• LMG – 80 bullets with ACOG on defense
  • Useful utility
  • Able to remodel site
  • Three armor


  • Long reload time on LMG
  • Not as disruptive as Yokai drones
  • One-speed


Defensive operator

Maestro R6 operator, AKA “Pizza Guy,” is a heavy armor defender with access to the unique defensive weapon – LMG.
He is, together with Echo, the definition of an anchor on defense.
Maestro serves primarily two roles from the utility perspective:
  • Intel gathering – Evil eyes provide visual information, even through smoke
  • Disruption – turrets can shoot bolts that damage operators and destroy the utility





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Adriano Martello, oldest in a family of eight children, attended the Military Academy of Modena. He joined the Carabinieri and later became Explorer Paratrooper in the 1st Paratrooper Regiment Tuscania. After several distinguished tours, earning Silver and Bronze Medals of Military Valor, Martello qualified for Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (Special Intervention Group) and participated in joint operations in Iraq where he was injured by a roadside IED. He engaged in multiple actions against homegrown threats in Italy and eventually became an instructor to train Tier 3 units in the Italian military.

Martello went into private consultation and opened a top-rated operator bootcamp to teach advanced techniques to Tier 3 units and private military companies. The Tuscania eventually convinced Martello to re-enlist to help upgrade one of their Special Forces units, which enabled him to join Rainbow as an Italian representative.


Play Video

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Maestro R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

In Rainbow Six Siege Maestro has access to two Compact Laser Emplacements (CLE-Vs), commonly known as “Evil Eyes.”
Evil eyes are turrets that can be placed on any flat surface, just like Jäger’s ADS.
Evil eyes serve two primary purposes:
  • camera
    Maestro can turn turrets just like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes and can see through smoke similar to Bulletproof cameras.
    In this mode, the turret is resistant to gunshots but can be destroyed or disabled by multiple other utilities available on the attacking side.

    On top of that, Evil Eyes are now less resistant to melee attacks.
    When hit with a melee punch, the external glass of the device is shattered, which makes the device opaque. Shattered Evil Eye can be still used for sound cues or for the second mode of usage…

  • turret
    This mode requires Maestro to “activate” the turret by holding the Aim Down Sight button, which takes around 1 second to activate entirely.
    While active Evil eye “opens” its gunshot-resistant glass covering firing mechanism and as a result can be shot or hit by a melee attack.
    Turret mode allows Rainbow Six Siege Maestro to fire rapidly bolts that damage the impacted operator for five hp per bolt. Turret shoots approximately four bolts per second, with a maximum of 20 bolts fired consecutively until overheating.
    When firing bolts Evil eye’s heating meter fills up and when shots are not fired meter lowers 20 % per second. 
    Overheating prevents Maestro from shooting with turret until the full cooldown is reached, which takes 5 seconds.
    On top of damaging operators, Evil eye can destroy various attacking utility, such as drones, breaching charges, Exothermic charges, etc.
Unlike Echo’s Yokai drones turret cannot be turned by other operators. Therefore, if Maestro dies Evil Eyes cannot be turned or fired, only spectated and used for “pinging.”
Another difference between those two similar utilities is that being shot by Evil eye does not cancel currently performed action like planting a defuser.

How to use utility?

Mechanically Evil eyes are deployed very similarly to Jäger‘s ADS
First, the player has to pull the turret out by pressing the ability button. Afterward, when a location is identified as “placeable” for the turret, Maestro will change his stance, indicating a possibility to deploy Evil eye. 
If you are using the advanced deployment technique (and you should), you need to press and hold the fire button until deployment is completed.
This guide will not tell you where exactly you should place Evil eyes when playing Maestro.
Instead, I will focus on the thought process that can be applied when deciding on how to utilize your turret the most.
Maestro R6 Siege operator is generally a difficult defender who requires map knowledge and game sense to be played most effectively.
New players may find it difficult to know where to place turrets. We hope that the below list will help next time you are puzzled with placement choices.
Placement thought process:
  • maximize area coverage

Try to place Evil Eye where it covers a wide and long angle.
Please note however that wide coverage may be tricky to utilize as turret can be turned only by Rainbow Six Siege Maestro when he is alive!

