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  • good SMG weapon
  • flexible trap placement
  • provides intel and debuffs on the impacted attacker
  • rewards good game sense and map knowledge


  • not new-player friendly
  • requires staying alive to be effective
  • lacks ACOG as anchor


Defensive operator

Lesion is a powerful trap-based operator.
He is very good at anchoring near the objective site, using his utility to gather intel and disrupt attackers with his Gu mines.
Lesion is currently one of the best defensive operators, both in amateur play, as well as in the pro league.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Born in Junk Bay, Liu Tze Long still lives in a public housing estate not far from this area. He was raised by his father, who worked for a ship breaking company and often pulled double shifts. During these years, Liu would stay at the shipyard and help him dismantle obsolete ships for scrapping.

As the ship breaking business began to dwindle out, Liu and his father took some demolition jobs under the table. It all came to a stop when Liu’s father injured his back. Liu was 19 and could not support them both with his own income. Quickly crumbling under debts, he needed money fast.

During that time, China sought some volunteers to undertake mine clearance in the provices of Yunnan and Guangxi. Liu answered the call and worked for two years at defusing hazardous ammunitions.


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With ample experience in demolition and mine disposal, he returned to Hong Kong to join the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau. Soon after, he joined the Special Duties Unit (SDU) to deal with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear terrorist threats.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Lesion R6 Siege

GU mine-1


What is the utility?

In R6 Siege Lesion is equipped with GU mines – throwable traps that have to be placed on flat surfaces and are triggered when an attacker steps on them.
At the start of the preparation phase Lesion starts with 1 Gu mine and generates a new trap every 30th second, with a maximum of eight mines available during the round in total.
Lesion’s mines are throwables that deploy on impact with a flat surface. After a successful deployment, Gu mines become almost invisible due to their cloaking.
Traps can be thrown outside of the objective building and will not be detected. 
Once deployed, mine is visible to Lesion with UI indication, with few restrictions:
  • he must have a direct line of sight on deployed mine
  • can see traps within 8 meters
 Other defenders do not see them on their screens.
Gu mine can be retrieved by Lesion and re-deployed.
Each Gu mine has a trigger range of 1 meter and cannot be hit by melee as such action will activate the mine.
When triggered Gu mine will:
  • slow down attacker
    An impacted attacker has a slower movement speed and cannot sprint until the Lesion’s trap is removed. As a particular interaction, Blitz is unable to use his sprint with shield ability.
  • prevent from performing actions
    Until removed Gu mine will prevent an attacker from planting a defuser or placing utility such as breaching charges. Late round trap activation can singlehandedly clutch the round for defenders, due to lack of time for starting the defuser plant after removing Gu mine.
  • damages impacted attacker
    Initial damage (10hp) has been removed in Y5S1. However, mines deal increased damage of 6hp now per tick (~2 seconds) until mine is removed.

How to use utility?

Mechanically traps are straightforward to be used. Pressing the ability button will make Lesion throw Gu mine at the crosshair location.

The ability button can be held to keep the trap in hand and aim. Mine will be thrown upon release of the button.

In R6 Lesion is a unique anchor operator.
Most of the anchors are three armor operators, except for Smoke & Warden. Just like Smoke, Lesion is considered primarily as an anchor due to his utility. I highly recommend trying to set your traps around the perimeter and anchor with trap placement consideration in mind.
One of the most significant advantages of such a playstyle is the ability to capitalize on intel gathered by traps and the negative effect they have on impacted opponents.
I recommend treating Gu mines primarily as an intel-gathering tool, which will notify you about the enemy’s presence in specific locations.
The main questions I keep asking myself when placing traps in R6 Siege are:
Where are attackers coming from?
How can I maximize the intel gathered?
How can my team benefit most from mine?
Due to characteristics of mines and their utility, I recommend placing Lesion’s utility in tight locations, such as:
  • narrow corridors
  • stairways
  • single doorways
  • windows
Mines have a 1-meter trigger range, so try to put them a bit inside the location attackers will enter.
Do that for mainly one reason: when hit by Gu mine, attackers are likely to back out to safety to remove it.
In case of trap triggers before they got into a line of sight of you or your teammates, then chances for killing impacted attackers are lower.
Such a placement suggestion is especially useful for stairways!
Place traps on the height of stairs that will give you plenty of time to react – the middle of the stairs is usually a good spot.
At the start of the preparation round, place Gu mines where attackers may come from, but you do not plan to cover this area. This way, you can provide intel without being present in a particular location. Also, when covering the specific area for the majority of the round, you will probably have more than enough Gu mines as time goes.
Another tip on using Lesion efficiently would be to gauge when to be aggressive and when to remain passive.
Staying alive as Lesion is essential due to increased utility as round time passes.
However, remaining alive is not as crucial for R6 Lesion as for plant-denial focused operators, such as Smoke or Echo.
An aggressive Lesion player dying within the first 30 seconds of the action phase is not going to help his team much.
As a bit of situational advice, I would like to highlight the situation in which you or your teammate have killed the defuser carrier.
In such a scenario, you can shift focus from objective to the defuser as attackers won’t be able to complete the objective without it (unless they kill all defenders).
Therefore, I recommend setting up an ambush at the defuser location, assuming it is not an inconvenient spot. To do so place Gu mine on defuser and put yourself outside of the line of sight, but with the possibility to pop out and kill the impacted attacker.
Please note that attackers may expect such ambush and it is not always wise to abandon your pre-made setup in favor of defuser location. 
Lastly, try to cooperate with your teammates to get most of your Gu mines.



