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  • Highly effective in CQB
  • Has a shield
  • Most offensive shield attacker
  • Blinds enemy within 4 meters
  • Able to sprint with a shield


  • No access to automatic guns
  • Less defensive ability than Montagne
  • Not productive at long & medium range
  • Vulnerable to flanks
  • Limbs are fragile when sprinting


Offensive operator

Blitz R6 Siege operator is best played aggressively and decisively. He shines in 1vs1 situations where he can pinch an enemy and finish defender off from close range.

Blitz is a complex attacker who requires much practice to utilize appropriately. When used correctly, however, he is a formidable foe who strikes fear into enemies’ hearts.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



A student of Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, Kötz excelled academically and as a sportsman in the HBG’s bilingual program. His imposing physique made him an exceptional athlete, he carried his experience on the field into his military training. His jovial nature and academic background eased the transition from a Schnelle Kräfte soldier in Kosovo to a member of GSG 9. Kötz was integral to establishing an anti-terrorism unit in India following the 2008 attack in Mumbai.


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Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Blitz R6 Siege operator

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What is the utility?

Blitz R6 operator is an interesting attacker to describe his utility. The shield itself is a crucial aspect of utility as it completely changes the playstyle of an operator. 

On top of having shield blocking bullets, Blitz is equipped with a ballistic Flash shield that blinds enemies within an effective range.

In Rainbow Six Siege Blitz can use flash four times with 7 seconds cooldown between each usage.

Defenders present within 4 meters from the shield are fully blinded for almost 4 seconds.

One of the exciting aspects of Blitz’s flash is that facing away from him will not negate the effect, unlike flashbangs.

How to use utility?

Using flash of your shield is a straightforward mechanic from the gameplay mechanic perspective as all it requires is pushing utility button. 

The complexity aspect of utilizing flash comes from getting within 4 meters from the defender, which we will describe in the “How to play” section. Therefore, this section will be short and focused on tips around close quarter combat.

Don't hoard on Flashes!

First, don’t hold on to flashes “for later.” If you are within the range, flash the enemy. You have four flashes and might not have a chance to use it later in case you die now or take unnecessarily damage early on.

Furthermore, flashing an enemy is not the only way to win an encounter. Start hip-firing defender when within 6-7 meters and then use flash when within effective range.
When an enemy is flashed, he/she takes off the left hand from the gun and puts it close to face (picture on the right)
Bear in mind that enemies partially flashed (4+ till 6 meters) will also show such animation!

Don't be Impatient!

Once an enemy is flashed, wait a moment before ADSing. Most enemies will blindly panic shot, so in case their crosshair was on you before the flash went off, they might still hit you!

Just wait a moment for them to shot in a different direction before going for finishing blow.

Use Sprint ability

Rainbow Six Siege Blitz has a special ability at his disposal – shield sprint.
If you press the run button (default on PC shift), you will start sprinting with your shield. During an animation, you move at a higher speed than the default walking, and your hands are hidden behind the shield. Thus your right arm is less exposed to defenders bullets. However, legs remain weak spots, so don’t overuse this technique.

Planting as a shield

When planting a breaching charge or bomb defuser, Blitz R6 operator puts his shield on his back. Shield blocks then bullets shot in his back, which can be used as additional protection when planting defuser. Therefore, we recommend planting with your back exposed to the enemy to avoid being shot during the animation.



Blitz can do very well on his own as a lone wolf operator. However, his effectiveness raises when paired with a teammate with a gun.
If you decide to team up with Blitz, try to cover his flanks and prevent your shield buddy from being surrounded by enemies. 
When Blitz R6 operator has the full attention of defender(s), its teammate’s time to shoot distracted enemies.

Additionally, teammates can drone for Blitz. This technique will help with aggressively clearing rooms and minimizing the risk of sneaky defender having a jump on the shield.


Currently, in Rainbow Six Siege Blitz is not a hard counter to any specific defensive operator. Instead, he is an excellent counter to isolated defenders. 

Countered by:

Blitz is not hard countered by any specific defender. However, particular gadgets are specifically annoying to shield operators, such as:

  • Nitro cell
    Despite shield lowering damage dealt by explosives, C4s can be still quite a pain to deal with
  • Barbed Wire
    Slows you down, making you an easier target and closing the gap between you and defender more laborious task
  • Traps
    Operators such as Kapkan, Frost, and Lesion can be extremely annoying to Rainbow Six Siege Blitz players. Shield obscures your view so in many cases you may have more trouble seeing a trap.
    Additionally, Lesion’s Gu mines disable sprinting ability until pulled off.
  • Smoke’s Gas canisters
    Combined with barbed wires, Smoke’s utility is one of (if not the most) deadly counters to Blitz
  • Mute’s Signal disruptor
    Device jams possibility to flash enemies. 

