Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide:
How To Play IQ in 2023

Half support, half fragger – IQ Rainbow Six Siege operator is a dynamic attacker with a broad usage of her gadget.
She serves primarily as an intel-gathering operator thanks to her Electronics detector – Spectre.

This tends to cause difficulties when played by new players due to the nature of her utility.


  • Versatile weapon selection with three viable options, allowing players to cater to their preferences.
  • High mobility as a 3-speed operator, providing increased agility and speed.
  • Excellent utility counter, capable of neutralizing a wide range of defender gadgets.


  • Limited grenade options, lacking frag or stun grenades, which can limit offensive capabilities.
  • Restricted to using a pistol while utilizing the gadget, unable to rely on a primary weapon for engagements.
  • Not beginner-friendly, requiring a higher level of map knowledge, situational awareness, and game sense to maximize effectiveness.


IQ Utility Guide

What is the ability of IQ?

IQ, the attacking operator in Rainbow Six Siege, wields the cutting-edge RED Mk III “Spectre,” a compact device capable of detecting enemy electronics within a 20-meter range. Spectre’s remarkable ability to bypass obstacles and surfaces ensures that no electronic device can escape IQ’s keen detection.

It’s important to note that while utilizing her electronic detector, IQ must temporarily holster her primary weapon and rely on her trusty pistol for self-defense.

IQ’s gadget, the RED Mk III Spectre, offers a multitude of applications, including:

  1. Intel Gathering Tool:
    With her scanner, IQ can pinpoint the exact location of defenders’ electronic utility, providing invaluable information to her team. By identifying and exposing hidden gadgets such as cameras, traps, and other electronic devices, IQ significantly disrupts the enemy’s defensive strategies.
  2. Countering Defender Abilities:
    IQ’s detector proves particularly effective against certain defender abilities. She can counter Pulse and Vigil, but only when they are actively using their utilities. Additionally, IQ’s scanner reveals defenders using their phones to access cameras, including operators like Maestro and Echo. When Dokkaebi’s logic bomb is activated, IQ can identify defenders who have failed to answer their phones. Furthermore, Clash becomes visible on IQ’s scanner when she deploys her taser.
  3. Hard-Breach Support:
    Spectre empowers IQ to neutralize breach denial devices. In critical situations where these devices pose a threat, IQ can employ her scanner to locate and eliminate them, especially when they are positioned behind destructible surfaces.
  4. Defusing Denial:
    Rarely seen, due to situational nature of such tactic, is IQ’s ability to prevent defenders from defusing planted defuser.

Mastering the utility of IQ’s RED Mk III Spectre is essential for maximizing her impact in the field. Whether it’s gathering intel, countering defender abilities, or supporting hard breaches, IQ’s gadget provides a unique and powerful toolkit for the discerning operator.

How to use IQ’s utility?

Using IQ’s utility effectively in Rainbow Six Siege requires more than just understanding the basic gameplay mechanics. It demands advanced map knowledge and situational awareness to fully unleash its potential. Here are key strategies to make the most out of IQ’s utility:

  1. Use the Ability to Shoot and Detect Through Surfaces:
    As IQ, leverage the ability to detect and shoot electronic devices through surfaces to gain an advantage. Take advantage of verticality by scanning for devices from above or below. This minimizes the risk of getting shot, as defenders won’t have a direct line of sight on you by default. Additionally, you can destroy utility without even entering the building. For example, you can eliminate plenty of on-sight defensive utility by rappeling on windows located near the bomb. Consider the time investment and prioritize targets accordingly.
  2. Be Mindful of Flanks While Using Spectre:
    Exercise caution when using the Electronics detector. You are vulnerable to flanks during this time. Try to employ it when the chance of getting shot is lower, such as outside the building or when positioned vertically above or below the objective. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your teammates and request cover to mitigate potential risks.
  3. Consider the Available Defender Operators:
    Understanding which defenders are in play is crucial for optimizing IQ’s utility. Knowing the presence of certain operators that IQ counters provides valuable information for utility usage. For example, if defenders have Echo or Valkyrie, you know what to search for when scanning for devices. Likewise, if defenders have trap-focused operators, focus on scanning choke points and entrance areas for their utility. Identifying the presence of Pulse or Vigil enables you to effectively counter these roaming defenders. Conversely, knowing who is not present on the defensive side can also be advantageous for planning your approach.

