Ela Rainbow Six Siege operator BW art by r6siegecenter


  • Beast at close range
  • Versatile utility
  • Good roamer thanks to 3-speed rating


  • Lacks explosives
  • Ineffective at mid and long-range


Defensive operator

Ela R6 Siege operator, once OP AF, Bosak is a trap specialist on the defensive side who excels at short-range firefights.
She is a fast defender who is skilled as both a roamer and an anchor, depending on personal preferences and defensive setup.
Equipped with Concussion mines, Ela provides:
  • intel about the enemy’s location
  • disrupts impacted attackers





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Born in Wroclaw, Elżbieta Bosak is the youngest daughter of Jan Bosak, former commander of the Polish Special Forces unit GROM.

Experiencing some difficulties while attending a military high school, Ela left Poland behind after graduation. In Berlin, she studied Fine Arts, but her interest started to fade as the appeal of her old life slowly caught up with her. During her stay there, she made the acquaintance of the owner of a small private military company, who made her a job offer. Craving the adventure and financial independence, Ela accepted.

Working as a PMC in Iraq, Ela gained a reputation. Known to possess an impressive range of abilities, her attitude was the only obstacle standing in her way. While she was seen as a prized addition to any squad, her employers monitored her closely to investigate reports of authority issues. Four years into her deployment, she received the first news from home, which stated that her father had taken his own life.


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A few months after her father’s death, Ela terminated her contract and started training to pass the GROM selection as a civilian. Impressed by her determination and prowess on the field, the GROM saw in her a rare opportunity. Amidst the Polish Forces, she developed an expertise in Countering Threat Networks (CTN) and helped design advanced Exploitation methods to extract intel on a target’s intentions and supply routes.

One of her most well-known ventures is Operation Orange Sky. Joined by Valkyrie, SEAL’s intel expert, Ela spent months infiltrating a warlord’s inner circle before dismantling his network without harming a single civilian.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Ela R6 Siege

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What is the utility?

Concussion mines are Ela’s unique utility.

Mines are throwable traps that stick to all surfaces (walls, ceilings, and floors) and trigger automatically by attackers in their proximity.

Mine’s proximity range is around 4 meters, but it depends on the line of sight. An attacker within range but not in the line of sight to the mine will not trigger it.
Mines have the effective range for the blast of 6 meters, impacting all operators, even defenders.
Ela R6 operator mines do not deal any damage to impacted operators. Instead, mines concuss them causing temporary visual and audio disorder for impacted operators, as well as lowering controls sensitivity for the duration of the effect.
Unlike Lesion, Ela does not have a UI indicator of placed traps. Hence intel gathering is limited to visual and sound. However, she is notified with a point indicator about the Grzmot mine detonation.
Mines can be picked up by Ela and placed outside of the objective building.

How to use utility?

Advantages that mines can give to Ela R6 Siege operator are:
  • intel gathering
    Concussion mines can provide information about the enemy’s push from a specific direction. Defenders do not need to have visual contact on placed mine as trap detonation will cause loud noise giving defenders an audio cue.
  • disruption of the attacker’s senses
    Winning gunfights when concussed is not an easy task and gives defenders an advantage over the impacted enemy. The only downside for defenders can be that attackers expect to be pushed when the trap detonates.
  • the detonation of mine cancels actions like planting defuser
    Canceling the plant is not possible with preplaced mines as the Grzmot trap would detonate before the plant begins.
    Therefore, to impact the defuser plant, Ela will have to throw a trap at the time of the defuser being planted. Such a technique requires impeccable timing as Grzmot mine needs to “arm” itself once placed.
Questions to ask yourself when considering mines placement:
  • Are attackers likely to come from this way?
    When playing trap operators, it is essential to be creative with utility placement. However, placing mine in a location where attackers are unlikely to even pass through is not an efficient use of the utility.
    Entrances to the objective are usually the safest options for placing trap utility.
  • Will this mine benefit team and me, and how?
    When deciding on trap placement, consider the type of benefit you expect your team to gain from it. Are you hoping to gain intel about attackers’ approach from a specific direction, or do you want to increase the odds of winning gunfights?
    Placing a trap right on top of the entrance to the location may be easier to conceal, but will allow secure retreat for an impacted attacker(s). Perhaps placing a trap in a way that attackers activate it once they are already a couple of meters in would increase the chance of killing a disoriented opponent?
  • Will this mine be easily spotted?
    Ela R6 mines give her great flexibility in placement as they stick to all surfaces. I recommend placing a trap in a way that will make it difficult for attackers to spot the trap and destroy it.
    A common and quite effective way of placing Concussion mine is above entrances.



Currently, no specific synergies are available for Ela R6 Siege operator utility.


