“Operation Neon Dawn” – Y5S4 Patch Notes

Operation Neon Dawn R6 - Y5S4 cover photo

Rainbow Six Siege
“Operation Neon Dawn"
Y5S4 patch notes

The last season in Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege brings us Operation Neon Dawn. This new update continues the trend of the Ubisoft team adding 1 new operator. Since the last operator was an attacker (Zero), the Y5S4 adds a defender called Aruni.
The below Y5S4 patch notes will tell you everything you need to know about the newest update in R6S.

Operation Neon Dawn R6 - Y5S4 cover photo

Simultaneously, Ubisoft releases the rework of yet another map – Skyscraper – and huge changes to key operators:

And many less drastic changes to other operators.
Last but not least, the way runouts work in R6 is altered, as well.

We’ve got plenty of information to get through in Y5S4 patch notes, so let’s jump right into it. Shall we?

Operation Neon Dawn - Release date

Operation Neon Dawn follows a typical Rainbow Six Siege patch release cycle, hence we have received the Y5S4 patch on the 1st of December.


The newest addition to the Rainbow Six Siege roster is a female defender from Thailand.
Her name is Apha Tawanroong, aka “Aruni”, and she seems to know where the Joker got his scars from.


Aruni will be an interesting addition to the game. She’ll take the role of an architect on defense, similarly to Castle.

Her gadget is a Surya laser gate (Surya means “sun” in Thai). Surya will create an obstacle for attackers of laser wall deployable on:

  • Walls, both reinforced and unreinforced
  • Windows
  • Hatches
  • Doorways

Single Surya device is capable of covering space similar to single doors.

Once deployed, the Surya device:

  • Becomes indestructible, but the laser itself can be temporarily disabled by attackers
  • Prevents drones, projectiles, and other attacking utility from passing through it (destroys on contact)
  • Damages attackers who decide to pass through it without disabling the lasers beforehand (40HP damage is dealt)
  • Once Surya has been touched by either attackers or their utility, the lasers become deactivated until the cooldown is finished
  • Reactivation of Surya lasers does not happen automatically. Instead, Surya needs to be shot by defenders after the cooldown (the device stops sparkling)
  • Covers entire hatch, window, or space on the wall (from the gadget to the floor), but leaves a drone space when deployed on doors (similar to Castle’s Armor Panels)
  • The device itself can be picked up by Aruni
  • Surya allows friendly players and gadgets to pass through it – lasers deactivate automatically when friendlies are nearby

On top of Surya lasers, Aruni has another unique touch – her prosthetic arm grants her an enhanced punch ability. As a result, Aruni can create punch holes in walls of a size similar to shotgun holes. Plus, she’s capable of opening unreinforced hatches with a single blow!


Aruni R6

Unfortunately, Aruni does not bring any new guns to the Rainbow Six Siege weaponry. Luckily for her, though, she is equipped with strong weapons!

Aruni is the first defender to have officially categorized DMR gun at her disposal (TCSG12 is considered as a shotgun) – Mk14 EBR.
For players who prefer using automatic weapons, Aruni offers community favorite P10 Roni (Mozzie’s SMG).

The secondary weapon available to Aruni is PRB92, a handgun used primarily by Brazilian operators (Capitao & Caveira).

Lastly, her universal gadget options complement her potential playstyle as she can use Barbed wires or Proximity alarms.

Map Rework - Skyscraper

The last map rework of 2020 is one of the most anticipated ones – yes, I am talking about Skyscraper coming in the Y5s4 patch!

Here are a couple of videos that showcase the new Skyscraper. Don’t about you, but I am pretty excited about this one!


Jäger NERF

The infamous defender, Jäger, is going through yet another change. With his 90%+ presence rate over the years, he has been a target of multiple nerfs. Ubisoft has already nerfed his primary gun, speed ratings, and altered his gadget choices.

What change comes in Y5S4 patch notes for Jäger?
Well, it’s time for changing how ADS devices work. Up until now, a single ADS device was capable of intercepting 2 projectiles. Thus Jäger was capable of preventing 6 enemy projectiles from impacting the defensive team.
Now, each ADS will be able to intercept only 1 projectile, after which the device will enter a 10 seconds cooldown. During the cooldown period, ADS won’t intercept any projectiles.
The upside for Jäger’s mains is that ADS will have an unlimited number of charges, limited only by the cooldown period.

What will be the impact of this change?
Well, it should make “burning the ADS” an easier task, but one that requires coordination from attackers and cooperation between teammates.
This change to how ADS works should also modify where and how Jäger players place their devices.
As an example: Instead of spreading devices across two bomb sites and multiple entry points, Jäger may choose to place 2 or even 3 ADS at a strategically crucial position.
Lastly, this change may increase the pick rate of Wamai.

Will it make Jäger obsolete?
No, we don’t think so.

Echo Nerf

One of the most banned and hated defenders (at least to play against) is getting a huge nerf. In the last quarter of 2020, Ubisoft went full hammer and decided to nerf the Echo’s Yokai drones.
With the release of the Y5S4 patch, Echo’s drones will no longer be invisible when attached to the ceiling!

This change is huge for Echo, one that is likely to completely alter how Echo is being played and both his presence and ban rates.

Ubisoft developers try to ease the pain a little bit for Echo mains by re-introducing a deployable shield to his loadout options. But that’s a rather minor buff comparing to the nerf.

Hibana's X-Kairos change

The least controversial change in Operation Neon Dawn impacts Hibana. From December she will be able to change fire mode for the X-Kairos launcher. Instead of having 3 charges of 6 pellets, Hibana will now have 18 charges that she can deploy in 3 modes:

  • 6 pellets
  • 4 pellets
  • 2 pellets

Hibana has always been the specialist in opening the hatches within the Hard Breach role group. Now she has even more flexibility to using her utility. She can open 4 hatches or deal with Castle barricades without losing much of hatch opening capabilities.

This is a very welcomed change, one that the Rainbow Six Siege community has been asking for!


The last major change in Operation Neon Dawn is the modification of how the runouts work in Rainbow Six Siege.
Runout is a defensive strategy of running out of the objective building to get a jump on the attackers. It can also be used as a way to rotate through external space but is primarily used to kill opponents.

