Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge

Details of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 content – New operators, Map rework & more!

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation void edge

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will open with the new operation called Void Edge.
In this season, we will get 2 new operators, a reworked map (Oregon), and plenty of game improvement changes.
There will be no new map available, nor core gameplay changes or operators reworks.


MARCH 2020


New Dutch attacker who is a 2 speed, 2 armor operator.

Ever wanted to play as a remotely controlled mobile Alibi hologram on the attack? Now you will have a chance!

Iana’s unique ability is the Gemini Replicator, which enables her to generate a hologram of Iana. The hologram is controlled by Iana. It looks, moves and sounds like Iana, but is incapable of a melee attack, shooting guns or using gadgets.

Iana’s hologram will serve primarily as a diversion tool and intel gathering utility.

The newest defender in Rainbow Six Siege is from Jordan. 

Have you ever wanted what a cross of Sledge & Amaru would look like on defense? No worries, we didn’t either.

Oryx unique abilities are:

  • Remah Dash – short distance high-speed dash that allows Oryx to traverse quickly, break through soft walls, and knockdown opponents (including extended Montagne!)
  • Hatch climb – Similarly to Amaru, Oryx is capable of climbing open hatches from below.


Ubisoft team reworked one of the original Rainbow Six Siege maps – Oregon.

Oregon has been a staple map in R6 Siege ranked maps pool. However, Oregon had a similar vibe to it as Club House had before its rework.

Over time both maps became rather linear – every match felt very similar to others. The main reason being lack of rotation options and only 2 bomb sites being viable for defenders.

With new rework, the map feels much more complex and gives the ability for more angles and rotations. So far we like it very much!



Up until Year 5, attackers’ drones spawned in pre-defined random locations on the map. With Operation Void Edge, this won’t be a case anymore.
Your drones now will spawn on your selected operator spawn location!

We believe it is a great feature since you can minimize the time needed for pre-placing your drone and scouting the nearby area in the preparation phase!


On top of the change mentioned above to spawn the location of the drone, Ubisoft will give us an option to choose to stay on a drone after the action phase begins.

This will be a handy feature since so many times, attackers lose the drone to defenders at the round start time. On top of that, you will be able to report spawn peeks situation without unnecessary downtime caused by switching back to the drone.


Debris is still client-sided, which till now could result in irritating situations.

From Year 5 Season 1, it should not be an issue – say goodbye to pieces of barricade getting stuck on the rest of the barricade!

We are incredibly excited about this change!


Ubisoft decided to make the “Play” section of the home page in the main menu more player-friendly.

This is more of a Quality of Life change – not a game-changer but always welcomed!


GU mines UI indicator will be visible only within 8 meters and with a direct LOS.
Mines will not cause initial 10 damage on activation, nor damage downed attackers.
On the other hand, the damage per tick will increase from 4 to 6 HP.

Shock drones changes:

  • Zaps (Taser) will operate on recharge system (similar to Echo’s Yokai drones)
  • Each drone has a maximum of 3 shots stored, with a recharge time of 30 seconds.
  • Additionally, the single taser will cause 1 hp instead of the current 10 damage. 
  • Taser cooldown is now 1 second instead of 2 seconds.

Increased recoil on F2.


Up until now, Warden had to wait to refill the glasses meter completely (up to 10 seconds). Such recharge method made his glasses hard to use (on top of being incredibly situational, to begin with).
Smart Glasses can now be reactivated whenever 20% of a “charge” is available. 

Will this change make Warden finally a viable operator?
We don’t think so, but better than nothing!


If bomb sites remain undiscovered, IQ can now reveal them to the entire team by using her Electronics detector.

This change should be especially useful for new players. However, it will be helpful to avoid late-round scenarios where an attacker’s location can be revealed due to announcer notification!

Castle will see a change to his secondary weapons – M45 pistol will be replaced with Super Shorty.

Ubisoft wants to help Castle with fulfilling his long-time passion – the architecture modification of maps in Rainbow Six Siege.

New operators get access to Frag grenades:

  • Maverick – Frag instead of Stun grenades
  • Nokk – Frag instead of Claymore
  • Ying – Frag instead of Claymore (This change might go real wrong, real quick!)

Operator losing access to Frags:

  • Dokkaebi – Stun grenades instead of Frag

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