How to play -
Blitz R6 Siege



The playstyle of Blitz is described very well by his nickname, which means lightning in German. In the case of Blitz R6 Siege operator, lightning relates to both his utility and Blitzkrieg.
For those unaware of term Blitzkrieg – it is a war strategy developed by Germans which revolves around a very offensive mindset of quickly gaining control over the enemy’s territories with fast, surprising and powerful attacks.

Are you getting a picture already of what playing with Blitz will be like? Good!
Now let’s go over-utilizing the above mindset in R6, annoying defenders like few others can and describing What-not-to-do as a shield.

Playing shield operators in Siege is a significantly different experience than using any other operator type. Some players will find it fitting their style from the get-go, others might have a hard time getting the hang of shields. 

The latter applies to me. I still find it difficult at times to resist certain temptations and avoid making mistakes that are the most common reasons for shield players to die. Such mistakes are:

  • Aiming Down Sight (ADS) too much!

    Seriously, don’t ADS as shield unless necessary or safe.
    In a game like R6, this may feel counterintuitive as you Aim Down Sight almost all the time when not playing shield.

    However, using ADS as a shield will get you killed more often than not. That’s due to exposing your most vulnerable body part – head – as the shield is lowered in the process, making your head an easy target.
    More experienced defenders will try to bait you into ADS so that they can headshot you easily.
    Very frequently, people flash and then ADS immediately – don’t do that! Wait a slight moment before doing so. Defenders will often blind fire when flashed, so let initially placed crosshair go off from you and then finish them off.

    You may wonder, “what should I do instead?” if you cannot reliably kill defenders from a long/medium distance without ADSing. We will get there later, for now, focus on resisting the temptation to ADS.

  • Not droning

    I understand what goes through people head at times when playing shield:
    “Drones are for others. Who needs Intel when I got that darn shield, I can face check and push defenders, right?”
    Well, no, wrong!

    You are not invincible even though you have a shield. Rainbow Six Siege Blitz’s most significant weaknesses are his flanks and crossfires. The best way to prevent both vulnerabilities from getting you killed is to drone location before pushing it. Thanks to Intel gained you can assess the best method of engaging defenders.

    Remember: Intel is a vital aspect of success in R6 Siege. This principle still applies when playing Blitz, even though you have a shield in front of your face.

  • Pushing without teammate(s)

    Blitz is one of the selected few operators in R6 Siege who does really well on his own. However, as mentioned in the previous point – your kryptonite is flanks.
    Pushing together with teammate considerably neutralizes flanks and gives you a certain amount of comfort, allowing to focus better on pushing defenders.
    Additionally, as a shield, you will be the main focus of engaged defenders, which allows your buddy to get easy kills. This aspect is especially helpful when facing more than one defender simultaneously.

  • Not using the environment

    Not using the environment to your advantage is a common and costly mistake. Shield players tend to linger without considering their surroundings and underutilize angles.

    Example: to peek a door and check the situation on your right side, you can crouch and keep the right hand concealed behind the door frame.
    Wherever there is no entrance or soft wall, that’s the side you should keep your back to as no risk is expected from that direction.

Now that we got the main “What-not-to-do” described let’s focus on how to get the job done with Blitz.

The art of Blitzing in Rainbow Six Siege is about:

  1. Knowing and utilizing your strengths:

  • 1vs1 close range god
    Blitz’s bread and butter are fighting defenders one by one in close-quarter combat (2-5 meters), where we can utilize our utility, pistol, and melee most efficiently.

    Try to melee enemies before they do so. Being meleed makes you vulnerable for a few seconds, with shield moved by 90 degrees to your left.

    A tip for such situations is to turn 90 degrees to the right; your shield can still block bullets if faced towards the enemy.

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  • shield blocks bullets from the front
    It is not always an easy task, but make sure shoulders are squared to the target.

  1. Limiting the impact and risks of your vulnerabilities:

  • long & medium distance engagements

    Playing Blitz, we want to hipfire almost all the time!

    Hipfire has a penalty to accuracy, so we are at a severe disadvantage when engaging defenders from more than a few meters.
    So let’s make it clear: As Rainbow Six Siege Blitz we not going to win long-distance engagements reliably against equally skilled defenders.

