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Match replay system

During Six Invitationals 2020, the Rainbow Six Siege development team announced new features that Ubisoft plans to implement during Year 5.
Those new features for Year 5 are Map ban, Match replay system & Ping 2.0.
The topic of this article will be the Match replay system.
On 19th May 2020 Ubisoft team has shared with R6 community dev blog update on this subject.
Let’s have a look at information released by the R6 development team and the potential implications of a new feature on the game’s scene.

What is the Match replay system?

Match replay feature will be a system within Rainbow Six Siege which saves your last 10 matches. Matches from all types of PvP playlists will be saved, including custom matches, newcomers, unranked, ranked, and quick matches. Whether Terrorist Hunt (aka Training grounds) is saved remains unknown at this moment.
A player can then access each of those matches from the in-game menu (new tab seems to be added to the menu) and re-live the entire match.
Not only can you spectate your own perspective, but you can also perceive the match from the perspective of your teammates, enemies, and Bird’s-eye view (from above, common perspective during Pro League matches).
Basically, you become your own version of Marciu from ESL.
The UI of the spectator allows us to view the equipped weapon and gadgets availability of each player, as well as their current statistics.
Rainbow Six Siege development team plans to add a possibility to:
  • store matches on the cloud server, but initially might allow only local saving of the matches
  • match replay sharing option
  • watching match replays of Pro League games

The above options may not be available initially at the feature’s release time but added over the time.

Match Replay system release date

Unfortunately, we were not provided with an exact date or even an estimated month of feature’s release, yet.
What we know so far is that Ubisoft initially aimed to release Match replay system in the first half of 2020, but had to push it back to the 2nd half of 2020.
Therefore, do not expect Match replay to be released in the Y5S2 patch.
Such major features tend to be released during the new season’s rollout patch, so we should expect it at Y5S3 or Y5S4 patch.

What is the impact of Match replay feature?

If implemented right, Match replay can be a huge step in future skill development within the R6 community!
Match Replay feature will be a great tool for everyone playing Rainbow Six Siege:


Are you a type of player who treats the game casually and isn’t interested in getting better in this game?
Well, you can use Match replays to get gameplay clips of your good plays. No more losing a great clutch or ace because Shadowplay decided it’s a good time to take a break.
Or perhaps you want to check suspicious play from your enemy and confirm your hackusations?
Match replay will help you realize that 99 out of 100 your position was either a common pre-fire or simply known to enemies.


However, this feature is primarily an exciting addition for those of us who are more involved in the R6 Siege.
Whether you’re a casual player who strives towards improving in Rainbow Six Siege, content creator or a member of a professional scene (player, coach, or analyst) adding an ability to re-watch match from any perspective to learn will be a great tool.
Finally, we’ll be able to learn from our teammates and enemies. We will be given the possibility to investigate calmly and objectively where our team is lacking in terms of teamwork, timing, positioning execution.
We can easily learn new spots or strategies that worked well against our team – this way we can counter-strategize or add the same strategy to our repertoire.


For players who enjoy watching official Rainbow Six Siege Pro League matches, the replay system could be an amazing tool.
Besides LAN events like Six Invitational, we are limited to the perspective of 1 spectator.
As good as spectators are, they can’t show every engagement or nuisance of strategy. Especially, as in 2020, we have 20-seconds META in which collapse happens by the end of the round, and action is rapid and tense.
With match replay system available for download we could potentially watch the round from a perspective of a specific player or a team to learn from their strategy or specific play.
To sum up the impact of replay system:
The more serious you are about Rainbow Six Siege, the more you will benefit from this addition!
Awareness of our mistakes and shortcomings is the first crucial step to becoming better in whatever we do. Rainbow Six Siege is not an exception!
Basically: You can’t fix what you can’t see!
As you probably noticed, I am quite hyped about the Match replay system. Adding such a system is a step in the right direction, especially for competitive e-sports game such as Rainbow Six Siege.
Hopefully, Ubisoft implements the replay system well and we won’t have serious bugs and issues, but only time will tell.
What do you think about the Match replay?
How do you plan to use the feature once available?
Let us know in the comment below!

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