Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S2 Patch Notes:
Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 patch notes were officially released by Ubisoft on the 18th of May.
We now know the details of the new season, which is called Operation Steel Wave.
Steel Wave comes with two new operators – Ace and Melusi – but that’s not all.
We will also tons of other changes:
  • House map rework
  • Tweaks to Amaru’s Garra hook
  • Nerf to Ela’s Grzmot mines
  • New defensive universal gadget
  • Weapon attachments cosmetics
  • and more!
Below is the latest information from Operation Steel Wave full reveal panel and official Y5S2 patch notes.
We will keep updating this news post to keep it as relevant as possible.

Operation Steel Wave Release Date

Release date of Operation Steel Wave has been confirmed by Ubisoft for 16th June 2020.

Year 5 Season Pass holders will have 7 days early access to new Y5S2 operators. From 23rd of June the rest of R6 Siege community will be able to purchase Ace & Melusi.

Operation Steel Wave Operators:
Ace & Melusi


The newest attacker in Rainbow Six Siege is from Norway and his name is Ace. The Steel Wave R6 attacker will be a 2 speed 2 armor operator.

Ace joins Hard Breachers on the attack, with an ability called Selma.


  • Selma will have a sequential explosion nature, which means that the smallest opening of 1 Selma sequence is similar to that of Hibana’s single charge (6 pellets). The maximum of 3 sequences creates an opening similar to Thermite’s Exothermic charge.

  • No sequential explosions follow when placed on horizontal surfaces

  • When fuzing, Selma shows an indication on the opposite side of the wall and generates sound (gas leaking like). This will help Breach denial defenders with countering Ace’s gadget.
    The detonation of deployed Selma is automatic.

  • The detonation of Selma charge does not deal much damage to operators close to the wall (on either side).
    During the stream developer mentioned approx. 5 hp
  • Selma can be countered by Breach denial defenders (Bandit, Kaid, and Mute)
    The device is also vulnerable to any damage

  • To open a reinforced hatch, Ace will need to deploy 2 Selmas

  • Selma destroys any defensive gadget within its deploying area, so Ace becomes a counter to deployable shields, Black Mirrors, and other defensive utility.



Great Assault Rifle.
AK-12 is currently available only to Fuze from Spetsnaz unit. Unlike Fuze's AK-12, Ace will have access to default ACOG (NATO's)


Pump shotgun available to FBI CTU.
Just like other shotguns available as a primary weapon to attackers, M1014 on Ace won't be a popular choice (to say the least).


Good pistol available to GIGN operators.

Universal gadgets for Ace R6 operator will be Breaching charges and Smoke grenades.

Looking for new roaming main in R6 Siege? Melusi might be what you’re looking for!

Melusi is a 3 speed 1 armor defender, with a unique utility called Banshee.


  • Melusi will have access to 3 Banshee devices

  • Banshee emits a loud sound when an attacker(s) is present within its effective radius.
    On top of that, Melusi’s gadget slows down the movement of an impacted attacker(s) – effect gets stronger the closer attacker is to Banshee
  • Banshee is a deployable device (can’t be thrown) and can be placed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Her gadget does not impact aim sensitivity – unlike “old” Ela’s Grzmot mines

  • Melusi’s unique ability can’t be destroyed by bullets.
    To get rid of Banshee, R6 attackers will have to use explosives (Zofia, Ash, Kali) or melee the gadget.

    Thatcher’s EMP and Twitch’s Shock drones will help attackers with temporary deactivation of Banshee.

  • The newest Steel Wave defender will offer synergy to Smoke and Goyo utility since attackers won’t have much chance to escape Gas canisters



Very good SMG on the defense. T-5 SMG was previously available only to Lesion.


Strong shotgun, which up until now was accessible only when playing Frost. Though, not as powerful as it used to be (Sniper90 times)


One of only few pistols in Rainbow Six Siege with a sight. Previously available only to operators from Poland - Ela and Zofia.

