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  • Almost unlimited camera placement options
  • Easy to control SMG
  • Has Nitro Cell


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • low damage per bullet SMG
  • limited secondary weapon options


Defensive operator

Valkyrie is a great intel-gathering defender in Rainbow Six Siege. She is mainly characterized by flexible utility placement.
She is best played in teams utilizing verbal communication.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



An Olympic hopeful in the 200-meter breaststroke, Castellano split her time between the pool and the army base, where her father was a training officer.

Her junior year, Castellano broke her arm in a car accident, putting an end to her Olympic ambitions. After high school, she enlisted in the Navy and served four years before attending college on the Veterans Affairs bill.
Upon graduation, she returned to the Navy as a career intelligence officer.


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Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play the Valkyrie R6 Siege operator


What is the utility?

Valkyrie is an intel-gathering defender with access to 3 Black Eye cameras. Her cameras can be thrown virtually anywhere within the map.

The most important characteristic of Black Eyes is that they attach to almost any surface!
This feature alone makes Valkyrie an extremely versatile defender who rewards creativity and map knowledge.

Up until Y6S4, players were able to throw the cameras outside of the building. This allowed for cheeky runouts and an incredible amount of intel.
However, Operation High Calibre brought long-awaited changes (at least by those who do not main Valkyrie) – the cameras can still be thrown outside, but will be disabled after 10 seconds!

Valkyrie’s cameras emit blue light when the defender is actively using them, therefore making cameras easier to spot than when inactive.
Black eyes are destructible, just like default cameras.
Similarly, defenders can spot (mark) attackers while spectating a Black Eye camera.
Once deployed, Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie can retrieve Black Eye cameras if she can reach them (within a few meters range).

How to use utility?

In my opinion, Black Eyes are the most creativity rewarding intel-gathering gadget available to defenders in Rainbow Six Siege.
There are countless spots on every map where Valkyrie’s cameras can be placed.


Well placed Black eye camera(s) can be a difference between winning and losing the round; therefore, in this section, we will focus on the mindset needed to utilize Valkyrie R6 Siege operator to her full potential.

  • Be creative with camera placement

    The general rule for placement: as concealed as possible, while providing as much info as feasible.
    Visual intel is excellent, and knowing where attackers are coming from can be extremely vital information.
    Bear in mind that knowing where enemies are not can be just as useful!

  • Conceal camera’s location

    Black eyes can be challenging to spot when placed in a “busy” environment where many different objects are present. Cameras emit blue light. Therefore, blue-themed surroundings make it more difficult to notice them.

  • Put camera on the side of the room less likely to be observed by attackers

    This might be a bit confusing, so let me explain further.
    When proceeding through the map inside the building, attackers will frequently check or hold an angle where they expect defenders to come from. Thus they will look towards where they are going, rather than where they came from.
    Therefore, placing the camera above the entrance, they initially used, rather than the above entry they are heading towards lowers the odds of attackers spotting the camera.

    The less time and occasions for spotting your camera, the better!

  • Go to a custom match and practice camera placement

    A custom match is your go-to mode if you intend to main Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie or at least use her frequently.
    In a custom match, you can play around with camera placement to find your spots and figure what setup can bring you the most valuable intel.

    It is far better to know where you will place your cameras beforehand than deciding on the fly.


Now, let’s focus on proper utilization of well placed Black Eye cameras: 

  • Do not spot on Valkyrie’s cameras

    This tip applies to any utility providing intel that allows spotting.

    Do not spot opponents unless you can use pinged information to distract the enemy. Or to allow a teammate to wall bang or C4 attacker.
    I cannot count the number of times when useless spotting gave out the camera’s location resulting in it being shot for no reason.
    Instead, give verbal information to fellow defenders. 

  • use Black eyes to C4 from below

    Valkyrie’s cameras can be utilized to C4 from below attackers’ position. Such usage requires advanced map knowledge, especially to place C4 correctly without pinging the enemy on camera, which would prompt them to move.
    What you need to know is which surfaces are destructible to see whether you can kill an attacker through it or not.

    Tip for placement without pinging:

    First, place the camera, then go under the room with a camera (where you plan to pre-replace C4).
    Next, ping spot on the ceiling (default “Z” on keyboard) and switch immediately to the camera above.
    You will get orientation in where the spot reflects on the camera. It will make it significantly easier to predict C4 and when to detonate.

    This tip is not exclusive to Valkyrie R6 operator as any defender with C4 can benefit from such a technique. 

  • use Black eyes for aggressive plays

    Valkyrie’s cameras compliment significantly aggressive defensive plays like runouts thanks to an immense amount of intel provided.

