
When over-healed operators will drop health gradually back to 100 hp, losing 1hp per 2 seconds.
Health dropping effect stops when an operator’s health goes to 100hp or below.
Doc R6 operator can also revive downed operators in DBNO status (down but not out) with a single stim pistol shot.
Operators revived by his pistol will have 75hp instead of standard revival which gives 20hp to a revived operator.

How to use utility?

Using Doc’s utility is quite an easy task.
The main constraint is paying attention to everyone’s health despite the heat of the action.
As a sole healing operator in Rainbow Six Siege, your main job is to support your teammates with restoring the entire team’s health.
Here are a few tips that may help you play Doc R6 operator effectively:
  • Be a team player
    Don’t keep stims just for yourself. R6 Siege is a team-based game, so keeping your teammates alive and in good health condition is vital to your success.

  • Body parts don’t matter
    Heal applied from stim pistol is the same regardless of body part hit by it.

  • Make Stim shots count
    Bear in mind that you have only 3 stim shots, so make sure you get the most out of them.
    If you want to heal your teammate, give them heads-up so that they stand still – “Bandit, don’t move” will do!

  • Use stim to pick yourself up
    Doc is the only operator on defense who can pick himself up from being injured. You can do so by using 1 ammo from your stim pistol. You cannot revive yourself when you run out of stims!

  • Overheal yourself in crucial moments
    Overheal yourself whenever you anticipate a firefight. This might come especially handy when spawn peeking or when the timer is running low, and attackers push is inevitable.
    Those extra few points of health may be a difference between a win or lose.

If a teammate has a tiny amount of health (say 5hp), then down teammate first and use Stim to revive them.
Your teammate will benefit from having 75HP rather than 45HP, with the same amount of Stim used.
Though keep in mind that every operator can be downed just once per round!

To ensure the downing of a teammate, you can shoot them through a surface (like a soft wall) with the pistol to the limbs. Alternatively, you can ask a teammate with a throwable gadget (i.e., Lesion with Gu mine or defender with C4) to hit your “patient” with it.



  • Rook
    Rook’s armor guarantees DBNO status (unless headshotted) which raises chances of utilizing Doc’s stim pistol to either pick injured team mate or heal them back up to full health.


Doc R6 operator is not a hard counter to any specific operator, action or role.

Countered by:

No direct counter to Doc, beside headshots  🙂

How to play -
Doc R6 Siege


An anchor is a defender who for the majority of the round stays on an objective site to defend it or has eyesight on the objective room.
An important aspect of anchoring is delaying attackers’ push to the objective site. 
Additionally, anchors should prioritize staying alive in R6 Siege. 
This role requires usually lesser map knowledge and involves a more static playstyle – as an anchor you will hold angles for the majority of the round.

As 3 armor operator Doc is more resistant to damage, which can make a significant difference between successfully repelling an attack on-site or dying, leaving objective undefended.

1-speed operators are also slower than higher speed-rated operators and make more noise on the move. This alone makes flanks harder to pull off and returning to the site a longer process.
On top of that R6 Siege Doc has access to 1.5x scope, which helps with holding long and tight angles. It’s not as good as ACOG was for 5 years, but still better than 1x sights.
Roles in R6 Siege can be fluid and are not exclusive to any operator.
A 3-speed operator can be used successfully as an anchor, while the 1-speed operator is capable of pulling off a flank.
However, as per their design, those operators will not excel at those roles most of the time and are better suited to fill the designated roles.
Besides high armor and 1.5x scope, Doc’s utility makes him a valuable anchor player. He can heal himself, or his teammates, up to full health after engagement with the attacker(s) making him the most durable defender in the game.
If you want to learn more about anchoring in R6 Siege, please visit the below guide:


Doc is one of the easiest defenders to pick. Only Rook is easier to play. The main difference between the two is a necessity for Doc to stay alive to impact the round.
  • Non-vital utility
  • Simple mechanically
  • Does not require map knowledge
  • Only basic game sense needed

Loadout guide -
Doc R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Bulletproof camera

Camera deployable on walls to surveil areas. Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.


Barbed wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are individual aspect and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our own preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your own setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
MP5Flash hiderVertical grip1.5x Scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
P9Muzzle brakeN/AN/A
Barbed wire

Why such loadout?

MP5 is a weapon with a good balance in statistics, as well as easy to control recoil.
The best barrel attachment for maintaining recoil is a flash hider.
Vertical grip lowers the weapon’s recoil, so there is no reason for not equipping it.
Since Operation Shadow Legacy, Doc has no longer access to ACOG, but we can still equip 1.5x scope.
P90 has a high rate of fire and ammo per magazine, but trade-offs are detrimental: high recoil and lack of sustainability in the long-range.
When it comes to pistols, I prefer to have a higher magazine size than higher damage per bullet. The reason is that when I ran out of bullets with a primary weapon, the last thing I want is to run of bullets on my secondary.
As a result, I choose P9, which provides 16 bullets versus 6 of LFP586.
Doc is far from being a stealthy operator so I suggest equipping muzzle brake for lowering the recoil of P9.
Barbed wire provides multiple benefits to the defensive team, such as:
  • slows down attackers
  • provides a sound cue to defenders about incoming attackers
  • forces attacker to either spend time, resources or put themselves at risk while dealing with barbed wires
The bulletproof camera can find its uses, but I recommend equipping it only in case of a pre-defined plan which would involve its usage.

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Doc R6 Siege

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