Capitao R6 Siege operator B&W design by r6siegecenter


  • Three-speed operator
  • Good guns
  • A great choice for coordinated teams
  • Objective completion supporting utility


  • Not new-player friendly
  • Situational utility
  • Lack of breaching capability


Offensive operator

Capitão R6 operator is a unique attacker equipped with Tactical Crossbow allows him to shoot:
  • Asphyxiating bolts – burning operators within range
  • Micro smoke bolts – providing smoke cover similar to Smoke grenades
Capitão is a situational operator who excels at objective plays, especially bomb mode.





Armor Rating


Speed Rating



Vincente Souza grew up in Nova Iguaçu outside of Rio de Janeiro, the youngest of three children. Tenacious and dedicated, Souza joined the Policia Civil after high school. He was quickly recruited by Cooredenadoria de Recursos Especiais.

During a raid on the Terceiro Comando Puro with CORE, Souza was ambushed as he cleared a house in Senador Camará. Two months later, CORE was able to extract Souza and three other hostages during a rescue operation, however, the damage to Souza’s body was done.

There were talks of removing him from the field. In the meantime, CORE was looking for field operatives to test new gear, and Souza saw his chance. His stoicism and unique tactical method then turned him into a local icon.


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That’s when BOPE made him an offer, seeing in him their unit’s spirit, ‘victory over death’. Souza could not turn them down; it meant working in the favela where his gear would lessen casualties.

Operator guide

Detailed information on how to play Capitão R6 Siege operator

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What is the utility?

Capitão’s unique utility is tactical crossbow that grants him access to:
  • Asphyxiating bolts – burning operators within effective range by dealing 12 damage per tick (every half second)
  • 2 Micro smoke bolts – create a dense smoke that acts similarly to smoke grenades, creating a smoke cover for attackers.
    Differences between smoke grenades and Capitão’s smoke bolts are a wider area of effect and blue-ish color, instead of default white.
Capitão R6 operator’s utility requires teamwork to be the most effective and is somewhat situational.
From the utility perspective, he fills the area denial role by denying access to the area covered by Asphyxiating bolts.
He can help with planting defuser thanks to smoke coverage, as well as force anchors away from their position.
Two main benefits of crossbow bolts over similar in role utility are:
  • Not intercepted by Jäger’s ADS

    Jäger’s ADS does not counter Capitão’s bolts as they do not trigger them. Therefore, in Rainbow Six Siege Capitão’s is the most effective attacker at forcing anchors to either remain in a particular position or move away from a specific spot.

  • Accuracy of bolts
    Unlike grenades, bolts go straight where Capitão aims (up to 10m, then falling slowly) and detonate on impact. Such characteristic gives bolts accuracy and reliability that can be extremely helpful. Especially when it comes to countering Mira’s mirrors or when preventing visibility of certain angles from defenders.
Firebolts damage every character in Rainbow Six Siege, thus killing an ally or a hostage is possible.

How to use utility?

The player needs to press the ability button to equip the crossbow and then firebolt by pressing “fire” – left mouse button or right trigger on consoles.
By default, the crossbow is equipped with Asphyxiating bolts, which can be switched by pressing the “fire mode switch” button – “B” on PC and D-pad UP on Console.
In Rainbow Six Siege Capitão is a situational attacker as his utility is usually used for completing an objective.
Here are a few ways to utilize Capitão’s crossbow:
  1. Asphyxiating bolts.
  • Force defender to move away from the impacted area
    Works great against:
    • fortified anchors
    • defender playing behind Mirror
  • Restrict defenders from moving through a particular location
    Defenders are unlikely to attempt crossing burning area, hence such usage counters:
    • rotation
      Using asphyxiating bolt at rotation hole can prevent defenders from rotating for 13 seconds.
    • plant denial
      prevent plant denial if you burn location at the angle needed by a defender to throw C4 or Smoke canisters effectively.
  • Deny defuser disable
    Applicable usage if a bolt is shot at the area where the defuser has been planted. Prevents defenders from disabling defuser for the duration of area burning.
  1. Micro smoke bolts:
    Using smoke bolts can both hinder enemies and buff your ally (Glaz). 
    Therefore, smoke is best to:
  • Decrease visibility for defenders
    Shooting smokes at defenders, or certain angles allows Capitão to prevent a clear line of sight.
    It is an excellent way to counter defensive utility or positioning, especially:
    • Counters defender behind Mira
      Their main advantage of LoS without exposing to danger is nullified.
    • Lowers odds of successfully denying plant attempt
      defenders have to guess where the plant takes place and are less likely to land successful shots.
    • Denies crossfires
      great tool at minimizing the risk of being killed in the crossfire – two or more angles held on specific location – as it obscures the view of at least one of angles held.
  • Aid Glaz player
    Glaz can see through Capitão smoke, just like through smoke grenades. The only ways defenders can see through smoke also is by utilizing: Evil eyes, Bulletproof camera, and Warden’s unique utility.



In Rainbow Six Siege Capitão synergizes exceptionally well with Glaz, who can see through Capitão’s smoke just like through any other smoke type.
A combination of Lion’s EE-ONE-D and Capitão’s burning bolts can be advantageous as Lion forces defenders to either stay in place and burn, or be exposed to “ping” and risk being shot. Such a combo exposes defenders to a lose-lose type of situation.
Fortified defenders can also be countered by combining flame bolts with Nomad’s Airjabs. Placing Airjab at a location where the defender has to go through to avoid getting burned by bolts makes them easy prey for an attacker with an available angle.


