R6 Siege Editions Comparison

Learn the benefits of each Rainbow Six Siege game editions!

This R6 Siege Editions comparison will help you understand the choices provided by Ubisoft for buying the Rainbow Six Siege game. The game’s editions have been modified several times since the game’s release.

With every new Year and Season, the content available in Rainbow Six Siege increases – new maps (or reworks of old ones) are introduced and, the main topic we will discuss, new operators are added to the game.

Probably a good starting point is for us to clarify what aspects of the game are available in all editions:
All of the maps, as well as game modes,  are available to owners of all editions of Rainbow Six Siege.

Thus, the main difference between each edition is the number of operators (playable characters in R6 Siege) available from the beginning to the player.

First, however, let’s discuss the basics of Rainbow Six Siege economy to help you with understanding better how you can unlock operators and how much it will cost you.
Then we will dive into Edition comparison and conclude on the pros & cons of various options.

The Rainbow Six Siege game can be purchased by following the below links to online stores.

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Rainbow Six SIege Standard Edition


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Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition


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Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition


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Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition


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game's economy: currency in siege

Every DLC operator not included in the purchased R6 Siege edition has to be unlocked using either:


Renown is an in-game currency for Rainbow Six Siege.

Players earn Renown by playing the game. Finishing any PvP match grants player small Renown. So does the completion of Challenges, which are daily and weekly tasks.

You will be able to unlock both operators and cosmetics in the game with this currency. Some cosmetics cannot be purchased with Renown, such as Elite uniforms or Pro League sets.

Please note that you do not have to pay for guns or attachments once the operator is unlocked – it used to be a thing in R6 Siege in the past.

R6 credits

R6 Credits are Rainbow Six Siege currency obtainable with real money.

As a result, this currency substitutes Renown and allows players to speed up the unlocking process, for both operators and cosmetics.

Please note that the cost of R6 Credits may differ depending on your country and currency.
The lowest R6 Credits value you can buy is 600, which costs roughly 5 EUR/USD.

Though, buying higher value R6 Credits (2,400 and more) will get you a bit of extra currency.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators price

The pricing of R6 Siege operators varies depending on how long ago they came out.
Below is the pricing logic:


10 000
24 0

24-36 months

15 000
36 0

12-24 months

20 000
48 0

0-12 months

25 000
60 0

"Operators package"

Besides the above pricing for each individual DLC operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft offers players to purchase all missing operators from previous years (1 to 4) in one pack.

This Operator pack can be only bought with R6 Credits (real cash).
The pack offers a 53% discount on included operators.

Therefore, instead of paying 12,500 R6 Credits, you’d pay 5875 R6 Credits.

This may be a good way for players who have some DLC operators already unlocked. For those who have just a base game, the cost will be approx 50$.
In such a scenario it might be a better idea to just buy Ultimate Edition of Rainbow Six Siege on one of many discounts!

R6 Siege Editions comparison

Rainbow Six Siege editions available in Year 7 are:

Rainbow Six Siege
Standard Edition

The most basic edition of R6 Siege, which will be available only for PC players – starting from Year 6.

This edition includes unlockable access to base game operators available since the game’s release – 20 operators.

Regardless of the edition purchased, the base operators need to be unlocked with a relatively small amount of Renown.
The cost per base operator starts with 500 Renown and increases by 500 for each operator unlocked for the specific Unit – 4 Operators per unit.

Rainbow Six Siege
Deluxe Edition

Includes base game (20 operators), 8 Year 1 and 8 Year 2 DLC operators.
Unlike base operators, Year 1 & 2 operators are unlocked without any Renown cost with this edition of the game.
You save in-game cost for Year 1 & 2 DLC operators, which is 195,000 Renown / 4,680 R6 Credits.

Rainbow Six Siege

Operator Edition is an edition introduced in Year 6. This edition of Rainbow Six Siege replaced Gold Edition.
Operator Edition includes:
  • the base game operators
  • Year 1-5 DLC operators

This edition remained the same in Year 7. Year 6 operators are not included in it!