    It would be best if you used ADS only to kill defenders in particular scenarios, such as defender running away from you, reloading after emptying clip, not being aware of your presence, paying attention to someone else.

    Otherwise, hipfire while closing the gap steadily.
    You also do not want to spam hipfire shots from a farther distance. Instead tap fire and do so preferably being crouched and still – this increases the accuracy of your shots!
    In case you have to ADS from a far distance, do your best to make your head a hard target to hit.

    Such can be achieved by not standing still, changing stance, and leaning positioning.

  • flanks & crossfires

    Take into account the environment when deciding where to attack.
    In case defenders established crossfire on your position or have high possibility to surround you, retreat and choose another place of entry.

    We should always try to double the cover we have by combining the defense provided by the environment with our shield.

  • explosives

    Shields lower damage dealt by explosives, such as impact grenades and nitro cells.
    Reduction in damage depends on how many body parts are hidden from explosive. You take the least amount of damage crouching while facing an explosion with your shield.

    In case you know (or assume) defender(s) having nitro cells, do not always push their location immediately.

    Instead, try to bait them into throwing C4 at you when you are in a position to back off and turn towards explosion without exposing in the process your side or back to the defender.

  • elevation

    A shield does not move much vertically when you look up or down.
    As Blitz one of your biggest enemies will be situations where you have to climb the stairs as you exposure your head and shoulders to defenders situated above you.
    Try to avoid them at all cost. In case you have to go up the stairs, overcompensate vertically direction you are looking at to minimize the effect.
    Consequently, crouching has a similar effect of head and shoulders exposure to enemies, thus do not aim down while crouching.

So what do we want to do as Blitz? 

We want to close the gap between defender and Blitz as quickly as possible while loosing as little health as feasible, with least exposure to flanks or crossfires.

Now, how do we do that?

Closing the gap as Blitz is all about doing so quickly, decisively and making our limbs hard to shot.
Once you decide to push defender, do so deliberately by moving from cover to cover. 
Leaving cover to change mind in the process and then hang in the middle of the room or corridor without a plan is a bad idea when playing Blitz.

Advanced Blitz players use switching between stances
(standing & crouching), as well as swapping leaning angle, to throw defender’s aim off and make it hard to hit weak spots.
Your legs are exposed when running with shield, while shoulders and right hand are at risk of being shot in a crouch position.
However, try not to spam the crouch button rapidly without a pause – defender will continue shooting our legs, and you won’t achieve anything with this technique.

When planting a breaching charge or bomb defuser, Blitz puts his shield on his back.
Shield blocks then bullets shot in his back, which can be used as additional protection when planting defuser.



Many Rainbow Six Siege players consider Blitz easy and broken. I disagree. Blitz requires advanced skills to be effective.

Shield operators are generally not simple to utilize correctly. They require mindset change from the default approach to the round.

Rainbow Six Siege Blitz shines in situations where he cannot be flanked and where the defender can be isolated. Multiple defenders and angles are no-go for Blitz as he is easy prey for coordinated defenders.

To utilize the Blitz to his fullest potential, attackers need to cooperate to team up with him, which can be achieved primarily in pre-made squads.

Loadout guide -
Blitz R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege breaching charge

Breaching charge

The charge allows opening a hole in unreinforced walls, hatches, and barricades.


Smoke grenade

Grenade releasing a cloud of smoke, which is almost impossible to see through. It gives the advantage to players by preventing line of sight.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
G52-Tactical ShieldN/AN/AN/A
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
P12Muzzle brakeN/AN/A
Smoke grenade

Why such loadout?

There is not much variation when it comes to the Blitz loadout.
He has access to only one weapon – P12.
From attachment options, we strongly recommend using a Muzzle brake barrel option.
A suppressor is useless as shield operator as you will make loud, distinctive sound notifying everyone and their mother that Blitz is coming.
Muzzle brake will lower your recoil on a pistol, which is an excellent benefit considering P12 is the only firearm at your disposal.
Also, it would be best if you always put a laser on when playing a shield operator.

Rainbow Six Siege Blitz has access to both breaching charges and smoke grenades. We strongly recommend selecting a smoke grenade.
Smokes have great potential to nullify one of your most significant weaknesses – flanks and crossfires.
To use smoke grenades efficiently, throw them closer to the defender or angle you want to obscure, do not smoke yourself.
The reasoning behind is that defender can shoot you relatively easy when suspecting you are in smoke. On the other hand, it’s hard for them to shoot accurately when they are covered in smoke as orientation is severely impaired.

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