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Check our rankings of defensive operators in Rainbow Six Siege!


What we tried to achieve when creating below defenders rankings is to create a section that will be useful for new players (or relatively inexperienced) who are unsure which operators are:
  • Valuable to the defending team
  • Have good fragging potential
  • Are easy to pick and utilize properly
Below categorizations of all defensive operators are our subjective opinion based on personal experiences.

In case you would like to learn more about each operator, please click their name to go to a dedicated page or click the below button to visit the list of all operators available in Rainbow Six Siege.


The Best Utility

This section of defensive utility ranking contains operators that have the potential of providing the highest utility benefit to the team.

Of course, it does not mean that other operators are not needed to the team’s success. Rainbow Six Siege is a complex game with tons of variables and essentially unlimited tactics. Below operators, however, can support their team in almost any situation.

In many cases, they are also vital to consistently winning rounds on the defensive side.

OperatorThe Best Utility
JagerThe best support operator on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; Utility protects nearby defenders from various offensive tools (i.e., grenades)
MiraArea denial specialist; Her utility changed the game and META; One-sided mirrors
EchoIntel-gathering and plant denial specialist; Echo brings  to the table 2 unique Yokai drones
LesionGreat intel-gathering trap oriented operator; Active utility that debuffs affected attackers and notifies about their position
AzamiArea denial specialist; Creates new angles and cover for defenders, with potential to eliminate strong offensive angles.
BanditBreach Denial; Denying breach to attackers is a game within the game in Rainbow Six Siege; Best at electrifying walls
KaidBreach Denial; The only operator capable of consistently denying breaching of reinforced hatches​​
Good Utility

Moving on from the best utility operators, we enter the stage of useful, but not exceptional in every situation, group of operators.

Please note that in some scenarios operators in this group may be even more vital to winning rounds, than the best utility operators mentioned earlier.

Operator Good Utility
Maestro Intel-gathering; 2 Evil Eyes that can serve as turrets and cameras
Wamai Support defender; Mag-net pulls various offensive gadgets; Helps to secure areas and is capable of impacting attackers negatively
Aruni Area-denial defender; Surya gates are good devices for “burning utility” and providing heads-up about attackers’ push
Rook Support defender; Buffs defensive team by increasing their resistance to damage
Doc Support defender; The only healer on defense in Rainbow Six Siege; 3 Stim shots that heal or revive affected operator
Mute Intel & Breach denial specialist; Versatile operator who disables drones and remote detonation of electronics within his gadgets’ range
Mozzie Intel denial and gathering defender; Able to hack attackers drones and use them for defenders’ advantage
Melusi Area denial specialist; Slows down impacted attackers and gives audio cue about their presence
Goyo Area denial operator; Equipped with 2 Volcan shields which are like default deployable shields, but with attached explosive tank; Covers nearby area in a fire on detonation
Valkyrie Intel-gathering defender; 3 Black Eye cameras that can be placed basically anywhere on the map
Smoke Area denial specialist; Becomes useful and deadly when the time of the round runs low; Able to deny plants
Pulse Intel-gathering wall-hack; His Cardiac scanner identifies attackers within 9 meters, even through surfaces
Caveira High-risk high-reward roamer; Silentsteps make her movement silent, while interrogation provides intel about remaining attackers location
Clash Highly defensive intel-gathering shield operator; Slows down and damages enemies within ~12 meters
Castle Area denial specialist; Equipped with 3 Armored Panels that act as glorified barricades; Can backfire when used wrongly
Thunderbird Support operator; Offers static stations which offer healing and even revival
Least team-oriented utility

Last, and in this case, least as well, the defensive operators who provide the lowest benefits in team perspective utility usage.

Such a categorization does not mean their utility is useless. In some cases, those operators are the best at what they do. However, they do not provide significant benefits to the team but rather enhance their own killing potential.

