Rainbow Six Siege is the latest entry in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise
The game was released by Ubisoft on the 1st of December 2015 as a buy to play for Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The game is a tactical First Person Shooter game, with a heavy emphasis on team play.
Rainbow Six Siege focuses heavily on the multiplayer aspect of the game.
Single-player does not include campaign mode and is limited to only two in-game modes:

  • Situations – a series of short missions, being an expanded tutorial mode for new players.
    Unfortunately, this mode has not been updated since the game’s release and has no missions involving DLC operators.
  • Training Grounds – previously known as Terrorist Hunt. A game mode that can be played both solo and in co-op with other players. As the name indicates, this mode is primarily used as a warm-up or an aim training.

Now let’s talk about the main aspect of the game – the multiplayer mode. Online play is the portion of the Rainbow Six Siege where the developer puts practically all the efforts.
Players are given the possibility to play: Newcomer, Quick match (Casual), Unranked, and Ranked playlists.

Here’s the list of characteristics for each playlist:

Unranked and Ranked have the same map pool, while the remaining modes provide an expanded list of maps available.

Matches feature two teams of 5 players competing against each other.

In a Quick match, teams swap roles after 2 rounds with 1st team to win 3 rounds winning the match.
On the other hand, Unranked and Ranked playlists have a different attacking/defending swap logic – the swap occurs after 3 rounds, and teams play in a format known as best-of-7, with best-of-3 overtime in case of 3-3 draw.

Every game mode is an objective-oriented team deathmatch, which means that team wins if:

  • all enemies are eliminated
  • an objective is completed

Within the objective aspect of the game, Rainbow Six Siege offers three variations: Hostage, Secure Area, and Bomb.
Although, Secure Area and Hostage are available only in the Quick Match playlist. The bomb is the main objective type in R6S.

What’s so special about Rainbow Six Siege?

The game just feels so rewarding to play. It’s the only online FPS that provides such a mixture of tension and thrill, joy and frustration. We have never played a shooter as addictive as R6S!

Rainbow Six Siege separates itself from other multiplayer shooters by being a tactical shooter without respawns while providing a faster pace of action than other tactical shooters.

Such effect is achieved thanks to the relatively low timer of the round, relatively fast character movement, and dominance of short-range firefights.


The most unique aspect, however, is a heavy focus on the environmental destruction of the map, which provides a multitude of tactics for both defenders and attackers.


R6 gives players the possibility to choose each round one of unique operators, who have predefined weapons, gadgets, appearance, and speed.
Multiple players can not select the same operators. Such restriction adds a tactical layer to operator decisions depending on the team’s composition, needs, and personal preferences.


Players can customize operators by selecting weapons and gadgets from available options, as well as attachments to weapons. From a cosmetic perspective, Ubisoft allows a choice of skins for operators’ headgear, gear, weapons, and their attachments.

Is Rainbow Six Siege supported?

The game is continuously supported by developers with DLCs.

Every year since the release Ubisoft releases 4 seasons. Each season add:

  • new operator(s)
  • either a new map or a rework of a map
  • game improvements

Rainbow Six Siege offers a fair DLC system where players can buy new operators or skins (most of them) with in-game currency or purchase a BattlePass to unlock a new operator without in-game cost.

Every new map is available to all players, regardless of BattlePass ownership status.
Ubisoft plans to support the game’s development for potentially even 10 years, to reach 100 operators count. 

To learn more about the cost of the game, as well as editions available to new customers, check our Rainbow Six Siege editions guide.

The game also has a very popular streaming community, as well as Pro League which grows and evolves together with the game.
In 2020 Ubisoft has intended to introduce the LAN Pro League in North America, which is a sign of continuous expansion and growth of the game’s pro scene.

Is Rainbow Six Siege new-player friendly?

Wish we could say that R6 is accessible to new players, but the truth is that the game has a very steep learning curve. Initial 100+ hours may be tough. This of course depends on the player’s experience and skill level in FPS games.

The most difficult aspects of the game to learn are:

  • Complex interactions between operators
  • Map knowledge
  • Learning game sense

If you’re new to the game or plan to buy it, then we recommend checking our beginner’s guides. The section is designed for new players to understand the mechanics of the game, learn how to attack/defend and how to use operators.

In 2022, we have also released an e-book which is a premium guide intended to help Rainbow Six Siege players become better.
You can learn more about our e-book HERE.

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