Website content update

As you might have noticed, our portal had a down period in the last few months. We haven’t released new guides or updates to the page for a while.

Such inactivity was due to the significant amount of work we’ve put into creating an ebook. We wanted to release a comprehensive guide for Rainbow Six Siege for a long time. An ebook that will be premium content for players who want to learn how to get good at R6. And I can finally say that we got there!

The Rainbow Six Siege Mastery ebook is the most extensive and quality work we’ve made so far. 

This ebook is a culmination of thousands of hours of playing and studying the game. We hope you’ll find it helpful to accelerate your growth in Rainbow Six Siege!

You can check details about this product and preview one of the chapters in the book HERE.

On top of that, we have just updated info on our website for up to Y6S4 patches. And released operator guides for the remaining Year 6 operators – Osa and Thorn.

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