Website News: Azami & Y7S1.2 Content Update!

Website update:
Azami & Y7S1.2 Content update

We have just finished working on our Azami operator guide.
The first Year 7 operator is a fantastic addition to the Rainbow Six Siege roster. And we hope you’re enjoying her at least half as much as we do!

Besides the new operator content, guides on our portal have been updated to reflect the changes made by developers in recent patches, up to the Y7S1.2 update.

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Website News: Osa & Thorn Guides + E-book Release!

Website content update

As you might have noticed, our portal had a down period in the last few months. We haven’t released new guides or updates to the page for a while.

Such inactivity was due to the significant amount of work we’ve put into creating an ebook. We wanted to release a comprehensive guide for Rainbow Six Siege for a long time. An ebook that will be premium content for players who want to learn how to get good at R6. And I can finally say that we got there!

The Rainbow Six Siege Mastery ebook is the most extensive and quality work we’ve made so far. 

This ebook is a culmination of thousands of hours of playing and studying the game. We hope you’ll find it helpful to accelerate your growth in Rainbow Six Siege!

You can check details about this product and preview one of the chapters in the book HERE.

On top of that, we have just updated info on our website for up to Y6S4 patches. And released operator guides for the remaining Year 6 operators – Osa and Thorn.

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Website Update: Content up to Y6S3.2 Patch!

Website content update

We wanted to let you know that our website guides should now be up to date with the Y6S3.2 patch.

If you spot any mistakes on our part, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@r6siegecenter.com. We’re working hard to provide you with the best quality of content possible, but unfortunately, mistakes do happen.

At the same time, we would like to apologize for the recent delays in updates on the page. Life situation caused me to temporarily focus on other aspects of life.

We are currently working on catching up with guides for operators.
We are planning to release soon Osa’s operator guide, so stay tuned for the updates on the website.


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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Mid season reinforcements for Y5S3 are available now! Rainbow Six Siege got operator balancing, guard brake animation for shields and yellow ping changes! Check here the full Y5S3.3 patch notes.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 patch notes for Operation Crystal Guard

Rainbow Six Siege:
Y6S3.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege is set to receive the usual dose of balancing updates in the middle of a season.

What will Y6S3.3 update bring to the table?
Let’s have a look at the details of the changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3
the Nerfs:

  • MELUSI Nitro cell replaced with Bulletproof camera
    Not as severe nerf as Melusi received in the past to her Banshees, but still a significant one.
  • Mx4 Storm (Alibi) – vertical recoil increased
    Developers are not satisfied with the K/D of Alibi with Mx4, thus nerfing the gun
  • P10 Roni (Mozzie & Aruni) – multiple changes:
    • decreased magazine size to 16 (from 20)
    • increased vertical recoil
    • increased kick on the first bullet

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3
the Buffs:

  • CASTLE Increased number of Armor panels to 4 (from 3)
    Castle’s buff comes with a slight nerf. The total number of melee hits required to destroy the barricade is reduced to 9 (from 12)

  • KAPKAN  – He can now place multiple traps on the same doorway/window
    This change adds lethality to Kapkan’s trap placement!

  • ORYX cooldown for Remah dash reduced to 8s (from 12s)

  • WAMAI Maximum number of Mag-nets increased to 6 (from 4)
    The trade-off is that the area of effect of each Mag-net has been reduced to 3.5m (from 5m)

  • HARD BREACH CHARGE – Operators who can equip the gadget will have 2 charges available during the round (previously 1)

  • CLASH – P10-C has been replaced with Super Shorty
    Such a change adds potential for more utility of Clash. Unlikely to be a major change in how Clash is played since she can equip only 1 weapon. Having Super Shorty as your only gun is extremely limiting. 

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Tachanka rework & elite set - Rainbow Six Siege

Tachanka Rework & Elite Set

Tachanka has been finally reworked!
Lord and Savior became a formidable area denial defender. On top of that, he received Elite Set!
Let’s have a look at Tachanka changes.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege:
Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege will soon receive the 2nd patch to its 2nd season of Year 6 content. 

