Rainbow Six Siege
Y5S2 leak:
Operation Hidden Eyes

As per first leaks, we expected the new Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 season to be called Operation Hidden Eyes.
As it turned out in May, initial leaks based on which we’ve made below the article were inaccurate!
The actual name of Y5S2 will be Operation Steel Wave. For more info check our article on this subject!
The below article contains info about the initially released leaks about operators, kept on our portal for the community’s information.
Leaks about the event were correct (though the event occurred in Y5S1, not Y5S2) and house map rework should come out in the upcoming season, too!

House Map rework

Ubisoft has released video footage of House rework during Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020.
If you’re interested in the rework of House, then check out the below video:
To summarize our observations to showed footage about map rework:
House seems to be significantly bigger and the construction company has finally finished their work – yes, no more construction room across the kids’ room.
We like how Ubisoft continues to focus on creating a color-based theme of important locations on the map. Such a map design can immensely simplify callouts. Calling out “Blue” and “Red” is just easy to say, as well as understand and very intuitive.
Will the new House map be part of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League rotation or even Ranked?
We do not know that, yet!

New R6 Siege operators:
Philisiwe & Odin


According to the latest Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 leak, the newest defender will be called Philisiwe and she is coming from South Africa.
Supposedly, Philisiwe is a female name with African origins that means “empowered” and “strength”.
She will be an anchor type of defender, with 3 armor and 1 speed characteristics.


Philisiwe R6 operator’s unique gadget is expected to be Smart Barbed wire.
What’s Smart about her Wire?
Smart Barbed Wire will slow down defenders more than the universal version of the gadget. Additionally, the new gadget is supposed to deal damage-over-time when attackers are moving over it. Sounds a lot like a Lesion alternative, doesn’t it?
Another unique perk of this gadget will be to highlight gadgets that are passing through the wire. Such characteristics will allow countering drones more effectively by providing intel about their location.
Unlike the default version of Barbed Wire, it will not be countered by melee attacks. However, Smart Barbed Wire should be countered by explosives.


Philisiwe does not bring new weapons to Rainbow Six Siege.
She will have an option of SMG and Shotgun primary weapons, namely:

Currently available to Lesion (another similarity). Though, Philisiwe will be able to equip ACOG on SMG


Shotgun available to Mira and Jackal. Let's be honest, though. Nobody plays this weapon unless messing around in casual.

The secondary weapon of Philisiwe R6 operator choice will be:

So far, this pistol has been available only to Polish operators - Ela & Zofia - with a unique iron sight. Will it retain unique iron sight on South African operator? We do not know that, yet!

But you know what’s the best part? We’re already looking forward to hearing the struggle of ESL commentators when trying to pronounce her name. Thanks, Ubi, I guess.

What role do we expect Philisiwe to fill?

Defender from Y5S2 leak seems to be intended as an alternative to Lesion. She will be most likely an anchor with a passive gadget. We expect her to become potentially another cheeky spawnpeeker, too. Unless her gadget is actively generated like in the case of Wamai or Lesion, then Philisiwe can place Smart wire during the preparation phase and take advantage of her ACOG on T5SMG, which has very little recoil.
The worrying part about the new defender is her impact on already utility burning meta, also called 20-second meta in Rainbow Six Siege.
However, let’s see what other changes will come by Y5S2 release and how new meta will shape by then!


Odin picture_compressed
With Y5S2 we will also get an attacker from Norway called Odin – how fitting.
Odin will have standard characteristics of 2 armor and 2 speed. Such statistics are the most common among DLC attackers, for quite a few Rainbow Six Siege seasons now.


