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  • AK-12 is a deadly weapon
  • Versatile loadout options
  • High-reward low-risk utility


  • 3-armor operator (slow and loud)
  • The utility can kill allies
  • Requires advanced map knowledge


Offensive operator

Fuze R6 operator, Nemesis of hostages, is an attacker equipped with Cluster charges. Charges allow him to bring death and destruction from a safe location.
Fuze fills mainly the role of Disruptor.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Kessikbayev grew up in a military family in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

After his family emigrated to Russia shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kessikbayev followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled in the military, where his facility with technology landed him a spot in the coveted weapon testing brigade at Alabino firing range near Moscow.


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Detailed information on how to play Fuze R6 Siege operator

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What is the utility?

Cluster charges – deployable similarly to breaching charges, but serving functionally as mini frag grenades.

In Rainbow Six Siege Fuze is equipped with 4 Cluster charges, with each charge containing 5 mini-grenades.
Each grenade is capable of killing or downing operator (and hostage…) present within a radius of approx — 4,5 meters during detonation of a grenade.
On top of killing potential, Cluster charges destroy utility located in an effective radius.
Cluster charges can be placed on:
  • Soft breachable walls
  • Barricades – both doors and window
  • Armored panels – Castle’s utility
  • Penetrable floors
  • Hatches
  • Breachable walls – both reinforced and unreinforced (Year 6 change)
Once deployed, the Cluster charge has to be activated remotely by Fuze.
He is unable to place another charge until the previously deployed cluster is detonated or destroyed.
Cluster releases pucks in a predefined pattern, starting from the right and going to the left (from a gadget deployment perspective) in line. Pucks then can bounce off surfaces and objects as per a precomputed trajectory.
Cluster charges deployed on the reinforced surfaces (walls or hatches) take a bit longer to be activated – there is a fusing time before the first puck is released.

How to use utility?

The usage of Cluster charges is mechanically very simple. The player has to press a unique utility button to equip Fuze R6 operator with charge.
To deploy charge on the surface, a player has to be within melee range that is deployable for gadgets and press fire button.
In case advanced deployment is active (and it should!) player has to hold the button until deployment is completed.
The detonation of charge is achieved by pressing the unique utility button again.
Purpose of using Cluster charges:
  • Killing operators
    The most straightforward purpose for using charges. The best against fortified and unsuspecting defenders. Bear in mind though that there’s sufficient window of time between the detonation of charge and explosion of pucks for defenders to relocate.
    At this point, players recognize Cluster charge detonation sound and relocate to avoid death.
  • Utility destruction
    Great way to clear stacked utility, especially at the objective or chokepoints.
    Single Cluster charges can dispatch tons of utility due to its high area of effect.
  • Disruption
    Least utilized but in my opinion, a fantastic way to use Fuze effectively. In Rainbow Six Siege Fuze is underutilized in this area, even in the Pro League.

    With proper coordination, Fuze can flush out fortified defenders with teammates being ready to capitalize with a kill on opponents running for their lives.

    Best videos I have seen on this subject are from Macie Jay – one of them can be seen here:

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  • Killing hostage
    The best location to use charges for is usually an objective site where anchors and defensive utility are likely to be stacked.
    Any other location that is heavily fortified by defenders and is a crucial location to be controlled by your team is also a valid Cluster charge target!
Best objective sites for utilizing Cluster charges are those with:
  • Penetrable ceiling
    Fuze can sow and reap death from above. This allows him to use his ability without being present on the same floor as the objective. It can be hard to achieve due to defenders potentially roaming above.
    Kafe Dostoyevsky – 2F Fireplace Hall & Mining Room

    Consulate – Garage and Cafeteria

  • External windows
    When rappelling outside of the building, Fuze R6 operator can place his charges with minimal map control needed to utilize his gadget correctly. Such usage poses risks of runouts or being shot while deploying Cluster charges.
    Oregon – 2F Kid’s Dorm & Dorm’s Main Hall
  • Don’t detonate 4 charges one after another
    By doing so, you minimize killing potential and element of surprise.
  • Disguise Cluster charge deployment and detonation with sounds
    Ask teammates to distract enemies with gunfire or by creating other audio and visual distractions.
  • Flash enemies when detonating Cluster charge
    Blind enemies are easy prey. Unfortunately, Fuze does not have access to Stun grenades anymore, so such usage requires cooperation with teammates



In Rainbow Six Siege Fuze can synergize well with operators equipped with Stun grenades.
Thanks to flash effect, impacted enemies can become an easy target if the Cluster charge is timed correctly.
Therefore, Ying can become Fuze’s best buddy!


Any utility placed within the range of pucks’ explosion radius.
Fuze’s Cluster charge is mainly counter to heavily fortified defensive positions.