Universal gadgets available to Melusi are Impact grenades and Deployable shield


Rainbow Six Siege House map rework
In this video, Ubisoft presents the changes done with map rework for House, which will come out in Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.
Please note that we will not get a new map with this season!
Below you can find layout plans for reworked House map, which were shown during full reveal of Operation Steel Wave on 18th of May:

Other major changes:


Finally, Amaru might become a viable option in Rainbow Six Siege!
Quite a common opinion on this R6 attacker is that she is basically useless.
The only benefit Amaru brings is an early presence on the top floor during the initial entry to the objective building.
With the way Amaru works now, using Garra hook in a location where defenders are present is a death sentence.

As per Y5S2 patch notes, this may change with the upcoming buff. A closed window that Amaru intends to rappel into will break significantly later than before!
The sound cue will still be there, but defenders have no longer a visual indication of the exact window.

Additionally, Amaru will be able to attach her hook to closed unreinforced hatches.

Very welcome change if you ask me. I might give Amaru a go in Y5S2!


Ela’s Grzmot mine will no longer lower the sensitivity settings of impacted players.
Man, that was a long-awaited change. The sensitivity impact of Ela mine is one of the most annoying mechanics in Rainbow Six Siege.
I am extremely positive about this change in Operation Steel Wave!

Proximity alarm

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 patch notes mention the introduction of yet another universal gadget at defenders disposal – Proximity alarm.
Proximity alarm will serve a similar function to Melusi’s Banshee – gadget emits sound whenever an attacker is present within its line of sight and effective radius.
However, this gadget is throwable unlike Banshee, so let’s see what interesting spots R6 community will come up with!

Differences between both gadgets go even further:

  • Proximity alarm can be shot by attackers but is smaller than Banshee
  • The new gadget does not slow down the attacker(s) movement 

A full list of defenders who can equip proximity alarm has not been released, yet.

So far we know that Caveira, Mira and Oryx will be able to equip it.


Ranked matches will be available only from Clearance Level 50  (vs. current 30 Lvl restriction)

Entering Champion’s rank will be available only after playing at least 100 ranked matches in a season.

MMR will be shared across regions and the Champion leaderboard will be unified globally.

The above changes may impact positively issue of smurfing and cheating in Rainbow Six Siege, as well as manipulation of MMR and boosting to Champion.

Weapon Attachments skins:

Ubisoft has confirmed that we will have the ability to change the color of our weapon attachments with Y5S2. Skins will be available on sights, barrels, grips, and laser sight (the mounting, not the laser itself).

From the start of Y5S2 Operation Steel Wave, we will have access to 3 colors – gray, black, and tan.
Initial skins will be available for free. We can expect further skins available in the future – probably purchasable via renown and R6 credits, just like other cosmetics.


Other changes
in Y5S2 patch:



  • Dashing through the wall takes 5 HP instead of 10 HP
  • MP5 can use angled grip
  • Gets Proximity alarm instead of Bulletproof camera


  • Both operators receive alternative pistol options – PRB892 and LFP586 respectively


  • SMG will have reflex sight instead of red dot


  • Camera shake effect removed from Yokai stun effect
  • Fixed length of concussion – 10 seconds
  • Gets impact grenades instead of a deployable shield (a pity)


  • Lance fuse time reduction to 1.5s from 2.5s
  • Reduced weapon climb on CSRX300
  • Gets SPSM9 instead of P22 Mk5


  • Reviving teammates with Nanoboost gives them 30 HP instead of 5 HP.


  • Just like Ela’s Grzmot mine, Concussion mines will no longer impact players’ sensitivity settings


Lastly in Y5S2 patch notes Ubisoft mentions the addition of match cancellation feature. Teams who have an unfortunate situation of starting a Ranked match in a man-count disadvantage will be able to vote for match cancellation. Voting for match cancellation will not result in ranking points changes. so no ELO is lost or won by either team.

The addition of such a feature is great as playing a ranked match 4v5 from the start is no fun. What happens most of the time is that team waits for 2 rounds to finish so that they can surrender the match. It’s an unnecessary waste of time and ELO.

Operation Steel Wave -

Are you excited about the upcoming season?
What’s your opinion on new operators?
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