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  • Versatile loadout
  • Powerful secondary weapon – SMG11
  • Access to Frag grenades
  • Proficient at vertical control


  • Limited range of breaching hammer
  • Low rate of fire for primary weapon


Offensive operator

Sledge R6 operator is an extremely versatile attacker whose only weakness seems to be the inability to throw the hammer like Thor.

He can be used by new players who are not yet sure about their preferred playstyle.
However, Sledge is at his best when in the hands of a player with advanced map knowledge as being Soft breacher is his main role.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Seamus Cowden hails from the upper tip of the Scottish Highlands.
Due to his imposing physical stature and athleticism, he found early success as the Captain of the 1998 Scotland National under-20 Rugby Union Team.

A strong desire for public service inspired Cowden to enlist in the army at 18, after five years of active duty, he was recruited by the SAS.


Rainbow Six Siege Sledge operator guide
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What is the utility?

Sledge R6 operator is one of two primary SOFT-Breachers in the game.
Soft breachers are operators specialized in creating openings in breachable surfaces. 
Sledge thrives in establishing vertical control (the other one being Buck).
Gaining vertical control means using ceilings, floors, or hatches to engage your enemy from a vertical angle.

To use Sledge’s hammer you need to be in melee range from wall, hatch, or floor. One swing to the wall creates a hole big enough to vault or crouch walk through it.

The difference between two vertical soft-breachers (Sledge and Buck) and other potential Soft-Breachers like Ash and Zofia is the number of breaching capabilities each operator has. Ash & Zofia can breach up to 5 times (with breaching charges equipped), while Sledge can use his hammer 25 times!

However, Sledge’s weakness is breaching range limitations.
When breaching from below is required, the Sledge R6 operator has minimal options. His only option is using a rifle (which is inefficient) or pre-cooked grenades (holding grenade in hand and timely releasing so that an explosion happens when grenade reaches the surface). Thus in such scenarios, Buck should be your go-to guy instead.

How to use utility?

Rainbow Six Siege Sledge operator guide
An essential skill to utilize Sledge’s hammer to its fullest potential is good map knowledge.
Advanced map knowledge combined with Sledge’s breaching capability can result in an objective site being opened in such ways that defenders won’t feel comfortable staying on the site.
Use Sledge to gain vertical control.
As mentioned earlier, the primary utility usage of Sledge is to open vertical angles against fortified defenders. Doing so is one of the most vital aspects of a successful attack in Rainbow Six Siege, giving attackers an advantage over enemies.
Such vertical advantage impacts round due to:
  • forcing defenders to relocate or challenge attackers
    Defenders are being forced to either move out of their preferred position or to engage aggressors from usually unfavorable angles.
    Remember though: holes work both ways!
  • increases number of angles
    Creating new vertical holes in Rainbows Six Siege also results in an increasing number of angles that defenders have to hold or pay attention to. As a result, less confident defenders may start feeling insecure.

  • situational counter to Mira or Breach denial
    Furthermore, Sledge is situational yet still counter to operators like Mira, Bandit, Kaid, or Mute as he can clear their utility from above in locations where the floor is destructible.
Create new traversal routes.
Undoubtedly, breaching objectives from above is one of (if not the) most essential utility uses of Sledge.
But it does not end there.  Sledge R6 operator is a great attacker to create new avenues from the entry point to the building until the objective.
Seasoned roamers know the usual entry points and most commonly used paths to the objective. Sledge can get the upper hand by opening an angle or passage behind a roamer or out of his eyesight, to give attackers an advantage in hunting down lurking roamers.
It sounds like a lot of useful utility, doesn’t it?
What if I told you that Sledge could with just one swing of the hammer destroy various defensive utility.
Such utility includes barbed wire, Castle’s armor panels, Maestro’s Evil eyes, and Bulletproof cameras.
Yes, sir. On top of that, he has frag grenades, which give him an option to do it from range if he chooses to do so.
And all of that with 25 swings per round!
Learn common anchor spots.
Often the difference between decent and good Sledge is knowledge of usual anchor spots of defenders. 
Having that knowledge will improve your decision-making for breaching the objective ceiling. Of course, such knowledge comes with experience and repetition. 
To speed up the process of learning common spots and angles try to:
  • Pay attention to where defenders usually position themselves
  • Think where would you place yourself on defense
  • Watch kills cams when you die



Sledge R6 operator is a lone wolf type of attacker. As such, he does not need much support, unlike, i.e., Thermite.
He can be assisted by a teammate covering his flank during “Hammer time” on that poor objective ceiling. 
Many defenders will get attracted by the noise and possibility of flanking Sledge. Roamers hope that Sledge may be too focused on destroying surfaces and looking through opened angles to notice their approach.


