Rework & Elite Set

It has been rough 5 years for Tachanka – he was memed to the ground, remained basically useless with his immobile utility, and received no love from Ubisoft.
But the time has come folks! I know, I know, this sounds unreal, but our Lord and Savior is finally reworked!
This rework is quite a revamp of the Russian defender. Perhaps even too strong.

On top of that, Tachanka got an elite set together with his new toys.

There’s plenty to talk about so let’s dive right into it!


On the 17th of November 2020 (a day now to be remembered among the Rainbow Six Siege community), Ubisoft has released an update including a long-awaited rework to Tachanka, with a new Elite Set.
This unannounced release came together with the below trailer:


Tachanka’s Elite skin is called “Slava Korolyu”.

His elite set costs standard 1800 R6 Credits for non season pass holders, and a discounted 1620 R6 Credits for Year 5 Season Pass holders.

Here’s how Tachanka elite skin looks like in-game and his MVP animation:

With Tachanka elite set we get:

  • Headgear
  • Uniform
  • Charm
  • 4 Weapon skins
  • Unique utility skin (Shumikha launcher)
  • MVP animation


What do you think about this set?
Personally, I like how over the top Tachankas elite set feels.


The rework Tachanka received has a two-fold effect.
First, his turret is no longer his unique utility – LMG became Tachanka’s primary weapon.
As a result, the Lord received a new unique device, which is a Grenade launcher.


Tachanka receives a Shumikha launcher. This launcher is equipped with 5 grenades in the magazine (with a total of 10 grenades) which fire up 1 second after bouncing off a surface. Once the grenade reaches a flat surface, it creates a burning area of effect.
The ground is burning for approximately 6 seconds and has around 4 meters radius.
Any player (friends or foes) who step into the AOE will burn for 12HP per tick.

As a result, Tachanka becomes a defender who specializes in area denial. Thus, he will serve a role similar to Smoke and Goyo, by denying access to a location.

Tachanka’s ability to deny areas might become a bit too powerful – a total of 60 seconds of denial is more than what Smoke brings to the table. Plus, with the utilization of bouncing grenades off the wall, Tachanka can remain behind cover while using his area denial tools – something Smoke is not always capable of doing!

We expect a nerf to the number of Shumikha grenades in the future, but only time will tell!


The other part of the rework is the replacement of the primary shotgun (SASG) with a mobile LMG – DP27.

DP27 will be a formidable weapon with:

  • high damage (49 DMG)
  • 70 bullets magazine in the magazine (total ammo of 211 bullets)

On top of that, Tachanka LMG is capable of severe destruction on soft surfaces. Thus, Tachanka is now able to easily:

  • Create rotation holes in walls
  • Open unreinforced hatches

Here’s an example of a rotation hole created with around half of DP27 magazine:

From the universal gadget perspective, Tachanka will be able to equip Proximity alarm and Barbed wires.

Initially, Tachanka was supposed to have the ability to Withstand. Withstand is an ability that is currently available only to Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege. It allows her to pick herself up (revive) from DBNO status. After testing this possibility for Tachanka on the test server and receiving negative feedback from the community, Ubisoft decided to cancel adding this skill to Tachanka.

All things considered, I think it’s safe to assume that moving forward we will see a drastic spike in Tachanka’s presence rate.


We will have to see how effectively the Rainbow Six Siege community will use the Lord and how the data will look like. 

Ubisoft pays a lot of attention to data gathered on the performance of operators, as well as the feedback of the community and professional players.

Though, we suspect that the number of grenades available with the Shumikha launcher might get nerfed as the denial potential of Tachanka, at least on paper, sounds extremely strong.

What are your thoughts on Tachanka’s rework?
Do you think he is OP now?
Let us know in the comment below!

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