This update is a balancing one – Rainbow Six Siege live servers won’t receive any gameplay changes nor new features.

The release date of the Y6S2.2 patch has not been revealed by Ubisoft.


Zofia nerf

Recently Zofia took the role of Ash in the presence chart appearance – she is the new queen of attacking in Rainbow Six Siege.

Thus, Ubisoft decided to bring the nerf hammer and smash her M762 recoil pattern, with the following changes:

  • increased horizontal spread to the left
  • decreased number of bullets in a spray for long burst recoil pattern to kick in – now on the 8th bullet vs. 12th prior to the patch
  • gun will kick harder vertically, as well

Alibi buff

The trickster among Rainbow Six Siege defenders will receive a slight buff to her guns with the addition of new scope options:

  • ACS12 receives 2.0x scope (1.5x is removed from the gun)
  • MX4 Storm gets 1.5x scope

Frost nerf

Canadian defender loses access to 1.5x scope on C1.

Tachanka buffs

The Lord and Savior will receive the following buffs:

  • increased Shumikha Launcher ammunition to 14 (from 10)
  • increased DP-27 environmental destruction
    • up to 5m – 0.3 hole radius
    • above 5m – 0.2 hole radius
  • added Deployable shield (removed Proximity alarm)

Y6S2.2 Weapon changes:

Weapon balancing changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege live servers in Y6S2.2 patch impact only 2 weapons:


  • Increased damage to 63 (from 57)


  • Increased damage to 69 (from 59)

Will the above changes impact the popularity of both guns? Highly unlikely especially when we consider alternatives in weaponry options.

Is nerf to Zofia a good move?
What do you think about Tachanka’s buffs?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Y5S4.3 Patch Notes – Balancing Patch

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch Notes - Balancing Update

Rainbow Six Siege:
Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege received a Y5S4.3 patch on live servers on the 26th of January 2021. The Y5S4.3 patch was anticipated by many players within the R6 community and for a good reason. Balancing patches that come out every season tend to shift the meta of the game. It’s hard to speak about the general consensus of a community as big as Rainbow Six Siege one, but it feels to us as if more and more people grew dissatisfied with the current meta of the game.

Does the Y5S4.3 patch bring changes that will make your experience more enjoyable?
Well, you will have to judge it by yourself after reading the below patch notes!

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

Kali Changes

Kali R6 operator poster black&white by r6siegecenter

Changes made in the Y5S4.3 patch to Kali are interesting.
They are by far the most creative of all modifications introduced in this update.

The idea behind the changes is to buff Kali, but we are not sure whether it is actually a buff, and not a nerf.

Long story short: CSRX300 is no longer a 1-shot DBNO machine.

What we got instead is damage based calculation which is more nuanced.
Here are the details of how the damage will work now

  • CSRX300 deals now 122 base damage until 25 meters distance
  • After 25 meters, the damage drops linearly to 80% of the base value (97.6) at 35 meters distance
  • Limbs damage remains unchanged

What this means is that the results of body shots will differ depending on defenders armor ratings and distance:

  • 1-armor operators will be killed (up to 34 meters)
  • 2-armor operators will be downed
  • 3-armor operators will be significantly damaged but not downed

So the changes to Kali’s primary weapon are a buff if you shoot 1-armor defender in close range, but are not in many other circumstances. I mean, you won’t even down 3-armor operators in the point-blank range…

On top of that, CSRX300 logic change increases the usefulness of Rook’s armor plates!

It’s a weird design choice that does not fix the problem with Kali.
Instead, Ubisoft could have buffed the gun versus 1-armor defenders and leave DBNO mechanics for 2 and 3 armor operators. It would be buff without making Kali broken.

On top of that, the damage indicated in patch notes seems to be inconsistent with the in-game results. Below you can see the Rogue-9 video on this subject.