Up until now the defender who left the objective building had 2 seconds before attackers were notified about such action. The Y5S4 update will give defender only 1 second before their location is exposed to the opponents.

Is this a good change?
I believe that 2 seconds did feel a tad long. It’s a change that will force defenders to commit to a runout much more and will eliminate certain runouts for a spawnpeek.
Additionally, runout modification should help new players when attacking.


  • Wamai & Valkyrie lose deployable shields
  • Ash loses Stun grenades (in favor of Claymores) but gainst additional Breaching Round (has now a total of 3)
  • Twitch gains Stun grenades but loses Breaching charges
  • Capitao loses Stun grenades but gains Claymore
  • Ace gains Breaching charges but loses Claymore
  • Reinforcements are deployed faster
  • Tachanka is not capable of Withstanding
Source for our above Y5S4 patch notes are articles released by Ubisoft in here and in Pre-season designer notes.
Are your favorite operators impacted by Operation Neon Dawn changes?
What do you think about Aruni?

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Tachanka Rework & Elite Set

Tachanka rework & elite set - Rainbow Six Siege

Rework & Elite Set

It has been rough 5 years for Tachanka – he was memed to the ground, remained basically useless with his immobile utility, and received no love from Ubisoft.
But the time has come folks! I know, I know, this sounds unreal, but our Lord and Savior is finally reworked!
This rework is quite a revamp of the Russian defender. Perhaps even too strong.

On top of that, Tachanka got an elite set together with his new toys.

There’s plenty to talk about so let’s dive right into it!


On the 17th of November 2020 (a day now to be remembered among the Rainbow Six Siege community), Ubisoft has released an update including a long-awaited rework to Tachanka, with a new Elite Set.
This unannounced release came together with the below trailer:


Tachanka’s Elite skin is called “Slava Korolyu”.

His elite set costs standard 1800 R6 Credits for non season pass holders, and a discounted 1620 R6 Credits for Year 5 Season Pass holders.

Here’s how Tachanka elite skin looks like in-game and his MVP animation:

With Tachanka elite set we get:

  • Headgear
  • Uniform
  • Charm
  • 4 Weapon skins
  • Unique utility skin (Shumikha launcher)
  • MVP animation


What do you think about this set?
Personally, I like how over the top Tachankas elite set feels.


The rework Tachanka received has a two-fold effect.
First, his turret is no longer his unique utility – LMG became Tachanka’s primary weapon.
As a result, the Lord received a new unique device, which is a Grenade launcher.


Tachanka receives a Shumikha launcher. This launcher is equipped with 5 grenades in the magazine (with a total of 10 grenades) which fire up 1 second after bouncing off a surface. Once the grenade reaches a flat surface, it creates a burning area of effect.
The ground is burning for approximately 6 seconds and has around 4 meters radius.
Any player (friends or foes) who step into the AOE will burn for 12HP per tick.

As a result, Tachanka becomes a defender who specializes in area denial. Thus, he will serve a role similar to Smoke and Goyo, by denying access to a location.

Tachanka’s ability to deny areas might become a bit too powerful – a total of 60 seconds of denial is more than what Smoke brings to the table. Plus, with the utilization of bouncing grenades off the wall, Tachanka can remain behind cover while using his area denial tools – something Smoke is not always capable of doing!

We expect a nerf to the number of Shumikha grenades in the future, but only time will tell!


The other part of the rework is the replacement of the primary shotgun (SASG) with a mobile LMG – DP27.

DP27 will be a formidable weapon with:

  • high damage (49 DMG)
  • 70 bullets magazine in the magazine (total ammo of 211 bullets)

On top of that, Tachanka LMG is capable of severe destruction on soft surfaces. Thus, Tachanka is now able to easily:

  • Create rotation holes in walls
  • Open unreinforced hatches

Here’s an example of a rotation hole created with around half of DP27 magazine:

From the universal gadget perspective, Tachanka will be able to equip Proximity alarm and Barbed wires.

Initially, Tachanka was supposed to have the ability to Withstand. Withstand is an ability that is currently available only to Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege. It allows her to pick herself up (revive) from DBNO status. After testing this possibility for Tachanka on the test server and receiving negative feedback from the community, Ubisoft decided to cancel adding this skill to Tachanka.

All things considered, I think it’s safe to assume that moving forward we will see a drastic spike in Tachanka’s presence rate.


We will have to see how effectively the Rainbow Six Siege community will use the Lord and how the data will look like. 

Ubisoft pays a lot of attention to data gathered on the performance of operators, as well as the feedback of the community and professional players.

Though, we suspect that the number of grenades available with the Shumikha launcher might get nerfed as the denial potential of Tachanka, at least on paper, sounds extremely strong.

What are your thoughts on Tachanka’s rework?
Do you think he is OP now?
Let us know in the comment below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play on Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play on Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege
Free to Play
on Xbox Game Pass

The concept of Rainbow Six Siege free to play may once have been a lofty pipedream. As attainable as it is, an irresistible proposition. However, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from doing the unthinkable.


With Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft adds yet another high-profile IP, to its endless line-up of titles. In what is soon shaping up to be a seamless banquet of gems swelling in size and scale with each passing day. Every entry, playing its part in Microsoft’s new business venture into subscription service gaming.

For fans of FPS games, Rainbow Six Siege brings an element of intensity to the battleground. Most notably, via its sharp focus on 5V5 competitive play, and tactical, team-based shootouts.

After a slightly shaky start by some estimations, Rainbow Six Siege has refined over time, to become a fiercely fun, and rocksteady shooter. Except, for when you’re in the enemy’s line of fire. Rainbow Six Siege free to play, may, for some, come as a shock to the system. Albeit its inclusion on the game pass roster only serves to bolster an already compelling line-up.

Here is how it all went down. Let’s gear up on the double, and ground pound our way to victory. Can I get a Hooah!

Microsoft Announce Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play

On Monday, in a blog post via Xbox Wire, Xbox Game Pass Community Manager, Megan Spurr, divulged the details to its die-hard player base. Thus, outlining the mouth-watering info of when and where RS6 will arrive. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Console with Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming on Android devices with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on October 22.”