Operator Least useful utility
Alibi Intel-gathering defender; Prisma provides intel about the location of “tricked” enemies
Vigil Roaming specialist; Denies intel about his exact location for drones thanks to his ERC-7
Oryx Roaming specialist; Traverses map fast, breaches through walls and climbs hatches
Kapkan Trap oriented defender; 5 EDD traps place-able in doors and windows. Damages impacted attackers
Ela Trap oriented defender; 3 Grzmot concussion mines that disorientate influenced attackers
Thorn Trap oriented defender; 3 Razorbloom traps which deal lethal damage to enemies caught in its radius
Frost Trap oriented defender; 3 Welcome mats that down attackers who step into traps; The highest reward trap operator, with the lowest activation chance
Tachanka The Lord is a category on his own; Deployable LMG with destructible protection covering the head of the player
Warden Intel-gathering defender; Able to see through smoke and nullify flash/stun effect; Extremely situational

Fragging RANKING

The Best Fraggers

R6 Siege is FPS, and thus at its core, every operator is a fragger. 

In this section, you will find operators who are best suited to be the main fragger for defending team in Rainbow Six Siege.

OperatorThe best fragging potential
Jager2-speed; Great AR
Bandit3-speed; Great SMG; C4
Maestro1-speed; LMG on defense with 80 bullets and good RPM…
Melusi3-speed; Good SMG; Utility supporting fragging
Alibi3-speed; Great SMG; Utility supporting fragging
Vigil3-speed; Very good SMG; Automatic secondaries; Utility supporting roaming
Good Fraggers

Defensive operators listed in this ranking category are good at fragging, but either have their own limitations or are not centered around this function.

Operator Good fragging power
Wamai 2-speed; Great but ugly AR
Thorn 2-speed; Good SMG with UZK; Utility helps with frag potential
Azami 2-speed; Good weapon options; Utility enhances angles for fragging
Thunderbird 2-speed; AR on defense offers good fragging power; Healing capability
Lesion 2-speed; Good SMG; Utility supporting fragging
Rook 1-speed; Low recoil, 2.0x scope MP-5; Armour makes him more resistant
Doc 1-speed; Low recoil, 1.5x scope MP-5; Ability to heal himself
Mira 1-speed; Insane fire rate Vector; C4
Echo 1-speed; 1.5x scope silenced MP-5; Automatic secondary
Aruni 2-speed; Very good SMG; Enhanced melee supporting rotation capability (opens hatches, etc)
Oryx 2-speed; Good SMG; Utility supporting roaming and flanking potential
Mute 2-speed; Versatile loadout options (shotgun/SMG; SMG/SMG); C4
Mozzie 2-speed; Very good SMGs; C4
Goyo 2-speed; Insane fire rate Vector/Sniper TCSG12 “shotgun”; C4
Valkyrie 2-speed; Headshot machine but peashooter MPX; Secondary Deagle; C4
Smoke 2-speed; Versatile loadout options (shotgun/SMG; SMG/SMG)
Pulse 3-speed; Low recoil UMP with a low rate of fire; C4; Utility enhancing fragging potential
Kapkan 2-speed; Low recoil decent SMG; C4; Trap utility with killing potential
Ela 3-speed; High fire rate but insane recoil SMG; Trap utility support fragging potential
Kaid 1-speed; 2.0x scope sniper TCSG “shotgun” or decent SMG with 1.5x scope; C4
Weakest fraggers

Below defensive operators are least exceptional at killing potential. They are hindered in gunfights due to their specifications, loadout, or design.

Each of them can get the job done but is not suited well to be the main fragging option for your team.

OperatorLeast fragging potential
Caveira3-speed; Bad primaries; High damage unique pistol; Utility supporting fragging potential
Clash1-speed; Extremely defensive focused shield operator
Frost2-speed; Low DPS & fire rate SMG
Tachanka1-speed; Unique weapon with low rate of fire
Castle2-speed; Low recoil UMP with a low rate of fire
Warden1-speed; Headshot machine but peashooter MPX

Beginner-friendly ranking

The Easiest operators

Defenders listed in this group are easy to pick and play, especially as a new R6 Siege player.

They do not serve any vital role from the objective perspective and have a unique utility that is easy to use, at least on a basic level.

