Thermite R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter


  • Good gun – 556xi
  • Vital utility
  • Highest wall breaching potential from Hard breachers
  • Access to Smoke grenades


  • Lesser hatch opening capacity than Hibana (2vs3)
  • Melee range required for utility – riskier


Offensive operator

Thermite R6 Siege operator is one of the most crucial attackers.

His role is Hard breacher, meaning he provides a possibility to create angles and entrance points to the objective even through reinforcements.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Trace joined the Marines after high school, serving two tours in Iraq.
After his discharge, he used his GI Bill money to put himself through college at Texas A&M and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemistry.
He then joined the FBI. After four years as a field agent, he transferred to FBI SWAT


Rainbow Six Siege Thermite operator guide
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Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Thermite R6 Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Thermite operator guide


What is the utility?

From a utility point of view, the Thermite is a Hard Breacher.
Hard Breacher is an operator with the ability to create an opening in a reinforced wall or hatch.
Thermite has access to two Exothermic charges.
His utility allows him to open the biggest opening in walls but gives him less flexibility in opening hatches and murder holes than in the case of other Hard breachers.
Exothermic charges are impacted by Breach denial operators, such as Bandit, Kaid, and Mute.
The counterplay between Hard breachers and Breach denial defenders is a game within the game.
Defenders will try to trick Hard breachers into wasting their utility, while Hard breachers will try to fool defenders into misuse of their utility.

Hard Breachers differences

Main differences between Thermite and remaining Hard breachers:
  • The range for planting charge
    Thermite has to plant charges, just like breaching charges, which exposes him to danger more than the ranged breaching capability of Hibana.
    In this regard, Maverick is very similar to Thermite as he has to risk exposure due to a limited range.
  • The bigger size of the opening
    In R6 Siege Thermite’s single charge creates a bigger opening in the wall than all three X-kairos of Hibana. Hibana’s three charges create an opening tall enough for fully extended Montagne to pass, while Exothermic charge creates a broader hole in the wall
  • Limited hatch breach capacity
    Hibana can open three hatches, while Thermite can open only two.
    Maverick is capable of opening a maximum of 2 hatches – with the most optimal usage of the gadget.
  • Can remove placed charges
    Unlike Hibana, Thermite is capable of removing set charges. This characteristic helps him with the Breach denial game.

How to use utility?

Rainbow Six Siege Thermite operator guide
How should you use your charges depends on multiple factors, such as:
  1. Team composition
    Operator selection plays an essential role in indicating optimal usage of the R6 Siege Thermite utility.
    The main factor from a roster perspective is the number of Hard breachers available.
In case your team has:
  • 1 Hard breacher – Thermite
    Focus on vital walls or hatches
  • 2 Hard breachersHibana + Thermite
    By default, Thermite should focus on opening walls, while Hibana on trap doors.
    However, in the case of defenders have Mira: Hibana should focus on opening Mirrors, while Thermite can focus on less risky reinforcements.
  • 2 Hard breachersMaverick + Thermite
    By default, consider your situation as if you were the sole hard breacher. Maverick’s breaching capacity is limited from the perspective of the size of openings he can create.
  • 3 Hard breachers
    Such a scenario gives enormous flexibility and can often be overkill from a breaching perspective.
    I would recommend approaching this option as two hard breachers, with Maverick being Breach support.
  1. Objective

    Each objective has its own strong and weak points.
    For some objectives, you may need to focus mainly on opening:
  • Walls
    This applies to all objectives based on the top floor as hatches cannot be reinforced (besides crazy runouts) 
    Focus primarily on walls leading to exteriors. If the objective does not provide such, then pick a reinforced wall that will provide the most significant advantage to your squad.

    Clubhouse – CCTV & Cash room

  • Hatch(es)
    Usually, objectives located on the bottom or ground floor have hatches that can give the attacking squad a significant advantage.

