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Learn more about sights choices available in Rainbow Six Siege! 


Rainbow Six Siege Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Simply put, there are no right or wrong decisions when it comes to R6 Siege sights. There are, however, situations in which one type is more advantageous than others. Our recommendation for such is included in below sights descriptions.
Few key terms for sights:
Reticle – the aiming point of a sight
Casing – a metal cover of the sight, which obstructs the view
Sight window – a space between reticle and casing

1x sights

Rainbow Six Siege offers following 1x sights choices:


1x sights are available to any weapon that offers attachment modification of Rainbow Six Siege sights.
In rare cases, holo may not be available (i.e., Caveira – M12), but most of the time you can select from all 3 above sights.
The vast majority of automatic weapons in Rainbow Six Siege come with “default” versions of 1x sights, with following exceptions:
Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Default Reflex


A sight with the best casing, but worst window

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Default Red Dot


A Rainbow Six Siege sight with the best window, but worst casing


A middle ground sight, with a reticle that offers the least obstruction


All Spetsnaz operators and Finka have access only to Russian Sights. From all available ones, our personal favorite is Reflex – just like the default one, it obscures the screen the least.
Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Russian Reflex


Smallest Sight Window, but the best Casing. Our favorite Russian Sight

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Russian Red Dot


Middle of the pack sight in all departments

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Russian Holographic


Very big casing, our least favorite Russian Sight,


Below is the list of Rainbow Six Siege sights that are unique to specific guns. 
In some cases, unique sights are fixed (i.e. SPSMG9), while in other cases they are just one of the available options (i.e. Nomad’s AK-74M).
Rainbow Six Siege Sights - unique Reflex


The worst casing of the sight, but good space window.
Can be equipped on:
- Nomad's AK-74M

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - unique Red Dot


The best casing, with the smallest space window.
Can be equipped on:
- P10C - Clash & Warden
- RG15 - Ela & Zofia

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - unique Red Dot v2


Casing similar to Reflex but with reticle, with the reticle of Red Dot.
Can be equipped on:
- SPSMG9- Clash & Warden

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - unique Holographic


An R6 Siege sight that is middle of the pack in all aspects.
Can be equipped on:
- FMG - Nokk & Smoke
- P10 RONI - Mozzie

Sights in this category were an addition to Rainbow Six Siege as a part of Operation Shadow Legacy (Y5S3 patch).
Thos two new 1x sights are available to some primary guns on both defense and attack. 
However, you probably won’t see them too often as they are usually available on guns where new magnifying scopes are also accessible.
Holo MH1 Y5S3 Sight Rainbow Six Siege


Similar to the default Holographic sight in terms of the casing.
The worst reticle for us - not easily recognizable center of the sight.


Similarly to the original Red dot, M4S provides the best window. However, it has better casing nearby the sight, with the exception of the bottom right corner.


Ash R6 Siege operator B&W poster by r6siegecenter

Aggressive playstyle

1x sights fit great for players who fill in the role of entry fragging & roaming. If you tend to push decisively and find yourself frequently in close-quarter engagements, then you are likely to benefit from a wide field of view.
Since such playstyle tends to compliment operators who utilize speed or offer high killing potential, we would recommend trying 1x out for players who enjoy playing entry fraggers on the attack, such as:
The situation on the defense is much more linear since magnifying sights can be equipped primarily by slow defenders.


1x sights are also an excellent choice for players who plan to use verticality to their advantage.
Verticality can be used by both attackers and defenders since it means playing from above or below the objective, by creating openings in either ceiling or floor.
In Rainbow Six Siege sights help to scan the opening in search of an enemy. Magnifying scopes do limit your vision so you may not be able to see enemy peeking from the side of your opening.


Sights without magnification may put you at a disadvantage when engaging an enemy in a long-range firefight.
Additionally, holding tight angles and cheeky peeks tends to be a harder task since your ability to spot enemy is impaired.


Up until the Y5S3 patch, Rainbow Six Siege did not offer variety and choices in terms of magnifying scopes. This has changed in Operation Shadow Legacy, with the total makeover of scopes options and availability.

Now, we have multiple magnification options, sometimes even on the same gun. Long story short, new magnifying scopes are now our favorite scopes – especially the 1.5x scope!
In the past, ACOG was served left and right by Ubisoft. As a result, we’ve had monstrosities on the defense such as Jager, Bandit, Maestro, and Smoke having ACOGs.
Most 1 speed defenders had access to the 2.5x scope, as well.

Now, the magnification higher than 2.0x is rare. Not to mention 3.0x scope, which is available only to DMRs!

Below the list of available scopes as of Y5S3 patch notes:


1.5x Scope

The most versatile scope. Provides minimal magnification which helps with long-distance engagements. Yet, still provides a sufficient field of view in close-to-mid gunfights.
Our favorite scope!

2.0x Scope

Another addition of the Y5S3 patch. Great scope for long-distance engagements, but with less versatility in terms of close quarter combat. Looks very weird on many guns, too.

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - ACOG

ACOG (2.5x Scope)

The main magnifying scope in Rainbow Six Siege. Not as frequently available as it once was. It obscures severely view outside of the space window, with its massive casing.

3.0x scope Y5S3 Rainbow Six Siege

3.0x Scope

High magnification scope with the best casing.
Available only to DMR weapons!


Rainbow Six Siege Sights - Russian ACOG


Available only to Spetsnaz attackers (Fuze & Glaz), as well as Finka.
Casing of this version obscures less of a view than the default ACOG, but the reticle takes more of the view.



Unique scope available only to Kali, with her CSRX 300 Bolt Rifle.
Obscures entire view outside of space window, but allows higher than usual zoom - 6x and 12x.

Rainbow Six Siege Sights - 44mag Pistol Scope


The least distracting scope with the cleanest reticle. Unfortunately, this variant is available only to a secondary weapon - .44mag pistol - which can be accessed by Nomad and Kaid.

When to use

Thatcher R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter

Passive playstyle

Magnifying scopes are recommended to players who enjoy playing as:


Support attackers tend to engage enemies at longer distances than entry fraggers. This is often achieved by holding a rotation or angle, with a potential of long-range engagement with defenders.
Examples of attackers who tend to run magnifying scopes are Thermite, Thatcher, Kali, Capitao or Gridlock.
Additionally, since Maverick is capable of opening murder holes even in reinforced surfaces, we recommend equipping 1.5x scope with his primary weapon.


Anchors who stay on the objective are likely to hold angles for a major part of the round. Scopes are a great tool that allow anchors precision and grants the ability to hold pixel peeks and cheeky long angles comfortably.
Anchor operators who are recommended to use magnifying scopes on defense are Rook, Wamai, Mute, Doc & Echo.


Rainbow Six Siege offers a lot of possibilities for cheeky angles, but the most commonly used ones are pixel peeks, bullet & punch holes.
Each of those methods basically allows a player who holds the angle to have visibility on the opponent, while being extremely hard to spot or counter.
You can achieve them by:
An extremely tight angle held between two surfaces. Well showcased in Prodigio Pete’s video:
As the name suggests, you create it by punching (melee button) a hole in the wall. Such a hole is easier to spot than bullet holes but consequently easier to utilize, too.
Showcased by Pengu:


Since such scopes offer a zoomed-in view, they distort and limit your vision in close-range encounters. Basically scope makes you more accurate but less aware of your surroundings outside of the center of your screen.

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