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Rainbow Six Siege Mastery Guide


Our e-book focuses on helping you with your individual growth.
Together we will go in-depth with major areas of your growth as an R6 player.

The Rainbow Six Siege Mastery Guide is simply the best content we have for you!

No Risk – we offer 14-days refund in case you are unsatisfied with our e-book!

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Who Will Benefit From Rainbow Six Siege Mastery Guide?

  • players who feel stuck in their improvement
  • those who want to improve but don’t know how
  • players who are willing to dedicate energy and effort to get better in the game
  • those who lack some skills, but are unsure which ones exactly

Our guide won’t make you instantaneously a diamond player, but it sure will help you understand what it will take to become one!

What can you expect from e-book?

  • 70+ pages of no-bloat, concise exclusive premium content.
  • In-depth guidance to mastering crucial areas of individual player growth in R6.
  • Detailed practical information on improving aiming, movement, map knowledge, and more!
  • Always up-to date guide thanks to not diving into maps and operators specifics

Unofficial guide

Please note that our Rainbow Six Siege Mastery e-book is an unofficial guide created by r6siegecenter.com. Our website is not affiliated with Ubisoft.

Available format

Our e-book is available in PDF format.

14-days refund

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