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  • Versatile utility
  • DMR on defense – TSG12
  • Scope on Pistol


  • Not new-player friendly
  • DMR won’t fit everyone


Defensive operator

Similar to Maverick on the attack, Kaid R6 operator has drastically expanded defensive options for Breach denial on defense.
He is the only operator who denies a breach of hatches.
Kaid serves two main roles on defense in Rainbow Six Siege:
  • Breach denial
  • Intel denial





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Jalal El Fassi was raised on stories of the Fortress, the legendary training facility in the Atlas Mountains. Its incomparable reputation, along with its famed “Kaids” (Commander) were seared into El Fassi.

He joined the GIGR (Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie) at 18, demonstrating natural leadership skills under fire. His ability to effectively command specialized squadrons in joint Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTP) operations led to his promotion as Captain. After years of service, the Fortress’ reigning Commander chose his successor: El Fassi, whose authoritative but ethical style made him a worthy “Kaid”.

His imposing presence and strict values led to success with his graduates, and the Fortress quickly gained accolades. He further proved its excellence through the thousands of soldiers who trained or taught on its grounds. 


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Over years of negotiating, he welcomed troops from across Africa and the Middle-East, fostering stronger ties between TSCTP members and African Standby Force countries.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Kaid R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Kaid has access to two Electroclaws called “Rtila,” but don’t bother trying to remember the name – nobody calls them that anyway.
Kaid’s utility is primarily Breach denial, but can also serve Anti-Intel function if needed.
As Breach denial devices, Electroclaws can electrify metal surfaces within 1,3 meters of their deployment, similarly to Bandit’s Shock wires. (radius buffed in Y4S4)
Deployment works very similarly from a mechanical perspective to Ela’s Grzmot mines – drop-off starts after approx. 5 meters.
Electroclaw requires 4 seconds to deploy once attached to the surface. Deployment’s progress is indicated by radius filling animation.
Unfortunately, in Rainbow Six Siege Kaid cannot see the exact radius of Electroclaw impact before placing. Therefore the player will have to estimate placement on his own.
Luckily Kaid can remove placed Electroclaw which can be used for correcting placement or actively “Kaid tricking” attackers. He has to be within reach range to pick his utility.
From an Anti-breach perspective, Kaid can prevent the detonation of Hard breacher’s utility on walls and hatches. 
Due to radius being an indicator of impact, Electroclaw electrifies multiple surfaces simultaneously.
The affected offensive utility is permanently destroyed, just like in the case of Bandit’s Shock wires.
Range of Electroclaw enables Kaid to affect:
  • 3 adjacent reinforced walls – up to 4 in a particular case(s), more on it in the following section
  • 2 reinforced walls and utilities (Deployable shield & Barbed wire) placed within range
  • One hatch
Anti-Intel utility can be fulfilled when drones come in contact with electrified objects, such as Barbed Wire or reinforced walls.

How to use utility?

