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Welcome to our Best Attackers Ranking for Rainbow Six Siege in 2023!
This operators’ list is up to date with Y8S2 content.
What we tried to achieve when creating below rankings is to create a section that will be useful for new and returning players who are unsure which operators are:
  • Valuable to the attacking team
  • Have good fragging potential
  • Are easy to pick and utilize properly
Below categorizations of all attacking operators are our subjective opinion based on personal experiences.

In case you would like to learn more about each operator, please click their name to go to a dedicated page or click the below button to visit the list of all operators available in Rainbow Six Siege.


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The Best Utility

This section of utility ranking contains operators that have the potential of providing the highest utility benefit to the team.

Of course, it does not mean that other operators are not needed to team’s success. Rainbow Six Siege is a complex game with tons of variables and essentially unlimited tactics. Below operators, however, can support their team in virtually any situation.

In many cases, they are also vital to consistently winning rounds on the attacking side.

Operator The best utility
Thatcher The most reliable Hard Breach Support
Ace Hard Breacher with range breaching capability
Thermite Hard Breacher who opens the biggest holes in the walls
Montagne Great Intel Gatherer, the most defense-oriented shield operator
Almost Top tier Utility

Here you will find Rainbow Six Siege attackers who almost made it to the top tier, but ultimately fell a bit short.

These operators are still amazing support picks, but are a bit less universal and impactful than the top tier operators.

OperatorAlmost Top Tier Utility
MaverickHard Breacher & Hard Breacher support in one operator; Mav has no counter to his torch!
HibanaVery good Hard Breacher especially for hatches; A bit less necessary than top tier breachers
TwitchGreat counter to Mira’s Mirrors and other defensive utility
FloresExplosive drone that Destroys enemies’ utility
BravaSpecial drone that hacks defensive utility

Good Utility

Moving on from the two top tiers of utility, we enter the stage of useful, but not exceptional in every situation, group of operators.

Please note that in some scenarios using the attackers in this group may be even more vital to winning rounds, than the best utility operators mentioned earlier.

Operator Good Utility
Lion Prevents movement for a short time or provides intel about the enemy’s presence
Dokkaebi Offers various perks to attacking squad – disruption, intel gathering, prevents plant denial
Capitão Prevents plant denial, as well as area denial
Sledge Soft breacher with versatile loadout
Sens Brings significant smoking ability to the team; useful for defuser planting
Grim Able to identify defenders location with his bees; provides intel and area denial for attackers
Buck The most versatile Soft breacher
IQ Identifies the location of the enemy’s gadgets
Nomad Great area denial and flank watch operator
Iana Hologram allows virtually unlimited droning capability that can be used to gather intel
Gridlock Great area denial and flank watch operator
Jackal Provides attackers with intel about the enemy’s presence
Zofia Able to create new angles, as well as destroy the defensive utility; additionally capable of concussing enemies to support the team
Fuze Clears tons of utility when used correctly, occasionally kills defenders
Osa Shield operator being an alternative of deployable shield on the attack
Ash Able to create new angles, as well as destroy the defensive utility; less utility than Zofia – her alternative
Finka Provides buff to attacking team. Comes with a downside too – sound distortion
Glaz The only attacker who sees through the smoke. Excels at holding angles
Ying Capable of flashing entire rooms on entry.
Least team-oriented utility

Last and, in this case, least as well, the operators who provide the lowest benefits in team perspective utility usage.

Such a categorization does not mean their utility is useless. In some cases, those operators are the best at what they do, but do not provide benefits to the team but rather enhance their own killing potential.

Operator Least useful utility
Blackbeard Excels at holding angles. Survives a limited number of potential headshots
Blitz Superior in 1vs1 close quarter combat
Nokk Able to sneak silently past the enemy’s intel gathering tools
Amaru Focused on gaining fast map control and flashy entry fragging plays

Fragging RANKING

The Best Fraggers

R6 Siege is FPS, and thus at its core, every operator is a fragger. 

In this section, you will find operators who are best suited to be entry fragger for attacking team in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Ash operator guide
OperatorThe best fragging potential
Ash3- speed, great gun, and ranged angle creation capability
Jackal2-speed, good 2 guns, utility specialized in roam hunting, limited new angles creation capability
Zofia2-speed, great gun, Concussion grenades, range angles creation capability
Maverick3- speed, great gun, Frag grenades, reinforced surfaces angle creation capability
Twitch2-speed, great gun, the utility that supports fragging
Buck2-speed, hard to control but a great gun, Stun grenades, the most versatile Soft breaching capability
Good Fraggers

Operators listed in this category are good at fragging, but either have their own limitations or are not centered around this function.

