Rainbow Six Siege
How to Attack

Expand your knowledge about various aspects of successfully attacking in Rainbow Six Siege.

Offense tends to be the harder task, especially for new Rainbow Six Siege players and less coordinated teams.

Attacking requires more cooperation and decisiveness than defending. Our Rainbow Six Siege attacking guides will help you develop skills necessary for winning rounds consistently in Siege.

Learn Rainbow Six Siege attacking basics, such as operators setup, team’s goals, round phases, droning, clearing roamers, and utility.

Do you know which operator in Siege does what?
Learn about Hard breachers, Breacher’s supporting cast, Soft Breachers, and more!

Intel gathering is not a flashy, but extremely vital aspect of winning rounds on the attack in Siege!

Step up your drone game in Rainbow Six Siege!

Learn how to hunt down the roamers on the attack in Siege.

Without proper roam clear skill, you won’t be able to rank up high in this game!

Discover 3-phase split of the attack in Siege, namely:

  • Approach
  • Breach & Clear
  • Objective push

Do you want to know which Operators are a good pick on the attack in Siege?

Check our rankings based on firepower, utility usefulness, and ease of use!

List with recommended operators on the attack, with separate lists for Entry Fraggers and Support players.

Continue your learning of
Defending in Siege

Improve your Rainbow Six Siege roaming game!

Learn roles of Rainbow Six Siege defensive operators

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