  • make turret hard to destroy
Placing a turret next to the objective entrance may seem like a good idea, but attackers will frequently use explosives to clear defenders’ utility in such a spot by default.
Instead, try to place it farther from common choke points and in a location where attackers have to expose themselves to gain a line of sight on your precious device.
Deploying turret higher above ground can make it more difficult to time frag grenades versus placing them on the floor. It also makes it harder to melee the gadget!
  • Don’t limit yourself to the objective site only

New players might need some time to figure where could they place turret outside of the objective room. Such placement increases the potential risk of utility being destroyed but may give valuable intel and allow destroying attacking utility

  • Place turret with view on planting position
This way, you can prevent plants by shooting an attacker who plants defuser, forcing them to risk dying, focus on a turret or change the location of the plant.
Even if Maestro is dead or cannot operate the turret, the team should have intel about attackers’ plant situation thanks to such placement.
Once placed, make sure that turrets are turned towards the area/angle you want them to surveil most!
Dead Maestro cannot turn turrets anymore, while teammates are unable to do so at all. As a result, inappropriately turned Evil eye will remain even useless if not set correctly.
Don’t get greedy firing bolts.
Attackers can shoot turret when active with the ADS button, so use it only when they are distracted and not aiming in the direction of the Evil eye.
Opponents will often try to bait Rainbow Six Siege Maestro into firing as there is a second delay for protective glass closing.
Turn turret away when stopping active mode.
Bulletproof glass opens only from the front of the turret. To avoid Evil eye being shot due to delay in shutting down the glass (1 second) Maestro can turn the turret away from the attacker.
As a result, the attackers’ bullets will likely hit the protected back of the Eye, hitting which does not impact the turret even when active.
Try to find balance in using turrets.
A common mistake of both Echo and Maestro players is the lack of balance and proper sense in both the amount of time and choosing the right time to use utility.
The ability to balance your passive/active time should come with practice and experience.



From a utility perspective, Maestro synergizes well with Goyo’s Vulcan Shields.
Maestro’s Evil Eye can activate Goyo’s shields by using the laser.
Additionally, he can provide valuable information to defenders, especially in case of attackers attempting to plant defuser in a cover of smoke. 


Maestro R6 operator is a good counter to late-round pushes as attackers have usually limited resources to deal with Evil eyes or little to no time to delay the defuser plant.
His utility is not as reliable in denying the plant of defuser as Echo is, but can still get the job done. Especially if attackers have been damaged and are at low health.
Thanks to the ability to see through smoke Evil eyes are a great counter to:
If left undealt with, the turret can shoot down the utility of hard breachers – Thermite’s Exo charges and Hibana’s X-Kairos.
Other utility that can be destroyed by Maestro’s Evil Eyes includes:
  • Twitch Shock Drones
  • Iana’s Hologram

Countered by:

Maestro’s Evil Eyes have been nerfed since his release. When disabled by either Thatcher or Twitch, Evil Eye opens a bulletproof window slightly, allowing attackers to either shoot it or zap with a Twitch drone.
Currently, he is hard countered by:
  • EMP temporarily disables Evil eyes and opens bulletproof glass.
  • Twitch
    Shock drone can “zap” Evil eye disabling it temporarily. Opens bulletproof glass for the duration, which can be used to zap turret again to destroy it
  • explosives
    Frag grenades, breaching rounds, or lifelines destroy turrets placed within their explosion radius.
  • Smashing turret with hammer destroys it
  • Using the torch on the turret destroys it permanently
  • Logic bomb prevents Rainbow Six Siege Maestro from using Evil eyes until the phone is “answered.” Hacking a dead defender’s phone will allow 

Since the Y6S2 update, Evil Eyes are also susceptible to melee attacks. The external glass of the turret becomes shattered, limiting potential usage of the gadget.

