Alibi R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter


  • Excellent gun – Mx4 Storm
  • Passive versatile utility
  • Good roaming potential – 3 speed & Impact grenades


  • underwhelming utility from the objective perspective
  • no C4


Defensive operator

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A little more seriously this time around:
Alibi R6 operator is a defender with unique ability designed for deception and intel gathering purposes.
Equipped with 3 Prismas that create a hologram of herself, Alibi forces enemies to hesitate or reveal their position.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Aria “Alibi” de Luca was born in Tripoli, Libya and immigrated with her family when she was three years old. Her father managed a small ordinance manufacturer, using his extensive North African contracts to open up exports to that region. De Luca carried her understanding and usage of Italian firearms through the family business and training on the shooting range. At 10, Aria entered the European Championships organized by the European Shooting Confederation and won gold in both 10-metre running target and 10-metre air pistol divisions. Following the event, a Carabinieri recruiter convinced her to join the police force.

De Luca’s precision shooting skills and professionalism shot her up the ranks quickly, and she served for a time with the elite Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale in fighting organized crime. She eventually earned a spot in the prestigious Gruppo Intervento Special (GIS) and following a successful operation in Afghanistan despite being separated from her unit, she was singled out for undercover work in organized crime. She infiltrated the Vinciguerra Crime Family as an arms dealer and spent several years among them before bringing them down from the inside. A newspaper leak of impending operations against the Vinciguerras then forced the GIS to accelerate their initiative.


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Following her undercover work and the successful dismantling of the Vinciguerra Crime Family, Aria de Luca received the invitation to join Rainbow as a capable operator.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Alibi R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Alibi R6 operator is a GIS defender with access to 3 Prismas, devices allowing her to deploy holographic copies of her image.
Prismas’ primary purpose is to confuse attackers and make them hesitate before the shooting, which increases their reaction time and potentially focuses their aim at the wrong target.
When attackers interact with Prismas, they reveal an attacker’s position by pinging his/her location every second, for 5 seconds.
Interactions with hologram triggering ping are:
  • shooting
  • melee
  • an operator moving through the hologram
  • projectiles (breaching rounds), grenades (Frag, Stun, and Smoke), or drones passing through it
Deployed Prismas do not have durability – cannot be destroyed by merely shooting hologram enough – nor duration limits.
The vulnerable part of Prisma is a metal beam on the bottom of the hologram. Shooting or meleeing this part of Prisma will result in destroying the hologram. 
Additionally, Prisma can be destroyed by explosives detonated near the device.
Alibi R6 Siege operator provides additional rather minor utility to her team:
When she is on the roster, the defenders’ identity is hidden when caught outside.
This passive trait does not apply to Jackal’s Eyenox scan as it will reveal the scanned defender’s identity regardless of Alibi’s presence.

How to use utility?

Prismas have to be thrown by Alibi like Lesion’s Gu mines, which is achieved by pressing the ability button.
Prisma needs a bit of space to deploy hologram, so throw it a bit away from an obstacle. If unable to deploy, Prisma starts blinking red light and needs to be picked up and re-deployed.
Advantages granted by the Prisma:
  • Makes attackers hesitate before shooting
    This can provide a split of a second advantage to defenders as such hesitation can make a significant difference in the outcome of a gunfight
  • Can reveal an attacker’s location
  • May force attackers to not use a certain route or to spend utility
  • Conceals Alibi’s location
Where should you place Prismas?
In locations where it’s impossible or complicated to shoot the bottom beam.
The best examples are:
    • windows
    • behind obstacles like a bed, sofa, and so on.
      The main point is that an obstacle should hide the beam while exposing the hologram to attackers.
    • behind deployable shields, especially in doorways
Why is it important?
Shooting beam beside particular utility usage (Twitch drone or explosives) is the primary way of dealing with Prismas.
Making it difficult to deal with it will increase the chance of Prisma remaining active for most of the round.
On top of that, placing Prisma right at the window or in a doorway with a deployable shield will reveal the position of an attacker who decides to vault through it, without dealing with Prisma beforehand. Therefore, the live location of the attacker is exposed for 5 seconds, giving a potentially huge advantage to the defending team if any defender is in a position to capitalize on intel.
A common mistake I noticed from the Alibi players is placing all Prismas at the beginning of the preparation round.
Of course, it is not always a bad thing to do, but I would suggest trying to keep an element of surprise.
Therefore, wait till the beginning of the action phase with placing your holograms and perhaps keep one for later usage during the round.
Placing Prisma in a pre-opened window that oversees outside location from which attackers are likely to hold an angle on the objective is a compelling way of using Alibi’s utility.
You force them to pay attention to the window (or clear the location in the first place) and make it less noticeable when a defender is playing such a pre-hit window. 
Acting as a Prisma.
An advanced and more tricky way of using Prismas is to stand on them periodically. If you know that attackers already shot your specific Prisma or that they have droned location before entering and know where Prisma is, you can try to stand on the Prisma without moving.
Why would that work?
Once Prisma is shot by an attacker, they will try to avoid shooting the same one and won’t expect Alibi R6 operator in a specific location as a hologram. As long as an attacker does not see you moving on Prismas place, the odds are high that you get a shot on them before they realize you are not a hologram.
Please note that such a way of utilizing Prisma is hazardous, especially if:
  • Another attacker sees your Prisma for the first time. They will probably shoot you.
  • attackers see you moving on Prismas place
Situationally Prismas can be thrown outside of the building to confuse attackers.
The way the identification of Prisma outside works is that it displays it as a defender being caught outside for 10 seconds, after which the effect wears out.
Therefore, such usage can be utilized as a temporary distraction. However, it requires advanced game sense as timing Prisma, and anticipation of opponents’ reactions is crucial to efficiency.