Hard counter to:
  • Castle
    Sledge destroys Armored panels with just one swing of hammer instead of the usual 12 melee punches. On top of that, Sledge can use frag grenades to dispatch panels from afar
  • Maestro
    Just like Armored panels, Evil eyes can be destroyed by either hammer or explosives. 
Situational counter, which can be achieved by breaching ceiling above utility of:
  • Mira
  • Bandit
  • Kaid
  • Mute

Countered by:

The only counter to Sledge’s hammer is currently reinforcements.
Jäger’s ADS counters frag grenades.

How to play -
Sledge R6 Siege


Rainbow Six Siege Sledge operator guide
Entry fraggers can be referred to as “tip of the spear” meaning being the force to penetrate through the first line of defense and give attackers an edge in Rainbow Six Siege.
Such a role assignment means Sledge will be leading operators in hunting down roamers. Hunting roamers minimizes risks of late-round flanks that could impact your final objective push negatively.
Check our guide dedicated to roam clear to learn more.
As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to challenge defenders!
Furthermore, entry fraggers play a vital role in advancing attackers’ progress during the round in Siege. Progress is achieved by securing strategically essential locations, i.e., taking control of the room above the objective site, if the ceiling is covered with the destructible surface.
Or being the first attacker to control areas frequently traversed by defenders to rotate to/from the objective.
Last but not least, entry fragger is more often than not the first attacker to push anchors hunkered down on the objective.
I recommend that during the preparation phase in Rainbow Six Siege, you decide on your entry point depending on:
  • personal preferences
  • defensive setup
  • your teams plan of attack
Leaving your drone at your entry point will provide you with the right amount of initial intel. It is not uncommon for defenders to try to catch attackers off guard by setting up traps on entry points. You can neutralize the element of surprise for such a plan and prefire defenders (or avoid them) by knowing what they intend to do and where they are.
Sledge R6 operator feels like a very well-constructed killing machine. Mainly because his loadout feels so well put together.
When you check many operators’ loadout, you feel that something is missing. Some of them miss breaching possibility or stun/frag grenades to push fortified defenders. Some do not have a useful secondary weapon.
That’s not the case with Sledge.
Need to challenge a defender from a long-range? L85 is great for such occasions with ACOG and very controllable recoil.
Are you clearing small spaces aggressively? Take out that SMG-11 and shred your enemies with high DPS.
Did the defender fortify himself in the objective room? Bounce in that frag grenade for an easy kill or use your hammer to create a new angle.


  • Non-vital and mechanically simple utility
  • Benefits greatly from player’s map knowledge
  • Frag grenades need practice

Loadout guide -
Sledge R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Frag grenade

Timed explosive device which kills or severely damages people within explosion radius.

Rainbow Six Siege stun grenade

Stun grenade

Temporarily blinds enemies facing grenade in radius during detonation.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
L85A2CompensatorVertical gripACOG
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
SMG-11Flash hiderVertical gripReflex
Frag grenade

Why such loadout?

I’ve said in the earlier part that Sledge’s loadout is versatile, but there’s not much of a question on which weapons to choose from his loadout options.
L85A is the go-to primary weapon simply because shotguns on the attacking side are a risky choice. You’ll be in gunfights on longer distances frequently, despite the relatively small size of maps in Rainbow Six Siege. 
Shotgun as a selection is usually seen in the case of aggressive rushes and in casual “for fun.”
From the perspective of attachments to your primary, the compensator is the barrel selection. L85A works fine with other barrels, as well. However, L85A2 has now a horizontal pull after the initial few shots with which the compensator helps a lot.
Like most ARs, it has both 1x sights and 2.5x ACOG scope for selection. I like using ACOG on L85A as for short-range encounters I switch to SMG-11 anyway.
SMG-11 is one of the best, if not the best secondary weapons available in R6 Siege.
It has excellent DPS with a very low Time To Kill. 
The downside of the weapon are:
  • small clip size
    Combined with an extremely high Rate of Fire can result in running out of bullets if you spray and pray. 
  • recoil after the initial three shots
    Secondary smgs have been nerfed in Grim Sky recoil changes. Currently firing SMG-11 in full auto is extremely difficult, especially on the more extended range than close quarters. 
    Try to fire SMG mainly in short bursts and aim for the head.
I recommend using SMG-11 whenever you anticipate an encounter against a defender in a short-range.
For the barrel, I prefer using a flash hider as it helps with the vertical kick on first bullets and I do not intend to spray with this gun anyway.
Frag grenades are an amazing tool that allows Sledge to push fortified defenders and destroy defensive utility from range.
Whenever accessible, Frag grenades are our top pick for universal gadgets!

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