About R6SiegeCenter

Welcome to R6SiegeCenter!

I assume that the fact you’re here is a result of aroused curiosity (at least on a basic level) about this website and its purpose.
As it is quite apparent from my style of writing, R6SiegeCenter is not primarily intended to entertain you, but rather to help you with improving in Rainbow Six Siege.
I hope that information, strategies, and guides available on our website will help you learn something new about Rainbow Six Siege, or even yourself, regardless of your level of experience with the game.

Why Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege scratches an itch for me that only a few games managed to in the last decade.
I find Siege to be an extremely complex shooter, which rewards players’ investment of both time and effort. It also provides players with tense situations, like few other games do.

R6SiegeCenter Mission

  • Help new players
    Rainbow Six Siege was a complicated game already back at its release, and it only got more complicated.

    I can imagine new players being overwhelmed by the Siege and I would like to help them to get the hang of the game.

  • Broaden horizons for advanced & professional players
    I am not claiming to be the best player in Rainbow Six Siege. I am far from even being a great player and can learn tons from others.

    I do have a significant interest in self-development, psychology (namely ‘why we do what we do’) and changing habits. My intention for supporting highly skilled players is to highlight and suggest certain aspects of the mental area that may hold you back from taking the next step.

  • Promote community members
    The Rainbow Six Siege community is terrific. We have people who create tons of useful content available for free to anyone who knows where to find it. Finding popular Youtuber or streamer is not a problem – already quite many community members enjoy high praise and recognition. I want to increase the visibility of every valuable content creator, regardless of the following size.


My vision of R6siegecenter is to become a go-to place on the web for Rainbow Six Siege guides and information. 

There is already a lot of great content available on the internet, especially on Reddit and Youtube.

What was missing for my liking was a structured place where players can be directed to find information on getting better in Siege and useful links that will make their Siege experience better.

On top of that, I would like this website to become a community-driven space with guides created by Siege players for Rainbow Six Siege players.

How can you help?

  • Corrections

    I intend to provide you with the highest quality content possible, but I probably made some mistakes, and I am not a native English speaker. If you experience some errors in guides or antics in my writing, then drop me an e-mail at contact@r6siegecenter.com

  • Content submission 
    Every guide published is a way for you to get a spotlight in the community!

    If you are a passionate person who has ideas for expanding our guides or making them better, then send your guides to submission@r6siegecenter.com

  • Spread the word
    Let’s help this community to get better together! If you found this website useful, then let others know.

    I am working on increasing visibility of r6siegecenter.com, but can use any help you are willing to provide!

  • Financial support
    Running a webpage is an investment from time, effort, and financial cost perspectives.
    Due to that we will have to place ads on our website to cover the costs of running it.
    We highly appreciate your support in the form of:
    • donations
    • becoming our patron
    • and by purchasing products via affiliate links – a small % fee is earned for successful purchases via the link, you don’t have any extra cost with that


If you have any feedback and ideas how can we get better, then please drop an email at contact@r6siegecenter.com