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  • Low recoil on UMP45
  • Unique ability to “remodel” map to defenders advantage
  • High reshaping capability with shotgun


  • Low rate of fire SMG – UMP
  • Not friendly for new players
  • Can be detrimental when misused
  • Requires plan to be efficient


Defensive operator

Castle R6 operator is not a META pick defender. His utility is situational and requires a pre-determined plan.
In Rainbow Six Siege Castle is usually a good pick for pre-made teams with tactics enhanced by his unique utility.
He is not a recommended operator for new players as armored panels can cause more harm to defenders than to attackers when misused. Useful placement of Armor panels requires experience and extensive map knowledge.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Campbell graduated from Cal State LA with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD. 
After five years on the job, he was assigned to the LAPD SWAT team where he excelled at for three years before being transferred to the FBI.

Campbell spent two years as an FBI field agent when his career had taken a natural progression as he was reassigned to the FBI SWAT team.


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Detailed information on how to play Castle R6 Siege operator

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What is the utility?

Castle is equipped with 3 Armor Panels, primarily used to waste attackers’ time or utility.
Armor Panels are unique, bulletproof barricades that can be placed in windows and doorways, instead of default wooden barricades.
An exception to the bulletproof aspect of Castle’s panels are bullets from Dokkaebi’s (or Vigil’s) BOSG.12.2, which can make relatively small holes in the panel.
Armor panels placed on the window cover its entire space. On the other hand, panels deployed on doorways don’t go all the way to the bottom –creates a narrow space between the floor and panel. Such space allows drones to pass and feet to be shot from the other side.
Armor panels are removable by either Castle or by his teammates. They do take a bit longer than default barricades and give a distinctive audio cue. Panels taken down by defenders are automatically returned to Castle for re-using.
Rainbow Six Siege Castle panels can also be removed by punching it 12 times.

How to use utility?

Proper utility usage as a Castle is essential. Unlike many other defensive gadgets, when misused Armor panels can cause more harm than benefit to defense.
The most common mistake that new players commit is using Armor panels to lock down entrances to the objective.
If you are to remember one thing from this guide, please let it be this: DON’T DO THAT!
Initially, it may seem like a productive way of utilizing panels, right?
In reality, most of the time, attackers will destroy those panels rather easily. On the other hand, such placement of panels will make potential retakes of the objective and flanks significantly harder. In some cases, even impossible!
Additionally, placing panels in external windows and doors may seem like a good idea.
Bear in mind that external usage, in most cases, does not create a substantial distraction as attackers do not expose themselves when attempting to destroy the panel. Certainly, not as much as they would in interior situations.
Many players, especially new ones, misunderstand the entire point of Castle’s utility by considering Armor panels as blockage preventing access from attackers to specific locations.
Truth is in Rainbow Six Siege Castle Armor panels are best used to:

By doing so, defenders create new or unusual angles that are unknown or less common for attackers.
The element of surprise can be an extremely beneficial aspect of R6 Siege. Such usage can net some easy kills for the defensive side when utilized correctly.


Armor Panels can be destroyed in multiple ways. However, all of them require: either using limited utility/time (punching barricade) or putting yourself at risk (breaching charge or Sledgehammer) of being shot.
Taking down a Panel with fists takes around 20 seconds, while also exposing attackers to being shot in feet, flanked, or killed by C4 from the other side of the panel.
Twenty seconds might not sound like much. However, in case of late push in the last seconds having to deal with Castle R6 operator’s barricade preventing access to bombsite can be detrimental to attackers.


Support your anchors by taking away certain key angles. The number of angles often indicates the strength of a defensive position.
Default barricades do not provide much protection – they can be shot with guns or punched quickly.
Meanwhile, bulletproof Armor panels give certain comfort to the defender by forcing attackers to expend their utility, which also notifies the anchor about imminent danger.


Bait attackers into leaving the panel for misleading comfort.
Such a result can be achieved by pre-placing panels in a way that attackers feel a certain level of confidence. Confidence is similar to that usual defenders would feel while protected by the Armor panel.
This will result in less attention paid to potential flank as attackers won’t hold such an angle.
Defenders can use it to their advantage by pre-punching the panel 11 times (only one punch will open the panel quickly for the flank)



Mute can place his Jammers close to Castle’s Armor panels so that attackers cannot use particular utility to dispose of Panels.
Utility jammed on Panels:
  • Breaching charges
  • X-Kairos – Hibana
  • Exothermic charges – Thermite
  • Cluster charges – Fuze
The utility that cannot be countered by the Mute+Castle combo:
Considering the current META, the Mute & Castle combo is not as effective as it used to be during Season 1.
Fuze is not a typical pick, especially in higher ranks. Breaching charges are not the preferable universal gadget pick as most teams run at least one soft breacher.
Also, in the worst-case scenario, attackers will expose themselves to defenders by trying to melee jammed Armor Panel 12 times, thus wasting around 20 seconds to do so.


