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  • 3 viable guns depending on users preferences
  • Very fast with a 3-speed rating
  • Counters tons of utility
  • Able to disable defenders gadgets from a safe location


  • Lacks either frag or stun grenades
  • Cannot use a primary weapon with the gadget, only a pistol.
  • Not beginner-friendly


Offensive operator

Half support, half fragger – IQ Rainbow Six Siege operator is a dynamic attacker with a broad usage of her gadget.
She serves primarily as an intel-gathering operator thanks to her Electronics detector – Spectre.
This tends to cause difficulties when played by new players due to the nature of her utility.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Weiss developed a knack for electrical engineering early in life. At sixteen, she completed her first internship with a local tech company. She would continue her education at MIT and Caltech in the United States.

After university, she traveled for a year before dedicating her life to a new challenge, the Bundespolizei (BPOL). Weiss thrived in her new environment and after two years with the BPOL, she was recruited by GSG-9. A brilliant overachiever and a fast learner, Monika Weiss is a natural at almost everything she tries. With an Ivy League education in electrical engineering and service in GSG-9’s technical testing and airborne units, she uses a device which detects electronic traps and gadgets at a distance


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What is the utility?

IQ R6 Siege operator comes equipped with RED Mk III “Spectre,” a phone-sized device detecting electronics within 20 meters.
Spectre detects devices regardless of obstacles or surfaces. 
IQ is unable to use primary weapon and utility simultaneously. While using the electronic detector, IQ switches automatically to her pistol.
Her gadget can be used in a multitude of ways, such as:
  1. Intel-gathering tool.

    IQ can detect the exact location of the defenders’ electric utility with her scanner.

  2. Defenders countering tool
    IQ’s detector can be used to counter Pulse and Vigil, but only when they are using their utility actively.
    Furthermore, IQ sees on her scanner defenders in situations when:
    • defender is using his/her phone to check cameras, including Maestro and Echo when using their utility
    • Dokkaebi’s logic bomb has been activated, and the defender did not answer his/her phone
    • Clash uses her taser
  1. Hard-breach support.

    Spectre can be used to destroy Breach denial devices, mainly in situations where such devices can be shot through destructible surfaces.

How to use utility?

IQ R6 operator’s utility is simple to use from a gameplay mechanics perspective but requires advanced map knowledge and situational awareness to be utilized to its fullest potential.
Keynotes that we would like you to take away from this chapter are:
  • use the ability to shoot and detect through surfaces to your advantage

    As IQ, you should utilize verticality by scanning for devices from either below or above. By doing so, you lower the risk of getting shot as defenders will not have by default a direct line of sight on you.

    Furthermore, you can destroy a lot of utility without even entering the building! As an example: you can destroy all default cameras in Oregon before you enter the building! Now whether it’s worth the time and hustle is a different topic, but you get the point.

  • you are vulnerable to flanks while using Spectre

    Use Electronics detector with cautious.
    You should try to use it most when the chance of getting shot is lower, i.e., outside of a building or vertically (above or below objective).

    Also, don’t be afraid to ask your teammate to cover you!

  • Keep in mind defenders operator choices to know what to look for

    Knowing whether defenders have certain operators that IQ counters are vital information from utility perspective usage.
    If you know that defenders use the Echo or Valkyrie, then you know what to look for when scanning for devices. Similarly, when defenders have trap centered defender(s), then you should scan choke points and entrance points for defenders’ utility.

    The opposite is true, too. Knowing who is not on the defensive side can be just as useful as knowing who is!

Like most other operators, IQ utility effectiveness depends on multiple factors, such as:
  • map

    Thanks to the ability to locate and shoot devices at the same time, IQ detection ability comes very handily on maps where walls, ceilings, and floors are frequently destructible.

    Examples of maps to utilize IQ in such ways are Border, Consulate, Villa, Chalet.

  • objective and operators choices

    Further conditions influencing how much of an impact IQ utility may have are potential objective site and, related to it, defenders operator choices.
    Players learn it while playing with experience – certain operators are more likely to be selected for specific sites than for others.

    A couple of examples:

      • You are playing Clubhouse; odds are high that defenders will choose Armory/Church (basement) objective site. On this site Pulse is frequently played to deny access to kitchen hatch for attackers from below.
        As one of the few options, IQ can be picked to try to counter such an obstacle.
      • You play Bank, which is an excellent map for Valkyrie to hide her cameras, so odds are defenders may pick her and utilize heavily.
        As IQ you should try to scan for Valkyrie’s cameras as much as possible in usual spots – main lobby, Server room, Skylight.

On the contrary, some objective sites offer a significantly lower number of useful penetrable surfaces for IQ to shine.
Examples of such can be Oregon basement sites. The entire ceiling is not penetrable. On top of that, due to the number and position of penetrable walls, IQ R6 operator has barely any options to utilize her gadget through surfaces.

Please note that you can still be useful as IQ on such sites. It is just that you won’t be as effective in destroying defenders’ utility as you would be otherwise.
As IQ, you can still help your team by detecting gadgets placement. Such information can be of great help for Thatcher to allows him to use his EMPs most efficiently.



  • Thatcher
    IQ R6 operator synergizes very well with Thatcher as she can detect and pinpoint the location of defensive utility to be dispatched.
  • Twitch
    Another operator who can benefit from IQs intel on defensive utility position is Twitch, who can use the intel to choose the optimal route for her shock drones.
  • Dokkaebi
    Frequently underutilized synergy revolves around Dokkaebi’s logic bomb. When using Spectre, IQ sees defenders whose phones remain “unanswered” (except for Echo).
  • Frag grenades
    Additionally, situational synergy can be pairing up with Buck, Sledge or Finka to utilize their frag grenades for destroying gadgets unreachable otherwise.