Operator Good fragging power
Ying 2-speed, decent gun, utility focused on entry fragging
Ace 2-speed, great gun
Sledge 2-speed, versatile loadout options, Frag grenades, extensive breaching capability in melee range
Fuze 1-speed operator, great gun, utility destruction oriented utility with possibility for occasional kills
Nomad 2-speed, good guns, stun grenades, unique utility focused on area denial
Thatcher 2-speed, good gun, utility not supporting fragging
Thermite 2-speed, good gun, stun grenades, unique utility not supporting fragging
Iana 2-speed, good guns, frag grenades, unique utility not focused on OP’s own fragging
Hibana 3-speed, good gun with limited ammo per clip, stun grenades, unique utility not supporting fragging
Lion 2-speed, good gun with high ammo count, stun grenades, the unique utility can help with roaming hunting
IQ 3-speed, good guns with limitations, utility not supporting fragging
Capitao 3-speed, good guns, stun grenades, utility supporting objective play
Finka 2-speed, good gun (LMG), stun grenades, unique utility supporting fragging
Blitz 2-speed, offensive shield operator, unique utility supporting fragging
Nokk 2-speed, weak guns, utility supporting fragging
Glaz 2-speed, fills in the role of the sniper in Siege, can see through smoke
Osa 2-speed, good gun options and utility providing cover
Flores 2-speed, decent gun but operator fills in support role
Weakest fraggers

Below attacking operators are hindered in gunfights due to their specifications.

Each of them can get the job done but are not suited well to be the entry fragging option for your team.

Operator Least fragging potential
Blackbeard 2-speed, weak guns, stun grenades, face-shields nerfed to ground, slow with a shield on
Dokkaebi 2-speed, no automatic primary, odd weapon loadout, the unique utility is team-oriented
Montagne The most defensive shield operator
Gridlock 1-speed operator, good guns, support-oriented utility

Beginner-friendly ranking

The Easiest operators

Attackers listed in this group are easy to pick and play, especially as a new player.

They do not serve any vital role from the objective perspective and have a unique utility that is easy to use.

OperatorThe easiest operators
FinkaMechanically simple; non-vital utility; helps winning gunfights by reducing recoil
AshMechanically simple; non-vital utility; requires basic map knowledge
JackalMechanically simple; non-vital utility; does not require map knowledge
ZofiaMechanically simple; non-vital utility; requires basic map knowledge
IanaMechanically simple; non-vital utility; helps players without map knowledge by allowing an additional droning capability
BlackbeardMechanically simple; non-vital utility; helps winning gunfights by saving from headshots
Moderate difficulty

This is where most operators fall into – the middle range of difficulty.

Attacking operators listed below require a bit more practice but are not the hardest to pick and play.

Operator Moderate difficulty operators
Blitz Shield operator; requires mindset change; mechanically advanced for proper utilization
Thatcher Vital utility; simple mechanically; requires basic map knowledge
Thermite Critical utility; simple mechanically within Hard Breachers; requires basic map knowledge
Twitch Can be critical to success; utility requires advanced map knowledge; patience and good game sense
Sledge Simple mechanically, but requires advanced map knowledge
Nomad Requires extensive experience and good map knowledge for proper utilization of utility
Lion Simple mechanically, but needs good team coordination to get the job done
IQ Advanced map knowledge and game sense required to utilize gadget fully
Gridlock Requires extensive experience and good map knowledge for proper utilization of utility; 1-speed operator
Fuze Benefits from patience, extensive experience and good map knowledge for proper usage; 1-speed operator
Flores Vital utility; more difficult than Thatcher’s mechanically; requires map knowledge
Osa Non-vital utility; requires advanced mechanical skills to utilize properly; map and angles knowledge required
The most difficult operators

Below attackers require more skill, experience, and often map knowledge to utilize them properly.

We do not recommend those operators for beginners who just picked up the game.

OperatorDifficult operators
MaverickRequires advanced map knowledge and game sense; can be vital to a team’s success; mechanically the most complicated Hard Breacher
HibanaRequires advanced map knowledge; vital to team’s success; mechanically more complicated than Thermite, but less than Maverick
AceRequires advanced map knowledge; vital to team’s success; mechanically more complicated than Thermite since Selma on range requires throw precision
MontagneA defense-oriented shield attacker, requires coordination, map knowledge, and game sense
BuckRequires advanced map knowledge and excellent recoil control to use effectively
CapitaoA difficult unique utility that is objective-oriented requires coordination and map knowledge
DokkaebiUtility requires team coordination and objective play; no automatic primary weapon
GlazRequires advanced aim to make shots count; needs good map knowledge and situational awareness; more situational utility due to nerfs
YingInconsistent but powerful at fragging when used right, Ying requires aggressive playstyle; situational awareness and map knowledge needed
NokkWeak guns and situational utility make her demanding operator to play well

TOP 6 operators

And the winners are...

After considering all the factors, we present to you our list of the best-attacking operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

OperatorThe best attackers
JackalNobody likes playing against Jackal; Powerful intel-gathering attacker
MaverickUncounterable and versatile operator, with ability to frag extremely well
ThermiteOne of the cornerstones of the attack; Reliably fills in the role of Hard Breacher since Siege’s release
ThatcherThe best support-oriented operator in Rainbow Six Siege.
ZofiaAn excellent choice for new players who want simple mechanically but still useful to the team operator
AshOG fragger in R6; Versatile toolkit; Great gun, a fast operator with ranged breaching potential

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