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

The Buffs

  • Skeleton Key ammo increased to 31 from 26
  • Hard Breach Charge added instead of Claymore

Y5S4.3 changes to Buck are in our opinion a good buff to a Canadian attacker. Both additions fit his desired role better as they allow Buck to focus on environmental destruction.

Echo R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter

Echo’s Yokai drones received some love after the significant nerfs in previous patches.

  • Sonic Burst cooldown reduced to 16s from 20 seconds
  • Yokai drone jump cooldown reduced to 2s from 3s
  • The drone’s animation for failing to stick to the ceiling reduced to 0.5s from 2s

Hard Breach Charges

Developers from Ubisoft are not fully satisfied with where the newest universal gadget is at.
As a result, charges receive a buff to:

  • Deployment time of charges reduced to 2s from 3s
  • Activation time to 5s from 6s

Ballistic Shields

The camera penalty has been removed for Guard Break animation.

Decreased recoil

Please note that the below weapons’ recoil was lowered but only for controller players.
The guns impacted by recoil changes are:

  • ARX
  • C8
  • M1014
  • TCSG12

Y5S4.3 Patch Notes

The Nerfs

Zofia R6 B&W design by r6siegecenter

Zofia has been nerfed quite heavily. In fact, she is the most impacted operator who got nerfed with the Y5S4.3 update.

  • Withstand mechanic removed
  • Resistance to concussion effects removed (both Zofia’s and Ela’s)
  • Explosive range of impact grenade reduced to 2m from 3m

Withstand changes got the most attention from the R6 community.
Was it a bad ability? Opinions are split on that one. Some claim that free self-revival mechanic is cheap and not skill-based. Others claim that withstand was just one of the abilities in the game, similar to Doc’s self-revival.
Who is right? Probably everyone in a way.

We did not find it broken. Withstand was rather an annoyance in case of inability to confirm a kill in certain circumstances.


Both Ash and Jager seem to be in a position where whatever nerfs they receive, they remain favorite picks of the community. The Y5S4.3 change to Ash is not a significant enough nerf change that.

This nerf, however, will force Ash mains to be more precise with the usage of Breaching Rounds.


  • DBNO extra mine mechanic removed
  • Resistance to concussion effects removed (both Ela’s and Zofia’s)

A nerf that should not change the operator’s pick rate, but appears to be another step in a direction of removing DBNO mechanics and passive resistances.

Attachments removals

Lesion, Melusi & Mira

  • Lesion – 1.5x scope removed from T-5
  • Melusi – Angled grip removed from MP5
  • Mira – 1.5x scope removed from Vector (.45 ACP)

Lion universal gadget change

  • Lion loses Hard Breach Charge and gets Claymore

The Y5S4.3 patch comes also with a list of bug fixes and tweaks. A full list of those changes can be found on Ubisoft’s website under this link

Do you agree with changes implemented by Ubisoft in Y5S4.3?
What do you think about removing Kali’s primary weapon DBNO mechanics?

Let us know in the comments below!

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“Operation Neon Dawn” – Y5S4 Patch Notes

Operation Neon Dawn R6 - Y5S4 cover photo

Rainbow Six Siege
“Operation Neon Dawn"
Y5S4 patch notes

The last season in Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege brings us Operation Neon Dawn. This new update continues the trend of the Ubisoft team adding 1 new operator. Since the last operator was an attacker (Zero), the Y5S4 adds a defender called Aruni.
The below Y5S4 patch notes will tell you everything you need to know about the newest update in R6S.

Operation Neon Dawn R6 - Y5S4 cover photo

Simultaneously, Ubisoft releases the rework of yet another map – Skyscraper – and huge changes to key operators:

And many less drastic changes to other operators.
Last but not least, the way runouts work in R6 is altered, as well.

We’ve got plenty of information to get through in Y5S4 patch notes, so let’s jump right into it. Shall we?

Operation Neon Dawn - Release date

Operation Neon Dawn follows a typical Rainbow Six Siege patch release cycle, hence we have received the Y5S4 patch on the 1st of December.


The newest addition to the Rainbow Six Siege roster is a female defender from Thailand.
Her name is Apha Tawanroong, aka “Aruni”, and she seems to know where the Joker got his scars from.