  • C4 from below
    In R6 Siege Lesion can work together with teammates equipped with C4 to create “pre-placed C4 from below” ambushes. Place Gu mine in a frequently used location with a destructible floor and ask your teammate to place C4 under. As soon as your mine is triggered, tell a teammate to detonate C4. Such usage requires good coordination and reflex on both C4 owner and Lesion player sides but can be useful when executed correctly.


  • Shields
    Slows down shield operators and additionally counters specific operators:
    Forces Montagne out of extended mode until Gu mine is taken out.
    Disables the ability to sprint with the shield for Blitz
  • late-round defuser plants
    Gu mine-affected attacker can not plant defuser until mine is removed
  • entry fraggers
    Lesion mines slow down attackers and give away their position. 

Countered by:

  • IQ
    Mines detectable with electronics’ scanner
  • Permanently destroyed by EMP
  • Twitch
    Shock drone “zap” destroys Gu mines
  • explosives
    A utility such as frag grenades, breaching rounds, or lifeline can destroy Gu mines within explosion’s radius

How to play -
R6 Siege


An anchor is a defender who for the majority of the round stays on an objective site to defend it or has eyesight on the objective room.
An important aspect of anchoring is delaying attackers’ push to the objective site. Additionally, anchors should prioritize staying alive in R6 Siege.
The Lesion R6 is a unique anchor as he is not three armor rated operator, nor has access to ACOG.
His assignment to anchoring revolves around his utility, similarly to Smoke.
As a 2-armor operator, the Lesion is still resilient to damage dealt, which helps with surviving gunfights with attackers pushing objective sites.
Roles in R6 Siege can be fluid and are not exclusive to any operator. A three-speed operator can be used successfully as an anchor, while the one-speed operator is capable of pulling off a flank.
However, as per their design, those operators will not excel at those roles most of the time and are better suited to fill the designated function.
If you wish to learn more about anchoring, then check our guide by below link:


  • requires more advanced map knowledge in R6 Siege to know where attackers are coming from and where to place traps effectively
  • The Lesion, just like Smoke, becomes more effective as the time of round goes, so it’s important for the player to stay alive
  • requires proper communication and callouts for maximum effectiveness

Loadout guide -
Lesion R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Bulletproof Camera

Camera deployable on floors and walls to surveil areas. Can see through smoke and survives direct shots to its front panel.


Impact grenade

Grenade exploding on impact. Used primarily for opening holes in surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in R6 Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
T-5 SMGCompensatorN/AReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
Q-929Muzzle brakeN/AN/A
Impact grenade

Why such loadout?

The Lesion in R6 has access to two primary weapons. As usual, a shotgun is not our weapon of choice in situations where an operator has no access to SMG as a secondary weapon.
However, SIX12 SD is a serviceable shotgun, so if you like such playstyle, then try it out and see how it fits you. To serve players consistently well, a shotgun should be picked in specific circumstances. Such scenarios include defenders holding certain areas, in which short-range is the only range expected.
Besides such a specific strategy, I recommend going for T-5 SMG, which is one of my favorite weapons on defense!
SMG has very manageable recoil, which lets the player spray the same spot without the need for significant recoil adjustments. Since Grim sky update, T-5 pulls a bit more horizontally, due to which I suggest picking up a compensator as a barrel for this weapon.
SMG has 28 damage per bullet with a 900 RPM fire rate, which is a good ratio. T-5 comes with standard 30 bullets in the clip. As a 2-armor & 2-speed operator, Lesion has no access to ACOG. Thus choose a sight that makes you feel the most comfortable! Our choice is Reflex as it does not obscure view too much.

Q929 is the only secondary pistol available to Lesion, and his flashy counterpart on the attacking side, as well.

It is a very reliable pistol with high 60 damage per bullet and surprisingly decent ten ammo per magazine.
Additionally, with a muzzle brake equipped, Q929 has almost no recoil.
We suggest going with Impact grenades as a universal gadget of choice for Lesion. The exception being situations where your team plans specific camera usage, but you will know that beforehand.
Impacts are one of the best tools in a defenders arsenal as they allow to:
  • open walls between objectives (especially useful on the bomb)
  • open hatches or new angles in floor/ceiling
  • finish downed enemy without need to expose yourself to danger
  • damage shield attackers – less than Nitro cell, so it’s not the primary purpose of impact
  • destroy claymores that cannot be shot due to angle
  • impact trick hard breachers’ utility
Quite a lot of usage, wouldn’t you agree?

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