    Chalet – Kitchen and Trophy Room

  • Split efforts – both wall(s) and hatch(es)
    For some objectives, you will benefit most from opening both walls and hatches to deny locations and angles from defenders. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to bring 2 Hard breachers.
    Chalet – Wine Cellar and Snowmobile Room
    Border – Custom Inspection and Supply Room
  1. Tactics

    Last but not least, how you use Exothermic charges will depend on your plan of attack, as well as defenders’ actions and their defensive setup.
    I recommend discussing the plan as early as possible as it may impact your:
    – spawn point
    – preparation phase drone placement
    – building approach route
    – priorities for the first minute or two during the action phase

    Additionally, consider what defenders appear to be preparing for.
    Defenders brought Kaid, who electrified the hatch that you initially intended to open. Your team has no counter available, so you should switch your plan to other reinforcements and adjust accordingly.

The last tip is to ensure you use advanced gadget deployment, which should be turned on by default.
Without it, you are going to be stuck in animation and unable to cancel gadget deployment.
Animation cancellation means releasing the deployment button before the gadget is deployed.
Doing so can bait Bandit or Kaid to deploy their Breach denial utility



Opening reinforced walls and hatches is often a difference between win and loss, thus supporting Hard breachers should be the main objective of the team from the beginning of the round.
Depending on utility capabilities, certain operators will be able to support Thermite more than others.

Main Hard breacher’s support operators:

  • Thatcher
    Hard-breacher’s best friend. Dispatches electronics including Bandit’s Shock wires, Mute’s Jammers, and Kaid’s Electroclaws.
  • Twitch
    Destroys electronics by zapping utility with a Shock drone. Usually a less reliable option than Thatcher due to drones requiring a line of sight on utility.

Situational support options:

  • SOFT-breachers
    Able to open an angle if the ceiling or floor is partially destructible.
    Such opening allows the direct angle to destroy batteries or jammers, prevent „Bandit tricking” or even get a kill on Bandit/Mute.
  • IQ
    Capable of scanning and shooting defenders’ gadgets through penetrable floor, ceiling, or wall.
  • Frag grenades
    Operators with Frag grenades can throw a grenade through drone holes if holes are next to the reinforced wall.
  • Capitao
    Can use his firebolts to prevent „Bandit tricking” for walls placed next to the drone hole.


Thermite R6 Siege operator is not a hard counter to any defender’s unique gadget.
He is, however, a potential counter to reinforced wall or hatch.

Besides mentioned walls and hatches, Thermite can destroy Mira’s mirror, but from both Hard breachers, he is not the most optimal choice for doing so.
Hibana can do it significantly easier by using her projectile-based breaching X-Kairos, drastically reducing the risk of being shot down while doing so comparing to Thermite.

Countered by:

Exothermic charges are hard-countered by:

  • Bandit’s batteries & Kaid’s Claws
    When utility is connected to the reinforced surface.
    Both utilities destroy Thermite’s charge on contact.
  • Mute’s jammers
    Signal disruptor blocks charges without destroying them. A charge can be detonated if the jammer is destroyed, or removed to be placed elsewhere.

Situationally countered by:

  • Maestro’s Evil Eye 
    Can destroy charge by shooting it. Requires direct line of sight on the charge from the placement side of the wall
  • Universal explosives
    Thermite’s charge can also be destroyed by default gadgets, such as C4 and Impact grenades, exploding on the side of the wall where the charge has been planted.

How to play -
Thermite R6 Siege


Rainbow Six Siege Thermite operator guide

As a support operator, you are not expected to be the first attacker engaging with enemies. Instead, play a bit more cautiously until your role is fulfilled and utility has been fully used.

The best way to utilize a support operator from the beginning of the action phase in R6 is to avoid getting spawn peeked while approaching the objective building. I highly recommend jumping on a drone for an initial 5-10 seconds and re-check your entry point.
Most of the spawnpeeked deaths can be avoided by this step alone… Seriously!

It is highly recommended for support operators to aid entry fragging teammates by droning for them to feed with invaluable intel about defenders position.
Droning for others is not flashy and won’t show on the scoreboard. However, it is one of the most critical aspects differentiating a consistently victorious squad and a random group of people where everyone plays for themselves.

