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  • Good weapon – P10 RONI
  • Flexible playstyle – both anchor and roaming possible
  • Cool reload animation


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Requires communication for proper utilization
  • Lesser intel-gathering capability than alternatives


Defensive operator

Mozzie is a defender who is capable of hijacking attackers’ drones.
Mozzie is an alternative for droning heavy players who would like to be more fragging and mobile than with Echo.
His utility’s usefulness increases the higher you go in rankings.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Right after Year 10, Max Goose applied to enter the Australian Defence Force Academy, later working in Combat & Security. He joined an infantry regiment that incorporated dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles in their reconnaissance operations. Goose excelled in land navigation and became the two-wheeler expert in raids, scouting, and convoy operations.

Following Operation Catalyst, he was handpicked to join the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), so long as he passed selection and refrained from talking back. His specialized off-road skillsets and quick thinking were highly prized, even though his driving style appeared reckless. He deployed to Operation Slipper and served until the operation’s conclusion. He later received the National Emergency Medal for saving firefighters during the Esperance bushfires.


Play Video

Goose is a calculated daredevil who loves testing upcoming military stealth bikes, but he says there’s no bigger honor than being asked to join Rainbow Six.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Mozzie R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Max Goose AKA Mozzie has a unique utility of Pest Launcher capable of hijacking attackers’ drones.
The launcher allows Mozzie to steal up to 3 drones as each Pest can take control over one drone.
Pests can be used in two ways:
  • Active – by shooting launcher directly at the drone. The shot has to be accurate as Pests won’t hijack drones within a radius, unlike in the other mode which is…
  • Passive – Mozzie R6 operator can shoot his Pests at any surface, after which Pests serve as traps for drones. While set in this mode, Mozzie’s bugs will kidnap any drone that comes within its effective radius.
    Once fired and attached to a surface, Pest will display its effective radius visually.
Due to the nature of his gadget, we categorize Mozzie as fitting for two utility role groups: Intel gathering and Anti Intel.
Anti-Intel’s role is achieved by preventing drones from accessing areas where Pests are set as traps.
Enemy drones see UI notification of nearby pre-placed bugs when close to their effective radius.
When a drone is hijacked successfully, Max turns into the Intel gathering defender. Mozzie R6 operator adds each kidnapped drone to the total pool of surveillance tools available to all defenders. However, he is the only one who can move the drone. 
Other defenders can spectate stolen drones and scan enemies, just like on any other friendly surveillance tool in Rainbow Six Siege.
Please note that the light emitted by surveillance tools has changed in the Y4S2 patch.
Hijacked drones, while actively used by any defender, emit blue light instead of the usual yellow light (attackers light). 
Therefore, spotted attackers can differentiate and destroy active drones. However, when a kidnapped drone is not actively used, attackers have no visual indication that would help them with knowing if a drone is one of theirs.
Kidnapped drones have visual UI indications for all defenders – white/gray highlight – which helps them recognize friendly drones that should not be destroyed.
Just like Echo drones, Rainbow Six Siege Mozzie drones can leave the objective building for only a few seconds, until the countdown is finished. The consequence of keeping drones outside for too long is losing drones permanently – attackers won’t be able to use it either.

How to use utility?

The launcher can is accessible by pressing the unique utility button. Once equipped, it can be used similarly to weapons – the fire button will launch Pest.

We will split this section into two chapters:

  1. How to catch drones
As mentioned in the previous section, Mozzie has two ways of catching drones.
The most commonly used way is to pre-place Pest ambushes as such a way will require minimum time investment from Mozzie R6 player. Time saved can be used instead of reinforcing and re-modeling the objective site.
Where to set Pest ambushes?
We recommend pre-placing pesky bugs at objective site entrances, especially at:
  • single doorways
  • drone holes
Pests can also be used at double doorways, but in such cases, they can cover only half of the doorway if placed on the bottom of the door frame. Alternatively, Pest can be placed on the floor in the middle of the doorway, but such placement makes it easier for the attackers to both spot the Pest and destroys it.
Additionally, the top or bottom of the staircases might be a fantastic spot to catch drones. For objectives placed on the top floor or basement, stairs can be the only way for preparation drones to reach the objective. 
How to pre-place Pest traps?
We recommend using Pest on the “defensive” side of the wall or doorway. Bugs placed on the opposite side of the entrance will still hijack drones within their range, but at the same time will be significantly harder to counter.
As a thought process, think about where attackers & their drones will be coming from.
Kafe Dostoyevsky – Top floor objective
Placing Pests at the top of “Red” and “White” stairs (the only ways to reach the objective during the preparation phase) will grant you at least two easy drones.
  1. How to use hijacked drones
Utilizing kidnapped drones is a more complex aspect than hijacking them in the first place.
How you utilize drones depends on your playstyle, team’s composition, and tactics for the round and objective itself, to name a few aspects.
The main playstyles for utilizing Mozzied drones are:
  • Actively scanning for enemies, active surveillance mode
    In such mode, Mozzie will spend a significant portion of round time on a drone(s). The main objective is to take advantage of the mobility of hijacked drones to identify attackers’ location and plan of action. 

    By actively surveying the map, Mozzie can aid friendly roamers, similarly to attackers droning for their entry fraggers.