Operator The easiest operators
Rook Mechanically the easiest utility in Rainbow Six Siege; Passive; non-vital utility; doesn’t require map knowledge
Aruni Simple utility from mechanical perspective; Requires basic map knowledge for basic usage of the Surya gate; Does not back fire unlike Castle’s Armored panels
Doc Mechanically more demanding than Rook’s, but still very easy; Active, non-vital utility; doesn’t require map knowledge
Kapkan Mechanically simple; Limited placement options (doors/windows); Passive; non-vital utility; requires at least basic map knowledge
Ela Mechanically simple;  Flexible placement options; Passive; Non-vital utility; Requires at least basic map knowledge
Thorn Mechanically simple;  Flexible placement options; Passive; Non-vital utility; Requires at least basic map knowledge
Frost Mechanically simple;  Flexible placement options; Low chance of activating but high reward traps; Passive; Non-vital utility; Requires basic map knowledge
Thunderbird Requires pre-planning more than Doc’s healing capability; Passive utility; Simple mechanically
Moderate difficulty

This is where most operators fall into – the middle range of difficulty.

Operators listed below require a bit more practice but are not the hardest to pick and play in R6 Siege.

Operator Moderate difficulty operators
Bandit Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling; Can be active (“Bandit tricking”); Vital to team’s success; Map knowledge required
Jager Mechanically simple, but potentially vital utility; Passive; Requires communication and understanding of a team’s plan
Melusi Mechanically simple, but requires at least basic map knowledge for utility placement; passive utility
Azami Mechanically simple; Utility requires good game sense and map knowledge to truly shine
Maestro Simple to place, but difficult to utilize well; Non-vital utility; Active/passive ratio depends on situation & player; Map knowledge required
Wamai Mechanically simple; Active utility, potentially vital utility; Requires understanding of gadgets interactions and game sense
Oryx Easy mechanically, but requires game sense and map knowledge to utilize efficiently; Non-vital utility; Active usage
Alibi Mechanically simple; Passive utility; Non-vital; Requires trickery mindset and game sense
Vigil Mechanically simple; Active utility; non-vital; Requires game sense & good roaming skills
Mute Mechanically simple; Passive; Vital to team’s success; Map knowledge required
Mozzie Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling; Active/Passive ratio depends on situation & player; Map knowledge required
Goyo Simple to place, but difficult to know where; Passive utility; Non-vital but can backfire easily; Requires map knowledge and advanced tactical sense
Kaid Medium mechanical difficulty, with high skill ceiling; Can be active (“Kaid tricking”); Vital to the team’s success; Map knowledge required
Tachanka It is hard to discuss the Lord but let’s try to be serious: Medium mechanical difficulty, requires a specific placement to have any positive effect; Active; Clearly non-vital; Map knowledge required to place in a good spot
The most difficult operators

Below defenders require more skill, experience, and often map knowledge to utilize them properly.

I do not recommend those operators for players who just picked up the R6 Siege.

OperatorDifficult operators
EchoRequires patience and advanced game sense;
Active/Passive ratio depends on the situation & player;
MiraRequires a lot of map, tactics & meta understanding; Vital to the team’s success and can backfire when used poorly;
LesionMechanically simple, but requires good game sense and map knowledge for correct placement;
Active utility; Gains significance as the round progresses
ValkyrieHigh-skill ceiling; Great map knowledge needed for optimal usage; Passive utility
SmokeDifficult to anchor with; Potential impact on round increases as time passes; High patience and game sense required
PulseHigh-skill ceiling; Great map knowledge & communication needed for optimal usage; Active utility;
CaveiraHigh risk-High reward operator; Requires advanced game sense, map knowledge & sneaky mindset to be effective; Active utility
ClashDefense-oriented shield attacker; requires coordination, map knowledge, and game sense
CastleMechanically simple, but requires tactic, game sense and map knowledge to benefit the team; Can backfire when used wrongly
WardenUnderwhelming characteristics make him hard to play; Very situational usage; Active utility; Warden is not in a good place in R6 Siege

TOP 6 operators

And the winners are...

After considering all the factors, we present to you our list of the best-defending operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

OperatorThe Best Defenders
JagerA passive utility that helps anchors greatly.
Jager also has an amazing primary weapon – AR – and is a 2-speed defender
BanditExcellent Breach Denial option with great SMG and versatile universal gadgets; 3-speed
MaestroLMG on defense. If that wasn’t enough, Maestro has Intel-gathering utility; The only downside is his 1-speed
MiraProvides a game-changing utility that revolutionized defense in Siege;
Insane RoF of Vector makes her deadly from short distances
EchoInvisible drones that can provide intel and debuff to enemies; plus plant denial potential; 1.5x scope; 1-speed
AzamiPowerful utility with area denial functionality and immense creativity potential; Good SMG; 2-speed

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