  • Entry fraggers
    Grzmot mines are an excellent counter to careless attackers who try to push without checking the environment.
  • Flanks
    Ela’s mines can aid the team in keeping the flank watch. Mine detonation gives away the attacker’s position, eliminating the element of surprise and giving an advantage to defenders.
  • Defuser plant
    Throwing Grzmot mine in the area where attackers are planting a defuser will cancel an action, delaying the plant. In last seconds push scenarios, this might be a difference between winning a round or losing.
    However, Ela is far from being the optimal plant denial option. She is instead a situational choice for such usage as other operators like Smoke or Echo are much better at this task.
  • Montagne
    When impacted, Montagne is forced to unextend his shield, making him vulnerable to hand/feet shots and melee attacks.

Countered by:

  • IQ
    Grzmot mines are visible on the electronics detector. IQ can identify mines placement. However, due to the need for a direct line of sight to shoot utility, she might not be able to counter Ela’s mines fully.
  • Thatcher
    EMP disables permanently Grzmot mines placed within its blast radius.
  • Twitch
    Shock drone’s “zap” permanently destroys targeted Grzmot mine.
Besides the above operator-specific counters, Grzmot mines can also be eliminated by explosions and of course bullets.
  • Frag grenades
    Buck, Sledge, or Finka can utilize nades for destroying mines placed within the explosion radius
  • Breaching rounds
    Ash can use her ranged breaching launcher to destroy Grzmot mines placed within their effective range
  • Impact grenade – Lifeline
    Just like Ash, Zofia can neutralize traps by shooting her impact grenades in the area where they are placed

How to play -
Ela R6 Siege


Roaming means leaving the objective site as a defender to interrupt and flank the attacking team.
Roamers usually split into disruptive and sneaky ones.
Disruption involves denying the ability to enter the building for attackers and continuously harassing attackers to shift their attention from objective to you.
Sneaky defenders rely more on concealing their presence and location to flank unsuspecting attackers during a later stage of the round.
As a roamer, getting kills is a great addition, but not the only reason for roamers to exist.
The main point of roaming is to waste attackers time and make them feel uncomfortable pushing the site before dealing with you.
Roaming role is filled usually by more advanced players as it requires:
  • advanced map knowledge
  • mobility
  • creativity
  • good game sense
If you want to learn more about roaming, we recommend visiting the section dedicated to this role by clicking the below button.


  • Grzmot mines are easy to use mechanically 
  • non-vital utility
  • a high rate of fire gun, good at close range

Loadout guide -
Ela R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Deployable shield

Hip-high shield deployable by defenders on flat surfaces. Can be used to protect from gunfire & explosives, as well as an obstacle for attackers to cross locations.


Barbed Wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
Scorpion EVOCompensatorVertical gripReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
RG15Muzzle brakeN/AN/A
Barbed wire

Why such loadout?

First, let’s clarify what is Ela R6 Siege operator’s current status in the game after multiple nerfs that she has seen.
Back in the days, Ela was an overpowered operator due to almost nonexistent recoil, while having an insane combination of very high fire rate and 51 bullets. 
She was great at long, medium, and short-range encounters with Scorpion and could take on multiple enemies without reloading her gun.
Luckily she has been nerfed heavily and is currently in the right spot, where her weapons are effective specifically at close range.
FO-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun with a quite high fire rate. It can come in handy when a player decides to control the chokepoint, with an intention for close-range encounters.
Ela’s shotgun is probably the only gun where I would recommend equipping an Extended barrel.
However, in most cases, I would recommend going with Scorpion. This recommendation applies even if you intend on taking enemies at close range. In fact, considering extreme recoil after the initial first few bullets, the close range is what you should stick with Ela whenever possible.
A compensator is the only barrel attachment that makes Scorpion somewhat controllable. Realistically, you should not expect to be able to aim precisely while spraying regardless of a barrel choice. 
Equipping an angled grip on Scorpion makes the weapon completely uncontrollable. Thus I recommend always equipping Vertical grip to tame this beast a little.
As a non-3-armor defender Ela R6 has no access to the ACOG scope, hence I suggest using Reflex sight as it is my favorite. Sights are probably the most personal preference choice in the loadout. I encourage everyone to test available sights and choose the one they feel the most comfortable with!
RG15 is a very reliable pistol that is based on high ammo count and lower damage per bullet. RG15 has a unique sight equipped by default and green laser sight, instead of the usual red.
I recommend using this pistol with a muzzle brake to help recoil control. Laser sight depends heavily on your preferences. I do not find myself in gunfights with a gun using hipfire often. Thus, I recommend leaving it out to minimize the risk of giving away your exact position.
Lastly, the universal gadget of my choice for Ela is Barbed wire. Barbed wire slows down attackers, which can synergize well with Grzmot mines by making it harder for the impacted opponent to retreat to safety. Wire also provides a sound cue to defenders about incoming attackers and forces them to either spend time, resources or put themselves at risk while dealing with barbed wires.
Deployable shields can come in handy, but I suggest picking them only in situations where you have a plan in advance on how to utilize this gadget effectively.

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Ela R6 Siege

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