Under the umbrella of Xbox, Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass seeks to attract players over to Microsoft’s marketable platform. Which, according to Spurr, will continue to keep gamers hooked into the experience, “through the constant addition of new operators and maps.”

Exciting times for sure. Precisely what those new maps entail, remains a mystery. Perhaps we’ll see a revival of past classics? Over time, Rainbow Six Siege has taken pride in a depth of diversity. Especially when it comes to operators and the battlegrounds in which they roam.

On top of that, there’s the aspect of value for money. Typically, the game fetches for a price of $20. Ultimately, having access to the game, on top of so many more, for a monthly subscription cost is well worth the investment.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play
without Xbox Game Pass?

First off, to fully make use of Rainbow Six Siege going free to play, you’ll need to grab an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Priced at $14.99 this monthly subscription service gives gamers access to Microsoft PC and console games, in addition to the xCloud streaming service.

If you’re a newcomer, though, you can get your hands on the first month for a measly $1. At the same time, the standard Xbox Pass costs $9.99.

So overall, no excuses not to make full use of the recent Rainbow Six Siege game pass inclusion, which comes into effect from, October 22.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out!

Rainbow Six Siege has, as it stands, a very substantial player base of around 60 million dedicated users. So, from the outside looking in, making the game even more available to a broader audience is a wise move. Whether or not it nails the landing, we’ll have to wait and see. But so far, so good, for Siege.

Watch your six and don’t forget to stick with us for further future updates in the coming weeks and months.

What We Want to See

Rainbow Six Siege is unusual. And, in many ways, one-of-a-kind, in that it promotes player freedom. Fundamentally, aspects like destructible environments, and unique operators with versatile devices, create a more methodical shooter. Which, in turn, places greater emphasis on strategy, as opposed to all-out, run-and-gun tactics.

In keeping with tradition, we’d like to witness updates continue to roll out. After all, new additions are vital in keeping a player base sustained over time. Hopefully, Rainbow Six Siege, as a free to play commodity, doesn’t subtract from the attention it’s currently receiving.

And so, developers continue to push the game forward onto bigger and brighter things. That remains my hope, at least.

What are your impressions of Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play?
Furthermore, are you happy to see Rainbow Six Siege on Game Pass? 

As always, we appreciate all contributions. So why not hit us up, down in the comments.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some troops that need their sixes saved.


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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Mid season reinforcements for Y5S3 are available now! Rainbow Six Siege got operator balancing, guard brake animation for shields and yellow ping changes! Check here the full Y5S3.3 patch notes.

Read More

Rainbow Six Siege Designer Notes comparison – Y5S3 vs. Y5S2.1

R6 Siege Designer notes:
statistics comparison - Y5S3 vs. Y5S2.1

Rainbow Six Siege developers have shared with us Y5S3 Designer Notes before the Y5S3.3 patch release. The original article is available on Ubisoft’s website here.

As usual, we decided to compare the data between current notes and the statistics released during the previous Y5S2 season – Operation Steel Wave.

In Y5S3 Designer Notes, developers shared the following metrics, such as:

  • WIN DELTA VS. PRESENCE for both attackers and defenders

On top of that, Ubisoft has released Y5S3.3 patch notes which we will break down in a separate article.

Let’s dive into changes in numbers between Y5S3 and Y5S2.1 updates.



  1. ASH presence increased

    It may sound crazy but Ash presence has yet again increased significantly by an approx. 8%.
    As of Y5S3 Ash is picked ~76% of the time when she is available.
    What’s even more crazy is comparing her presence to even older seasons. Since Y4S4, her presence has been steadily growing (~58% in Y4S4).

    Ash did not receive any buffs but her continuous high presence shows just how powerful attackers she is. Additionally, the “heavy utility sink” defensive meta is still present, thus teams are often required to bring either (or even both) Ash/Zofia.

  2. THATCHER presence decreased

    Thatcher is picked significantly less, with a 10% lower presence rate in Y5S3.

    This is hardly surprising considering changes to how his EMPs are working – impacted defensive electronics are now temporarily disabled instead of being permanently destroyed.
    The other reason for his decreased presence rate may be the continuous ban trend of Thatcher. Teams have simply learned how to play without him by this point.

    We believe we may experience even further drop in Thatcher’s presence rate as the time goes.

  3. BLITZ & FUZE win delta increased significantly

    Blitz has seen a ~5.5% win delta increase, while Fuze’s improved by ~6%.
    Fuze’s increase is not a big surprise. “Hostage’s nemesis” has received noticeable buffs in 2020.
    Blitz, on the other hand, is quite an interesting shift. The german shield operator did not get any buffs recently.

  4. GLAZ win delta is atrocious

    Glaz is now out of the chart, but not in a favorable way like Jager. Russian sniper win delta is currently at a ridiculous -10%.
    Ubisoft plans to buff Glaz in the Y5S3.3 patch, but we do not expect a major shift in his presence and win delta. Currently, he just does not feel like the right fit of an operator in Rainbow Six Siege.



  1. MELUSI presence increased

    Melusi is now the second most picked defender with a near 60% presence rate.

    Ubisoft announced that they will take away her T-5 and replace it with MP5 in the upcoming Y5S3.3 patch. We expect Melusi’s presence to drop significantly by the end of Year 5.

  2. BANDIT presence decreased

    Bandit presence has dropped by ~9% since Y5S2.1. Though, the German defender is still 4th popular defender on the chart.

    Let’s see if the change in his presence will remain lowered or perhaps it is only a momentary drop due to recent EMP changes and the addition of Ace.

  3. DOC presence got obliterated

    Doc has dropped by a whooping ~28% in the presence chart. This is a huge drop which is caused by Doc losing access to high magnification (ACOG).

    Since the Y5S3 patch (Operation Shadow Legacy) he has access only to 1.5x magnification.

  4. TACHANKA win delta increased

    The Lord (and Savior) has been winning some matches recently. His delta increased by a huge 7,5%.

    We have to bear in mind, however, that he is barely ever picked so his win delta can be volatile.