Aruni will be an interesting addition to the game. She’ll take the role of an architect on defense, similarly to Castle.

Her gadget is a Surya laser gate (Surya means “sun” in Thai). Surya will create an obstacle for attackers of laser wall deployable on:

  • Walls, both reinforced and unreinforced
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Doorways

Single Surya device is capable of covering space similar to single doors.

Once deployed, the Surya device:

  • Becomes indestructible, but the laser itself can be temporarily disabled by attackers
  • Prevents drones, projectiles, and other attacking utility from passing through it (destroys on contact)
  • Damages attackers who decide to pass through it without disabling the lasers beforehand (40HP damage is dealt)
  • Once Surya has been touched by either attackers or their utility, the lasers become deactivated until the cooldown is finished
  • Reactivation of Surya lasers does not happen automatically. Instead, Surya needs to be shot by defenders after the cooldown (the device stops sparkling)
  • Covers entire hatch, window, or space on the wall (from the gadget to the floor), but leaves a drone space when deployed on doors (similar to Castle’s Armor Panels)
  • The device itself can be picked up by Aruni
  • Surya allows friendly players and gadgets to pass through it – lasers deactivate automatically when friendlies are nearby

On top of Surya lasers, Aruni has another unique touch – her prosthetic arm grants her an enhanced punch ability. As a result, Aruni can create punch holes in walls of a size similar to shotgun holes. Plus, she’s capable of opening unreinforced hatches with a single blow!


Aruni R6

Unfortunately, Aruni does not bring any new guns to the Rainbow Six Siege weaponry. Luckily for her, though, she is equipped with strong weapons!

Aruni is the first defender to have officially categorized DMR gun at her disposal (TCSG12 is considered as a shotgun) – Mk14 EBR.
For players who prefer using automatic weapons, Aruni offers community favorite P10 Roni (Mozzie’s SMG).

The secondary weapon available to Aruni is PRB92, a handgun used primarily by Brazilian operators (Capitao & Caveira).

Lastly, her universal gadget options complement her potential playstyle as she can use Barbed wires or Proximity alarms.

Map Rework - Skyscraper

The last map rework of 2020 is one of the most anticipated ones – yes, I am talking about Skyscraper coming in the Y5s4 patch!

Here are a couple of videos that showcase the new Skyscraper. Don’t about you, but I am pretty excited about this one!


Jäger NERF

The infamous defender, Jäger, is going through yet another change. With his 90%+ presence rate over the years, he has been a target of multiple nerfs. Ubisoft has already nerfed his primary gun, speed ratings, and altered his gadget choices.

What change comes in Y5S4 patch notes for Jäger?
Well, it’s time for changing how ADS devices work. Up until now, a single ADS device was capable of intercepting 2 projectiles. Thus Jäger was capable of preventing 6 enemy projectiles from impacting the defensive team.
Now, each ADS will be able to intercept only 1 projectile, after which the device will enter a 10 seconds cooldown. During the cooldown period, ADS won’t intercept any projectiles.
The upside for Jäger’s mains is that ADS will have an unlimited number of charges, limited only by the cooldown period.

What will be the impact of this change?
Well, it should make “burning the ADS” an easier task, but one that requires coordination from attackers and cooperation between teammates.
This change to how ADS works should also modify where and how Jäger players place their devices.
As an example: Instead of spreading devices across two bomb sites and multiple entry points, Jäger may choose to place 2 or even 3 ADS at a strategically crucial position.
Lastly, this change may increase the pick rate of Wamai.

Will it make Jäger obsolete?
No, we don’t think so.

Echo Nerf

One of the most banned and hated defenders (at least to play against) is getting a huge nerf. In the last quarter of 2020, Ubisoft went full hammer and decided to nerf the Echo’s Yokai drones.
With the release of the Y5S4 patch, Echo’s drones will no longer be invisible when attached to the ceiling!

This change is huge for Echo, one that is likely to completely alter how Echo is being played and both his presence and ban rates.