    Runouts benefit mainly from cameras placed outside as such positioning provides the most information about attackers located outside of the objective building
    This is harder to achieve now since you have only 10 seconds of intel before the outside camera becomes disabled


  • Consulate
  • Skyscraper
  • Border
  • Bank
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
The above maps offer tons of great spots for Black Eyes placement, with many of them being outside of the building, which gives significant coverage and allows aggressive runouts.
Valkyrie can be utilized very well on other maps, as well. Listed ranked maps are just those where she excels at the most.



Black Eyes are a team-wide benefit if used well. They can support both anchors and roamers, preventing plants and enhancing the ability to run out on attackers.
For more specific synergy Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie can team up with any defender equipped with Nitro Cell to blow attacker(s) from below.


Basically, every attacker in Rainbow Six Siege. 
Please note, however, that the Valkyrie R6 operator is not a hard counter to any specific attacker.

Countered by:

  • IQ
    Can detect Valkyrie’s cameras with an electronics detector. IQ is the best counter, especially to well-placed cameras outside that are hard to be spotted otherwise.
  • Thatcher
    EMP disables cameras temporarily within its range just like Maestro’s Evil eyes or Yokai drone.
  • Twitch
    Shock drones can destroy Black eyes placed within the “zap” range of the drone.
  • Dokkaebbi
    Grants access to cameras after hacking dead defender’s phone
Beside specific counters, Black eyes can be destroyed by gunshot or explosives.

How to play -
Valkyrie R6 Siege


Valkyrie is a 2speed & 2armor operator, with a passive gadget and flexible loadout options.
Passive gadget means that once it is placed, it serves its purpose regardless of the operator’s status – dead or alive.
As a result, Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie is a universal operator who can be played as either anchor or roamer.
Roaming is leaving the objective site to disturb and flank attackers.
Anchoring, on the other hand, means staying on the objective or in a location with eyesight to the objective.
To learn more about each defensive role, please visit the below sections.


Valkyrie is a semi-difficult defender to play due to:
  • Not the most potent SMG, but easy to control
  • Utility placement is important for a team’s success
  • A requirement of advanced map knowledge to utilize properly
  • need to communicate within the team properly
    Black Eyes’ effectiveness can be extremely low or insanely high, depending on the level of communication in the group. If people do not use a mic to share intel, then the usefulness of Valkyrie’s cameras is lowered immensely. Pings can be still useful but are not the optimal way of utilizing your intel.
    On the other hand, a team with proper comms will shine with intel-based defenders on their roster.
  • busy preparation phase
We would not recommend Valkyrie to new Rainbow Six Siege players. She is a great operator once you gain basic map knowledge and experience. Both skills will help you know where attackers tend to come from and where can you place your utility to serve your team the best.

Preparation phase

Valkyrie is a busy defender during the preparation phase.
Besides the default two reinforcements, she should find proper spots to place her cameras, which at times can be difficult from the time management perspective.
An additional constraint is that during the preparation phase defenders are unable to run outside or place utility outside of the building. Therefore, in the Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie has to wait till the action phase begins to run out or throw out at all cameras outside.

Loadout guide -
Valkyrie R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets

Nitro Cell

Throwable explosive, detonated remotely by user.
Can be pre-placed or used similarily to grenades.

Best counter to Shield operators and preventing defuser plant.


Deployable shield

Hip-high shield deployable by defenders on flat surfaces. Can be used to protect from gunfire & explosives, as well as an obstacle for attackers to vault over them in certain locations.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!

Suggested loadout:

Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
MPXFlash hiderAngled gripReflex
Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
D-50Muzzle brakeN/AN/A
Nitro cell

Why such loadout?


Most engagements take place in higher ranges than optimal for shotguns. 
Therefore, our recommendation is to use MPX as it gives significantly more versatility in ways to engage enemies.
Reflex is our preferred sight when it comes to 1x options. You should check which sight feels best for you as it’s an extremely personal choice.
MPX is a headshot machine as it has no recoil whatsoever. We suggest putting Flash hider on it as horizontal recoil is non-existent. Thanks to such low recoil, we use an Angled grip on Valk’s SMG to improve ADS time.


Deagle is the only option for Valkyrie’s secondary. It has high damage per bullet, with a quite high kick. Luckily for Valkyrie, Ubisoft allowed Deagle to equip muzzle brake in the Y4S2 patch.
We recommend using a laser on this gun for desperate situations so you can hip fire enemies more effectively.


Similarly to Pulse, you should always pick C4 when playing Valkyrie.
Nitro cell synergizes so well with intel gathering that can be achieved with Black eye cameras, especially for utilizing explosives from underneath. 

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Valkyrie R6 Siege

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