    Not sure about you, but we’re quite curious how Tachanka’s presence and win delta will change with the upcoming Tachanka rework!



  1. JACKAL ban rate decreased

    Jackal is no longer the 2nd most banned attacker. In Y5S2, he had high ban % “dominance” over the 3rd and 4th spots. The infamous Spanish attacker has dropped in the ban rate chart by 21%.
    Currently, he is sitting on a 4th spot and we have an interesting situation – 3 operators share 2nd to 4th spot with 32-33% bans – Montagne, Blackbeard, and Jackal.

  2. ZERO is not on the top 10 ban chart

    This means that Zero is either considered well balanced by the Rainbow Six Siege community or is quite underwhelming. It’s hard to tell if players will discover some popular and overpowered ways of using Zero soon. To us, Sam Fisher of R6 is a well-balanced attacker.



  1. MIRA remains the top ban

    Mira’s ban rate dropped by an approx. 6%, but remains top 1 ban with an almost 30% “advantage” over the second-place – Echo.
    If anything, Mira has been buffed with the Y5S3 patch which gave her access to 1.5x scope.

  2. MELUSI ban rate decreased significantly

    Melusi has become the 3rd most banned defender. In the previous season, Melusi was almost on par with Mira in terms of ban rate %. In Y5S3, however, Her ban rate dropped by 21% and she is currently 3% less banned than Echo.

    We can expect a further drop in her ban rate with the upcoming switch of T-5 to MP5 in Y5S3.3 patch notes.
    She will be the first defender to have MP5 with 3-speed characteristics.

Are you surprised by changes in numbers?
What changes do you expect from balancing changes in the recent Y5S2.3 patch?
Let us know in the comments!

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Tachanka rework & elite set - Rainbow Six Siege

Tachanka Rework & Elite Set

Tachanka has been finally reworked!
Lord and Savior became a formidable area denial defender. On top of that, he received Elite Set!
Let’s have a look at Tachanka changes.

Read More

New on R6 Siege: Buck Elite Skin

Buck Elite Skin - Rainbow Six Siege

New on R6 Siege:
Buck Elite Skin

Ubisoft has just released a new Rainbow Six Siege Buck Elite skin.
After a few disliked elite sets (Echo & Dokkaebi), the developer has prepared more operator’s theme fitting set for OG Canadian attacker from Y1S1.

The title of Buck’s Elite Set is Snowdrift Expert, which is a great idea for a character from the Great White North.
The set has mountains and snow feel to it, similar to Frost’s elite set. We’re glad to see that not every new elite skin in R6 Siege will be having some head-scratching dance, with highly questionable music to it.

The below trailer showcases the Buck elite set, without MVP animation:

Here are Buck’s MVP animation and a tour of elements included in this set:

Buck Elite Skin:
Release & Content

Buck’s skin has been leaked more than a month ago (in August). As usual, the leak has been real, which we are happy about in this particular case.
As usual, the Buck elite set has been released quietly, without any marketing or teaser before.

Though, considering all the leaks that proceed releases of elite sets, any marketing actions would make not much of a sense.

This new Rainbow Six Siege Elite set has been released on the 7th of October 2020, with the below tweet on the official Rainbow Six Siege UK Twitter account:

The new R6 Buck Elite Skin includes the following items:

  • Elite Headgear
  • Elite Uniform
  • Skeleton Key gadget skin (a unique ability)
  • MVP animation
  • Buck elite charm
  • C8-SFW weapon skin (AR)
  • CAMRS weapon skin (DMR)
  • MK1 9mm weapon skin (Pistol)

Weapon skins fit extremely well with the white accents of the uniform.
The only downside of the uniform is its brightness, especially for the headgear. This may be a downside when playing on maps with darker objects.

What's the cost of
Buck Elite Skin?

Buck elite skin costs 1800 R6 Credits for players who did not purchase Year 5 Season Pass.
For Year 5 Season Pass holders, this skin costs 1620 R6 Credits.

You can purchase R6 Credits in-game for:

  • 600 Credits is 5$
  • 1200 Credits equals 10$
  • 2670 Credits is 20$

Since we are not given the option to purchase 1600/1800 credits, we have to either combine 600 & 1200 options (15$) or buy a 2670 Credit pack (20$).
Please note that currency pack prices may differ depending on your geographical location!

Which elite skin we
will get next?

The Lord’s expected rework together with his elite skin has been leaked also over a month ago.

Here is the MVP animation of Lord and Savior elite skin:

And Tachanka rework gameplay:

On 7th of October 5 pm UTC Ubisoft will reveal more about Tachanka:

Do you like Buck’s Elite Skin?
Which operator do you think should get elite skin next?
Let us know in the comment below!

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Rainbow Six Siege “Operation Shadow Legacy”

Rainbow Six Siege
“Operation Shadow Legacy"

We all know by now that Sam Fisher will be a new face of the well-known Rainbow Six Siege series. A new Rainbow Six Siege: Shadow Legacy will bring us many new features we are about to present.

Simply said, this game will be close to perfection. The third season of Year 5 is going to be Rainbow’s 1st time in the shifting to a single-operator launch date. The tactic seems to work so far, implying that we will get the most enjoyable operator in ages.

This eighteenth expansion of the game is available with the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Year 5 Season Pass. You can find the cheapest Uplay cd keys offers for the pass on Cdkeybay by comparing all cd key deals and save up to 65% on the extension. The price of the extension on the Ubisoft store is $19.99 and the best deal is currently $7.50.

With the additional hours gained by launching one less operator, Ubisoft has worked on a bunch of real-life enhancements and pleasant improvements to the meta. There are so many interesting things going on this season, and it’s more than obvious that this is the start of a new age for Rainbow Siege.  Finally, here comes every substantial change as a key component of this game, as well as the release.

Release date

The company hasn’t really provided an official announcement about the release date for a new Rainbow Six, however with the Technical Test Server in place, we should give a decent approximation. Public Testing Server is available for about a month before a release of the season.

That being said, the approximate release date for Rainbow’s Six Siege: Shadow Legacy will probably be somewhere around September 15th, five days more or less. There was a small delay for Season two because people worked from home, so we guess it can happen with the third season, too.