Ubisoft developers try to ease the pain a little bit for Echo mains by re-introducing a deployable shield to his loadout options. But that’s a rather minor buff comparing to the nerf.

Hibana's X-Kairos change

The least controversial change in Operation Neon Dawn impacts Hibana. From December she will be able to change fire mode for the X-Kairos launcher. Instead of having 3 charges of 6 pellets, Hibana will now have 18 charges that she can deploy in 3 modes:

  • 6 pellets
  • 4 pellets
  • 2 pellets

Hibana has always been the specialist in opening the hatches within the Hard Breach role group. Now she has even more flexibility to using her utility. She can open 4 hatches or deal with Castle barricades without losing much of hatch opening capabilities.

This is a very welcomed change, one that the Rainbow Six Siege community has been asking for!


The last major change in Operation Neon Dawn is the modification of how the runouts work in Rainbow Six Siege.
Runout is a defensive strategy of running out of the objective building to get a jump on the attackers. It can also be used as a way to rotate through external space but is primarily used to kill opponents.

Up until now the defender who left the objective building had 2 seconds before attackers were notified about such action. The Y5S4 update will give defender only 1 second before their location is exposed to the opponents.

Is this a good change?
I believe that 2 seconds did feel a tad long. It’s a change that will force defenders to commit to a runout much more and will eliminate certain runouts for a spawnpeek.
Additionally, runout modification should help new players when attacking.


  • Wamai & Valkyrie lose deployable shields
  • Ash loses Stun grenades (in favor of Claymores) but gainst additional Breaching Round (has now a total of 3)
  • Twitch gains Stun grenades but loses Breaching charges
  • Capitao loses Stun grenades but gains Claymore
  • Ace gains Breaching charges but loses Claymore
  • Reinforcements are deployed faster
  • Tachanka is not capable of Withstanding
Source for our above Y5S4 patch notes are articles released by Ubisoft in here and in Pre-season designer notes.
Are your favorite operators impacted by Operation Neon Dawn changes?
What do you think about Aruni?

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Tachanka Rework & Elite Set

Tachanka rework & elite set - Rainbow Six Siege

Rework & Elite Set

It has been rough 5 years for Tachanka – he was memed to the ground, remained basically useless with his immobile utility, and received no love from Ubisoft.
But the time has come folks! I know, I know, this sounds unreal, but our Lord and Savior is finally reworked!
This rework is quite a revamp of the Russian defender. Perhaps even too strong.

On top of that, Tachanka got an elite set together with his new toys.

There’s plenty to talk about so let’s dive right into it!


On the 17th of November 2020 (a day now to be remembered among the Rainbow Six Siege community), Ubisoft has released an update including a long-awaited rework to Tachanka, with a new Elite Set.
This unannounced release came together with the below trailer:


Tachanka’s Elite skin is called “Slava Korolyu”.

His elite set costs standard 1800 R6 Credits for non season pass holders, and a discounted 1620 R6 Credits for Year 5 Season Pass holders.

Here’s how Tachanka elite skin looks like in-game and his MVP animation:

With Tachanka elite set we get:

  • Headgear
  • Uniform
  • Charm
  • 4 Weapon skins
  • Unique utility skin (Shumikha launcher)
  • MVP animation


What do you think about this set?
Personally, I like how over the top Tachankas elite set feels.


The rework Tachanka received has a two-fold effect.
First, his turret is no longer his unique utility – LMG became Tachanka’s primary weapon.
As a result, the Lord received a new unique device, which is a Grenade launcher.


Tachanka receives a Shumikha launcher. This launcher is equipped with 5 grenades in the magazine (with a total of 10 grenades) which fire up 1 second after bouncing off a surface. Once the grenade reaches a flat surface, it creates a burning area of effect.
The ground is burning for approximately 6 seconds and has around 4 meters radius.
Any player (friends or foes) who step into the AOE will burn for 12HP per tick.

As a result, Tachanka becomes a defender who specializes in area denial. Thus, he will serve a role similar to Smoke and Goyo, by denying access to a location.

