User Interface

Main menu interface

Main menu interface of Rainbow Six Siege consists of:

  1. Navigational tabs – those tabs divide ingame menu to sections, each having its own sub categories.
  2. Squad menu – shows information about your squad (party), as well as allows users to invite or leave current squad.
  3. Clearance and currency – shows your current clearance level & currency information, with a split to renown (earned ingame) and R6 credits (real money currency)
  4. Options menu – allows changing ingame settings, such as Audio, Matchmaking, Graphics and Controls. 
    Has an option to quit game and displays current data center (server) to which player is connected.
  5. Quick access button – allows quick access to last played mode.
  6. Alpha pack menu – displays current alpha pack chance and takes user to Alpha pack screen, where alpha packs can be purchased or opened.
    Displays also  special event packs (i.e. Outbreak or Halloween packs)
  7. Renown booster menu – allows activating boosters which grant 100% bonus to renown earned and 10% boost to teammates. Team with 5 boosters activated receives 190% boost.
  8. Challenges menu – views currently active daily challenges: up to 3 daily for standard users and 5 for season pass owners.
    Allows accessing Club challenges menu.
  9. Uplay Club quick access – subsitution to ” Shift+F2″ shortcut.
  10. Information panel – provides latest news about shop additions and events related to Rainbow Six Siege.
  11. Event playlist selection – during timed events (i.e. Halloween) Ubisoft activates a separate list which allows playing specific map or mode.

In-game interface

For the in-game interface, we have the following elements:

  1. Team information panel – provides a quick view of:
    • number of alive friendly (or hostile on the orange side) operators
    • operator’s icon
    • operator’s health (under operator icon)
  2. Round information – this section provides details on remaining round time and round count.
  3. Team score – the number of rounds won by each team.
  4. Health indicator – shows your health with a maximum of 100 (unless boosted by Doc to 120)
  5. Action panel – indicates counting from left side:
    • default gadget – shows icon of the equipped device as well as its count and assigned button
    • Ping shortcut
    • camera shortcut
    • Drone – an indication of the designated button and number of available drones
    • Fire mode – displays currently selected fire mode (semi-auto, burst or fully automatic)
    • unique gadget – displays status of the gadget (count or cooldown) as well as the assigned button
  6. Navigational panel – shows compass and default name of user’s current location
  7. Weapon panel – indicates the number of bullets remaining in a magazine (left side) and a total number of remaining bullets (right side).
    Shows name of currently equipped weapon (can also be gadget in case of some operators)

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