Sam Fisher - Alias Zero?

A new face of the Rainbow’s Six will be Sam Fisher, going with the name of Zero.  In case you are a fan of the Tom Clancy’s series (like myself), you probably know that he’s a hero from their other popular game: Splinter Cell. It didn’t happen until now that they add a character from different series, but it seems to be a great move. Sam Fisher did appear in Ghost Recon recently, but he wasn’t the main character, of course.

In this series, Sam is going to be pretty old. At the age of 63, he belongs to a special ROS (Rainbow Operation Staff). It’s a new group that we suppose is made for some storylines in the future. Fisher has a legendary background in the Navy SEALS. However, in the Splinter Cell, he wears his famous goggles and secretly conducts unusual combat fiction tasks (threatening terror acts, stopping World War 3 threats).

Sam's Gadgets

Fisher’s primary gadget is the Argus, a portable launcher capable of deploying up to 4 drilling cameras from a significant range. When placed on a soft surface of the building (including reinforced walls and hatches), the Argus device can drill through the material, allowing you to see through it. Fisher has an option to fire from the camera. The laser can eliminate any defending gadget and cause small damage to the enemies as well.

When Fisher is running his camera, he will also have an option to change the camera angle, which will allow him to see everything in the room. Fisher can only do these actions, but every teammate will see through it, ping opponents, and scan the room.

The Argus is an efficient device that you can use for both offense and defense.  With that in mind, the camera will shine a bright yellow light while it’s being used, and it will also be able to destroy jammers and other defensive gadgets.

Fisher is also fitted with the first modern set of weapons of Rainbow’s six in a significant period: the SC3000 K automatic rifle. It has impressive stats because of its significantly lower recoil; however, the main disadvantage is a magazine with only 25 rounds. This is a big flaw in case you run on multiple enemies while playing.

New Sights and Scopes

Maybe the greatest improvement of a new Rainbow Six Siege: Shadow Legacy is a full redesign of weapons sightings.  Although most guns are still going to have both primary 1x sights. (Red Dot & Reflex) but it’s much harder to find some of those magnifying scopes now. ACOGs became totally uncommon, and many weapons seem to come equipped primarily with 1.5x or 2x scopes. The DMR gun will now have a new 3x scope, which will be unique to that category only.

On the defensive side, many SMGs will now carry the 1.5X scopes, a major setback for players who have previously been at a significant disadvantage in long-distance versus enemies. The MP-5 will now have 1.5X or 2X scope, meaning that it won’t be ACOG compatible anymore.

All Operators in New Season

We have already welcomed all 4 operators to Year 5, and we’re all familiar with all of them. Well, here is a detailed overview of the operators’ skills and loads.


Oryx belongs to a new kind of fighter with outstanding versatility around the globe. He has a unique ability that allows him to damage enemies through soft walls, although it will cost you 5 HP. He can also shoot through fences as if they were built of cellophane. It’s extremely gratifying for using, but even a better ability he has is jumping and climbing through hatches.


Iana is an intel-gathering deceiver. Her Gemini Replicator generates an identical copy of her, which could be managed like a standard operator for fifteen seconds, like a drone that still resets when killed. But Iana’s true strength is based on the way that Gemini fools opponents. The hologram appears, feels, and acts as the actual Iana. You can trick attackers into believing that you’re coming from the one side while you are on the totally opposite side with some cleverness.


The newest character of Rainbow Six trades blazing detonators for water-powered drills. He matches Hibana in aspects of flexibility, but his SELMA-breaking capsules are much easier to use. However, you can also use its SELMA to eliminate defense devices or break soft walls safely from far away.


This girl is a talented flanker with a technology designed to slow down enemies. Melusi’s  Banshees will slow the opponents down to a rambling walk while they’re inside their broad range, and it could only be stopped by bombs, EMPs, or melee hits. If the enemies try to take the risk and destroy it, they will create too much noise, which is also a bad option.
What do you think about the addition of Zero?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S3 Patch Notes:
Operation Shadow Legacy

The upcoming season called Operation Shadow Legacy has been officially announced and thanks to Y5S3 patch notes released by Ubisoft, we know what we are about to get in Rainbow Six Siege.

It’s been a while since I was so optimistic and excited for a new season. This is all thanks to lots of changes to the game that seems like a step in a good direction.

We will see a lot of changes to the game, such as:
  • Chalet map rework
  • Ping 2.0
  • Optics changes
  • Reinforcement pool addition
  • New Hard Breaching gadget
  • and more!
Rainbow Six Siege Sam Fisher - Zero operator

Operation Shadow Legacy was released by Ubisoft on the 10th of September 2020.

The only information players received was about the maintenance right before the season was deployed. Developers pulled a sneaky release claiming “data repackaging” in their below tweet:

Shadow Legacy Operator:

Rainbow Six SIege Zero Operator - Sam Fisher

In the Y5S3 update, Rainbow Six Siege will receive only 1 new operator, which is aligned with Ubisoft’s Year 5 Roadmap.

Shadow Legacy will bring an attacker who is based on Sam Fisher, from a legendary series Splinter Cell. The Y5S3 operator will be called Zero, with 2 speed and 2 armor characteristics.


Zero will be equipped with Argus Launcher which allows him to fire deployable cameras capable of penetrating the surface it is attached to. In case the camera gets attached to the penetrable surface, it drills through it and allows Zero to view both sides of the surface. Such penetrable surfaces are:

  • unreinforced walls and hatches
  • reinforced, but not electrified, walls and hatches
  • penetrable floors
  • barricades

When fired at an un-penetrable surface, Zero’s gadget will still attach to it. However, it won’t allow viewing the other side of the surface.
The Y5S3 attacker in Rainbow Six Siege will, therefore, serve an intel-gathering role on the team.

But Zero’s impact does not end there. In addition to intel, he will also be able to fire 1 taser per camera to either destroy defensive gadgets (i.e. Bandit’s Shock battery, Jager’s ADS, or Mira’s Black Mirrors) or deal minor damage to a defender. As a result, Zero will be like a mix of Valkyrie and Twitch.