Tachanka’s ability to deny areas might become a bit too powerful – a total of 60 seconds of denial is more than what Smoke brings to the table. Plus, with the utilization of bouncing grenades off the wall, Tachanka can remain behind cover while using his area denial tools – something Smoke is not always capable of doing!

We expect a nerf to the number of Shumikha grenades in the future, but only time will tell!


The other part of the rework is the replacement of the primary shotgun (SASG) with a mobile LMG – DP27.

DP27 will be a formidable weapon with:

  • high damage (49 DMG)
  • 70 bullets magazine in the magazine (total ammo of 211 bullets)

On top of that, Tachanka LMG is capable of severe destruction on soft surfaces. Thus, Tachanka is now able to easily:

  • Create rotation holes in walls
  • Open unreinforced hatches

Here’s an example of a rotation hole created with around half of DP27 magazine:

From the universal gadget perspective, Tachanka will be able to equip Proximity alarm and Barbed wires.

Initially, Tachanka was supposed to have the ability to Withstand. Withstand is an ability that is currently available only to Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege. It allows her to pick herself up (revive) from DBNO status. After testing this possibility for Tachanka on the test server and receiving negative feedback from the community, Ubisoft decided to cancel adding this skill to Tachanka.

All things considered, I think it’s safe to assume that moving forward we will see a drastic spike in Tachanka’s presence rate.


We will have to see how effectively the Rainbow Six Siege community will use the Lord and how the data will look like. 

Ubisoft pays a lot of attention to data gathered on the performance of operators, as well as the feedback of the community and professional players.

Though, we suspect that the number of grenades available with the Shumikha launcher might get nerfed as the denial potential of Tachanka, at least on paper, sounds extremely strong.

What are your thoughts on Tachanka’s rework?
Do you think he is OP now?
Let us know in the comment below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.3 patch notes

R6 Siege Y5S2.3 patch notes

In July Rainbow Six Siege received Y5S2.3 patch which introduced changes to Fuze, Gridlock and Oryx utilities. Let’s have a look at those changes and discuss their impact on viability of impacted operators.

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Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play on Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play on Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege
Free to Play
on Xbox Game Pass

The concept of Rainbow Six Siege free to play may once have been a lofty pipedream. As attainable as it is, an irresistible proposition. However, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from doing the unthinkable.


With Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft adds yet another high-profile IP, to its endless line-up of titles. In what is soon shaping up to be a seamless banquet of gems swelling in size and scale with each passing day. Every entry, playing its part in Microsoft’s new business venture into subscription service gaming.

For fans of FPS games, Rainbow Six Siege brings an element of intensity to the battleground. Most notably, via its sharp focus on 5V5 competitive play, and tactical, team-based shootouts.

After a slightly shaky start by some estimations, Rainbow Six Siege has refined over time, to become a fiercely fun, and rocksteady shooter. Except, for when you’re in the enemy’s line of fire. Rainbow Six Siege free to play, may, for some, come as a shock to the system. Albeit its inclusion on the game pass roster only serves to bolster an already compelling line-up.

Here is how it all went down. Let’s gear up on the double, and ground pound our way to victory. Can I get a Hooah!

Microsoft Announce Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play

On Monday, in a blog post via Xbox Wire, Xbox Game Pass Community Manager, Megan Spurr, divulged the details to its die-hard player base. Thus, outlining the mouth-watering info of when and where RS6 will arrive. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Console with Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming on Android devices with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on October 22.”

Under the umbrella of Xbox, Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass seeks to attract players over to Microsoft’s marketable platform. Which, according to Spurr, will continue to keep gamers hooked into the experience, “through the constant addition of new operators and maps.”

Exciting times for sure. Precisely what those new maps entail, remains a mystery. Perhaps we’ll see a revival of past classics? Over time, Rainbow Six Siege has taken pride in a depth of diversity. Especially when it comes to operators and the battlegrounds in which they roam.