To maximize the effectiveness of IQ’s gadget, consider the following strategies and moments when using it:

  1. Pre-Building Entry:
    Before entering the building, it’s crucial to gather intel on your entry point. While all operators should drone the location, as IQ, you have the additional advantage of quickly scanning your entry point for potential defender ambushes. Look for indicators such as traps, Pulse’s scanner, or Vigil’s disruptor.
  2. Vertical Play on Objective:
    When the objective site has soft surfaces that can be penetrated, position IQ above or below the objective. This grants you the ability to clear defender utility without direct line of sight, giving you a significant advantage over the defenders. Utilize IQ’s gadget to detect and destroy gadgets from below or above.
  3. Rappelling on Objective Windows:
    Similar to vertical play, barricaded windows break the line of sight and provide an opportunity for IQ to clear utility without being easily seen by defenders. However, be cautious of defenders attempting run-outs or shooting the windows once they become aware of your presence.
  4. Pre-Objective Entry:
    Objective entrances often have numerous traps and defender utility. Before initiating the final push onto the objective, swiftly scan your entry points as IQ. This helps you identify and disable any devices or traps that could impede your progress or catch you off guard.
  5. Vertical Post-Plant:
    If your team successfully plants the defuser in a location with penetrable surfaces above or below, utilize vertical play. Defenders attempting to disarm the defuser will be visible on IQ’s scanner, allowing you to eliminate them without exposing yourself to danger.

By employing these tactics, you can effectively use IQ’s gadget to gather intel, counter defender utility, and enhance your team’s chances of success. Remember to communicate with your teammates, adapt to the situation, and make strategic decisions based on the objectives and defender setups you encounter.

Synergies with other operators:

IQ, the versatile attacker in Rainbow Six Siege, offers strong synergies with several other operators.
Here are the key partnerships to capitalize on when playing as IQ:

  • Thatcher, Twitch, Kali, Zero, Brava & Flores (Utility Destroying Attackers):
    IQ’s ability to detect and locate defensive utility synergizes exceptionally well with operators specializing in destroying such utility. By providing precise information on gadget locations, IQ significantly facilitates the work of these attackers. Working together, they can efficiently neutralize defender gadgets and create opportunities for the team.
  • Dokkaebi:
    An often overlooked synergy exists between IQ and Dokkaebi. When utilizing Spectre, IQ has the ability to detect defenders whose phones have not been answered after Dokkaebi activates her logic bomb. This combination allows for strategic identification of defenders, potentially exposing their positions and giving the attacking team a significant advantage.
  • Frag Grenades:
    In certain situations, pairing up with operators who possess frag grenades can provide valuable synergy for IQ. Operators like Sledge, Iana, Nokk, or Glaz can use their frag grenades to destroy gadgets that are otherwise unreachable or difficult to eliminate. IQ’s gadget detection abilities can pinpoint the location of such gadgets, allowing these attackers to precisely eliminate them with their explosives.

By capitalizing on these synergies, IQ can greatly enhance the effectiveness of her team’s overall strategy, improving gadget destruction, gathering critical intel, and creating advantageous situations on the battlefield.

Countered by IQ:

IQ, the formidable operator in Rainbow Six Siege, acts as a hard counter to three specific operators: Pulse, Vigil, and Valkyrie:

  • Pulse:IQ’s gadget allows her to detect Pulse while he is using his heartbeat sensor. This provides IQ with a significant advantage due to two key factors. Firstly, IQ can spot Pulse before he can detect her, thanks to her gadget’s longer range (20m versus Pulse’s 9m). Secondly, IQ can eliminate Pulse without needing to switch to her weapon, whereas Pulse experiences a delay as he transitions from his scanner to his gun.
  • Vigil:When Vigil activates his cloaking device, he remains continuously visible on IQ’s detector. This gives IQ the upper hand when hunting down this elusive roamer, as she can precisely track his movements and swiftly eliminate him.
  • Valkyrie:IQ excels at countering Valkyrie by detecting her tricky cameras, unless they are located beyond her gadget’s 20m range. Being able to locate Valkyrie’s cameras is particularly advantageous on maps with expansive areas, such as Bank.

