Rainbow Six Siege Operation High Calibre

All you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4 content – the Operation High Calibre patch notes! 

Rainbow Six Siege: OPERATION
High Calibre

Rainbow Six Siege closes its Year 6 content with Season 4 called Operation High Calibre.

The Y6S4 patch went live on the 30th of November 2021. 

Unlike other recent seasons, Season 4 introduced a new operator – Thorn – and a rework of a map – Outback. On top of that, we have a balancing and gameplay changes. 




Rainbow Six Siege Thorn defender operator

The last operation of the year brings us a deadly defender called Thorn

Thorn is yet another “trap” based operator with “Razorbloom shell” sticky grenades. This unique gadget serves primarily as a distraction, with the potential to deal lethal damage to nearby attackers.


To finish Year 6 we have finally received the awaited Outback rework. Since its release, the map was one of the least appreciated ones among the Rainbow Six Siege community.

Below is the video comparison between rework and prior to it:


Bulletproof cameras

The bulletproof camera receives two new tweaks to its functionality:

  • players are able to rotate the camera
  • the camera has EMP shot that disables attackers’ gadgets
Teams names/colors

To improve clarity of R6 UI, the developers have changed how your team and opponents’ are displayed:

  • Team names were changed to “Your Team” & “Opponents”
  • Team colors are now permanently Blue for your team and Red for opponents
Drone counting

Rainbow Six Siege defenders can now see a counter of the number of default drones destroyed by their team.
The new counter UI element also includes drones that are captured by defenders (Mozzie).

However, not all interactions with drones are included, i.e.:

  • Unique drones (Flores or Twitch)
  • Drone being disabled rather than destroyed
  • Attacking team destroying their own drones


Finka is now able to activate her Surge while downed.
The Surge does not grant recoil boost and its cooldown has been increased to 20s.

A long-awaited nerf to Valkyrie’s cameras – Black Eyes thrown outside will be disabled after 10 seconds.

Evil Eyes can now be rotated by Maestro’s teammates, but only when he is not actively operating his gadget.

Both operators’ drones can now be used outside for up to 10 seconds (instead of previous 3 seconds)

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