R6 Siege Y5S2 Leaks:
Operation Steel Wave

The initial leaks about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season were, at least partially, incorrect. The new season was supposed to be called Operation Hidden Eyes, which as we know now is incorrect.
In 2020, Ubisoft will release Y5S2 which was confirmed by Ubisoft with a teaser to be called Operation Steel Wave.
Let’s have a look at what we know so far about the upcoming R6 Siege DLC!
Please note that Ubisoft released Y5S2 patch notes and revealed the full season since this article was published. Check our post on Operation Steel Wave patch notes.

Operation Steel Wave Release Date

Ubisoft did not provide an exact release date for the Y5S2 season, yet.
Our guess based on available information is the middle of June 2020 – 15th or 16th.
Operation Phantom Sight (Y4S2) was released on June 11th, 2019.
Operation Para Bellum (Y3S2) was launched on June 7th, 2018.
However, developers mentioned an extra week of PTS testing.


I think this teaser did what it was supposed to. Teaser provided us with a minimal amount of information and increased our curiosity.
The morse code in the Tweet translates to:
This could be a typo with the first part of the code since 1 dot is missing to make it “SOS”. Or is it some hidden message we haven’t figured out yet?


Now, this video presents more information about both operators. 
Here are our guesses based on both official teaser and leaked operators’ trailer:


The official teaser shows us two characters.
A character on the left seems to be male and could be holding AK-12, perhaps?
An operator on the right has an athletic feminine silhouette, with potentially short hair.
The leaked trailer seems to confirm the above assumption about the genders of both operators.
Based on it, the attacker will be Norwegian operator called “Ace” and the defender will be South African “Melusi“.


Operation Steel Wave – let’s assume that each operator’s characteristic is associated with 1 word present in the operation’s name.
Such associations are nothing new to Rainbow Six Siege DLCs. This was the case in the past, too.
Phantom Sight” was related to Nokk’s (Phantom) and Warden’s (Sight) unique abilities.
Similarly, “Ember Rise” can be easily connected to Goyo’s (Ember) and Amaru’s (Rise) utility.

So What Could "Steel" and "Wave" mean?

Steel” could relate to the potential ability to breach on the attack, especially vertically.
Descending elevator shaft-ed_compressed
elevator entrance-ed_compressed
Ubisoft already experimented in the arcade event “the Grand Larceny” with a map without metal beams in the floor/ceiling.
Could this potentially mean that a new attacker will have an ability to create traversable openings vertically? Sounds exciting, not for defenders, though!
On the other hand, if we consider previous leaks about Y5S2 operators, then “steel” could be tied to the smart wire on the defense – check our article on previously released leaks for more info.
However, such a scenario is highly unlikely at this point.
Now for “wave” part of the name.
In the leaked trailer Melusi emits some sort of echolocation signal.
echo waves_compressed
Could this be a device that indicates an enemy’s presence nearby?
Or perhaps her gadget is going to release a wave that negatively impacts attackers or lures them to a certain location by using sound?
At this point, it is hard for us to guess what Melusi’s gadget may be.
In her voice line, Melusi mentions being a predator which could indicate roaming playstyle.
She also seems to carry an RG15 pistol. This pistol is a secondary weapon of Ela and Zofia.
This confirms information about potential loadouts from the previous leak. If the remaining loadout options are true, too, then we can expect T-5 SMG and a shotgun ITA12L.
For more information about new Y5S2 operators, we will probably have to wait till May 18th as mentioned at the end of the leaked trailer.



When it comes to Ace, I have to say I am disappointed in the choice of name and how he looks like.
Disappointment is always a result of expectations. Previous leaks teased my imagination and raised my expectations. 
Imagine Norwegian operator called Odin, with a mechanical spider drone acting as his Sleipnir (8-legged horse in Norse mythology). How cool is that?
Instead, we get a mix of Captain America with a notion of Ant-man. Not very epic, unless you have a latex fetish.
However, Ace’s ability could turn out to be very interesting and meta shifting, which is great!
If he could breach through the floor, it would add another layer to attacks. Objective sites would become so much more open!
It honestly feels like Ubisoft went with origin themes where they shouldn’t and skipped any local theme where they should have used it.
South African on a tree in savannah – couldn’t be more stereotypical about African operators – while Norwegian operator lacks any references to Norse rich mythology…
Melusi seems to be inspired heavily by Black Panther – again, not very original.
Her utility could turn out to be very interesting, but to judge that we will have to see what it actually is.
To sum up:
I cannot shake off the impression that whoever designed both Rainbow Six Siege operators is a huge fan of Marvel movies.
Are you excited about the upcoming season?
What’s your opinion on new operators?
Let us know in the comments below!

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