In addition to countering these specific defenders, IQ’s utility extends to countering Echo by detecting his Yokai drones. Here is a full list of operators and devices countered by IQ:

  1. Defenders’ Unique Gadgets Exposed by IQ’s Detector:
  • Alibi’s Prismas
  • Maestro’s Evil Eyes
  • Bandit’s Shock Wires
  • Mute’s Jammers
  • Kaid’s Electroclaws
  • Jäger’s ADS
  • Smoke’s Gas Canisters
  • Lesion’s GU Mines
  • Ela’s Grzmot Mines
  • Kapkan’s Traps
  • Valkyrie’s Cameras
  • Echo’s Yokai Drones
  • Thunderbird’s Kona Stations
  • Pulse’s Heartbeat detector
  • Vigil’s ERC-7 disruptor
  • Clash’s Electro shield
  • Mozzie’s Pests and hacked drones
  • Warden’s watch when active
  • Melusi’s Banshee
  • Aruni’s Surya gates
  • Thorn’s Razorblooms
  • Fenrir’s Dread mines
  • Wamai’s Mag-nets
  1. Defenders’ Universal Gadgets Recognized by Spectre:
  • Nitro Cells
  • Default Cameras
  • Bulletproof Cameras
  • Observation Blocker

IQ’s exceptional gadget detection abilities grant her a valuable advantage against a wide array of defensive gadgets, disrupting the enemy team’s strategies and providing crucial intel to her own team.

Counters to IQ:

IQ does not have any specific hard counters. However, there are certain factors that can be considered as counters to IQ’s utility.

Firstly, IQ engages in an exciting duel with Pulse due to the nature of their utilities. Both operators have the ability to detect each other while using their gadgets, creating a unique dynamic that requires skill and strategy to outplay and outmaneuver each other.

Additionally, the biggest counter to IQ is her vulnerability while using the scanner. When IQ is focused on detecting enemies’ devices, she is unable to use her primary weapon. This limitation makes her susceptible to flanking and ambushes from defenders. It is crucial for IQ players to exercise caution and ensure they have proper team support and cover while utilizing her gadget.

While IQ does not have any specific hard counters, her vulnerability during gadget usage is an important consideration!
Maintaining situational awareness, communication with teammates, and utilizing proper positioning are essential for minimizing risks and maximizing IQ’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Rainbow Six Siege IQ playstyle guide

IQ Playstyle Guide

Playstyle role of IQ

IQ is a versatile operator who can adapt her playstyle to suit various roles, combining elements of an Entry Fragger and Support operator. However, due to her fast speed and non-crucial support role, she tends to be played more in an Entry Fragger role.


IQ excels as an Entry Fragger, leading the charge and breaking through the initial line of defense. As an IQ player, your role will involve actively hunting down roamers, minimizing the risk of late-round flanks that can hinder the attackers’ final push. Clearing roamers is crucial for maintaining control and creating opportunities for your team. Be decisive, challenge defenders, and take calculated risks.

Entry fraggers also play a vital role in advancing the attackers’ progress by securing strategically important locations, such as the room above the objective site if it has a destructible ceiling. Additionally, entry fraggers often engage with anchor defenders on the objective, leading the charge to dismantle their defenses.

Building Entry as Fragger:

As an entry fragger, it’s essential to plan your entry point during the preparation phase based on personal preferences and your team’s attack strategy. Leaving your drone at the entry point will provide valuable initial intel. Defenders may attempt to set up traps and catch attackers off guard at entry points, but with the knowledge gained from your drone, you can neutralize their surprise factor by pre-firing or avoiding them.


While IQ can also fulfill a support function, she doesn’t need to be as passive and cautious as operators like Thatcher. While IQ is not typically selected as the sole Hard Breach support, she can still contribute to the team’s success. If you focus on the support role, you can play more aggressively, unless your team specifically requires you to disable essential utility before transitioning into a fragging role. Use IQ’s gadget to detect and eliminate defenders’ gadgets, providing valuable information to your team and disrupting the enemy’s plans.