On top of that, there’s the aspect of value for money. Typically, the game fetches for a price of $20. Ultimately, having access to the game, on top of so many more, for a monthly subscription cost is well worth the investment.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play
without Xbox Game Pass?

First off, to fully make use of Rainbow Six Siege going free to play, you’ll need to grab an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Priced at $14.99 this monthly subscription service gives gamers access to Microsoft PC and console games, in addition to the xCloud streaming service.

If you’re a newcomer, though, you can get your hands on the first month for a measly $1. At the same time, the standard Xbox Pass costs $9.99.

So overall, no excuses not to make full use of the recent Rainbow Six Siege game pass inclusion, which comes into effect from, October 22.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out!

Rainbow Six Siege has, as it stands, a very substantial player base of around 60 million dedicated users. So, from the outside looking in, making the game even more available to a broader audience is a wise move. Whether or not it nails the landing, we’ll have to wait and see. But so far, so good, for Siege.

Watch your six and don’t forget to stick with us for further future updates in the coming weeks and months.

What We Want to See

Rainbow Six Siege is unusual. And, in many ways, one-of-a-kind, in that it promotes player freedom. Fundamentally, aspects like destructible environments, and unique operators with versatile devices, create a more methodical shooter. Which, in turn, places greater emphasis on strategy, as opposed to all-out, run-and-gun tactics.

In keeping with tradition, we’d like to witness updates continue to roll out. After all, new additions are vital in keeping a player base sustained over time. Hopefully, Rainbow Six Siege, as a free to play commodity, doesn’t subtract from the attention it’s currently receiving.

And so, developers continue to push the game forward onto bigger and brighter things. That remains my hope, at least.

What are your impressions of Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play?
Furthermore, are you happy to see Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass? 

As always, we appreciate all contributions. So why not hit us up, down in the comments.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some troops that need their sixes saved.


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R6 Siege Y5S2.2 patch notes

Y5S2.2 patch has been released for Rainbow Six Siege in the middle of June. This patch provides improvement to player reporting system and fixes various bugs.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3.3 Patch Notes – Mid Season Reinforcements

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3.3 Patch Notes - Mid Season Reinforcements

Rainbow Six Siege:
Y5S3.3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege will soon enter its final 4th season of Year 5. Meanwhile, we received the mid season  Y5S3.3 patch notes.

Unfortunately, we won’t get Tachanka rework just yet, but there are plenty of changes that will excite some of you and anger others.
This time around we will get a lot of operator balancing changes to our most favorite characters (and those less popular, too), as well as a massive change to how shield bearing operators work in R6.
Last, but not least we get a nerf for the “yellow ping” mechanic in the game!

The Y5S3.3 patch was released on the 20th of October 2020 for PC and PS4, while Xbox will receive the patch on the following week (from 26th October).
Furthermore, PS4 and Xbox will receive the Y5S3.2 patch together with Y5S3.3.



Melusi R6 Siege operator minimalistic portrait
Oryx R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter

As you can see in Y5S3 Designer notes (here are our analysis) Melusi has been performing too well. She is second to only Jager in the presence rate (~58%), with the second-highest win delta for all defenders (~2,8%).

Therefore, Melusi nerf was inevitable. We guess that Ubisoft had three directions to deal with it:

  • Weapons
  • Gadget
  • Speed

They chose the first option.

Melusi will lose T-5 as a primary weapon and instead will receive MP5. She will not have an access to magnifying scopes on MP5, hence her options will be Red Dot, Holographic and Reflex sights.

Oryx, on the other hand, will get the T-5 instead of MP5. On top of that, Oryx will be able to equip 1.5x scope on his new SMG.
Yes, you heard well! Rainbow Six Siege impersonation of Juggernaut will get one of the best guns on the defense with magnification.
If this Oryx buff does not boost his presence rate, then probably nothing will.


The newest Hard Breacher addition in Rainbow Six Siege is about to get nerfed in the utility department.
Ace is generally a very strong attacker, with a great primary gun and a very strong breaching gadget.
In fact, he is the third most picked attacker, after Ash & Zofia.

