Rainbow Six Siege
“Operation Shadow Legacy"

We all know by now that Sam Fisher will be a new face of the well-known Rainbow Six Siege series. A new Rainbow Six Siege: Shadow Legacy will bring us many new features we are about to present.

Simply said, this game will be close to perfection. The third season of Year 5 is going to be Rainbow’s 1st time in the shifting to a single-operator launch date. The tactic seems to work so far, implying that we will get the most enjoyable operator in ages.

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With the additional hours gained by launching one less operator, Ubisoft has worked on a bunch of real-life enhancements and pleasant improvements to the meta. There are so many interesting things going on this season, and it’s more than obvious that this is the start of a new age for Rainbow Siege.  Finally, here comes every substantial change as a key component of this game, as well as the release.

Release date

The company hasn’t really provided an official announcement about the release date for a new Rainbow Six, however with the Technical Test Server in place, we should give a decent approximation. Public Testing Server is available for about a month before a release of the season.

That being said, the approximate release date for Rainbow’s Six Siege: Shadow Legacy will probably be somewhere around September 15th, five days more or less. There was a small delay for Season two because people worked from home, so we guess it can happen with the third season, too.

Sam Fisher - Alias Zero?

A new face of the Rainbow’s Six will be Sam Fisher, going with the name of Zero.  In case you are a fan of the Tom Clancy’s series (like myself), you probably know that he’s a hero from their other popular game: Splinter Cell. It didn’t happen until now that they add a character from different series, but it seems to be a great move. Sam Fisher did appear in Ghost Recon recently, but he wasn’t the main character, of course.

In this series, Sam is going to be pretty old. At the age of 63, he belongs to a special ROS (Rainbow Operation Staff). It’s a new group that we suppose is made for some storylines in the future. Fisher has a legendary background in the Navy SEALS. However, in the Splinter Cell, he wears his famous goggles and secretly conducts unusual combat fiction tasks (threatening terror acts, stopping World War 3 threats).

Sam's Gadgets

Fisher’s primary gadget is the Argus, a portable launcher capable of deploying up to 4 drilling cameras from a significant range. When placed on a soft surface of the building (including reinforced walls and hatches), the Argus device can drill through the material, allowing you to see through it. Fisher has an option to fire from the camera. The laser can eliminate any defending gadget and cause small damage to the enemies as well.

When Fisher is running his camera, he will also have an option to change the camera angle, which will allow him to see everything in the room. Fisher can only do these actions, but every teammate will see through it, ping opponents, and scan the room.

The Argus is an efficient device that you can use for both offense and defense.  With that in mind, the camera will shine a bright yellow light while it’s being used, and it will also be able to destroy jammers and other defensive gadgets.

Fisher is also fitted with the first modern set of weapons of Rainbow’s six in a significant period: the SC3000 K automatic rifle. It has impressive stats because of its significantly lower recoil; however, the main disadvantage is a magazine with only 25 rounds. This is a big flaw in case you run on multiple enemies while playing.

New Sights and Scopes

Maybe the greatest improvement of a new Rainbow Six Siege: Shadow Legacy is a full redesign of weapons sightings.  Although most guns are still going to have both primary 1x sights. (Red Dot & Reflex) but it’s much harder to find some of those magnifying scopes now. ACOGs became totally uncommon, and many weapons seem to come equipped primarily with 1.5x or 2x scopes. The DMR gun will now have a new 3x scope, which will be unique to that category only.

On the defensive side, many SMGs will now carry the 1.5X scopes, a major setback for players who have previously been at a significant disadvantage in long-distance versus enemies. The MP-5 will now have 1.5X or 2X scope, meaning that it won’t be ACOG compatible anymore.

All Operators in New Season

We have already welcomed all 4 operators to Year 5, and we’re all familiar with all of them. Well, here is a detailed overview of the operators’ skills and loads.


Oryx belongs to a new kind of fighter with outstanding versatility around the globe. He has a unique ability that allows him to damage enemies through soft walls, although it will cost you 5 HP. He can also shoot through fences as if they were built of cellophane. It’s extremely gratifying for using, but even a better ability he has is jumping and climbing through hatches.


Iana is an intel-gathering deceiver. Her Gemini Replicator generates an identical copy of her, which could be managed like a standard operator for fifteen seconds, like a drone that still resets when killed. But Iana’s true strength is based on the way that Gemini fools opponents. The hologram appears, feels, and acts as the actual Iana. You can trick attackers into believing that you’re coming from the one side while you are on the totally opposite side with some cleverness.


The newest character of Rainbow Six trades blazing detonators for water-powered drills. He matches Hibana in aspects of flexibility, but his SELMA-breaking capsules are much easier to use. However, you can also use its SELMA to eliminate defense devices or break soft walls safely from far away.


This girl is a talented flanker with a technology designed to slow down enemies. Melusi’s  Banshees will slow the opponents down to a rambling walk while they’re inside their broad range, and it could only be stopped by bombs, EMPs, or melee hits. If the enemies try to take the risk and destroy it, they will create too much noise, which is also a bad option.
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