Rainbow Six Siege Attachments:
Barrels Guide

Learn about barrels choices available in Rainbow Six Siege! 


Our R6 barrels guide will use certain terms to describe the benefits of different attachments.
Therefore, let’s start with going through the list of terms that we will use going forward:
  • Muzzle climb– Vertical recoil of the weapon
  • Diamond size – Every shot has a diamond-shaped area for the next bullet’s recoil. Some barrels reduce the size of that diamond.
  • Centering time – time needed after shot for crosshair to return to the original position
  • Muzzle flash – a flash from a muzzle of your weapon that can decrease visibility
  • Smoke trails – firing weapons leaves visible white smoke lines. Those lines indicate where the shot came from.
  • Threat indicators – white arc on players’ screens when they get shot at. Indicates direction from which the damage is coming from.
Additionally, since barrel attachments are quite tightly connected to the topic of recoil in Rainbow Six Siege, we recommend watching this video of Zironic:



Rainbow Six Siege Flash Hider Barrel attachment

Flash Hider

Since Y6S2 this barrel attachment has simplified impact on the recoil.

Flash hider decreases the vertical recoil – both the speed and strength of the climb.

Rainbow Six Siege Barrel attachment - Compensator


Similar to flash hider, the compensator’s impact on recoil has been streamlined.
Currently, this attachment lowers the horizontal recoil of guns.

Muzzle Brake

  • Reduces first shot muzzle rise by 45%
  • Reduces centering time by 45%
Great barrel for weapons with a massive kick on a first shot (Buck’s C8) and semi-automatic weapons – DMRs and Pistols.
Rainbow Six Siege Barrels Attachments - Suppressor


  • Eliminates Smoke Trails
  • Removes Threat Indicators
  • Removes Muzzle Flash
  • Lowers noise generated by the shot
  • Reduces damage per bullet by 15%
  • Has no impact on recoil
Gunshots are still audible, but harder to locate the direction from which they are coming from. The suppressor is designed with stealth in mind.
The damage reduction is the main reason this barrel is not too famous.
Rainbow Six Siege Barrels Attachments - Extended Barrel

Extended Barrel

  • Increases damage on long distances (above 25m) by 15-20%
  • Has no impact on recoil
An extended barrel is the least popular barrel attachment in Rainbow Six Siege. An increase in damage output on the long-range is insignificant, in most weapons cases.


Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash
Below recommendations are our own preferences when it comes to equipping barrel attachments to certain guns.
Some of them will be obvious, but others are highly subjective.

If you disagree with our suggestions and feel better by using other R6 barrels on your guns, then great – stick to it.
But we suggest that you at least test alternatives on your main operators. Preference is acquired, hence it usually requires testing of various options beforehand.

R6 Guns to use with
Flash Hider

552 Commando IQ
556xi Thermite
6P41 Finka & Fuze
AK-12 Fuze
AK-74M Nomad
Alda 5.56 Maestro
ARX20 Nomad
AUG A2 IQ & Wamai
Bearing 9 Hibana & Echo
F2 Twitch
F90 Gridlock
FMG9 on Smoke (Suppressor on Nokk)
G36c Ash & Iana (with ACOG)


M12 Caveira
M4 Maverick
M752 Zofia
MK17-CQB Blackbeard
MP5 Rook, Doc & Oryx
MP7 Bandit
MPX Valkyrie
Mx4 Storm Alibi (with Angled grip)
Para 308 Capitao
SMG11 Smoke, Mute, Sledge & Amaru
Spear.308 Finka
SPSMG9 Clash
Type-89 Hibana
V308 Lion

R6 Guns to use with



 Kapkan & Tachanka
AR33 Thatcher
C7E Jackal
G36C Ash & Iana (with 1x sight)
G8A1 Amaru & IQ
L85A2 Sledge & Thatcher
LMG-E Zofia
M249 Capitao & Gridlock
MP5K Mute & Wamai
Mx4 Storm Alibi (with Vertical grip)
PDW9 Jackal
R4-C Ash
Scorpion Evo Ela
T5-SMG Lesion
T-95 LSW Ying
UMP45 Castle & Pulse

R6 Guns to use with
Muzzle Brake



P90Doc & Rook
PISTOLSALL, except IQ – use suppressor on P12
DMRS, including: 
417Twitch & Lion
Mk 14 EBRDokkaebi

R6 Guns to use with

C75 AutoDokkaebi, Kali & Vigil
FMG9Nokk (if you go full stealth)

R6 Guns to use with

P10 RONIMozzie
Vector45Goyo & Mira

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