New on R6 Siege:
Zofia Elite Skin

May was a good month for Zofia in R6 Siege.
After being left rather forgotten for a couple of years when it comes to cosmetics, Zofia just received a Twitch Prime skin.
On top of that, on 25th of May Ubisoft released new skin in Rainbow Six Siege – Zofia Elite skin!
The title of elite skin is “Duch Bojowy“, which translates to a “Fighting Spirit“.
In below video you can see the Zofia elite skin MVP animation:

Zofia Elite Skin:
Release & Content

The skin has been leaked ages ago and we started to think that it was either wrong leak or Ubisoft decided to abandon the concept.
We are happy to see that Ubisoft did not cancel Zofia’s elite skin despite the leaks.
Zofia elite skin was released in a rather nonchalant manner. On 25th of May Ubisoft quietly added new elite to the live build of the game.
No marketing previews, nor teasers. Just a tweet on official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account at the moment of release:
Unlike Ela’s elite, Zofia’s elite skin is rather minimalistic, clean, and realistic.
Some players like more colorful, unique, and unrealistic elite skins. Others like cosmetics in R6 Siege to be more realistic and military-themed.
Duch Bojowy should appeal to the latter part of the Rainbow Six Siege community – to players who enjoy the aesthetics of military officers.
After a series of non-military based elite skins, it’s great to see that Ubisoft did not fully disconnect from realistic themes in R6.
After all Siege still holds Tom Clancy’s name in its title, even if it fell far from Mr. Clancy’s novels.

The new R6 Zofia elite skin includes the following items:

  • Elite Uniform
  • Elite Headgear
  • KS79 LIFELINE gadget skin (unique utility)
  • MVP animation
  • Zofia Elite Charm
  • RG15 weapon skin (Pistol)
  • LMG-E weapon skin (LMG)
  • M762 weapon skin (AR)
Weapon skins look rather well done if the minimalistic style is your thing.
However, M762 weapon skin from past pro league Zofia set looked very similar to Duch Bojowy one.
Here’s the Pro League M762 weapon skin:

What's the cost of
Zofia Elite Skin?

For Season Pass holders it’s 1620 R6 Credits.
Players without Season Pass will have to pay 1800 R6 Credits.
The cost of R6 credits is:
  • 600 is 5$
  • 1200 is 10$
  • 2670 is 20$
Unfortunately we cannot purchase 1600, nor 1800 R6 credits packs. Thus players either have to purchase 600+1200 for 15$ or 2670 for 20$.
Prices may differ depending on your geographical location.

Which elite skin we
will get next?


Echo Elite skin has been confirmed by Ubisoft in the Y5S2 operation Steel Wave reveal panel.


Additionally, Dokkaebi’s elite skin has been leaked, as well.
Here’s leaked footage of leaked MVP animation video:
What do you think about Zofia’s new elite skin?
Which operator would you like to get elite skin next?
Let us know in the comment below!

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