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We recommend visiting our “GUIDES” section to learn how to attack, defend, and use operators in Siege.




Would you like to learn how to utilize operators to the fullest potential in Rainbow Six Siege?

Read our in-depth guides for the R6 Siege operators!


Expand your knowledge about various aspects of successfully attacking in Rainbow Six Siege.

Learn attacking basics

Learn how to hunt down the roamers

Step up your drone game!


Learn how to hold the objective side as a defender in Siege!

Become effective roamer

Study basics of defense

Who does what on the defense?

Profiles of Rainbow Six Siege Professional Players!

Find your favorite Siege PROs and learn more about them:

  • Player’s info
  • PRO Settings
  • PRO Gear
  • Youtube Videos and ESL Matches


Learn more about the Content Creators who produce materials for Rainbow Six Siege:

  • who are they
  • where to find and follow
  • hardware and gear they use

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