Kaid is not a superior defender in blocking breaching walls over Bandit due to a limited number of Claws (2 vs. 4) and time needed for full deployment of the gadget.
From the perspective of preventing drones from gathering intel, he is not superior to Mute either due to the mentioned low number of gadgets and required combination with Barbed wires.
However, one term that describes Kaid’s utility capacity very well is versatility.
In Rainbow Six Siege Kaid is the only Breach denial operator who can:
  • Deny breach of a hatch
    In specific locations, Mute can place Signal Disruptors in a way that will prevent breaching a hatch. However, Kaid’s Electroclaw can electrify any reinforced hatch from below!
  • Place breach denial above ground level
    This may seem like not a big deal, but freedom of placement for Claw makes it significantly harder for Maverick to destroy Breach denial utility. 
    For Bandit and Mute, Maverick can open the bottom of the wall to look for defensive utility. 
    Also with the newest range buff on ElectroClaw, Kaid can make it very hard for Thatcher and Kali to deal with his Claws.
From the thought process, I recommend keeping the following aspects in mind when deciding on where and how to place Kaid’s Claws:
  • Your team composition
    Check operators available on your roster. If other Breach denial operators are selected, then discuss a plan of action with those teammates.
  • Team tactic
    When deciding on surfaces to be electrified, ask your team about their plan. In some scenarios your teammates may intend to play above the objective, in which case reinforcing and electrifying the hatch is not going to be useful.
  • Objective site structure
    If the defended objective has walls leading to exteriors and you are the only Breach denial operator, then focus on electrifying primarily exterior surfaces.
  • Hard to counter placement
    Try to place Claws in ways that they get the job done with the least exposure to angles from which attackers will be coming and with being hardest to counter by Hard breacher support attackers.
    When placing Claw on the hatch, don’t throw it to the middle of the hatch – it will be easy to be shot down if attackers can establish LoS on the hatch. Instead, place it in a cavity between the hatch and ceiling.
    When placing Rtila on the wall, do not put it on the ground level (unless attempting to electrify shield or barbed wire) as such placement will make Maverick’s or Twitch drones job much easier. Instead, place it in the middle of the wall height or on top.
I generally recommend teaming up with Bandit in case Breach denial of the site is the primary focus of a defensive team.
There are, however, different scenarios depending mainly on the usual objective site focus.
For that reason, I would distinguish the following situations in Rainbow Six Siege, based on breaching focus, which depends heavily on objective site:
  1. Breaching wall(s) is the focus
    Optimal team compositions:
    – Kaid
    Priorities for Breach denial(s):
    Below assumes your team wants to focus on preventing the particular wall from being opened, not maximizing the number of walls being electrified.
    First, in Rainbow Six Siege Kaid can place his ElectroClaw on the prioritized wall(s)
    Bandit should stay nearby the wall in case attackers brought Thatcher.
    In case Kaid’s Claw(s) are dispatched, Bandit can take over denial by “Bandit tricking.”
    Kaid’s Claw takes longer to deploy, which makes “Claw tricking” a significantly more difficult and less reliable task than “Bandit tricking.” Therefore, it is better to use Kaid’s utility first so that Bandit can have more batteries left for tricking. Additionally, Claws can be placed anywhere vertically on the wall, which may cause trouble for attackers to get rid of it in the first place. Especially in case, Thatcher is not available.
    Example of the objective site:
    Border – Armory/Lockers or Office.
  2. Both wall(s) and hatch(es) are important
    Optimal team composition:
    – Kaid
    Priorities for Breach denial(s):
    Bandit should focus on electrifying external or other vital walls.
    Kaid’s priority should be electrifying hatches. In case only one hatch is important, Kaid can either keep 1 Claw in case an EMP is used on the hatch or help Bandit with electrifying walls.
    In Rainbow Six Siege Kaid is the only operator able to deny breaching reinforced hatch, hence his focus on hatch(es).
    Keeping Claw is not a bad idea assuming Kaid plans to stay on-site with the ability to use it later in the round. Otherwise, Claw should be used elsewhere immediately to avoid waste of utility.
    Bandit’s main task is always walls; having Kaid is not changing his role in this scenario.
    Bank – Open Area & Kitchen
    Clubhouse – Armory and Church
  3. Breaching hatch(es) is the key
    Optimal team composition:
    – Kaid
    Priorities for Breach denial(s):
    Kaid should electrify hatch(es).
    I suggest selecting only Kaid. He is the sole operator that can deny breaching in such a scenario, so there is no benefit to bringing other Breach denial ops.
    Unless, of course, Mute can jam hatch by placing his Signal disruptor on an elevated surface, right under the hatch (Bank – Kitchen or Oregon – Laundry). That’s however not possible on every objective site with important hatches above the site.
    Chalet – Kitchen and Trophy Room
    Bank – Lockers/CC TV



In Rainbow Six Siege Kaid synergizes well with other Breach denial and Anti-Intel defenders, depending on circumstances.
  • Mute can help Kaid with preventing his Claws from being shot by Shock drones.
  • Bandit and Kaid are great combos as discussed above for the most efficient breach denial capacity of a defensive team.
Other synergies worth mentioning:
  • Electrifying reinforced walls on which Black Mirrors are placed will protect them from Hard Breachers utility.
  • Unlike other trap utilities, the Beartrap is not destroyed upon contact with electrified objects. Therefore, electrifying barbed wire at Frost trap location can result in killing attackers who get trapped in them.


From a Breach denial perspective Kaid counters:
  • Exothermic charges placed on electrified surfaces get destroyed permanently
  • X-Kairos placed on electrified surfaces are destroyed, as well. Additionally, Hibana cannot remove already placed pellets
  • This is only a partial counter. Maverick can still create holes in Electrified surfaces. However, he will have a hard time using his utility to create holes to destroy Breach Denial gadgets as Claws have versatility in placement.
  • Kali
    In some scenarios, Kaid may prevent Kali from dealing with his ElectroClaws.
    Example: Kali shot Lance close to the bottom of the wall, while Kaid’s Rtilla was deployed above the wall
As an Anti-Intel defender he is also capable of countering:
  • Shock drone (Twitch) and default drones
    Drones get destroyed upon contact with electrified surfaces or utility.

