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  • Only shield operator on defense
  • Effective when played as walking camera
  • Ability to tase enemies
  • Strongest shield operator weapon – SPSMG9


  • Cannot shoot or melee with a shield equipped
  • Usually ineffective if played as a fragger
  • Not new player friendly


Defensive operator

Clash is the first defender in the game with the ability to use a shield.
She fills two roles on defense thanks to her shield:
  • Intel gathering
  • Disruption
Clash can wreak havoc, especially when communicating and coordinating with other teammates.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Morowa Evans led the fight in her community against racist groups in often-violent clashes. She was relentless until the day her friend and mentor, Tray Pearson, died trying to stop looters during a riot. Two months later, Evans offered her assistance to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) because she wanted to make a difference from within the system. The MPS offered her a clean slate if she helped stop protests from going violent. Evans made it her career, going from insider to eventually joining the MPS.

During the 2011 London Riots, Police Constable Evans commanded the front line in the Territorial Support Group to stop the violence from spreading, and later acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings, devising new crowd-control strategies based on her years as riot leader. 


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PC Evans made 274 arrests throughout her service and later made Detective Constable. She earned the Queen’s Police Medal for exceptional bravery and earned a spot in Rainbow due to her experience, service record, and tenacity.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Clash R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Crowd Control Electro Shield covers Clash entirely from the front, but unlike other shield operators Clash cannot use sidearm nor melee attack while wielding a shield.
The main functionality of the Rainbow Six Siege Clash is intel gathering and opponent disruption.
Thanks to CCE shield Clash is entirely resilient to frontal gunfire, which enables intel-gathering by “face checking” without worrying about being shot.
Disruption is achieved thanks to the Clash’s ability to shock enemies with an electric taser.
Taser has an area of effect, thus can affect multiple attackers in its range, which is approximately 12 meters.
Main characteristics of taser functionality:
  • Damages impacted attacker for 5hp every second
  • The maximum duration of a taser without recharging is 5 seconds
  • Recharges 20% per second, therefore charging taser from 0% to 100% capacity takes 5 seconds
  • A fully discharged taser requires to be fully loaded before using it again. Otherwise, it can be re-used almost instantly – a slight delay of roughly half a second between uses.
  • Besides damaging attackers, the taser slows down opponents. The slow down effect increases gradually with the maximum effect being achieved approximately at 1.5 seconds of exposure to the taser.
Disadvantages of Clash’s shield:
  • not able to melee or use sidearm with a shield equipped
  • vulnerable to melee attacks

How to use utility?

Shield has two modes: holstered and equipped. Swapping between both modes can be achieved by pressing the unique ability button.
Unlike Montagne, Clash’s shield does not allow swapping between extended and unextended modes. Instead, whenever equipped, the shield is always extended covering her from the front, slightly from sides, and significantly from the top.
Taser is activated by pressing the FIRING button, which may be unintuitive for some players.
Holding the FIRE button will result in continuous usage of the taser until the button is released or the taser runs out of battery.
The leading utility of Clash as per her design is providing information to her team. Rainbow Six Siege Clash has seen a couple of changes due to how she was used by players in Rainbow Six Siege, versus what developers have intended.
I believe that currently she has her place in META and is not overpowered, nor rendered useless. When played right and in the correct circumstances, Clash can be a pain for the attacking team. Playing her right is not an easy thing as shield operators require a definitive mindset shift when played versus “normal” operators.
Below you can find a list of mindset tips when playing Clash.
As the sole shield operator option in Rainbow Six Siege on the defensive side – playing Clash requires a significant mindset shift to maximize effectiveness.
First and foremost, communicate with your team. 
Primarily Rainbow Six Siege Clash is an intel-gathering operator who shines when teamwork is utilized to its fullest potential. 
Communication is an integral aspect of teamwork, so don’t be that player who has all the intel about the attacker’s location but chooses to share none!

Having Clash who does not provide any intel about enemy position defeats the purpose of choosing Clash. Make sure you let your teammates know what you gathered by using a microphone.

Communicating effectively in Rainbow Six Siege is not an easy task.
If you want to learn more about this vital aspect of consistently winning in Siege, check our guide dedicated to Communication.
Secondly, know your role.
I see too many players playing Clash like a fragging operator or pushing overly aggressive attackers like they are playing on the attack.
Below main points from the role perspective and attitude needed:
Remember: you are playing defense and time is your ally!
Attackers have to eventually complete the objective or push you to kill all defenders before time expires.
It is tempting to swap to a weapon when you feel you got a chance to take out an attacker or two. Try to avoid temptation until you are likely to kill someone before they get you.
I am not saying you cannot frag with Clash. What I mean is that it is not your main role in the team. If you would like to get some juicy flanks and crazy peeks, then you should choose another operator on defense. 
Team up with another defender and bait attackers into focusing on you, so that your teammate can finish defenders off.
In case attackers choose to ignore you, that is the time you can make them pay by switching to your gun. Just watch out for them, baiting you to do so.
Time is your ally and your great asset. Playing objective as Clash can be hard. She requires the opposite mindset than shield operators on the attack. You are not there to push the opponent in most scenarios, but to slowly back out while slowing and damaging attackers, as well as providing intel to your teammates.
Attackers have to push the site eventually. As Clash, you can impact objective play significantly by:
  • slowing down the objective push
    Taser itself slows down attackers significantly when pushing objectives, especially if they were slow to progress during the majority of the round and are short on time.
  • situational defuser plant denial
    In a scenario where an attacker with a defuser has no teammate to cover him while planting, Clash can outright deny plants by her presence.