As a result, Ubisoft decided to lower the effectiveness of his S.E.L.M.A gadget.
Ace will retain 3 pieces of SELMA, but each gadget will detonate 2 explosions, instead of the current 3.

Such a nerf makes sense since Ace had advantages of both Hibana and Thermite, without major setbacks.
For us, it’s a step in a good direction from a balancing perspective. We expect Thermite to make a comeback from Y5S3.3. On the other hand, Ace might become more of a supplementary Hard Breacher or a situational pick where ranged wall breaching is the preferred option (i.e. Coastline, 2F Billiards Room wall to the courtyard)


The infamous sniper of Rainbow Six Siege is in a terrible spot from a statistics perspective.
He is not picked often (to say the least) and his win delta is off the chart, but in the negative direction (-10%).

Yet again developers attempt to buff Glaz’s unique scope in hope to bring him back from nerf oblivion. This time Glaz buff will:

  • Decreased movement penalty by 50% (from 6s to 12s of movement)
  • Decreased recovery time for vision (from 1s to 0.4s)

What this means in practical terms is that Glaz will be able to move longer without decreasing drastically his ability to see enemies’ outlines and will recover faster when remaining still.

Will this make him a viable attacker in Rainbow Six Siege?
We don’t think so. The game is played at a much higher pace now in Year 5 than it used to be. Also, the operator’s design is just not fitting well in R6.

FROST loadout addition

Ubisoft decided to add the ITA12S shotgun as Frost’s secondary weapon.
The reasoning behind this change is thatFrost’s effectiveness depends on awareness (or rather lack of) about her presence on the defensive team. Once attackers know that defenders have Frost, it becomes easy to predict where the Welcome mats may be – doors, windows, or top of staircases.

By adding shotgun as a secondary, the developer hopes to add versatility to Frost’s gadget placement with a new layer – creating rotation holes behind which she places mats. On top of that, the Canadian defender will be able to help other operators with objective re-modeling chores during the preparation phase.

TACHANKA loses scope

Ubisoft removes 1.5x scope from 9x19VSN to prepare the Lord for his rework.
It’s not a big deal since nobody plays the Savior anyway until he gets buffed.


Shield operators are going through changes. It’s safe to say that shield mains will not like those changes. Well, maybe besides rare breed of Clash mains.
The changes are twofold:

  • Guard Break animation
  • Explosion protection


Guard break is an animation when the shield operator is left exposed to frontal damage. Before the Y5S3.3 patch, a guard break could be achieved only by a meleeing shield operator. Extended Montagne was resistant to melee.
Now, guard break will be also achievable with:

  • Explosives (impact grenades, nitro cell)
  • Clash taser

And probably the most impactful change – fully extended Montagne is now also impacted by guard break!

For more on Guard Break, check out the below video from CoreRoss:


With the introduction of the Y5S3 mid season patch, shield-bearing operators will protect other players located behind them from an explosion. Explosion protection is granted to both allies and enemies who are positioned behind the shield operator.

The shield damage protection will depend on body exposure to the source of the explosion.
On the other hand, the protection for shields from the explosives is being lowered to 66% from 80%, which is a nerf for the shield operators.

Y5S3.3 Patch notes:

Up until now, using the yellow ping on surveillance devices was a no-risk and high reward mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege. Instead of scanning the enemy’s location with a red ping, it was better to just use a yellow ping instead.
The enemy had no way to know that they were pinged or that the intel gathering gadget (i.e. drone or camera) is present nearby.

Now, pinging is about to change! With the Y5S3.3 patch, using yellow ping will emit a sound, which is audible for enemies present nearby the device.
This is a huge change that will surely impact how the teams are utilizing information in Rainbow Six Siege. An ability to make a detailed verbal callout will be more important than ever. And knowing when to ping safely and when not is going to be crucial, too!

The official patch notes can be found on Ubisoft’s website under this link.

What do you think about the Y5S3.3 patch?
Do you like the changes to shield operators?

Let us know in the comments below!

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