Odin Rainbow Six Siege operator will come equipped with a unique Spider drone that specializes in stealth and healing fellow attackers.
Spidey should be able to climb surfaces like furniture, walls and even ceilings.
The healing aspect of the drone will be stim charges that allow Odin to heal teammates who are present within the effective radius. We do not know yet whether healing will operate more like Rainbow Six Siege Smoke grenades, just healing team members within its range with each tick. Or perhaps it will function more like a Healing Hive from Division 2 – based more on charges used rather than fixed duration.
Regardless of nuances, we are excited to see Spidey in action. The intel-based utility is very effective and interesting in R6 Siege. So if that was not enough, Odin is supposed to come with pretty amazing weapons, too…


Just like his defensive counterpart from the recent Y5S2 leak, Odin does not bring new weapons to the table.
However, options that he is likely to be offered are… well awesome!
Odin will have access to 2 ARs that are among the best weapons in the game:

Powerful AR which is currently available only to Jackal. One of the best guns in the game!


Fuze's strongest weapon with very good TTK (time to kill). Will it come with Russian sight options? We don't think so. They are supposed to be removed from the game soon.

In secondary weapons department, Odin can choose between two very good pistols:

Pistol available to Spetsnaz operators and Finka. PMM is considered to be one of the best pistols by a significant portion of the R6 community


Pistol accessible via Gridlock and Mozzie. SDP is a very good pistol with higher ammo count per mag and good damage per bullet!

What role do we expect Odin to fill?

Odin has the potential of becoming a fragging god.
His loadout and ability to gain intel in new ways, on top of being capable of healing himself – enough said!
We hope that he will not have access to Frag grenades. That would be just too much power in one operator, which is something that Ubisoft seems to try to avoid with recent balancing changes.
We’re also excited to see how Ubisoft will portrait Norwegian operator with a name after the one-eyed God of wisdom.
The name seems fitting from utility perspective – intel gives wisdom to players. On top of that, Odin rides Sleipnir – an 8-legged horse, similar to a spider in this regard.


What is known so far based on Y5S2 leak about the upcoming arcade event is that it will be called Stolen Goods and the event will take place on the old Hereford base map, with a twist – using assets from a reworked version of Hereford base.
The event seems to be stylized on the Mafia theme with early 20th century cosmetics.
There’s more uniqueness of this mode, though. Based on the leaks from @RolyNoly1 we can see that at least some floors will be fully destructible. Normally, you have beams allowing to create an angle but not traverse through the floor, like in case of hatches.
To sum up:
All in all, we are quite excited about those leaks!
The concept of both operators seems intriguing, while House is one of the most signature maps of Rainbow Six Siege – despite its lack of balance and irrelevance to the competitive side of the game.
On top of that, the event in Mafia-style could be fun and stylish – we dig the idea of cosmetics in this theme!
What do you think about the Y5S2 leak?
How do you feel about the potential concept of new operators?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Am I the only one finding it hard to believe that it would make sense to give the ak12 and C7E plus the pistols to a Norwegian attacker while IRL the Norwegian army is mostly supplied with guns like mp5, mp7, USP handgun, HK416 and the AG-3 from West Germany and Glock p80 from Austria. I personally like the Colt Canada C8 Which I call triple C from Canada.

Reply to  Avatar

Most weapons on siege are incorrect with the matching nation. There are even some guns that is none existing like Kali’s sniper-rifle and some weird combination such as Kaid & Nomads 44. Magnum with a long scope that is a bit unrealistic like who would add such scope on a pistol with such a huge recoil kick when firing. Yes, reason why I can think they reuse ak12 and C7E is because it cost much money in order to buy licences to model and add such modern weapons or old ones to siege and there are a few weapons that… Read more »

Reply to  KriegerAusGold

they don’t say where the attacker is from but they only say where he was born, same goes with ash who was born in Israel but is in the FBI so it doesn’t mean that Odin is going to be with the Norwegian army.

Reply to  eve

If he is not going to be apart of the Norwegian army why in gods name would Ubisoft add the Norwegian flag on the year five season two on him. It’s not like Ash had the Israel flag on her character release even when she ended up on FBI. If Odin is going to be a descent from Norway shouldn’t they just only add that fact to his bio instead of announcing with that flag behind him.