Countered by:

  • Best counter. Can use EMP without a line of sight, as long as Jammer is within EMP’s range
  • Kali
    When Kali places her Lance correctly, Kaid won’t be able to avoid her utility
  • Twitch 
    Shock Drone can destroy disruptor as long as it has a line of sight on Jammer without being in its range
  • Detects Rtila with the electronic detector and can shoot them through penetrable surfaces
  • Explosives
    Attackers like Ash & Zofia can use their utility to destroy Claws by launching them at approximate areas where Claw is placed if they have access to the side from which utility is put.
    Similarly, but to a lesser extent, Frag grenades can be used to disable Claws. A significantly harder task though as timing grenade to destroy Claws placed high above the floor requires an advanced skill.

How to play -
Kaid R6 Siege


An anchor is a defender who for the majority of the round stays on the objective site to defend it, or has eyesight on the site.
An essential aspect of anchoring is delaying attackers’ push to the objective site. Additionally, anchors should prioritize staying alive in Rainbow Six Siege.
This role usually requires less map knowledge and involves a more static playstyle. As an anchor, you will hold angles for the majority of the round.
As three armor operator in Rainbow Six Siege Kaid is more resistant to damage, which can play a significant role in successfully repelling an attack on-site or dying, leaving objective undefended.
1-speed operators are also slower than higher speed-rated operators and make more noise on the move. This alone makes flanks harder to pull off and returning to the site a longer process.
On top of that, Kaid has access to magnification scopes (1.5x and 2.0x), which helps with holding long and tight angles.
Roles in Rainbow Six Siege can be fluid and are not exclusive to any operator. A three-speed operator can be used successfully as an anchor, while a one-speed operator is capable of pulling off a flank.
However, as per their design, those operators will not excel at those roles most of the time and are better suited to fill the designated role.
If you want to learn more about anchoring in Rainbow Six Siege, please visit the below guide:


  • Requires good game sense to “Kaid trick wall/hatch.”
  • Map knowledge is required for the proper utilization of the gadget
  • Team coordination may be needed for full effectiveness
  • Using shotgun (disguised DMR) requires good aim

Loadout guide -
Kaid R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Barbed Wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.


Nitro Cell

Throwable explosive, detonated remotely by user. Can be pre-placed or used similarily to grenades. Best counter to Shield operators and preventing defuser plant.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
AUG A3CompensatorVertical grip1.5x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Barbed wire

Why such loadout?

AUG has been a weak SMG during Kaid’s release but has been buffed by Ubisoft ever since. In Y5S3 AUG has even received 1.5x scope, which makes it our preferred choice as a primary weapon for Kaid.
This is especially true after the Y5S1.2 Patch in which Ubisoft nerfed the damage output of TCSG12.
In such a scenario, I would suggest equipping it with a Compensator which works great with AUG A3. On top of that, you should equip this gun with a Vertical grip and 1.5x scope – fits great for both short and mid to long encounters!
However, if you are like me and feel completely fine with having DMR on defense, then you should go for Kaid’s very unique weapon – TCSG12.
You may wonder – “wait. Did you say DMR? It’s a bloody shotgun!”. TCSG12 is a DMR in its specification that is disguised as a shotgun. From the caliber perspective, it can make holes in surfaces similar to other shotguns, true.
On the other hand, it has:
  • 2.0x scope
  • damage model of non-shotgun weapons
  • damage drop-off distance longer than Glaz’s gun
Long story short it is a good gun on long distances and should be treated as such. 
Therefore, I  recommend equipping it with 2.0x scope and leaving it without barrel attachment as the only option is a suppressor.

A suppressor is not beneficial in the case of this gun as stealth is not your biggest asset as Kaid R6 operator, while damage reduction can make a significant difference.

Moving on to secondary weapon choice we have two options:
  • .44 mag pistol
  • LFP586

Both weapons are not ideal secondary weapons. They do offer high damage per bullet but have significant recoil that may be hard to manage.

We recommend using LFP586 (revolver) since magnification on .44 Mag can be a disadvantage in pistol-like situations.

Since Year4 Season4 Kaid has access again to Barbed Wire, instead of Impact grenades. We recommend picking Barbed wire since Kaid’s Electroclaw synergizes extremely well with wires.
Though Nitro cells can be very useful. Thus, if your squad has plenty of Barbed wires, or you expect a need to deny a plant with a Nitro, then go for it!

Community Videos -
Kaid R6 Siege

Instructional videos

Gameplay showcases

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