    All you need is to keep a line of sight on the planter and kill him when the plant is initiated. Just remember to watch out for bait, which is an initiation of the defuser plant and canceling it to force a defender to rush planter.

  • being portable Mira mirror
A frequently underutilized aspect of Clash is using her to scout outside of the building. Such usage is especially useful at the start of the round.
You can get out of the objective building for a bit and check if attackers are coming from a particular direction.
By doing so, you force attackers to:
  • pay attention to you
  • change the route
  • slow down approach to building
Just remember not to overextend your presence at the entry point. Other attackers may flank you, and you are a very slow operator. Hence retreat requires time and can be dangerous.



Clash does not synergize with any specific operator.
However, Clash should try to always team up with another defender to utilize intel gathered by her and cover Clash’s flanks.


Clash R6 Siege operator is not a hard counter to any specific attacker. Instead, she is an excellent counter to:
  • objective plays
    Clash makes it difficult to plant a defuser without the back up of other players as she can shoot defenseless attacker during plant animation
  • attackers without explosives
  • Slow opponents
    Three armor operators, as well as shield opponents, will have a harder time closing the gap between themselves and Clash.
  • Claymores
    Shield lowers blast’s damage, allowing Clash to go through Claymores when the shield is equipped.

Countered by:

  • Zofia’s Lifeline
    Concussion grenade exposes Clash’s part of the lower body for a brief period, allowing attackers to shoot her down
  • Capitao’s Asphyxiating (fire) Bolts
  • Three-speed operators
    Can close the gap on Clash efficiently to melee 
  • Thatcher’s EMP
    Disables taser temporarily
  • Frag grenades
    Due to the low speed of Clash and cooking potential of frag grenade, they are an effective counter to this shielded defender in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Flanks
    Just like any other operator, Clash is exceptionally susceptible to being gunned down from flanks. Choose your position carefully.

How to play -
Clash R6 Siege


Universal operators can be called jacks-of-all-trades due to the ability to perform both tasks (roaming or anchoring) but not exceeding in either of them. As a universal operator, you will be more adaptable than other operators, thus being able to shift your role mid-round swiftly in case the situation requires you to do so.
I suggest performing a role that is needed by your team, and you feel comfortable with it.
Roaming is leaving the objective site to disturb and flank attackers.
Anchoring, on the other hand, means staying on the objective or in a location with eyesight to the objective.
Clash can be played as both a roamer and an anchor. Her role depends on your team’s needs and in most cases, will shift during the round. 
I would suggest using her as a roamer from the beginning of the action phase for intel gathering about the enemy’s approach.
The closer the round gets to an end; Clash should shift her role towards anchoring and preventing completing objectives by attackers.
To learn more about each defensive role, please visit the below sections:


  • hard to master and pick due to the complexity
  • teamwork necessary for efficient usage
  • requires good map knowledge
  • active utility – dead Clash =>no benefit

Loadout guide -
Clash R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Barbed wire

Razor wire that can be placed on flat surfaces, which slows down attackers movement speed and creates noise.


Impact grenade

Grenade exploding on impact. Primarily used for opening holes in surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
SPSMG9Flash hiderN/AN/A
Barbed wire

Why such loadout?

Similar to other shield operators, Clash has access to only sidearm weapons, while the shield takes the primary weapon spot.
However, available weaponry is a unique aspect of Clash as she can equip fully automatic SMG.
Pistol P-10C does not have many advantages over SPSMG9 as it has a semi-automatic rate of fire, with not so significantly higher damage per bullet (40 vs. 33).
SPSMG9 used to be locked to 2 bullets burst mode, but luckily for Clash players that have changed by the end of Year 3.
Now, this weapon is available in full auto mode but does not have the option of using a Muzzle brake, which was very useful on this weapon. As a result, the only available barrel options are flash hider and suppressor. Flash hider is a clear winner here. Just like any other shield operator, Clash is not stealthy. Therefore, any benefits of suppressor are irrelevant.
SPSMG9 comes equipped with default red dot sight, without an option to modify its settings.
As with every other shield operator, I recommend putting a laser sight on. Clash cannot hip fire with a shield equipped, but her presence is always known, so there is no reason to leave out laser.
Barbed wire is a strongly suggested universal gadget as it compliments the Clash’s utility immensely. Barbed wire can add a slowing layer for attackers, making it even harder for them to close the gap to Clash player. 
Pick impact grenades if your team is missing explosive utility or remodeling tools for the bomb site.

Community Videos -
Clash R6 Siege

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Gameplay showcases

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