  • Preplacing drones, passive surveillance mode
    The other way of using drones is to pre-place them just like Valkyrie’s cameras. Utilizing kidnapped drones this way can free up Mozzie’s time and allow him to roam or anchor more actively. 
    When placing your drones, you should consider finding a location where you can have either: – most prominent visibility by viewing a big area of the map – or keeping an eye on the frequently traversed route. 
    In Rainbow Six Siege, Mozzie is a relatively new defender, so not all players yet have a habit of checking for drones when being spotted. However, over time, it will become more natural for attackers to look for Mozzied drones.
    Therefore, when placing drones, try to find a spot in which it will be hard to spot. Instead of placing it in the middle of the room, perhaps try to put it somewhere on the shelf or under furniture.
Please note that the usage of the above playstyles is often fluid.
Here’s an example of how we tend to use Mozzie, assuming optimal scenario:
During the preparation phase, we would pre-place caught drone(s) in location(s) that we expect to be useful later on.
If we have a couple of roamers already, then we would check default external cameras as the action phase begins to determine a direction from which attackers may come. 
Consecutively we would hop on a drone to move it to a potential entry location. Alternatively, we would place a drone where our roamers may engage attackers first to aid them with intel and increase our odds of getting early kills.
As the round goes, we would move our drones to locations that will support our team with information about the direction of the objective push. On top of that, we should let dead teammates spectate drones to provide us with valuable intel.
Mozzie is also capable of “catching” Twitch’s Shock drone, which can be utilized to counter attackers’ utility by zapping placed utility. 
In case you hijacked the Shock drone, we recommend spending time whenever possible to try to:
  • distract attackers who are being pushed by your allies – zapping them during or right before a gunfight
  • dispatch the enemy’s utility (list of counterable gadgets can be found in “Counters” sections).



Mozzie synergizes very well with Mute who can jam drones and make it easier for Mozzie to hijack them.
When both operators are used to counter drones, attackers will have a hard time gathering any intel near an objective location.


In Rainbow Six Siege, Mozzie is an excellent counter to drones, both default and Twitch’s Shock drones.
From the intel-gathering perspective, he can identify the location of any attacker inside the building.
If Mozzie catches Shock drone, then he can additionally destroy attackers utility once placed, such as:
  • breaching charges
  • Thermite’s Exothermic charges
  • Claymores
  • Gridlock’s Stingers
  • Nomad’s Airjabs
  • Fuze’s Cluster charge
  • other drones

Countered by:

  • EMP destroys pre-placed Pests and temporarily disables Mozzied drones
  • Electronics scanner detects both Pests and hijacked drones
  • Twitch
    Shock drones zap destroys preplaced Pests and kidnapped drones
  • explosives
    Frag grenades or unique explosive utility such as Cluster charges, Ash’s Breaching round, or Zofia’s Impact grenade can destroy Pests and drones, as well.
  • Dokkaebi – partially
    Her hacking utility of dead defender’s phone grants accesses to all hijacked drones for attackers. However, drones cannot be controlled by attackers, but only spectated just like other surveillance utility 

How to play -
Mozzie R6 Siege


Universal operators can be called jacks-of-all-trades due to the ability to perform both tasks (roaming or anchoring) but not exceeding in either of them. As a universal operator, you will be more adaptable than others, thus being able to shift your role mid-round swiftly in case the situation requires you to do so.
We suggest performing a role that is needed by your team, and you feel comfortable with it.
Roaming is leaving the objective site to disturb and flank attackers.
Anchoring, on the other hand, means staying on the objective or in a location with eyesight to the objective.
In Rainbow Six Siege, Mozzie can be played more like an anchor, but not exclusively on the objective. While operating drones, Mozzie is left vulnerable, therefore we recommend using them while in the safety of objective or far from the action. The objective should be the last part of the map that will be conquered by attackers, with plenty of safe spots that can be used for intel gathering.
To learn more about each defensive role, please visit the below sections.


  • Requires advanced map knowledge
  • Mainly useful for premade teams due to effective communication need within the team
  • Good game sense of knowing when to play actively and when passively is highly recommended

Loadout guide -
Mozzie R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Nitro cell

The throwable explosive detonated remotely by the user. Can be pre-placed or used similarily to grenades — best counter to Shield operators and preventing defuser plant.


Barbed wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
P10 RONIFlash HiderVertical gripHolo
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
SDP 9mmMuzzle brakeN/AN/A
Nitro cell

Why such loadout?

I’ve been sitting the whole morning trying to come up with an entirely logical potential justification for choosing Commando 9 over P10 Roni. But let’s be honest, there is only one reason to do so – that Commando reloads animation is just sooo good…
Don’t believe me? Check this out!
Both Mozzie weapons have lower ammunition in a magazine than the usual 30+1 size.
P10 RONI has only 19 bullets, which when combined with 950 RoF and only 26 DMG makes it a fast-firing pea shooter. But man, oh man, this weapon is a headshot machine!
Roni has basically no recoil. Pair that with an ability to attach 1.5x scope on that bad boy and you got yourself a formidable weapon.
Many players in the community tend to use an extended barrel with P10 Roni. We prefer to run it with a flash hider since distances in which an extended barrel is beneficial are rather rare.
Commando 9 is one of the hardest-hitting automatic weapons on the defensive side, with a decent 750 RoF.
The recoil for this weapon is almost entirely vertical, so we suggest using a Muzzle brake.
When it comes to grip selection, Commando can be equipped with both vertical and angled grips. The recoil on Commando is quite manageable, but we feel more comfortable with a vertical grip on this gun.
Commando has no access to ACOG so as usual, we recommend using 1x sight of your choices, we go as always with Reflex.
Since Y5S1.2 Patch there is not much to discuss in terms of secondary weapons – Mozzie has access only to SDP 9mm.
We recommend equipping it with the muzzle brake for lowering the recoil of the gun.
Mozzie has access to two handy universal gadgets: Nitro Cell and Barbed Wire.
Choosing the right gadget will depend on your playstyle. Our default choice is Nitro Cell (C4).
Just like other intel-gathering defenders with access to Nitro Cell, Mozzie can set up C4 ambushes from below thanks to intel gathered by drones.

Community Videos -
Mozzie R6 Siege

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