Caveira R6 Siege operator B&W poster design by r6siegecenter


  • Hard to locate due to Silentstep
  • Rewards creativity
  • High reward ability – interrogation


  • High-risk operator
  • At a disadvantage in straight gunfights on mid/long range
  • Not new player friendly


Defensive operator

Caveira is THE roamer in the game.
Her unique ability of Silent steps enhances Caveira’s ability to roam effectively. Additionally, she is capable of interrogating downed enemies.
Caveira is the hardest roamer to utilize consistently effectively.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Born seventh in a family of ten boys, Pereira had to be resourceful in order to get what she wants. Little of her childhood is known apart from the meager pension her mother received after her father died. She was six years old when the Pereira family was forced to move to a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of the São Paulo state.

She only caught the authorities’ attention when she was 16, after her mother reported that she had been missing. A year later, Pereira was arrested miles away on robbery charges in Rio de Janeiro. Remaining poised and displaying intellect throughout the process, Pereira impressed the judge in charge of her case. He was lenient towards her age and character, which, he claimed, showed potential for social-educational reform.


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He gave Pereira the choice between entering a juvenile reformatory and working with BOPE in Rio de Janeiro.

Sensing protection for her deviant predisposition, Pereira accepted to become a BOPE criminal informant.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Rainbow Six Siege Caveira

Caption title



What is the utility?

From the utility perspective, Caveira is a dedicated roamer in Rainbow Six Siege. Two unique abilities greatly enhance her ability to roam effectively:
  • Silent step
  • Interrogation
The silent step is an active ability that lowers noise created by Caveira’s footsteps. Caveira R6 operator can still be heard, especially when sprinting on metal surfaces.
Here’s a list of silent step characteristics that will give you a better picture of this ability:
  • can only use secondary pistol while the silent step is active
  • can shoot Luison and melee in this mode
  • downs opponents while the utility is active, even with headshots and melee hits
  • does not leave footsteps on the floor
  • switching to primary and using universal gadget deactivates silent steps
  • the maximum duration of 10 seconds
  • recharge time is the half time of the used period, thus max 5 seconds 

Before the Rainbow Six Siege Y4S2 patch, Caveira had to wait for a full recharge of the silent step ability to re-activate it. Now, just like Nook and Vigil, Caveira can re-activate her ability almost instantaneously. Re-activation may happen only when some silent step duration is left for use. 

Activating the silent step automatically switches to Luison, her secondary weapon, which is the only weapon Caveira can use without deactivating the silent step.
Luison is part of her unique repertoire. This pistol comes with a fixed suppressor and downs opponents while the silent step is active, even with headshots. 
Downing enemies leads to the second part of her unique abilities – interrogation.
Rainbow Six Siege Caveira can interrogate any downed (injured) attacker.
Interrogation is an action that takes 5 seconds during which Caveira enters killing animation.
Successful interrogation reveals the remaining attackers’ position for 10 seconds to all defenders.
A downed attacker is unable to interrupt already started interrogation, even Zofia (withstand) or Finka (boost) are not countering interrogation.

How to use utility?

Pressing the unique ability button will activate Silent steps. 
Pressing the button again, switching to primary, or using a universal gadget deactivates silent steps.
Interrogation requires Caveira to be in melee range from a downed attacker and to press and hold the action button.
Using Caveira R6 operator is all about knowing how to roam and being as sneaky as possible.
Caveira’s most significant advantage is an element of surprise, and this is where the silent step comes so handy. It dramatically reduces the number of intel attackers get on you due to lack of footsteps and decreased volume of your steps, regardless of movement mode you choose.
One of the possibilities to increase the element of surprise is trying to conceal your presence as Caveira in the round. 
To do so, hide in the objective or unusual location to avoid being droned out during the preparation phase. Of course, you may have to reinforce hatches or walls, so it is not always appropriate advice.
However, in case the site is not objective preparation heavy, then try to hide for that phase of the round. 
Once attackers know that Rainbow Six Siege Caveira is available on the defensive roster, they may focus on hunting you down and may predict your potential roaming location.
Unlike Vigil’s ERC-7, the Silent step do not provide you with an advantage while remaining still. Thus, use the silent step on the move.
You should activate the silent step when:
The main reason for such usage is to not leave footsteps for Jackal to scan. Additionally, using a silent step to move towards your initial roaming location will lower odds of attackers watching drones hearing where you went to. Of course, you can still be seen by the drones as the silent step does not counter visual intel, unlike Vigil’s ERC-7.
Do that for two reasons:
Attackers are likely to leave drones nearby their intended entry point to the objective building.
Jackal might check for available footsteps before giving the green light to other attackers to enter a location.
As a roamer, you will (and definitely should) constantly be on the move. Staying in one location and holding a specific angle for the majority of the round is more often than not recipe for being easy prey for attackers.
An element of surprise and unpredictability are two essential aspects of efficient roaming. Silent steps decrease odds of attackers hearing where you went to.
Remember: attackers can still see you and even though you are very quiet, you are still audible.
Lowers chance of attackers hearing your flank coming. Sound plays a significant role in Rainbow Six Siege, and many players depend on it heavily.
Remember: The Silent step won’t help with any drones with visual on your flank location, or with the flank watcher holding an angle on you.
Now, let’s focus on how to use an interrogation mechanic to your advantage.
Interrogation is a high risk-high reward type of play. It can completely change the flow of the round but can lead to your death as well.
Anytime you injure an attacker as Caveira R6 operator you should make a quick judgment call: shall I interrogate downed enemy or finish off.
The main principle to remember is that you should not interrogate if more than one enemy were present in that location.
To do so, use information gathered before downing the enemy to make the best decision. 
If you heard multiple footsteps before engaging the enemy, then assume 2nd opponent being nearby.
In case the teammate mentioned multiple hostiles incoming from a particular direction, also assume multiple enemies at your part of the map.
When you down an enemy, you can bet their comms go out like “I’m down, Caveira on me.” Such info will prompt any nearby attacker to try to prevent the interrogation of his teammate.
If unsure about the enemy’s presence nearby, wait a couple of seconds to see if anybody will try to push you.
Additionally, you can try to bait attackers by canceling interrogation animation (releasing the action button before completing the animation).
Sometimes the nearby attacker will wait for you to start interrogation to kill you during the animation. If nobody pushes you after the bait, then you should probably go for it.
Knowing when to interrogate and when not will come with experience and an increase in your game sense. Anytime you assumed wrongly, think about what clues you could have used to make a better decision!