Important to note that Zero’s camera will be destroyed when fired at electrified surfaces.



New gun in Rainbow Six Siege available only to Sam Fisher aka Zero.


SMG that was previously available only to Bandit on the defense.

5.7 USG

Good pistol with default silencer attached for Zero.

Universal gadgets for Zero R6 operator will be Frag grenades and Claymore.


The addition of Zero is certainly an interesting one.

I always like intel-gathering operators as information is the king in Rainbow Six Siege. On top of that, intel-based operators tend to require game sense, game knowledge, and reward players for creativity.


Rainbow Six Siege Chalet map rework intro

Chalet has been quite an annoying map from the ranked map pool. For the past couple of years, every match on Chalet felt the same due to only 2 bomb sites being defendable reliably.

We will have to see how the rework plays out in a live environment, but it looks solid from what we’ve had a chance to test and see.

For those of you who did not install TS, you can check comparison video made by Thaquil:

PING 2.0

As most seasoned R6 players will agree with, the ping system is an incredibly important and useful tool at the players’ disposal.

Looking retrospectively, the ping system was an unusual feature in FPS games when R6 Siege was released. It was a great feature that simplified the communication and callouts for R6 players.

But as time passed, new games came out with more sophisticated ping systems, which made us all question the simplicity of Rainbow Six Siege one. I think Apex Legends was the game that widely popularized the contextual ping system and showed us that a well-done ping system is worth investing in.

Now in 2020, Ubisoft is finally ready to implement an improved ping system in Rainbow Six Siege.
This might be our favorite change coming in the Y5S3 Shadow Legacy season!

The improvement will be two-fold.
First, all players will be assigned a number to their pings, which will make it easier to distinguish who pinged what.

Secondly, and more importantly, pings will be contextualized. This means that when you ping a barbed wire, your ping will show an icon dedicated to that gadget. Now, you will be able to ping a defuser and no one will be confused about what was pinged, even without voice chat.


Up until now, each defender had 2 reinforcements available at his or her disposal. This created problems for more busy defenders – some operators have a lot to do during the preparation phase (i.e. Castle).

Sometimes you had to send 2 or more people above the site to set up your defenses, even though not all of them would stay there for the action phase. We had to guide inexperienced players by pinging and telling them what to reinforce.

Now those problems will be gone. The defense in Rainbow Six Siege will have a pool of 10 reinforcements. This means that less busy defenders or those who stay on the site are the ones who can take care of reinforcing required walls (i.e. Rook). In structured teams this change is great!

Unfortunately, it comes with its downsides, but that’s just inevitable. If you have a teammate who wants to troll or does not know the strategy, they can ruin the whole setup more than before. Though, they would probably have ruined your experience anyway if they wanted to.


Rainbow Six Siege will have revamped optics with the introduction of the Shadow Legacy update.

As per the Y5S3 patch notes, the changes to the sights will be:

New style for existing sights

Holographic and Red dot sights will have new variants – MH1 & M4S respectively.



New magnification setup

SCOPE 1.5x (NEW)

SCOPE 2.0x (NEW)

SCOPE 2.5x (aka ACOG)

SCOPE 3.0x (OLD)

Overhaul to sights availability

Balance changes will be made for which gun/operator has access to specific magnification options.
Redistribution will have an impact only on primary weapons in Y5S3.

You can find the list of available optics per operator and weapon with below links to Ubisoft’s materials:

We have some mixed feelings about those balancing shifts but will have to wait and see how changes play out once the new season is out.

Optics customization

Rainbow Six Siege players will finally have an option to modify aspects of a reticle, such as color blindness type, sight color, and opacity.


The attackers get a new universal gadget – secondary breacher. This new gadget will allow breaching through reinforced walls. The hole made by the new gadget is smaller than generated by Hard Breachers.

Secondary breacher can be countered the same way as Hard breaching utility.

We don’t particularly like the addition of another hard breaching gadget.

On one hand, certain operators who were previously rarely picked can be now more viable. This may add variety to attacking rosters.

On the other hand, there’s just so much hard breaching in the game already. Though, Ubisoft tries to balance this new gadget addition with nerf to Thatcher (EMP will only disable temporarily all gadgets, not destroy them).


Match replay system will allow players to watch their past matches. The system stores up to 12 last matches. This new feature is in the alpha stage and will be available only on test servers for the time being.

To read more on the match replay system, check our article on this subject.

Last but not least, Ubisoft is adding a map ban feature that will work similarly to operator ban mechanics in unranked and ranked game modes.

Operation Shadow Legacy -

What do you think about upcoming season?
Do you like the changes and new features?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Rainbow Six Siege Designer Notes stats comparison – Y5S2.3 vs. Y5S1

R6 Siege Designer notes:
statistics comparison - Y5S2.3 vs. Y5S1

On 23rd of July 2020, Ubisoft released Rainbow Six Siege Designer Notes for Y5S2.3 – available on Ubisoft’s official website here.
Such notes are very handy for us R6 players. They help us understand where is the reasoning of certain changes coming from. Also, we can check how our personal experiences reflect on a bigger scale.
In Y5S2.3 Designer Notes Ubisoft has also included retrospective commentary on the impact of changes implemented with Y5S2 Season aka Operation Steel Wave.
In those notes, Ubisoft developers shared with us:
  • WIN DELTA VS. PRESENCE for both attackers and defenders
Let’s dive into changes in numbers between Y5S1.0 and Y5S2.1 updates.
Please note that values on the Vertical Axis of Presence rate charts vary between both pictures – Y5S1 data has 0.5% as a measure, while Y5S2 figures use 1%.




    He has been picked significantly less with a 20% lower presence rate. On top of the drop in popularity, Buck’s win delta decreased by ~1%, as well.
    The drop in his presence is not surprising considering the nerf in Y5S1.2 patch – Buck’s frag grenades were removed and replaced with stun grenades.

    Change in statistics of Blitz is quite a surprise. He did not receive any buffs nor nerfs recently. Perhaps a sudden increase in win delta that Blitz seen in Y5S1 Designer’s Notes was an anomaly. At the same time, his presence rate remained similar to previous season data.
    However, please note that since Blitz is not picked often, his win delta can shift significantly – with less data, statistics are prone to be volatile.