Countered by:

Countered by:
  • Jäger’s ADS
    Cluster charges are intercepted by ADS, just like any other grenades in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Wamai’s MAG-nets
    Magnets grab pucks (1 magnet=1puck), thus Wamai is less effective than Jager at countering Fuze
  • Mute’s Jammers
    Signal disruptors placed within range of deployed Cluster charge disable the possibility to detonate the charge. Fuze can still deploy or remove his charges.
  • Gunfire
    A charge can be shot when deployed on surfaces by gunfire. Any pucks already released by charge will be unaffected, but no further pucks will be dispatched by charge.

How to play -
Fuze R6 Siege



Rainbow Six Siege Fuze is a unique operator when it comes to playstyle.
He is the only attacker with the possibility to equip a shield or automatic weapons as primary weapon options.
This choice will heavily influence your playstyle!

In most cases, I would use Fuze as a support operator due to low speed and utility requiring prior control of the deployment area.
However, do not sleep on AK-12. Fuze can stand his ground when it comes to fragging as AK-12 is a powerful weapon!

As a support operator, you are not expected to be the first attacker engaging with enemies. Instead, play a bit more cautiously until your role is fulfilled and utility has been used.
The best way to utilize a support operator from the beginning of the action phase in R6 is to avoid getting spawn peeked while approaching the objective building. I highly recommend jumping on a drone for an initial 5-10 seconds and re-check your entry point.
Most of the spawnpeeked deaths can be avoided by this step alone… Seriously!
I recommend for support operators to aid entry fragging teammates by droning for them to feed with invaluable intel about defenders’ position.
Droning for others is not flashy and won’t show on the scoreboard. However, it is one of the essential aspects differentiating consistently victorious squad and a random group of people where everyone plays for themselves.
Playstyle on the attack in R6 Siege is flexible and in fact fluid. Every operator turns eventually into fragger, once necessary tasks are completed, and utility has been used. 
Therefore, you can play more aggressively and go fragging once:
  • entry to the building has been made
  • your team has established sufficient map control
  • you have used your utility


  • 3-armor & 1-speed operator
  • Mechanically simple utility
  • Requires advanced map knowledge
  • Non-vital utility
  • Team coordination necessary for effective utilization

Loadout guide -
Fuze R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege breaching charge

Breaching charge

The charge allows opening a hole in unreinforced walls, hatches, and barricades.

Rainbow Six SIege Hard Breach Charge gadget

Hard Breach Charge

A charge that blows a medium-sized hole in reinforced surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
AK-12Flash hiderVertical grip2.0x scope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
PMMMuzzle brakeN/AN/A
Hard Breach Charge

Why such loadout?

Fuze has extremely versatile loadout options as all 3 options for the primary weapon are viable!
Lets briefly go through all of them:
  • Equipping shield
    Fuze is unique not only with his utility but also with the ability to select either automatic weapons or shield. All other shield operators are forced to use a shield as primary.
    Fuze’s shield provides, however, the least offensive and defensive capabilities when compared to other shield operators in R6 Siege.
    Blitz has superior offensive ability thanks to his flash and the possibility to charge enemies.
    Montagne provides maximum protection with an extendable shield.
    Fuze R6 operator has neither of advantage making him the worst shield attacker from the strength of shield perspective.
    Picking PMM as a shield can be powerful but comes with significant risk – low ammo count in the magazine.
    If you are comfortable with 8+1 mag as a shield, then go for it – powerful pistol.

    Otherwise, pick GSH-18, which is also a reasonable choice! In either case, use Muzzle brake and laser sight.

  • Equipping LMG
    6P41 LMG is my least preferred option as Fuze due to how good AK-12 is. If you like playing LMGs and you dig Fuze, then I recommend equipping it with:
    • Flash hider
    • Vertical grip
    • ACOG

      LMG provides you with a higher ammo count, so prefire whenever you can to take advantage of your weapon’s strongest point.

  • Equipping AK-12
    One of the strongest weapons in R6 Siege from a numbers point of view.
    AK-12 kicks quite hard, so I recommend equipping it with Vertical grip to tame that beast a little.
    Flash hider wins barrels battle as AK-12 has a significant vertical climb on the first bullet.
    When it comes to sight selection, bear in mind the uniqueness of all sights available to Russian operators.
    We use 2.0x scopes whenever available (hits the sweet spot between 1x sights and 2.5x ACOG)
Fuze has access to PMM as a secondary weapon which is considered one of the best pistols in the game.
PMM has a smaller size of a magazine but compensates with a great Time to Kill (ttk), with very low recoil. Additionally, it’s iron sight gives excellent clarity of view. PMM will be used primarily by Fuze in close-quarter combat situations. Thus muzzle brake is the barrel to go here, as well.
Since Y5S3 we prefer to pick Hard Breach Charge rather than the Breaching Charge.
Hard Breach Charge is a viable option for opening holes in reinforced surfaces. 
It should not become a replacement for Hard Breachers, but can potentially add a layer to the map destruction.

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