Caveira R6 Siege operator does not synergize specifically with any other defender. 
However, she benefits significantly from intel, hence following intel-gathering operators can help Caveira by placing utility in locations likely to be utilized:


Generally, in Rainbow Six Siege Caveira is an excellent counter to uncoordinated and careless attacking teams
More specific operator counter:
  • Caveira does not leave footsteps to be scanned when moving in Silent Steps.

Countered by:

  • I know that we just mentioned Caveira to counter Jackal. He still makes her life significantly harder as Caveira has to time silent steps properly, or else be tracked by Eyenox.
  • Logic bomb rings Caveira’s phone revealing her position.
  • Forces Caveira to stand still for the duration of EE-ONE-D

How to play -
Caveira R6 Siege


Caveira is the definition of roaming operator in Rainbow Six Siege.
Her toolkit and entire design revolve around roaming.
Staying on the objective site with Caveira is like taking MINI Cooper to compete in Monster Jam.
Roaming means leaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt and flank the attacking team.
Roamers usually split into disruptive and sneaky ones.
Disruption involves denying the ability to enter the building for attackers and continuously harassing attackers to shift their attention from objective to you.
Sneaky defenders rely more on concealing their presence and location to flank unsuspecting attackers during a later stage of the round.
As a roamer, getting kills is an excellent addition, but not the only reason for roamers to exist.
The main point of roaming is to waste attackers’ time and make them feel uncomfortable pushing the site before dealing with you.
I usually advise playing as a disruptive roamer as such playstyle has a higher skill ceiling and depends less on opponents’ inability to drone map properly.
Caveira, however, is an exception as sneaky playstyle is what she is designed for.
Roaming role is filled usually by more advanced players as it requires:
  • advanced map knowledge
  • mobility
  • creativity
  • good game sense
If you want to learn more about roaming, we recommend visiting the section dedicated to this role by clicking the below button.


High-risk, high reward operator.
Caveira is a tough operator to utilize properly as she requires:
  • advanced map knowledge
  • experience and game sense to time flanks properly
  • good aim as her main weapon is a pistol
It is easy to be useless to the defensive team as Caveira. Finding a balance between being sneaky and timing your flank well, versus being redundant while the entire defensive team is being slaughtered is hard. Especially for new or less experienced players.

Loadout guide -
Caveira R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege gadget - Proximity Alarm

Proximity Alarm

A deployable alarm that emits a sound when attackers are within its line of sight and range.


Impact grenade

A grenade exploding on impact. It is primarily used for opening holes in surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
LuisonSuppressor (fixed)N/AN/A
Impact grenade

Why such loadout?

M12 is one of the worst primary weapons in Rainbow Six Siege from a statistics point of view.
It has 36 damage per bullet, which is not bad, but an extremely low rate of fire – 550 RPM.
We recommend picking M12 if you want to double down on your ability to take fights in the long and medium range.
Unlike most operators, Caveira’s secondary weapon (Luison) is her actual primary. You will be taking fights using a pistol even on medium and long-range, so I recommend to try getting used to it as early as possible.
One of the advantages of M12 is almost non-existent recoil. Therefore, any barrel attachment will do the job. I recommend using a flash hider or suppressor in case you want to go full stealth mode. 
Bear in mind that you need to go for headshots with M12. Otherwise, Caveira using this weapon will lose more gunfights than not.
Now, choosing SPAS15 compliments Caveira’s loadout. This shotgun has a fast semi-automatic rate of fire with 28damage per pellet. SPAS can melt multiple enemies in a short-range. I recommend putting laser sight to tighten the spread of that beast and equipping sight of your preference (Reflex for me).
The shotgun can also be used to open hatches for rotations, which saves impact grenades or allows Caveira to pick a bulletproof camera to aid on-site teammates.
Luison is Caveira’s trademark. Her pistol is a personalized PRB92 with a mandatory suppressor attached. This gun is a powerful tool, with 64 damage per bullet in the optimal range. Luison has been nerfed with lowered damage from 99 per round and increased recoil. The buff it got is however lower drop-off for damage on distance.
Many YouTubers and Twitch streamers use Luison with a laser sight. I do not recommend using a laser as it will give away your position unless you are extremely careful with crosshair placement while moving. 
Impact grenade is the universal gadget to go with as a roamer. Impacts will help you open new avenues, angles and will provide Caveira with an option for creating an emergency escape route when pinched. Additionally, they can be used to finish off downed enemies or get rid of claymores.
Proximity Alarm has great usage, especially for anchoring operators. However, as a roamer, you can use any environmental destruction you can get. Thus we prefer to equip impacts instead of this gadget.

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Caveira R6 Siege

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