    The OG Hard Breacher in Rainbow Six Siege has seen a drop of 30% presence rate. Such a turn of events is not surprising with the addition of Ace.

    Hibana also noticed a little hit to her presence rate, but less than Thermite. Newly added Hard Breacher is more an alternative to Thermite than Hibana due to the interaction of SELMA with reinforced hatches.


    Her presence rate increased with ~7% in Y5S2. However, win delta of Ash has seen a drop of 1,5%.
    This makes Ash the most picked attacker as of Y5S2.1, taking over the first spot from Zofia. To be fair, though, both operators fill in the same role and were very close from the presence perspective in Y5S1.




    Jager is still a 90% pick, with a potentially slight increase in his pick rate versus Y5S1 data.
    Nothing really ever changes about that aspect of Rainbow Six Siege. Jager hasn’t been impacted by patches since Y5S1 so his presence rate remaining the same is not surprising, at all.


    Mozzie has seen a drop in the presence rate of huge ~25%.
    Instead, Melusi took the spot of Mozzie on the chart. We expected the addition of Melusi to impact mainly Lesion players since she is the closest alternative to the pre-nerf Lesion.
    On top of the new defender being added to Rainbow Six Siege roster, Mozzie has also lost his secondary shotgun, which surely had an impact on his presence rate in the game.


    Both operators’ win delta decreased by ~3% & 2% respectively.
    There’s no specific reason for such a drastic change to both operators win delta. Their presence rate remained similar and they did not get any nerfs since Y5S1.
    However, just like in the case of Blitz, both Frost and Kapkan are niche picks. As a result, their win delta might vary heavily between seasons.




    Thatcher has seen an even further increase in his ban rate (14%).
    Such a change makes Thatcher the most banned attacker in Rainbow Six Siege (from 36% to 50%). Congrats man, you’ve deserved it!
    It seems that Rainbow Six Siege community shifts towards no Thatcher meta more and more as time goes by.


    Jackal has “lost” his top banned spot, which he occupied for a long time. The drop in Jackal bans is drastic – 20%.
    Previously, he had a 63% ban rate while currently 43%.
    Is PTSD caused by Jackal finally going away? Or is it just a temporary shift to Ace?


    And he did so with a bang, getting the title of 3rd most banned attacker as of Y5S2.1.
    The Operation Steel Wave addition to attacking roster has instantly become a target for bans, with a 21% ban rate. No wonder since Ace is a strong attacker who fills in a crucial Hard Breaching utility role, with a strong gun.




    Mira’s bans declined by 17%. What’s crazy is that even despite such a decrease, she still remains the most banned defender with 64% of bans.
    Mira did not go through any major changes, besides the addition of Proximity alarm as her universal gadget.
    We suspect that the reason for such a drop in Mira’s ban rate is the introduction of Melusi.


    The decline of Echo bans is significant – a whopping 27%.
    As a result, Echo “lost” his 2nd most banned defender spot in favor of Melusi, and is now the third most banned defender in Rainbow Six Siege. Beside Melusi “stealing” Echo’s ban votes, he has also been slightly nerfed in the Y5S2 patch.


    And took the 2nd spot by storm, with a ban rate of 61%.
    Not particularly surprising considering how impactful Melusi is on the defensive end.
    Though, the numbers are probably inflated by the early ban wave. The Y5S2.1 nerf to Banshee has most likely lowered her numbers. However, we will have to wait for Y5S3 Designer’s Notes to confirm that.



  1. AMARU

    Amaru buff – change in the interaction of Garra Hook and barricades, as well as time reduction in animation lock after using the hook – brought desired statistical effects. Y5S2.3 Designer’s Notes show an increase in her presence rate, K/D after usage of Garra hook and a minor increase in win delta

    From a player perspective, it feels that Amaru is where she should have been from the start – not OP by any means but definitely a useable attacker, especially for gaining early-round map control.

  2. ORYX

    Oryx buff – decrease in HP consumed by dashing through soft wall and addition of angled grip to MP5 – did not affect statistics as Ubisoft seemed to hope for.
    He remains a niche pick with negative win delta. Interestingly, in 17% of rounds where Oryx is present his dash is not used at all by players. This is a surprisingly high number. However, without similar statistics for other operators, it’s hard to make any conclusions.

  3. ECHO

    Echo nerf – disorientation effect on attackers has been modified – had the desired result on statistics.
    Echo was less banned, but also less picked. This is probably due to the addition of Melusi in Y5S2 Operation Steel Wave as she took a portion of his numbers in bans and presence statistics.

  4. KALI

    Kali buff – Lance fuze time reduction and addition of SPSMG9 – changed detailed statistics as expected by Ubisoft.
    Kills by CSRX dropped while SPSMG9 took the portion from both C75 Auto and the rifle – SPSMG9 amounts to 49% of kills. The presence rate of Kali did not change, but her win delta has slightly increased.

Are you surprised by changes in numbers?
What changes do you expect from balancing changes in the recent Y5S2.3 patch?
Let us know in the comments!

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R6 Siege Y5S2.2 patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.2 Patch Notes

Patch Y5S2.2 has been released in the middle of July by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege on PC.
Unfortunately, PS4 and Xbox players will have to wait for the deployment of changes in this update until patch Y5S2.3.
In this update, we do not see any changes to balancing nor gameplay features. It was rather minor and focused on the player reporting system in-game.


The most significant aspect of the Y5S2.2 patch is a modification to options available to the R6 Siege community for reporting other players in the game.
Now we are given 3 options for reporting enemies and 4 for our teammates.
The menu can be accessed just like before via scoreboard, by clicking the enemy’s name. First, you will have to click “Report” to get access to available specific reporting options.
Let’s have a look at reporting options since Y5S2.2.



This option should be self-explanatory. Use it to report hackers, cheaters, and boosters to request an investigation from Ubisoft.