The IQ R6 operator is a hard counter to mainly 2 operators: Pulse and Valkyrie.

Pulse can be seen on her detector before he is capable of seeing her. The range of Pulse scanner is 9 meters (14m if attackers are boosted by Finka), while IQ has a range of 20 meters.

Additionally, IQ can shoot Pulse without a need to swap to a weapon (unlike Pulse).

In regards to countering Valkyrie, IQ can spot even most tricky cameras outside, unless they are outside of her 20m range. On specific maps like Consulate, Skyscrapper or Bank, Valkyrie is used heavily by defenders with some excellent spots to place her Black eyes. Cameras are detected regardless of being currently used or not.
Besides the above mainly countered defenders, IQ is also capable of countering Vigil whenever he is using his cloaking device. It doesn’t end there, she can see the Echo when he operators his drones, as well!
Below a full list of operators and devices countered by IQ:
  • Defenders’ unique gadgets exposable by IQ’s detector:
    • Alibi’s Prismas
    • Maestro’s Evil Eyes
    • Bandit’s Shock Wires
    • Mute’s Jammers
    • Kaid’s Electroclaws
    • Jäger’s ADS
    • Smoke’s Gas canisters
    • Lesion’s GU mines
    • Ela’s Grzmot mines
    • Kapkan’s traps
    • Valkyrie’s cameras
    • Echo’s Yokai drones
    • Thunderbird’s Kona stations
  • Defenders’ universal gadgets recognized by Spectre:
    • Nitro cells
    • Default cameras
    • Bulletproof cameras
  • Other elements detected by IQ’s utility are:
    • Friendly drones
    • Planted defuser – kinda pointless as the icon appears anyway
    • Bombs & Biohazard containers

Countered by:

IQ R6 operator does not have any specific hard counter. 
She has, however, an exciting duel with Pulse due to the nature of their utility – they can see each other while using the utility.

How to play -
IQ R6 Siege




IQ is very capable of being played as Entry fragging operator, with the addition of a Support role.

Entry fraggers are a “tip of the spear,” thus being a force to penetrate through the initial line of defense and give attackers an edge.
Such a role assignment means IQ R6 operator will be a leading attacker in hunting down roamers
Hunting roamers minimizes risks of late-round flanks impacting your final objective push negatively.
Check our guide dedicated to roam clear to learn more.
As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to challenge defenders! Furthermore, entry fraggers play a vital role in advancing attackers’ progress during the round in Siege. Progress is achieved by securing strategically essential locations, i.e., taking control of the room above the objective site, if the ceiling is covered with the destructible surface. Or being the first attacker to control areas frequently traversed by defenders to rotate to/from the objective.
Last but not least, entry fragger is more often than not the first attacker to push anchors hunkered down on the objective. I recommend that during the preparation phase in R6 Siege, you decide on your entry point depending on personal preferences defensive setup your team’s plan of attack. Leaving your drone at your entry point will provide you with the right amount of initial intel. It is not uncommon for defenders to try to catch attackers off guard by setting up traps on entry points. You can neutralize the element of surprise for such a plan and prefire defenders (or avoid them) by knowing what they intend to do and where they are.
In case you decide to focus on support function, IQ does not have to be usually as passive and careful as more Support focused operators like Thatcher. IQ is often not selected as a sole potential Hard breach support.
You can play more aggressively unless your team requires you to disable specific vital utility before going fragging mode.


  • The unique gadget requires advanced map knowledge for optimal utilization
  • Potentially vital to countering essential defensive utility – Echo and Valkyrie
  • Commando’s recoil requires getting used to

Loadout guide -
IQ R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Anti-personnel explosive. Explodes when contact with the sensor is made, injuring or dealing lethal damage.

Rainbow Six Siege breaching charge

Breaching charge

The charge allows opening a hole in unreinforced walls, hatches, and barricades.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
552 CommandoFlash hiderVertical grip1.5x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope

Why such loadout?

In Rainbow Six Siege IQ has been equipped with 3 good primary weapons giving her freedom of choice in that department.
552 Commando is our go-to weapon due to the highest DPS, with high damage per bullet (47). The downside of Commando is the lowest rate of fire among IQ’s weapons (690) and subjectively uncomfortable recoil pattern.
We recommend using flash hider to improve recoil on the first 3 shots. Compensator lower horizontal recoil, but commando still feels unstable even with it, hence our priority on lowering kick on initial shots.
Unless you are a recoil control god, then Vertical grip is the way to go for 552 Commando.
Since Y5S3 changes to scopes, we recommend picking up 1.5x scope for this gun. 1.5x and 2.0x scopes are our favorites now as they hit the sweet spot between long-distance magnification benefits and 1x sights navigation in close range.
In case you are planning to experiment, we recommend checking out G8A1
It used to be rather a meme LMG. However, since Grim Sky recoil changes, this gun became useful.
G8A1 offers the highest rate of fire (850) with very reasonable damage per bullet (37). Its recoil is very manageable – you should be able to control vertical recoil even with compensator on. Seriously, try it out!
The main downsides of the weapon are low magazine size for LMG and time needed to aim down sight.
P12 is the only secondary weapon at IQs disposal.
We recommend using a suppressor with this pistol. We usually suggest using muzzle brake as stealth is not a factor we consider essential when it comes to usage of pistols (beside Caveira, of course). However, as IQ, you will often use your pistol in situations, where you will benefit from defenders not seeing an indicator of the shot. Shooting through barricades and walls is also much safer with a suppressor.
The main point is: you do not want a whole enemy team to know your position when taking care of their utility.
When it comes to universal gadget, we prefer to choose Claymore to avoid being flanked or a runout from predictable spots.
Although, in situations where we predict objective having vertical control possibilities and our team has a sufficient amount of claymores equipped, we would select breaching charges.

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