In Rainbow Six Siege, Castle is not a hard counter to any specific operator.
From the attackers’ perspective, he is the most annoying to operators without breaching potential or explosives.
He is an excellent counter to long angles, and late objective pushes.

Countered by:

In Rainbow Six Siege Castle’s Armor panels are countered by:

How to play -
Castle R6 Siege


Universal operators can be called jacks-of-all-trades due to the ability to perform both tasks (roaming or anchoring) but not exceeding in either of them. As a universal operator you will be more adaptable than other operators, thus being able to shift your role mid-round swiftly in case the situation requires you to do so.
I suggest performing a role that is needed by your team and you feel comfortable with.
Roaming is leaving the objective site to disturb and flank attackers.
Anchoring, on the other hand, means staying on the objective or in a location with eyesight to the objective.
To learn more about each defensive role, please visit the below sections.
Rainbow Six Siege Castle’s most unique aspect in his playstyle is the preparation phase action.
Depending on your team’s plan of defense, your presence and utility may be needed either on the site or close to it (example: isolating room above the objective).
There are a couple of main scenarios for prioritization of preparation steps:
  1. You intend to play as an anchor on the objective site but should perform specific actions outside of it

    Prioritize steps outside of the objective first, then return to the objective as soon as possible. Optimally, you should return before the action phase starts or at the very beginning of the round.

    As a Castle, you may require a significant amount of time to use all your utility, which at times can extend to the early stage of the action phase. Being late with preparations outside of the objective, you can be picked off by entry fraggers who may attempt to rush your location. Alternatively, your rotation path may be cut off, preventing you from returning to the site.

    Border – ventilation objective on the ground floor
    You will anchor on-site, but setting Armor panels above objective for your teammates.
    First, rush upstairs to set required by teammates Armor panels and reinforced walls above objective, then return to the objective to finish preparations – reinforce objective walls, create rotation holes, set up remaining Armor panel(s), etc.

  2. You plan to roam, but have utility to be used on objective or in conjunction with it

    Prioritize on-site activities, such as reinforcing walls, opening rotation holes with a shotgun/grenade, and setting up Armor panels.
    Once the objective is ready, you can leave the site for roaming.

    First of all, don’t be that guy who leaves to roam before helping the team with preparing objectives for attackers’ push.
    Secondly, once you leave the objective as a roamer, you won’t get back to the objective until flanking or rotating early due to anchors being picked off. Ergo, you won’t have time to set up an objective during the action phase as a roamer.

Long story short:
If you plan to stay on-site during the round, first do the necessary steps further from the site.
If you want to roam, help to prepare the objective first.


  • mechanically simple utility
  • extensive tactical and map knowledge required
  • can be harmful to the defense
  • best for pre-made teams

Loadout guide -
Castle R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege gadget - Proximity Alarm

Proximity Alarm

A deployable alarm that emits a sound when attackers are within its line of sight and range.


Bulletproof camera

Camera deployable on walls to surveil areas. 
Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
UMP45CompensatorAngled grip1.5x Scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Super ShortyN/AN/ARed Dot
Bulletproof Camera

Why such loadout?

I recommend using UMP45 by default due to the range flexibility provided by using an automatic weapon.
UMP has a low rate of fire (600) with quite high damage per bullet for SMG (38), which is complemented by very low recoil.
In Y5S3 Castle received 1.5x magnifying scope, which is a great addition to, otherwise, mediocre at best primary weapon option.
My suggestion is to use a compensator as vertical recoil is minimal. Since Grim Sky recoil changes UMP pulls a bit to the right when spraying in full auto.
The grip selection for this SMG is very individual. On most guns, vertical grip helps significantly with recoil, but in the case of UMP benefit is not as noticeable. Therefore, I suggest using an angled grip for aggressive plays.
Now, let’s move to secondary weapon selection.
In Year 5 Season 1, Ubisoft finally decided to improve Castle’s capabilities to remodel the map by giving him access to a shotgun, as a secondary weapon. Since your primary reason for bringing Castle is to reshape the site to your advantage, it is a no-brainer to pick Super Shorty instead of 5.7 USG!
Due to the change in weaponry available to Castle, I lean towards picking Bulletproof Camera.
Bringing a camera adds additional utility to the team.
A proximity alarm is also a great option, so if you have an excess of intel-gathering cameras on the defense, then you should totally pick this gadget!

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