Supposedly you will receive an email notification if the player reported by you gets banned for cheating.
We have received only a couple of such email notifications in the past, despite reporting quite a few blatant cheaters over the years. Hence we’re not sure how valid such email reports from Ubisoft actually are.


Rainbow Six Siege has been struggling with grief since its release. So many ways for toxic players to hinder other players’ experience due to friendly fire, gadget destruction, and much, much more.

Griefing reporting should be used for R6 players who deliberately try to screw you/your team up or are using glitches and other exploits.


Report voice abuse option allows Rainbow Six Siege players to report players who abuse verbally their teammates or use offensive language. Use this option to report racists, sexists, or any other unethical behavior.

Probably a high volume of reports of this sort on a specific player will initiate a further investigation in reported player’s behavior. Though, this offense might be the hardest one to actually validate on developer’s end.


This option serves the same function as voice abuse but is specifically intended for text chat abuse.





Generally, the reporting system introduced with Y5S2.2 patch notes in R6 Siege is neat and has a brief, but rather clear explanation of reasoning player should use to report another player.



Some players experienced issues with running the game when their antivirus was active.
This issue prompted players to either disable antivirus on their PC or exclude Rainbow Six Siege folder as an exception (or other term used by various antiviruses).
Luckily with the arrival of Rainbow Six Siege patch Y5S2.2, we should not face such issues anymore.


Y5S2.2 patch fixes an issue where the operator’s gadget would not always deploy correctly.
This happened when the player released the deployment button right before the completion of the deployment animation.

Y5S2.2 patch notes:

FIXED – Various clipping, texture and vegetation issues on different maps
FIXED – Problems with gadgets deployment inside pots in Oregon 1F Kitchen and Ace’s Selma getting stuck on the cupboard
FIXED – Menu/UI visual fixes
FIXED – Spawn killing from Warehouse/Garage in Clubhouse
FIXED – Bottle in the basement of House can be now destroyed (lol)
If you want to check official patch notes from Ubisoft then follow this link.

New in the in-game shop:

KALI DJ Bundle

Kali has been picked slightly more often recently. The increase comes with Y5S2 changes brought by Operation Steel Wave.
Kali’s loadout has been improved and the fuzing time of LV has been reduced, as well.
We’re always glad to see new cosmetics options! Especially for newer operators since they are usually severely lacking in this department.
We like Kali’s new cosmetics bundle which is called DJ Bundle.
Here’s how Kali’s DJ Bundle looks:





The whole bundle costs:
  • 45k Renown/1080 R6 Credits for Y5 Season Pass owners
  • 50k Renown/1200 R6 Credits for non-Season Pass holders
Items can be purchased separately but will cost 77,500 Renown.
What do you think about new player reporting system?
Do you like Kali’s DJ bundle?
Let us know in the comments below!

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R6 Siege Y5S2.2 patch notes

Y5S2.2 patch has been released for Rainbow Six Siege in the middle of June. This patch provides improvement to player reporting system and fixes various bugs.

Read More

New on R6 Siege: Zofia Elite Skin

R6 Siege - Zofia Elite Skin "Duch Bojowy"

New on R6 Siege:
Zofia Elite Skin

May was a good month for Zofia in R6 Siege.
After being left rather forgotten for a couple of years when it comes to cosmetics, Zofia just received a Twitch Prime skin.
On top of that, on 25th of May Ubisoft released new skin in Rainbow Six Siege – Zofia Elite skin!
The title of elite skin is “Duch Bojowy“, which translates to a “Fighting Spirit“.
In below video you can see the Zofia elite skin MVP animation:

Zofia Elite Skin:
Release & Content

The skin has been leaked ages ago and we started to think that it was either wrong leak or Ubisoft decided to abandon the concept.
We are happy to see that Ubisoft did not cancel Zofia’s elite skin despite the leaks.
Zofia elite skin was released in a rather nonchalant manner. On 25th of May Ubisoft quietly added new elite to the live build of the game.
No marketing previews, nor teasers. Just a tweet on official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account at the moment of release:
Unlike Ela’s elite, Zofia’s elite skin is rather minimalistic, clean, and realistic.
Some players like more colorful, unique, and unrealistic elite skins. Others like cosmetics in R6 Siege to be more realistic and military-themed.
Duch Bojowy should appeal to the latter part of the Rainbow Six Siege community – to players who enjoy the aesthetics of military officers.
After a series of non-military based elite skins, it’s great to see that Ubisoft did not fully disconnect from realistic themes in R6.
After all Siege still holds Tom Clancy’s name in its title, even if it fell far from Mr. Clancy’s novels.

The new R6 Zofia elite skin includes the following items:

  • Elite Uniform
  • Elite Headgear
  • KS79 LIFELINE gadget skin (unique utility)
  • MVP animation
  • Zofia Elite Charm
  • RG15 weapon skin (Pistol)
  • LMG-E weapon skin (LMG)
  • M762 weapon skin (AR)
Weapon skins look rather well done if the minimalistic style is your thing.
However, M762 weapon skin from past pro league Zofia set looked very similar to Duch Bojowy one.
Here’s the Pro League M762 weapon skin:

What's the cost of
Zofia Elite Skin?

For Season Pass holders it’s 1620 R6 Credits.
Players without Season Pass will have to pay 1800 R6 Credits.
The cost of R6 credits is:
  • 600 is 5$
  • 1200 is 10$
  • 2670 is 20$
Unfortunately we cannot purchase 1600, nor 1800 R6 credits packs. Thus players either have to purchase 600+1200 for 15$ or 2670 for 20$.
Prices may differ depending on your geographical location.

Which elite skin we
will get next?


Echo Elite skin has been confirmed by Ubisoft in the Y5S2 operation Steel Wave reveal panel.


Additionally, Dokkaebi’s elite skin has been leaked, as well.
Here’s leaked footage of leaked MVP animation video:
What do you think about Zofia’s new elite skin?
Which operator would you like to get elite skin next?
Let us know in the comment below!

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Match Replay system – update and information

On 19th May 2020 Ubisoft team has shared with R6 community dev blog update on this subject.
Let’s have a look at information released by the R6 development team and the potential implications of a new feature on the game’s scene.

Read More

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