Rainbow Six Siege
Ultimate Edition

The R6 Siege Ultimate Edition was modified in Year 6 and remained the same in Year 7.
Up until Y6, Ultimate Edition included all operators in the game + the current year Season Pass.
Ubisoft has added a unique cosmetics bonus to Ultimate Edition but removed Season Pass from this edition. 
The new Ultimate Edition owners will receive a cosmetics set called “Disruptor”, which will be available for Zero (Y6S1 set release), Melusi (Y6S2), Ace (Y6S3), and Aruni (Y6S4).

Which R6 Siege Edition to buy?

There is no “the right answer” to this question as it will depend on the individual player.

I will leave the question of the cost for each edition out of this. Judging whether a certain amount of money is worth it or too much is an incredibly subjective and relative topic.
However, if you are not in a rush with buying the Rainbow Six Siege, then perhaps try to grab the game on sales – nowadays, Ubisoft makes quite frequent discounts on the game!

As you can see from the above R6 Siege editions comparison, the main benefit of buying a higher-priced versions of the game is gaining immediate access to the operators.

Such a choice will have an impact on how much “spare” Renown you will have to spend on cosmetics. Therefore, both aspects are worth consideration for your choice of the Rainbow Six Siege game edition.

Unlocking process - grind?
Unlocking all DLC operators with an in-game currency will take a significant portion of time and may feel like a grind. This is especially true in case you purchase low-value editions.
When playing Ranked, we usually get 330-400 Renown per match, and the game can take between 30 to 50 minutes.
Casual mode, on the other hand, gives 150-230 Renown, while lasting 10-15 minutes.
If you are a player who does not like to progress with unlocking such a fundamental element of the game as characters, then I would suggest getting at least the Deluxe Edition of the R6 Siege game. Though, since the Rainbow Six Siege Operator edition provides access to all operators released prior to Year 6, it is the best option to minimize the grind needed. This is especially true during discount periods.
The Learning Curve
On the other hand, when starting your journey with Rainbow Six Siege, you will need time to grasp the basic mechanics of the game and learn each operator separately.
Just learning the base game operators will take you quite some time!
The interactions between operators in the game are very confusing for new players.
Therefore, from a progression perspective, I believe no rush is needed if you like R6 Siege. Unlocking operators over time may actually help you retain the feeling of being rewarded for your progress and give you time to learn the abilities and synergies/counters.
Buying Cosmetics
Bear in mind that unlocking operators and getting cosmetics with Renown will not be easily achievable.
Of course, it depends on how much time you spend in the game and which exact edition you purchased. However, with few hours a week, every season you will be able to save enough Renown for 2 new DLC operators and 1 seasonal weapon skin.
Hence, if you are a player who cares about cosmetics, then you should get as advanced an edition as possible!
Tactical disadvantage
Lastly, some players may be concerned that lacking DLC operators will hinder their potential in using all available tactics or fulfill necessary functions.
This may be a reasonable concern as some DLC operators can change the way the round unfolds, i.e., Mira or Kaid on defense.
However, learning the game sufficiently enough to be the one picking such important operators as Mira or Hibana will require a dedication of time. And with that time you should be able to save up for those operators easily!
Long story short: You won’t be hindered by not having DLC operators. Base game operators are still very viable choices for all objectives.

Disrputor Set Preview

Below is a preview of the “Disruptor” cosmetics set showcased by Ubisoft.
It seems to be a “regular” skin and not an elite one (with MVP animation).
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Year 7 Season Pass

Season Pass used to be a thing up until Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege life cycle. Ubisoft then removed Season Pass and introduced Battle Passes that included new operators when the season started.
In Year 7, the Season Pass is brought back but can be bought only till the 8th of March 2022!
Ubisoft offers two options of Season Passes for Year 7:


  • Grants instant access to new operators at the start of their respective seasons, with 14 days early access
  • Additionally gives players access to Battle Passes themselves, as well!
  • 30% Battle Points bonus
  • Ash Chilled Bundle


  • Everything included in Year 7 Pass
  • Instant unlock of 20 tiers for every Battle Pass in Year 7
  • Unique Cosmetics:

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