How to play -
Maestro R6 Siege


Anchoring. Anchoring and again Anchoring.
Maestro, together with Echo, is THE anchor in Rainbow Six Siege. Due to characteristics as well as the role and utility nature, Maestro will almost always be on site.
Unlike Echo, he is not going to sit on turrets as much as Echo does on drones, but his presence during the crucial late-round phase can be detrimental to the outcome.
Just like Echo, Maestro should stay alive as long as possible. With each second closer to the end of the round timer, Maestro’s presence gains additional importance due to the possibility of delaying and denying the plant.
Dead Maestro means the inability to utilize turrets fully as he will be able to only spectate them without the ability to turn it.
If you want to learn more about anchoring in Rainbow Six Siege, please visit the below guide:


Maestro requires patience, map knowledge, and good game sense.
Maestro R6 operator should stay alive to use actively Evil Eyes, which can be a difference between winning round, especially in late round stages by preventing defuser plants.
To play Maestro effectively, the player needs to position the turret well and remain patient. Placement is even harder than in the case of Echo’s Yokai drones as Evil eyes require Maestro to disarm them to place again. As a result, Maestro is unlikely to move turrets around during the round.
Map knowledge is a massive benefit as knowing where attackers are likely to come from and to plant defuser is crucial.
We recommend trying to avoid placing turrets right at the commonly used objective entrance as such spot is exceptionally likely to be blasted with explosives
Instead, set your Evil Eye a few meters deep into the room. Such a difference in placement limits intel gathered minimally but increased the odds of keeping turret “alive” significantly.
Communication is a critical aspect in Rainbow Six Siege and Maestro, together with other intel-gathering operators, requires and outlines it even more than most operators.

Loadout guide -
Maestro R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Impact Grenade

A grenade exploding on impact. It is primarily used for opening holes in surfaces.


Barbed wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
ALDA 5.56CompressorVertical gripHolographic
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Bailiff 410N/AN/AN/A
Barbed Wire

Why such loadout?

There’s not much debate for primary weapon choices when discussing Maestro.
ALDA is the only LMG available on the defensive side, with 80 bullets available per magazine. Up until the Y4S4.3 patch, Alda could be equipped with ACOG. Currently, only 1x sights are available on this weapon.
In the case of most LMGs, the compensator would be the barrel of choice. However, ALDA is difficult in keeping down vertical recoil, so we recommend trying flash hider and bearing with some instability arising horizontally while spraying.
The vertical grip is the only grip available for this gun, and as it lowers recoil without any downsides, there is no reason to leave it off.
ALDA is a unique gun as its hipfire shots get more accurate the longer you spray. Therefore, the benefits of laser are more significant than in the case of most weapons. Put that fookin’ laser sight on mate!
Now let’s talk about secondary choice – Bailiff 410.
Keratos is an excellent pistol, which is a better version of Deagle or LFP586 (French revolver). Keratos downs or kills every operator in 2 shots from optimal range and has lesser recoil than mentioned counterparts available for other CTUs.
“Then… why Bailiff?” you may ask.
The bailiff is not a traditional pistol in Rainbow Six Siege. It works more like a shotgun and is primarily used for reconstructing sites or opening hatches.
As a Maestro you will probably be using LMG with tons of bullets. The need to resort to pulling out a pistol due to running out of ammo during a gunfight should be a sporadic case. 
Hence we recommend bringing Bailiff for additional utility on Maestro’s side. He can open new angles that expand coverage of his Evil eyes or rotation holes between sites.
Ever since the changes to Rainbow Six Siege Maestro loadout in Year4 Season3, universal gadget selection is a much more individual aspect.
We would recommend choosing Barbed wire if you use Bailiff. Conversely, you should use Impact grenades whenever equipping Keratos.
Our choice is always a Bailiff & Barbed wire combination.

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