Alibi R6 operator’s Prismas can benefit from following a defensive operator’s utility:
  • Jäger’s
    ADS can stop grenades and other explosives from destroying Prismas
  • Jammers may deny intel about Prismas location and ability to “scan” them to see whether it’s Prisma or Alibi herself, keeping the element of surprise on the defenders’ side.
  • defenders with deployable shields


Alibi is not a counter to any specific operator in Rainbow Six Siege.
Instead, Prismas counter pushing specific entry points without dealing with holograms, not watching flanks, and lack of droning to know defenders & Prismas locations.

Countered by:

  • The thermal scope does not detect Prismas as operators (no color highlight). Thus Glaz identifies them easily
  • Twitch
    Shock drone destroys Prisma permanently by shooting the bottom beam
  • EMP disables temporarily affected Prisma(s)
  • Electronics scanner detects Prismas just like other electronic devices

How to play -
Alibi R6 Siege


As a three-speed & one-armor defender, with excellent SMG at mainly short and medium distances, the Alibi fills in the role of a roamer rather than an anchor.
In a way, she is similar to the reasoning for roaming with Jäger as her utility can aid anchors, but her specification suits the best constant movement around the map.
Roaming means leaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt and flank the attacking team.
Roamers usually split into disruptive and sneaky ones.
Disruption involves denying the ability to enter the building for attackers and continuously harassing attackers to shift their attention from objective to you.
Sneaky defenders rely more on concealing their presence and location to flank unsuspecting attackers during a later stage of the round.
As a roamer, getting kills is a great addition, but not the only reason for roamers to exist.
The main point of roaming is to waste attackers’ time and make them feel uncomfortable pushing the site before dealing with you.
Roaming role is filled usually by more advanced players as it requires:
  • advanced map knowledge
  • mobility
  • creativity
  • good game sense
If you want to learn more about roaming, I recommend visiting the section dedicated to this role by clicking the below button.


  • requires advanced map knowledge for optimal use
  • can be mechanically tricky to place Prisma well
  • non-vital utility
  • creativity and game sense needed for efficiency

Loadout guide -
Alibi R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Deployable shield

Hip-high shield deployable by defenders on flat surfaces. Can be used to protect from gunfire & explosives, as well as an obstacle for attackers to cross locations.


Impact grenade

Grenade exploding on impact. Primarily used for opening holes in surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
Mx4 StormFlash hiderAngled gripReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Impact grenade

Why such loadout?


I rarely recommend shotguns as the primary option, unless the focus of the defender is to remodel the site and has SMG as a secondary weapon – for example, Smoke or Mute.
ACS12 can have its uses, even in Pro League where it is picked for holding extremely tight chokepoints (holding server stairs on Bank). This shotgun has the most bullets, just like automatic weapons (30).
Nonetheless, shotguns have their range limitations, and I rarely like to pick them up.
Alibi is not an exception, especially with Mx4 Storm, which is an excellent SMG that has low damage per bullet (26) but a high rate of fire (950) and extremely low recoil.
As a result, Storm is a rare case where I recommend using an angled grip despite a high rate of fire. In case you decide to follow my suggestion on an angled grip, please do yourself a favor and use a flash hider.
Vertical recoil becomes a bit more of a hustle with an angled grip, and it can be tamed with flash hider.
This setup is only viable if you can control well Storm without a vertical grip. In case you struggle with increased recoil, go with the below setup.
If you decide to use a Vertical grip, then I suggest using a compensator. The vertical kick of the weapon will be insignificant anyway, while the compensator will help with the remaining horizontal spread.
The angled grip helps disguise yourself as Prisma. The hologram is an image of Alibi equipped with Storm using an angled grip (hand-holding position differs).


Now let’s talk about secondary choice – Bailiff 410.
Keratos is an excellent pistol, which is a better version of Deagle or LFP586 (French revolver). Keratos downs or kills every operator in 2 shots from optimal range and has lesser recoil than mentioned counterparts available for other CTUs.
“Then… why Bailiff?” you may ask.
The bailiff is not a traditional pistol in Rainbow Six Siege. It works more like a shotgun and is primarily used for reconstructing sites or opening hatches.
“Ok, but Alibi has impact grenades?”
I like to keep impacts for any wall openings for a flank during the round. Bailiff takes way too long to open vaultable openings in walls for it to be effective when time is a constraint.
Instead, use Bailiff to save impacts and open angles/avenues between bomb sites and hatches (if needed).


I suggest going with Impact grenades as a universal gadget of choice as an Alibi.
Impacts are one of the best tools in defenders’ arsenal as they allow to:
  • open walls between objectives (especially useful on the bomb)
  • open hatches or new angles in floor/ceiling
  • finish downed enemy without need to expose yourself to danger
  • damage shield attackers – less than Nitro cell, so it’s not the primary purpose of impact
  • destroy claymores that cannot be shot due to angle
  • impact trick hard breachers’ utility
However, this choice is not as straightforward here even though Alibi is more of a roaming type of operator.
In case you have a specific location where you intend to place a deployable shield, then go for it. In certain cases placing the shield in single doorways to the objective with Prisma behind it, may result in giving your team quite an edge!

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Alibi R6 Siege

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