IQ’s playstyle offers flexibility and the opportunity to make impactful contributions to the team’s overall strategy. Whether you choose to be an aggressive Entry Fragger or a supportive asset, IQ’s gadget and versatility make her a formidable operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Difficulty of IQ – Medium

Playing IQ effectively requires a certain level of skill and game knowledge.

Here are some aspects that contribute to the difficulty of using IQ:

  1. Advanced Map Knowledge:To make the most of IQ’s unique gadget, you need a good understanding of the maps in Rainbow Six Siege. Being able to identify and locate defender gadgets through walls, floors, and ceilings requires familiarity with the layout and common gadget placements. Invest time in learning the maps to maximize IQ’s utility.
  2. Situational Awareness and Presence of Mind:Using IQ’s gadget effectively goes beyond simply detecting defender gadgets. You must also maintain situational awareness and make quick decisions based on the information you gather. Identifying the right moments to utilize your gadget and communicating relevant information to your team are crucial for success.
  3. Countering Essential Defensive Utility:IQ can be vital in countering certain defender gadgets, such as those used by Echo and Valkyrie. However, this responsibility adds an extra layer of complexity to playing IQ. Understanding the utility and strategies of these operators is necessary to effectively counter them with IQ’s gadget.
  4. Commando’s Recoil:IQ’s primary weapon, the Commando, has a notable recoil pattern that may require practice and adjustment to handle effectively. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the weapon’s recoil and mastering its control to ensure accurate shots during engagements.

While IQ’s difficulty level is not the highest, it does require a combination of map knowledge, situational awareness, and adaptability to make the most of her unique gadget. With practice and experience, you can overcome these challenges and become a valuable asset to your team as IQ.

IQ Loadout Guide

Available loadout for IQ

Primary WeaponsAUG A2552 CommandoG8A1
Secondary WeaponsP12
Universal GadgetsBreach ChargeClaymore

suggested loadout for IQ

Primary WeaponBarrelGripSight
552 CommandoFlash HiderVertical Grip1.5x
Secondary WeaponBarrelGripSight
Universal Gadget

Why such loadout for iQ?

Primary Weapons:

IQ Rainbow Six Siege operator has access to three solid primary weapons, providing her with flexibility in choosing her loadout. The go-to weapon for IQ is the 552 Commando, known for its high damage per bullet (47) and the highest DPS among IQ’s arsenal. However, the Commando has a slower rate of fire (690) and a somewhat challenging recoil pattern.

To improve the Commando’s recoil, we recommend using the flash hider attachment, which helps with the first few shots. While the compensator reduces horizontal recoil, the Commando may still feel unstable even with it, hence our focus on controlling the initial kick. Unless you excel at managing recoil, equipping the vertical grip is advisable for the 552 Commando.

Since the introduction of 1.5x scopes, we recommend using this scope option for the 552 Commando. The 1.5x scope strikes a balance between long-distance magnification and close-range situational awareness, making it our preferred choice.

If you’re open to experimentation, the G8A1 is worth trying out. Previously considered a meme LMG, the G8A1 became more viable after recoil changes in Grim Sky. It boasts a high rate of fire (850) with reasonable damage per bullet (37). The recoil is manageable, allowing for effective control even with the compensator. Give it a shot and see if it suits your playstyle.

The main downsides of the G8A1 are its relatively low magazine size for an LMG and the longer aim-down-sight time compared to other weapons.

Secondary Weapon:

IQ’s only secondary weapon is the P12 pistol. We recommend using a suppressor with this pistol. While we usually suggest the muzzle brake for pistols, stealth is not a critical factor when using pistols (except for Caveira). As IQ, you’ll often find yourself using your pistol in situations where you benefit from defenders not hearing the shot indicator. Additionally, shooting through barricades and walls is much safer with a suppressor. The key point is to avoid revealing your position to the entire enemy team while dealing with their utility.

Universal Gadget:

For the universal gadget, we prefer equipping the Claymore to prevent flanking or runouts from predictable spots. It provides an extra layer of protection, especially when holding positions or covering your team’s back.

However, in situations where vertical control is expected on the objective, and your team already has an ample supply of claymores, breaching charges can be a viable alternative. This allows you to create new lines of sight and access from above or below, increasing your team’s options during the round.

Consider your playstyle, the map, and your team’s overall strategy when selecting IQ’s loadout. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you in different situations.

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