Remember: to use your gadget you need to stay alive!

Your approach to round should be cautious as a Thermite R6 Siege operator until your charges have been used.
Thermite, dying quickly as potentially sole Hard breacher, significantly limits options available to your team. Especially if defenders are aware of your team composition.
Hence, let other operators do entry fragging and focus on your first two steps:

  • approaching wall/hatch safely you want to open
  • opening walls/hatches
The playstyle on the attack in Siege is flexible and in fact fluid. Every operator turns eventually into fragger, once necessary tasks are completed, and utility has been used
Therefore, you can play more aggressively and go fragging once:
  • entry to the building has been made
  • your team has established sufficient map control
  • you have used your utility

Thermite is also an excellent choice for a player who wants to be the leader of the group in R6. The leader will have time to coordinate the team until charges can be planted safely.

The last tip in the Rainbow Six Siege Thermite guide for playstyle is optional and depends highly on the team:
In the pro league and well-coordinated teams, defuser duty is often a secondary role for Thermite due to his already passive role at the beginning of the round. If you are playing with the squad and you’re a Thermite main, then consider such a role. Don’t be afraid to ask for a defuser even when playing solo.
One of the most infuriating situations when playing bomb is having fragger dying with defuser on the opposite side of the map, while you have easy access to the bomb site.


I was on edge between Medium and Hard rating for Thermite.
On the one hand, in Rainbow Six Siege Thermite is mechanically the easiest one from Hard breachers to use. Thus he could be categorized as Easy.
But on the other side:
  • Thermite’s importance to attacking strategy, which impacts the importance of staying alive
  • Knowledge necessary for where to use the gadget
  • Vulnerability during placement of Exothermic charge
make him a hard operator to play.
The deciding factor was a comparison between Hard breachers. Similar aspects impact Hibana and Maverick, with an addition of more difficult mechanical utility, thus I decided to rate Thermite as Medium.

Loadout guide -
Thermite R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Smoke grenade

Grenade releasing a cloud of smoke, which is almost impossible to see through. It gives the advantage to players by preventing line of sight.

Rainbow Six Siege stun grenade

Stun grenade

Temporarily blinds enemies facing grenade in radius during detonation.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
556XIFlash HiderVertical gripACOG
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
5.7 USGMuzzle brakeN/AN/A
Smoke grenade

Why such loadout?


While attacking you will often find yourself being challenged by defenders on longer distances than shotgun range, thus 556xi is an obvious choice.

556xi recoil has been greatly reduced in the past, making it significantly more controllable. Currently, we prefer flash hider as it reduces kick on the first few bullets very well. We do not find horizontal spread reduction significant enough with compensator, but many players like using 556xi with that barrel, as well.

Sight choice depends on your playstyle, but with a Thermite R6 Siege operator being played rather passively, we would recommend ACOG to help to hold tight angles on defenders.
A general tip regarding sights:
If you like to engage defenders from far and don’t mind limited field of view while in scope, then you will probably choose ACOG.
If you are a more aggressive player and find yourself being in CQC with enemies and prefer an extended view while in ADS, then you will most likely choose one of the 1x sights.


When it comes to pistols, we prefer to have a higher magazine size than higher damage per bullet. The reason is that when you ran out of bullets with a primary weapon, the last thing you want is to run of bullets on your secondary.
Therefore, the selection of 5.7 USG – which by the way is a very good pistol with unusual 20 bullets mag and decent 42 damage per bullet.
We recommend using a muzzle brake to lower recoil. A pistol will be your last resort weapon, which should not need stealth.


Stun grenades are an amazing tool at pushing defenders and increasing odds of winning a gunfight. 
Stun grenade blinds impacted operators making them significantly easier targets.
However, we find Stun grenades to be rather an optimal option for fragging types of operators. They are the ones to clear rooms and utilize gadgets efficiently.
For more passive operators like Thermite, smoke grenades provide additional utility, which is so needed especially for successful defuser plants!

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Thermite R6 Siege

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