  • Jäger‘s ADS
    Bolts are not intercepted by ADS making it the only smoke cover which is not affected by Jager’s utility.
  • Mira‘s Mirror
    Capitão can smoke area in front of mirrors to obscure defenders’ view. He can also shoot firebolts behind Mira window when the opening is available – frequently utilized in the Oregon basement.
  • Bandit tricking
    Especially in a scenario where a drone hole is next to Bandit tricked wall. Rainbow Six Siege Capitão can fire his Asphyxiating bolts to either prevent Bandit from placing shock wires on the wall or kill him while in the process.

Countered by:

  • Warden
    He is a partial counter as he can see through smoke bolts. Not picked often, so rather minor counter to Capitao
  • Wamai
    His Mag-net intercepts Capitao’s bolts. It can be used to backfire attackers when placed in a creative way.

How to play -
Capitão R6 Siege


As a support operator, you are not expected to be the first attacker engaging with enemies, but rather to play a bit more cautiously until your role is fulfilled and utility has been fully used.
The best way to utilize a support operator from the beginning of the action phase is to avoid getting spawn peeked while approaching the objective building. I highly recommend jumping on a drone for an initial 5-10 seconds and re-check your entry point.
Most of the spawnpeeked deaths can be avoided by this step alone… Seriously!
I highly recommend for support operators to aid their entry fragging teammates by droning for them to feed with invaluable intel about defenders’ position.
Droning for others is not flashy and won’t show on the scoreboard. However, it is one of the essential aspects differentiating consistently victorious squad and a random group of people where everyone plays for themselves.
Playstyle on the attack in Rainbow Six Siege is flexible and in fact fluid.

Every operator turns eventually into fragger, once necessary tasks are completed, and utility has been used

Therefore, you can play more aggressively and go fragging once:
  • entry to the building has been made
  • your team has established sufficient map control
  • you have used your utility
Please note that in Rainbow Six Siege Capitão ​is very good at fragging as:
    • He is a three-speed operator
    • Has good AR & LMG capable of dispatching defenders quickly
    • Has access to Stun grenades
    • The unique ability gives an advantage over fortified defenders


Mechanically Capitão R6 operator is not challenging to use. However, his utility depends heavily on team coordination, communication, and is best used to accomplish round’s objective.
As a result, he is a situational and difficult operator to utilize to his full potential.
Besides the aspects mentioned above, in Rainbow Six Siege Capitão benefits from game sense and map knowledge. Experienced Capitão R6 player will know where to use his utility and what effect it will have on defenders, as well as your teammates.

Loadout guide -
Capitão R6 Siege

Available options

Primary weapons

Secondary weapons

Universal gadgets


Anti-personnel explosive.
Explodes when contact with sensor is made, injuring or dealing lethal damage.

Rainbow Six SIege Hard Breach Charge gadget

Hard Breach Charge

A charge that blows a medium-sized hole in reinforced surfaces.

Loadout suggestion

Loadout choices are an individual aspect, and rarely there is a “go-to” loadout in Rainbow Six Siege.
Sight choices are purely personal and depend on the player’s playstyle, map, even objective & specific role.
Please treat the below suggestion as what it is – our preferences.
We encourage you to experiment to find your setup.

Remember, just because something works for someone else, does not mean it has to and will work for you!
Suggested loadout:
Primary weaponBarrelGripScope
M249CompensatorVertical grip

2.0x scope

Secondary weaponBarrelGripScope
PRB92Muzzle brakeN/AN/A

Why such loadout?

When choosing between good AR (which PARA currently is) and serviceable LMG (which surprisingly M249 became) the choice comes down to personal preferences and playstyle.
M249 used to be one of the worst guns in Siege for a long, long time. However, Ubisoft put some work to buff LMGs, and currently it is a good gun!
Who should pick LMG?
  • players who prefire a lot
  • who find themselves frequently dying due to running out of bullets, being put out of misery while reloading
  • support operators focusing mainly on the objective push and cover fire

Unfortunately, Capitao no longer has access to his unique 3.0x scope. Thus, we recommend to check out the 2.0x Scope as a new addition to magnifying scopes available for M249. 

A compensator is the go-to barrel attachment for LMG types of weapons due to its effect on long sprays.

On the other hand, PARA is one of the most stable rifles on the attacking side in Rainbow Six Siege. It has a standard clip size of 30 bullets, with high damage per shot (48) but a low rate of fire (650).

PARA is a recommended weapon choice as an entry fragger.
Due to such playstyle, I would advise playing with 1.5x scope, which helps with close-range engagements while still allowing to challenge defenders from a distance, as well.
Thanks to very manageable recoil I suggest equipping PARA with an angled grip as it will complement the run’n’gun playstyle.
Flash hider is a surprisingly effective barrel since Grim Sky recoil changes. PARA pulls a bit currently horizontally to the right side, but not enough to warrant using a compensator.
PRB92 is the only secondary weapon available to Capitão. As in most cases equip muzzle brake to lower recoil on the pistol.
We would suggest picking claymore to secure your flanks.
Hard Breach Charge is a good addition and can come handy. However, due to current aggression in Rainbow Six Siege on a defensive end, you are likely to be in need of claymores.
Place a claymore where you expect enemies to flank you from. Try to place it in a way that it’s hard to shoot the claymore.

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Capitão R6 Siege

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